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  1. Doubt I can catch the streams, but glad to see you're still workin' this. 👍
  2. #feto life

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    2. Interceptor


      You got it. I added it to the list, and even subbed your YT channel, no extra charge.

    3. Mekkah


      Haha, appreciated. It's funny how I've recently gone back to reading GameFAQs debates for entertainment and there's still those 500 post threads with people arguing back and forth. Same show, different actors. 

    4. Interceptor


      The more things change, the more they stay the same. Planning on introducing The Boy to some classic Fire Emblem when he's old enough, and I'm fully expecting him to like stupid characters like Eddie, thus allowing me to re-live all of the classic arguments with a new generation of noobs. 🤷‍♂️

  3. Every gamer has a title that captured their attention like no other at just the right time: mine was Final Fantasy VI. There are few things in this world that can stir a little bit of warmth into my barnacled stone of a heart, but one of them is a 16-bit dog that protects a sassy little girl and her deadbeat dad.
  4. From memory (admittedly unreliable), Sumia is supposed to be in one of the forward positions. She's only going to get directly attacked by one mage; the point of the maneuver is that the second mage will also move towards her to attack, which allows the barbs to get ahead of them. Mages will ruin the choke, since they hit too hard. The idea is to hold the line long enough to kill off the fliers first, before having to deal with ranged attackers. But C5 is generally a Huge Goddamn Pain in the Ass<tm>. In retrospect, I mostly got through with luck. It might be less reliable than C2, something which would seem absurd in 2013 but is probably true in 2015. Amen.
  5. Doesn't surprise me, it's pretty old. The newer strategies are better, especially since you can conserve vulneraries for later use. If I ever win the lottery and quit my job, I'll add one of those to v2.0 for sure.
  6. Oh please. Inside three minutes of posting, I had someone on my nuts offering up Tellius as an example of rich story/characterization. Fire Emblem Reality Distortion Field is as strong as ever. Awakening delivers an entertaining, emotional roller coaster ride of a story. That's already beyond what can reasonably be expected from a game in this franchise. It's not a failing of the game if it can't stir the feels of a cynic, or of someone who can't suspend their disbelief. You're off the reservation as soon as you start talking about the "cohesiveness" of its story, just like if someone takes issue with the realism of the weapon triangle. You know, after a certain number of examples something stops being an exception and starts indicating a trend.
  7. No, I just have standards. Nothing in this franchise surpasses "entertaining"; not that there is anything wrong with that.
  8. Expecting a high-quality story from a Fire Emblem game is like expecting Arby's to carry filet mignon. It has never happened before, and probably never will in the future, so this remains one of the more hilarious (to me, anyway) complaints abut Awakening. This game's plot is nothing more than a binding agent for the gameplay, like mayo in a tuna fish sandwich. There are places in this world for rich stories and characterization, and some of those places are video games, but Fire Emblem ain't one of 'em.
  9. If you can handle H5 without deaths, you can handle Lunatic. The mechanics are not so complicated that you won't be able to figure out how to use them properly. Just keep in mind that while the difficulty is comparable to H5, you're going into Awakening blind. One of the top under-rated things about Fire Emblem is the value of practical chapter experience (i.e. knowing what's coming). These days I can do Lunatic standing on my head, but my first Lunatic run was not very pretty, and it's not like I've become an order of magnitude better at playing TBS games in the last two years.
  10. ^ I know that the discussion is about Robin here, but this is also a big part of the reason that LAURENT! is such a badass in L+. Particularly with a strong +SKL support, like Lucina on BK.
  11. The math is right, he just worded it weirdly. Luna+ ignores half of 3, which the game truncates to 1, leaving 2 RES left.
  12. LTC players are a minority here; a vocal one, for sure, but a minority still. There are plenty of expert players that don't worship the altar of the Turncount. Sorry not sorry if that takes away an excuse for you to be shitty to people. The thing with Donnel is interesting as a sort of proof of concept of his viability in L+. As an argument, it's pretty poor: sunk by contradictions and hyperbole. As you noted, this isn't GameFAQs.
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