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  1. Edelgard as the Grinch let's go. I don't think Awakening has gotten a single seasonal this year so I'm hoping they get some kimono action on the next banner.
  2. Thank goodness for Hall of Forms! Now, about that Awakening kimono banner, IS...
  3. I'm not sure this is an entirely correct assumption, as Fire Emblem Fan poined out. However, I personally can't stand Sain, Gatrie or Soleil because their flirty behavior is all-encompassing; they're hardly people and have nothing outside of that one trait. Sain physically lunges at women, Gatrie chants to himself that someone "will be his", and Soleil sends Ophelia crying due to consistent stalker behavior. They're creepy people and uninteresting characters. On the other hand, I quite like someone trying to flirt a bit if they've got a personality outside of it. A bunch of people in their low to mid twenties living and fighting together and they all look like super models? I'm pretty sure there'd be some tension there.
  4. I don't have time to make a full list but... Radiant Dawn - Skrimir/Micaiah (and Sanaki) Awakening Gen 1 - Virion/Tiki (Gregor, Gaius, and Maribelle are also great) Fates Gen 1 - Takumi/Flora (and Oboro)
  5. Hello chaps. With Shadows of Valentia behind us and the rumors of a cancelled 3DS remake that was set to release even after that, it got me thinking about things I'd like to see changed in upcoming new versions. This isn't a topic to complain about the games but rather discuss what could be done to really make them stand out. For Awakening, I think I've got a list in terms of changes/additions I'd like to see in the story that shouldn't be too unreasonable. Flesh out the Valm arc. Have Virion warn Chrom about that earlier on in the story and let him play a central role during that arc (and give him a battle conversation with Walhart, for crying out loud). I'd also like to see more worldbuilding here; we know next to nothing about Rosanne. Expand upon Ylisse's bloody past and Chrom's father, as this is one of the reasons why Plegia is so messed up and why there's a conflict in the first place. Give a more concrete reason for why Lucina is hiding her identity. We can make guesses as to why she does it, but it's kind of kept vague for no discernible reason. Explain why Grima would feel the need to go back into the past. There should also be more informaton about Grima's past in Thabes and what happened after Alm and Celica defeated them.
  6. Please tell me this isn't an impopular opinion.
  7. We get Elves and a genki girl OC just as predicted, but I'm not digging the aesthetic. Though I've not watched the series, it looks too much like Sword Art Online. Just give us Hall of Forms again, please.
  8. What would you guys say are Lyn's strongest moments when interacting with the playable cast, especially Hector and Eliwood?
  9. That's what I thought but I wanted to check. Thanks, bud!
  10. This has been my most lucky Mythic/Legendary yet, I think. I got a cheap -Spd +Res Altina and a +Spd Sothis. Is Sothis better with +Spd or +Atk?
  11. I'm inclined to say Ike and Micaiah, and Edelgard and Dimitri because I really enjoy the more antagonistic approach. Hector and Eliwood have a nice bromance support. I think Roy has the worst of it. He has no one to really interact with outside of Merlinus, and those interactions are one of the worst aspects of that game.
  12. A terrible business practice that affects the game, not to mention the themes you claim the story has. "Finding the truth" sounds good on paper, but the simple fact of the matter is that it's a question of which version of the game you've bought. There are no choices apart from that. Fates does not hold up to scrutiny. From the way people act and react to what's happening to the way the plot is structured, it's a giant mess. Trying to find deeper meaning behind a game that nickle and dimes you and giving such an incomplete product in return sounds almost like someone with buyer's remorse trying to justify their purchase.
  13. How about removing the paywall for the golden ending? Or is paying 20 bucks extra part of your themes?
  14. If this is canon strength as in who'd win in an anime style one-on-one battle, I'm not sure why Edelgard is being ranked so low considering she has the same Crest as Byleth in addition to her Seiros one; that's like Lysithea but with the Crest of Flames which is kind of a big deal. Wouldn't that mean she's in another ballpark than most?
  15. Got Altina within 80 orbs, thank goodness. Sometimes it feels like I've got most of the flying units in the game, and yet I still suck at using Flier Emblem because I panic when there's a Bow Knight on the map. Now, with Altina, I'm thinking of making a Flier Emblem ball AR defense. No bow weakness there!
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