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  1. Something weird just happened I was playing siegbert paralogue and felicia wasnt gaining experience even if she killed, she is level 27 so i know she can still level up but even if she killed some enemies she would gain 0 exp does anybody know why this is?
  2. Damn just played shigure's paralogue and all that EXP all the enemies are not super strong but they give a good enough amount of exp and there are so many spawns i think enemies spawn until like turn 24. I decided to post here so that people dont go straight to the boss and instead acquire all that EXP
  3. i guess my castle has an only girls sauna for my viewing lol Btw does anyone know if your child is more powerful if the parents are more powerful meaning would a child of a Lv. 10 mom and dad be weaker than a Lv. 18 mom and dad i know that in awakening the childs were more powerful if the parents were a higher lever but idk about here Also do children inherit, skills like in awakening?
  4. this is more random but has anyone entered the sauna and found someone of their same sex i thought the encounters of the opposite would be lesser but i legit entered my sauna 20 times and only found girls there. I thought it was funny
  5. No i just chose Nohr Like if you choose nohr you are saying you are sticking by the people that raised you and corrin here is wanting to make changes. He also spares lifes, from waht i heard in hoshido he is actually killing nohrians not leaving them unconscious which seems funny given that you would expect the hoshido side to be the most peaceful which it is but i think nohr corrin seems more peaceful
  6. Oh ok good to know, since i never played online and the game didnt say whether you died or not. I was wondering if i needed to be cautious when playing
  7. So i never really played online battles in awakening but here it seems more interesting because of Dragon vein points, things you can acquire from going into castles My question was if you play a battle and your playing on classic do your characters dies if they die in an online battle, i know its kind of a dumb question but i wanted to know the answer before playing battles online
  8. I just beat it, i would recommend you to only visit 3 villages, idk if you get more money by visiting all 5 but i visited 3 and got 10k.Which was good and if you let the other 2 villages get hit by an enemy more enemies appear which is good for extra experience My advice divide your armies and have one go to the left and one up, put one healer in each i put elise on the left one and felicia in the up one. I made niles,odin,corrin and elise go left and put both corrin and odin withing the range of flora so that she wasted her freeze and put them side by side in case they get attacked. My other army was felicia,effie,arthur and silas and i made them go up and kill everyone I didnt kill flora though since i didnt know if she would die and since she didnt move i just let her be
  9. Peri gives me a harley quinn vibe, voice wise, oddly also look wise
  10. nice, charlotte sounds really girly not what i was expecting but i like it i hope they post effie since i want to hear her voice saying longer lines to see if its truly so bad, like felicia's grew for me in longer lines so i want to see if effie does too since i like her
  11. All this whining though i can understand a bit of whining but this amount lol Im glad that its getting good reviews which can create more buzz and help the fanbase grow which is always a good thing.
  12. The gamespot review of conquest was kinda ridiculous i cant grind so its too hard so 7. OMG an strategy game forcing you to actually have an strategy in order to advance each chapter and the future, god forbid this being done.Truly ridiculous, i would have respected the review if he gave some points about the story, gameplay or such but all he said was that he wanted to grind lol
  13. Im not going to count fates since i havent got to play it so for right now 1.Ilyana and Ike yes a tie, i love them both too much 2.Ranulf 3.Olivia 4.Tharja 5.Inigo 6.Zihark 7.Lonqu 8.Titania 9.Noire 10.Gerome Special mention:Nepheenee,Sigrun and Chrom
  14. Preach even though i alraedy went to my game stop and checked and they told me is fine, i even put more money to it payed more than half of it but im still like if they do me dirty and dont give me it, there is about to be trouble. Im gonna wake up super early to go get my copy
  15. im pretty spoiled, i watched like all first 5 chapters and all 6 chapters for each version plus a couple here and there. I know abit about the characters but enough since i decided to hold myself there. I also know the overall of the plot like who the villain is and such but not how is found and etc to still have some surprise I spoiled myself because i like it lol plus i cant wait
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