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  1. I wish she wasn't in the game. It would've been better to me if each of the routes focused mainly on Corrin and the siblings. Parts of the story would have to be different for that to be, which I'd be perfectly fine with.
  2. It doesn't bother me so much. I have the models on my computer and switched between my favorites for a couple of months before I lost interest in them. It looks even more strange with their movements set to loop and no sound/talking. I guess I got used to it. What gets to me is, without skinship, it doesn't even feel like I'm interacting with them. They stay for a couple of seconds and just leave.
  3. I'm hoping they'll at least do top two royals and non-royals of each gender. I just want Jakob and Niles get something.
  4. I wish they would offer up Chrom, Frederick, and Lissa as dlc characters. Am I mistaken in thinking it wouldn't be hard since they already have their models or is there more to it than that?
  5. I couldn't care less about the kids, so their dlc is worthless to me. I am intrigued by pirate Xander, tho. Love the Halloween theme. But does this mean that the top two non-royals of each gender won't get any dlc? I was really wanting some for Jakob and Niles.
  6. Yes!! I want that and more same-gender supports more than anything. It won't happen, though, with the marriage system the way it is and especially if they force a second gen in the next game.
  7. Niles is so slick, lol. This one's probably a little cheesy, too, but I thought it was adorable: Corrin: I don't know what I'd do without you, Xander. Xander: You'll never have to find out, little prince. My heart melted.
  8. I use the generic Lancer. It's weird, tho. If you stand close to him and angle the camera a certain way, his face kinda looks like Xander's.
  9. Xander is such a sweet big brother. <3 Camilla, I guess.
  10. Aqua, Felicia, and Pieri. Why? Was he ever in a position that he could tell Kamui? If I was Xander in that situation, I'm not sure I'd tell him either. Kamui seems like one who would just blurt it out at the worst possible moment. Who knows what Garon would do to the both of them if he found out that Xander had revealed that secret.
  11. I got Nohr. Lobster or Steak was a pretty funny question.
  12. Nope. Actually, I would have a hard time picking Birthright. They showed me nothing in the paralogue that even moved me to want to pick Hoshido while the Nohr siblings were so charming it would break my heart into pieces to have Kamui leave Nohr to fight against them.
  13. Man, that person sure had a trigger-finger... I liked the Xandra part. Pretty funny.
  14. My Gamestop isn't either. The worker said that they didn't get enough preorders to hold a midnight release. She said it was mainly Gamestop employees and a few customers who preordered the game... I did get confirmation that the SE get the keychain bonus, too. She even called to check.
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