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  1. I did Mortal Savant Edelgard, Gremory Bernadetta, and Dark Knight Ferdinand. They were pretty decent.
  2. Didn't Jeralt make it look like Byleth was dead before he left the monastery? When you first meet Rhea, Jeralt pretends Byleth was born from a different woman rather than his real mom.
  3. Playable Jeritza and Anna, new supports, new facilities, new characters, and even new classes. Color me intrigued.
  4. Ugh, I gave my copy to a friend to borrow and now I have to wait to try the new game mode.
  5. Seteth: Judgement is passed! Lorenz: Eager to die, are we?
  6. I had to restart a couple of maps on both BL and Edie's BE route. Each one I had to restart the final map. BL I remember was particularly infuriating. Getting rid of the TWiSTD mages was simple enough but then you had those two mages that knew Meteor. I had to be very careful around them. Edie's final BE route I only had nine characters because I didn't recruit anyone else (I wished I had by the time I was done) but it wasn't nearly as frustrating as BL's final map. GD final map wasn't terribly tricky so long as you're careful.
  7. I'm aware of that but his reason spell list is awful. None of his other skills that he is proficient in can be combined in such a way that make him naturally geared toward another master class.
  8. There are a couple of characters that have combinations not geared to a specific Master class. Annette, Felix, and Mercedes come to mind. Oni Chieftain, a Sword/Brawl class, and Adventurer would be welcome additions. I also agree with most of what has been suggested thus far. I'm very much interested in classes like Gremory and War Master having versions for the opposite genders.
  9. I dig Sylvain a lot. His B Support with Byleth got genuinely chilling for a moment. I'm still not entirely convinced he was joking.
  10. I'm finally on the last storyline (BE Church Route). I've actually decided to recruit from other classes this time around. My plan for classes is as follows: Byleth: Enlightened One Ferdinand: Great Knight Linhardt: Bishop Dorothea: Dancer Bernadetta: Bow Knight Caspar: War Master Petra: Assassin (May change to Wyvern Lord) Felix: Mortal Savant Sylvain: Dark Knight Ingrid: Falcon Knight Lysithea: Gremory Marianne: Holy Knight. As for the additional characters the game throws at you in this route, I don't really know what to do with them. Shamir I plan to be an adjutant for Byleth.
  11. If you are on Chapter 12 you don't need to fight him. It is a defeat the boss map. Just head straight for the boss who comes to you when you start getting close enough. There is no reason to bother with the Death Knight because you shouldn't be in that chapter long enough to need reinforcements.
  12. I would like Gold Knight, Trueblade, and Vanguard to be added in. An armor mage class is something I've always wanted too. Some Master Tier assassin class like Dread Fighter or Whisper would be cool as well. I'll also throw my vote it for a flying caster and/or flying bow class. Lastly, I think a War Monk class that uses Faith with Gauntlets (maybe axes) would be nice.
  13. When Sylvain shines, he really shines. His B Supports with Byleth and Mercedes are my favorites of his.
  14. The bit where Ingrid mentions Sylvain flirted with her grandmother is pretty amusing too.
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