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  1. I think the best way to reliably climb to T21 is to own more Eir and push hard during a Light season. 160 points per battle will make the climb to T21 far less stressful and a lot more doable.
  2. I haven't forgotten about this topic, but things have been generally up in the air for me over the last 2+ months, and updating this topic hasn't been a priority. I'll hopefully get a chance to update the first post sometime this week.
  3. Raven

    Hey! Write back if you get this. We gotta catch up sometime.

  4. You can go cold turkey: delete the app, then reinstall when you get news of your favourites making it into Heroes. Or you can autopilot. Do the bare minimum and collect easy Orbs so you have a nice bunch ready to use for your favourites by the time they are added.
  5. It's said that you never truly defeat depression, that it's always there beneath the skin ready to rear its head at any time. At the very least, fortunate people have the support in place to at least live their lives normally and feel that their lives are worth continuing. It's sad that this wasn't the case here for Etika. Kudos to anyone who did try to help him, it's those people who have my sympathy.
  6. Lmao. Sadly with the weekly reset I wasn't able to view the replay. But either way I remain convinced I need to update my units and skills, and not just my structures/positioning.
  7. I did that for some time. But for real, it's not worth it. You never run into anyone else doing it, and you get some sort of high from visiting defense results and witnessing the odd win every so often.
  8. Nice, I wouldn't have noticed it's you if you didn't mention me here. Kaden is so good, those buffs are game changing. I wonder how the match would have went on an equal fortress level. Hopefully you wouldn't mind trying a mock battle some time and let me know how that goes. Maybe I should begin putting more resources into defense if it does well enough. Honestly, I have no idea what to do with my defenses so I just stuck some of shit together and sometimes I get results.
  9. What characters were you expecting with a "Dragalia Lost x Fire Emblem Heroes"-themed collab? Regardless, I'm not sure when or why you quit, but over the last few months they've done nothing but make improvements to the game. I think the recent removal of wyrmprints from summoning was the biggest, most welcome change. If the actual gameplay wasn't your thing then yeah, it certainly isn't worth your time to bother checking it out again. Also, people complaining about being gated from certain event battles by lack of Might: You'll die and contribute next to nothing. The might gate is to stop clearly under-powered beginners from joining public lobbies (effectively holding a lobby hostage if the host doesn't want to fight with dead weight in their team), then contributing nothing towards the fight, and still reaping all the top tier rewards that even some of the middling players have trouble with earning. Although I will say it sucks that someone with lesser might still can't join a friend's lobby via code, if the host is willing to play with and carry their weaker friend. But alas, I suppose you can't treat public players any differently than those who have the luxury of playing with strong friends. God forbid we actually have to play a game to make our characters stronger these days.
  10. The one with the most fans usually wins because they receive more votes, so in this case, it is indeed Nino who deserves to win over everyone else. This isn't opinion, this is just the fact of the matter. Now, if it was by chance that Tiki would take the final multiplier and end up winning despite Nino being the one to always instigate the multipliers after same hell, there would be a genuine argument for Nino deserving the win, had she lost. This is not one of those situations where an opinion towards the loser deserving to win matters because the one who earned the most votes did, indeed, win. Certain characters winning a voting contest despite having less voters is why I'm not a fan of the multiplier system (and the whole Voting Gauntlet event as a result), but that's a whole other discussion for a more dedicated topic on the matter.
  11. The first post is now up to date. I'll be updating my flying Nino, complete with dragonflowers.
  12. I don't think I've ever placed so high in an army until this point. I know leading with same colour is bad but I have no better opportunity to show off my dedication.
  13. So I began summoning with 4 x tenfolds and 24k wyrmite. My first 5-star was a Hildegarde. Already own her, though, so she became eldwater. Not that I felt too bad about that, because the eldwater buffs upon earning 4-5-star duplicates is insane. The next 5-star: Fjorm. I could have packed up and gone home then, but I think I had about 17k wyrmite remaining. I wanted to keep trying my luck and see if I could get Marth and/or Veronica, too. And wouldn't you know it, literally the next full summon had Veronica pop out. So that was nice. The very next summon session: two 5-stars! One was a sword, one an axe. I was hopeful that I'd see Marth and I can safely tuck my remaining 11k wyrmite away for a future event. Well, they turned out to be Xander and Curran. Already having both, they became eldwater. I went on, yet nothing of worth came from the remaining 12k wyrmite. Marthless, I sorted through my new summons, merged up my dragons, sold the duplicates, and picked up rewards. More wyrmite and a new 10-fold ticket was awaiting me within the goodie box, so I picked them up and went back into the gacha machine. Using the voucher brought nothing significant. But then I dipped into the fresh wyrmite. It was a sword, and a dragon... I was hopeful, but it turned out to be Naveed. Not the fire-swordy I was looking for, but hell, my first 5-star fire element character, so I'll take it. The dragon was Leviathan. He was currently sitting at 3UB and I needed this to fully unbind him, and here he was. Perfect. As if my hope of picking up Marth wasn't dashed once already, I had only 5k wyrmite left in the bank for 4 more full summons, and the last two sword 5-stars have been not-Marth. Going into the next summon, a shiny sword plopped down onto the pedestal. This time, it was Marth, and all was well within Dragalia. Along the way, I also picked up some fresh 4-star characters in Pia (green lance) , Odetta (light sword), Sinoa (fire wand), Eleonora (wind bow), and Yue (fire axe). Then I went and did my free summons on the 2 new banners in Heroes and got me a +atk -spd Lute. Today, gacha played nice with me.
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