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  1. Henry if not for the sole purpose of making Pieri the mother and having the most cheerful and happy family around.
  2. For Ophelia, just take Odin, maybe slightly more grounded in reality, somewhat more easily flustered, and a bit more cheerful? I think?
  3. Shinonome and Siegbert are pretty cool, just seem like nice people without a gimmick that completely defines them. Kisaragi is also pretty cheerful, I haven't read too much of his supports though. I don't think Kinu is actually obnoxious? She's just really naive and cheerful, a ball of energy so to say. Better than Velour at least, cool design ruined by a boring personality.
  4. Never seen this name before, so I've no idea how to pronounce it and it's very strange looking to my eyes. Though I've a habit of getting attached to whatever name set I've seen first, so I hope it's not Benoit's localized name. I'd be fine with it being Asura or Ignis though.
  5. Hm, is Harold/Elise the only retainer support line that hasn't been translated yet?
  6. I like Saizou more, something about Kaze just rubs me the wrong way. I actually do like him and his supports, but his personality is just... I guess Kamui's character is way more involved with Kaze then Saizou? I'm just not too fond of characters that don't stand out, not saying that such characters are bad per se, I personally just don't really care about those types of characters (which makes the fact I'm rather fond of Kaze actually surprising to myself). Also I'm a sucker for scars and Saizou's personality, plus his Charlotte support definitely won me over cause I did not expect any of that. Sorry, Kaze.
  7. Honestly besides one or two songs per game most FE music just sorta blends together for me. I'm really liking Fates soundtrack from what I've heard though, imo definitely a step up.
  8. I don't really care either way, but for the people saying it won't get censored cause a part of it appeared in an early trailer, couldn't they just cut off the beginning part with the most egregious fanservice? Or cut and paste a bit to make it not as choppy if they do decide to censor it that way? Personally I feel like they either won't censor this and the majority of the fanservice, or just splash white out all over the game, either or.
  9. The artstyle is... interesting. It looks like everyone became L from Death Note, with the black shading around their eyes.
  10. As for my own list of dislikes: - Hoshido and Nohr are very clearly black and white, not a whole lot of grey. Disappointing. - Marrying a first gen female as MaMU locks you out of a paralogue and child - Disappointing Nohr storyline, was greatly looking forward to what they would do - Nohr characters getting screwed over availability/stat wise in IK for the most part - Harsh weapon penalties, probably will differ person to person but any sort of drawback deters me, for the most part I'll probably end up using iron weapons or equivalents thereof.
  11. There aren't enough first gen female units to go around, so if you're a male avatar and marry a first gen female, then one first gen male will not be getting married due to lack of candidates. Not included in this pool of female units are characters that can only support Kamui though, since they aren't an option for other characters. If Kamui marries a 'Kamuisexual' character, then the first gen female pool isn't affected and everyone else can marry each other.
  12. Tsukuyomi is probably hated on a lot for being similar to Rickens and having more or less the same attitude as far as I can tell. Zero greatly cares about his daughter and is deeply loyal to Leon? Has a sad past?
  13. Pieri's hair not transferring is still one of the worst travesties to happen.
  14. Personality isn't stand out or anything but I find her endearing. Though unit wise she's apparently outshadowed, somewhat disappointing and somewhat expectable.
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