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  1. news always arrives at 4 AM CDT (so 18 minutes ago for todays), it was yet another base camp conversation, this time with Sylvain. Chances are at this rate we won't get any new news until Friday
  2. Also the fact they did effectively the same news update 3 times in a row :V
  3. I'm going to go out on a limb and say prf weapons aren't a thing just like they weren't in 3H. I think they'll handle Relics and Sacred Weapons similarly to 3H; a penalty for Relic Weapons if you lack a crest and a bonus for Sacred Weapons for having the associated crest. This lets them *technically* avoid another Caeda situation, and considering the fact stat boosters are in they're probably planning for the gap between characters to be rather minor compared to what it was in FEW
  4. I wouldn't quite call them filler tweets as they do include new information occasionally. Things we learned from these type of tweets before were things like the Adjutant Attack being automatic and different from the Pair Up attack in the original FEW. It's also how we learned what exactly class mastery does; not only does it provide skills, but it's also what increases our weapon ranks and makes the higher tiered classes available. They're mostly for those that missed out on Famitsu though, and if we were to consider any tweets that did any info that Famitsu also did, then technically the lords and retainers tweets from before the trailers are to be considered filler tweets
  5. Based off the text, it's likely during the chapter for The Battle of Garreg Mach
  6. Yeah I noticed this earlier today. Hopefully it's just a situation where they just showed the button too early and not a SM3DW situation
  7. considering the side-mission-during-main-game approach they revealed with the second trailer, I'm expecting at least 3 missions, as we also had the side mission available at the start of the game in the demo which resulted in 3 missions 😛
  8. I think some parts of this are being lost in translation, especially after double checking the trailer; Leonie does a combo finisher, followed by another combo....which looks to be a C4. It's the exact same finisher too. I think the "light attack finisher" is just referring to the usual combos. We also don't know if the regular combo string will be good for damage or not. It was for a few characters in FEW, but not a lot of them (sometimes it was faster to spam normal attacks with Navarre than it was to go into one of his combo enders so long as you roll cancelled the 4th normal attack, as an example. Leo and Elise also never wanted to be using combo enders due to their playstyle)
  9. So, demo's coming....I predict it'll launch on Friday. All the major news updates (aka trailers) have happened on Fridays, and it would coincide with the character bios on twitter being all wrapped up....except for Shez and Monica anyways, and we do know Monica is available by the time we're level 6 thanks to the Mysterious Mercenary trailer
  10. If I were to take a guess with the limited knowledge we have on how the game works; either elements and their damage could scale with a specific stat (likely Luck if this were the case), or they're impacted by specific weapon attributes or skills and wouldn't be effected by generic damage increases
  11. Elements have done damage before without elemental weaknesses being a thing
  12. Liar. I'm sort of a Warriors nutcase. I started with the three DW5 games, then shortly afterwards convinced a friend to let me borrow their copies of 3+XL, 4+XL, SW1+XL, and SW2+XL as I was curious how each game improved on the last, so when it comes to mainline Warriors games (not counting the fighting game) and then from there played the games as they released for the most part. If we were to exclude non-localized games, I've only missed out on the Chronicles subseries, the first Warriors Orochi, DW7E, and the first DQH, though from what I've been told I didn't really miss out on much with those games. As for the collaboration games, I skipped out on HWL (No N3DS and the performance was garbage on o3DS), played all the Gundam ones, played HW, HWDE, FEW and still consider FEW to be superior to HWDE. Despite the name, Touken Ranbu Warriors is not a Warriors game which becomes evident if you've played the demo, and I don't consider P5S to be a Warriors title either due to having a much different structure. Oh and AoC is trash, enough said. As for non-Koei developed games in the same style; I've played the first Fate/Extella, Neptunia U, and both Sengoku Basara games that have been localized. Yes, both. The first one was localized under the name Devil Kings
  13. I feel it's closer to the "spend rage for a dash cancel" move that's also in SW (and I believe certain character types in WO4 could do this too, might be misremembering in WO4's case though), which also had a hitbox than it is to Hyper Attacks, due to the much shorter distance and range and I believe it reset Petra's combo too EDIT: Now that I caught up on everyone else after my post towards Oliver, here are my personal thoughts for the characters I've missed out on Linhardt: The shmup option system he has looks neat, hopefully it's actually worth using though Lorenz: Starting to make me think the C1s are indeed character based, at least for preferred classes, and much like FEW the extra gauge would be tied to said C1 Raphael: I had this thought since the trailer, but it looks like they based him off Carver in DQH2 Lysithea: Funny machine tl constantly referring to classes as either troop or soldier aside, the Gremory moveset looks neat. Interesting to see her using ice too, as I believe this is our first example of a character using an element they never had access to in 3H. Heartseeker's kind of disappointing as it seems to just be Hubert's dark spikes just with a slightly different aesthetic
  14. This will likely depend on how movesets are being handled honestly, as we still don't know if classes are locked to one weapon type or not. I imagine Thief and Assassin will be the same sword moveset due to them being associated for example, and personally I think we'll be operating on a two tier system due to classes having prerequisites. Perhaps the 'generic' sword moveset could still be gained through dismounted units or Mortal Savant? Or Swordmaster and the other intermediate sword class is said 'generic' sword moveset? There's still a lot to be seen when it comes to things outside of battle tbh
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