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  1. While I see the point, I also feel like sifting through some bad skills makes the good ones stand out all the more.
  2. So far this mode has been fantastic. I wish we had some more stamina but I'll manage. Got all of the Valentian chaps' special weapons, but I've had some bad luck with movement skills (only Mae has one and that's Smite).
  3. So uh... I spent five tickets, no orbs, and got three Hectors.
  4. Binding Blade's water temple and light tower map are definitely up there. A water map where the ground randomly appears and reappears, and a map where you are randomly (or in a det pattern that's very hard to memorize) attacked by out of combat beams of light every turn that can kill you if you're at 10 HP or less.
  5. I understand what you mean but I don't share the sentiment. Before Three Houses, my biggest complaint about the series as a whole was that it played its tropes far too safely and similarly to other entries. World-ending dragons, evil cults, perfect blue-haired lords ushering in a new peace that lasts for thousands of years, etc. I got a little tired of the predictability of the setting that seemed to remain even though the series often changes the very universe it's set in. Three Houses thankfully changed up the formula considerably, and I'm more interested in ever in seeing where the series will go next. We've had many Fire Emblem games now where the story is as simple as it can be to justify being invested in the cast and what is happening in the plot. While not all games have to be as ambitious or emotionally challenging as Three Houses (one could argue Three Houses bit off more than it could chew as several plot lines seem either undercooked or unfinished), I have no desire to go back to overly simplistic plots. I've had enough of evil dragons/demons/gods and their cults in particular.
  6. Focusing only on the more modern titles, Fire Emblem's voice acting is generally solid throughout, with Echoes and Three Houses being two of the best dubbed games I know of. I will say that I never really cared for Mercedes, Jeritza or Ingrid's voice actors; the first two felt weirdly out of place with their odd voices, and Ingrid sounds so disinterested. Of course, I vastly prefer them over many of the screeching voices of the Japanese versions. Listening to Japanese F!Corrin, Felicia and Bernadetta, to name a few, causes me physical discomfort.
  7. "You were expecting scantily clad witch Ophelia but it was ME, wholesome witch Hector!"
  8. I think Annette, Dedue and Ferdinand are my big ones. I just had zero expectations of them, but I like them quite a bit now. Annette is super charming and has a great voice actress that really sells her as a character, Dedue is so gentle and I like Ferdinand's earnest personality and the rather complex situation he ends up in.
  9. It just occurred to me that the DLC doesn't change the one gameplay element I wanted to see addressed the most: unique animations for relic weapons. I've got a bit of a 14-year-old mentality when it comes to cool attack names, so it's disappointing to see "Fallen Star" be just another stock animation that is the same for Curved Shots fired from a Training Bow.
  10. Yeah I'm a little surprised that the game can effectively end if you don't know this is coming and you chose to train students outside your house. Hell, just like you said, I don't know how Petra would've survived this without being a flier. It feels satisfying for sure, to beat a map just by the skin of your teeth, but at the same time, it's a bit scary to think that my run almost came to an end just because I hadn't picked a flying class for Byleth/trained Caspar.
  11. I beat it! And in part thanks to your idea of going north first. Heh, I managed to only just beat it. One pulse left, Caspar had to be sacked, and I got a lucky hit or two in. I would've aggro'd the southern enemies (which I did once on purpose and got my ass kicked even after I had beaten the northern guys) if Dorothea hadn't been a dancer - had I chosen anyone else I wouldn't have been able to beat the map, I believe. It's kind of crazy just how little room there is for error for this map. You need fliers, for example, otherwise I don't know how you're supposed to beat it. I had a tough time on the academy phase Gronder Field map too but at least I could sack off units as much as I needed (that Ingrid was just ridiculous).
  12. Kind of used them all. And the problem is that once the enemies get baited the pain train starts. Ah well, I'll have a look but I'm mentally preparing this marking the end of my Maddening misadventures. Would've been a bit easier with a lord on my side.
  13. Same, actually, though no Death Blow, which I regret not getting. Yupp, did that. I'll try that next time, though I believe that is more or less what I was doing before a dozen or so enemies clustered together which made victory impossible. As for battalions, I've got Jeralt's Mercenaries on Byleth, the default on Setet, some other Pegasus Knights for Petra, and a magic one for Dorothea (who's also my dancer). The one saving grace is that Byleth's Charm is ridiculously high, but I don't think that'll be enough considering how easily he dies.
  14. I believe my Maddening run has come to an abrupt end. I reached the post timeskip on the Silver Snow route and I see no chance of me ever beating the first map. There are so many enemies and they all double my Byleth, and some even one-round him. Seteth is level 23 and my Caspar underperformed and so I ditched him and he can do nothing, which also makes it impossible for Dorothea to join up with Byleth and Petra. Am I missing something obvious or is this just the end?
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