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  1. How limited are supports, in terms of how many you can unlock in a run?
  2. Actually wrote a bit on this before on tumblr back before the game was localized and honestly my opinion hasn't changed that much. I can still sum up what I feel about her with 'She's a poor-man's Inigo/Laslow'
  3. Haven't really read through this thread but I don't get the hate for what Ryouma did in chapter 12. Denying resources, including medicine to the enemy is pretty reasonable and standard war practice. And if that denial results in the death of a high-value target like a royal enemy combatant? Still fine. If this denial gives him an upper hand in negotiations? Still fine. Afaik, nothing he's done can really be considered a war crime or straight up villainous.
  4. Laslow x Azura and Odin x Elise are favorites of mine. But Laslow x Mozu and Laslow x Orochi are both also pretty good.
  5. I love both of you for those posts. Just saying. Anyway, I don't really recall any names that I found stupid.
  6. He's ok, but I will never understand all those who go all 'husbando' about him.
  7. Found Shigure's paralogue incredibly easy and very useful in getting some XP. Conquest Chapter 11 and 14 were both easy for me. 13 too when I think about it.
  8. Gonna quote myself Did the first map on my first try. Second map on the second try. Pretty easy overall.
  9. Just finished both maps. Amused at how the first map can be done Awakening Style aka "Plan Pair Up, End Turn, Victory".
  10. Looking for - Soleil and Mozu with Duelist Blow - Effie with Quixotic
  11. Just beat this with Ryoma. Went for Leo, then Sakura, the Elise, then Takumi first. Then Hinoka and Camilla moved but my team was closer to Hinoka so yay for not having to fight two at once. Lost Saizo to Setsuna out of carelessness. but Ryoma and Kagero went up against Camilla and Xander later on just fine..
  12. Hm, exact quote confirming
  13. Leo. I wasn't really expecting much from him from just the promotional stuff, completely neutral on him back then really, but he's now my favorite among the siblings. And Selena. Much more bearable than Severa. Not sure what that guy's talking about. Odin starting as a Dark Mage may confirm that his father was either Henry or Libra, but eh. Selena has two of her default classes so nothing confimed there. Laslow with Ninja... I got nothing. It's an analogue to the Thief class so I guess either Henry, Lonqu, Gaius, or Kellam as a the father if we're going there, but nothing really confirmy. So, nothing really confirmed.
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