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  1. Here's something I've been working on (mostly using information from SF, haha) http://hiushi.github.io/FE14Stuff/ The data structures I used for the character info are organized a little differently, but I've already tackled the logic for the complicated passing classes and skills via inheritance/seals mechanics, including (hopefully) all of the edge cases.* If I can get confirmation from you guys whether the results are accurate, then I can try to help with this as well. *One exception/bug I'm aware of is that when the Avatar marries a unit whose primary class matches the Avatar's talent, the non-Avatar unit should pick up the parallel of his/her primary class when using a Partner Seal. Should be a relatively simple fix but I haven't gotten around to it yet
  2. You can't do free forges just for renaming? I don't remember how it was for the other games but in Awakening you could still rename weapons through the forge system for 0 G, if you didn't touch the stats
  3. Regarding the counter, is this an implied condition for all counter-type skills? I know it's true for the actual Counter skill, and presumably also Magic Counter. Well the only other one I can think of is Nyx's personal skill, since Asama can't exactly initiate an attack while unequipped. Oh I guess also Hinata's. Btw I'm totally S-supporting Flora on my first Nohr playthrough, and choosing Oni as my secondary, you can probably see where this is going
  4. Nitpicking here, but the Skill stat is almost irrelevant for the Lethality build when Flamboyant (and/or Hoshido, if available) is doing all of the heavy lifting. A unit with 35 Skill will have an identical Lethality proc rate as a unit with 32 Skill. And even with 36 Skill, it's a measly 1% difference.
  5. Thank you so much, finally someone confirms Ice Blood's effect. I myself noticed the discrepancy in the Japanese text a long time ago and asked around several times, but nobody ever answered.
  6. I think the idea behind Defender is it makes the frontline unit more powerful with the intent of defending the supporting unit (not that they need defending when they are invincible in the back anyway...). So it would actually make more sense for the offensive stats to be boosted imo. Rally skills are pretty great when playing Lunatic mode (well except for Rally Luck and Rally Skill), as you need all the help you can get to handle the powerful enemies. Sure they aren't as interesting as other skills. but they're still useful, though not as much on lower difficulties
  7. Lol I faced a Streetpass team in Awakening that had Dancer Olivia on it, and she prioritized dancing other units over attacking. Dunno how they choose who to dance for though, it seemed kinda random
  8. Also gotta reserve some item slots for expendable Golden Coins amirite
  9. It's the Battle Emblem item, which increases Str/Mag/Skl/Spd by +2 each (while in possession)
  10. If there are people who would rather play Fates this way, then it's good for them. The new mechanics make this game trickier than Awakening, if anything, so it can save newcomers some headaches if they just want to play for the story. I don't have anything against people who decide to play on Phoenix, but let's be honest here, Phoenix mode will not actually be helping those people get into the SRPG genre since there is barely any thinking involved. It's just letting those people play this particular game as if it were a VN with some interactive action elements. People who want to properly get into the genre would be better off starting on Casual at least.
  11. Ah. I've never actually seen what a forged weapon looks like in this game. The funny thing is, aside from the godly Atk/Hit/Crit, he still only has 92 avoid and is locked to a 1 range weapon, so he can be easily killed from 2 range by a normal unit lol
  12. If you want to take the easy way out, you can have Robin, Morgan, or Laurent Nosferatu tank the entire map. Vengeance (and Vantage, if you can get it) helps you stay alive. You can kill the axe-wielding Counter Warriors and Longbow Snipers on player phase. It helps to have your attacking unit paired up with another Sorcerer for the boost to Mag/Def/Res.
  13. Looks like Hinata unlocked his true final form A couple reasons why: 1. Competitive multiplayer is a concept that many people enjoy, and the prospect of having one with gameplay that isn't barebones like Shadow Dragon is exciting (provided we find ways to keep it somewhat balanced) 2. Most of us here don't have the game so there isn't much to think about in terms of in game considerations. Whereas PvP theorycrafting is definitely possible Also lol what's with that Demonic Ganglari and its glitchy "durability"
  14. What were your observations regarding the skill? How much damage does it do back to the attacker?
  15. Well it depends; if Kamui got access to Great Knight through the Knight tree, then he'll get Defense +2 and Confined Defense at levels 6 and 7 respectively, and then get Luna at 8
  16. I don't think the AI really has any awareness, or cares very much, that moving into a certain position puts them into range of being killed. Delivering killing blows is certainly their highest priority, and they go out of their way to do so. If one of your units can be killed by and is in within range of Enemy A, but Enemy B happens to be in the way, Enemy B will move out of the way even if it means he will be wasting his own action, to allow Enemy A to come in and kill your unit on the same turn. When the attack is not going to be a killing blow, I'm not sure if they prioritize higher damage output over not being able to be counterattacked or vice versa. Usually an enemy will attack a melee-locked unit at 2 range if possible, but sometimes they go for 1-range even if that allows the counterattack to kill them. Outside of the weapon triangle, enemies generally don't seem to take hit rate into consideration and prefer the higher damage option even if it has lower hit. They do recognize if your own unit has a breaker skill, and will prioritize circumventing the breaker with a different weapon type (if possible) over maintaining WTA.
  17. No, because everyone else that isn't the avatar can only Buddy Seal with units they have an A+ support with. Nobody can A+ with Kamui.
  18. Yeah, I really like that the weapons have been balanced to favor player phase a lot more. Unfortunately the Awakening crowd is largely used to having enemies suicide on their super units on EP, so they are a lot more likely to despise things like Silvers and nerfed Javelins that don't allow them to do that anymore
  19. Close Combat: +3 damage when attacking at 1 range (His Sword of Seals will likely give him a 2 range option) T3h Ph1r3: When using a physical weapon, Skill% chance of adding damage equal to user's Str minus half the enemy's Res
  20. Yeah pretty much this. Though IS's reasoning of "we're going to remove durability so people will no longer be afraid of using powerful weapons", which was probably mainly directed at casual players, ends up being questionable if said casual players will now not use them because they are afraid of the penalties.
  21. I think it's been confirmed that you can only access someone's secondary class set via Buddy Seal if you share the same primary class set as them. Kamui can't get anyone's secondary class set this way because none of his/her Buddy Seal options will have Dark Prince(ss) as their starting class.
  22. Azura will be the better short term choice for money making because of Luck+4 and good Strength growths. A lot of these suggestions are for long term optimization which won't really help you with your current funds problem. Elise!Midoriko in particular will probably not be able to kill anything when you first get her because Elise will kill her Strength base/growth, and Midoriko/Kaze both have nonexistent magic base growths so Elise won't help her much there either :/ Edit: Well technically you don't need to kill anything for Easy Life to activate, and Elise's Luck growth is indeed huge. If you don't care about MIdoriko's immediate combat potential I suppose you could go with Elise
  23. If it's solely for funds you could give her Rinka for access to Smithy Skill?
  24. No statues, Children only, (Not) My Castle This is the future
  25. Yeah you're right, assuming the same rules that apply to Azura apply to Femui. Interesting... For what it's worth though, Femui is also the only mother who doesn't pass down her hair color to her child, in the case of Kanna. So for Kanna specifically, she might take the role of the "man" lol. She does pass it down to her second child where she is no longer the fixed parent, but Dark Princess will never overlap there so there wouldn't be any issues.
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