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  1. Hey! So like, what's going on these days with you?

    I haven't had the chance to talk with anyone from the old days for a long time.

    1. Emeraldfox


      Oh shit what up Raven. Sorry for the late replay.

  2. Hey, what's up? I see you've been offline from Heroes for 3+ weeks but you're still posting around the Heroes subforum. Mind-boggling stuff!

    1. Florete


      I quit Heroes but I’m still keeping up with what’s going on and occasionally commenting on it.

    2. Raven


      Thought as much. I hope you're enjoying your newfound time lol.

  3. Raven

    Hey! Write back if you get this. We gotta catch up sometime.

  4. Hey it's me, what's up these days. Can't think of any other way to contact you so I hope this reaches you lol.

  5. Aha, I saw your stuff on Twitter and I knew I recognised your username. Good shit, keep it up.

  6. yo it's your turn to draft on SFSmashcord

    1. Jotari


      I'm at work now, I'll get to it in about three to four hours.

  7. Hey, you still playing Heroes? I ran into someone named SF_Fruity and thought of you.

    1. Fruity Insanity

      Fruity Insanity

      More time than I’d like to admit, probably, heh.

      I think you added me way back when and I accidentally declined and never bothered to re-add. (3878861298 Navarre Lead)

    2. Raven


      Lol, I knew it. You were first to attack me in AR this season, which is what sparked my curiosity. I sent a friend request.

  8. I assume "follow" is the new friends list now, so I shall follow.


    1. Junkhead




  10. I just realised you were following me, so I went and followed you back. I suppose this is the new friends list feature now?

    1. Melissa


      This is a bit late, but yes 

    2. Raven
  11. Raven

    I never even realised you did a name change. I wish the forum would give us notifications for this.

    1. Wist


      Hey. Yeah, you'd expect it would given name changes have been supported for like 10 years now.

  12. HEYA. What's your FE Heroes friend code? Also, how's things?

    1. Florete



      And, uh...normal, I guess.

    2. Raven


      Well, normal is not bad, I guess? Hopefully you've got Christmas gifts sorted for friends/family, only a week left!

  13. "Followers"? What happened to the good old friends list?

  14. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy it

  15. Whoa there, that red text in your latest topic... I thought I was the only one.

  16. Happy Birthday huffpuff grill


  18. Raven

    omg you changed your avatar, why??

    1. Wist


      I wanted to remove the text on the old one, but ultimately decided to try something new for a bit. Which one do you think is better?

  19. Hey you got Skype or something we can communicate easily over?

    1. Dotty


      Does IP Chat work for you?

  20. Happy Birthday!

  21. That Pitbull Syndicate logo

  22. HEY HAPPY BIRTH-Last Active Jan 26 2014 04:34 AM-...day

  23. Hey I just realised you sent me a gift on Steam, that's really great of you. Thanks a load!

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