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  1. If Fire Emblem makes another game, I hope you can sing in that one too. Incredible work!
  2. The bottomless canyon is sealed, but what about the alternate way? In Conquest, at least Azura travels to Valla via a lake. Still, it is pretty vague.
  3. Christ, you make it sound like the writers killed your dog. This is the best opinion about Kaze, honestly.
  4. Eh, it was random but I can't complain. I like Kaze. And after his supports, I understand him better. Of course, not everyone will like the explanation. But that logic applies to a lot of fates in general.
  5. Isn't Lilith created from Anankos' massively powerful but insane form rather than the good-half of him?
  6. What, no one talking about the supports with ShuraxCorrin? I enjoyed learning more about his homeland, his ambition, why he became an outlaw, ect. He wasn't a character with a simple gimmick. He felt like a real character and I couldn't help but find myself hoping for him to succeed at his goal of rebuilding Kohga. CaeldorixCorrin was nice too, but I am sort of bias since I married Cordelia back in Awakening. LeoxAnyone. I haven't seen a support of Leo's that I haven't disliked yet. AzamaxBeruka and SilasxBeruka. Though some people don't like all of her supports, I enjoyed those two. Silas even manages to make Beruka shed tears of happiness in their S-rank!
  7. I can't bring myself to care about Peri's supports, other than the one she has with Laslow. She is too much of a blatant psychopath. I do like the changes to the C-A rank of Corrin and Camilla but the S-rank feels like its out of nowhere. CorrinxRahjat. People have already talked about this. Oddly enough, I like parent-child Kana-Rahjat supports however. Not abusive like Tharja was to her child. Granted, the convo is pretty generic but each mother still has their own unique lines for it. Finally RyomaxCamilla. It just was.. underwhelming. I found Ryoma's overly long proposal/pledge and Camilla telling him more or less to shut up and kiss her funny though.
  8. Still interested in finding out more about this. Do the other spoiler bosses of Revelation have crit quotes too? Two of them use S-rank weapons so I imagine it shouldn't be too difficult for them to trigger crits.
  9. I hope you enjoy it! If you can, let us know which route you decided to play through!
  10. I hope they go top 5 or top 6. And I wonder what they'll do about Femcorrin. Hair dye like everyone else?
  11. Ah that sucks. They do have blushing portraits though, according to the FE Wiki. There is a meme in there somewhere..
  12. Interesting. I actually have a captured Nichol, so I'll give him a killer axe and report my findings back to you. Also its likely Iago and Hans have quotes as well, since I heard they might've once upon a time been recruitable. Edit: I can confirm Nichol has a cut-in, however he doesn't speak for some reason.
  13. Who made this? It's hilarious. I missed the opposite version of it though so I need to dig through the thread to find it.
  14. Hey I was curious how many of these are in the game because when I was playing Revelation, one of the NPC bosses had their own critical quote(s?). Do all bosses have these or certain ones? For the boss in question, massive Revelation spoiler so read at your own risk! Back in Awakening, I know Validar had one, which is why I am curious if more bosses have these. But it might be hard to gather them up without some cheating or some way to force them to trigger skills/crits. Or just being lucky.
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