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  1. I didn't expect Alois to be ranked highly but man, no votes makes me a bit sad. I think he may genuinely have one of the most touching quotes in the game.
  2. Gremlin girl with a magic bazooka. I approve.
  3. Strange, considering Edelgard is a bit of a poster child for this game. I definitely thought Edelgard would be the most involved with the mole people...which she is, but it doesn't lead anywhere.
  4. Added, though I wish I had the alternative "other" at the bottom but I couldn't change it now that people have already voted for that alternative. This is going to bother me all evening.
  5. A villain, but a well-written one with understandable motives, even if her methods are too extreme. It feels really nice to have a lord like this, and it's a welcome addition as I believe many lords throughout the series share too many similarities even if they're not clones. I've not played Genealogy of the Holy War, but it gives me the impression that Edelgard works kind of like a protagonist version of Arvis.
  6. Hello chaps! So, the game has been out for almost a month now and I'm very curious to see your favorite characters. I've tried making the poll as fair as possible, but I wonder if the lordlings should have their own category, since they might get more votes than their classmates by default...
  7. Wow, thank you. This is some really good battle dialogue, honestly. Dorothea just sounds so tired after the timeskip; it's really quite chilling.
  8. Isn't that because of Crest stones rather than Flayn's blood, however?
  9. Hello chaps! As the title suggests, I just wanted a place to discuss questions and mysteries the game sets up without ever fully explaining. Needless to say, there'll be spoilers. Naturally, there is more, but I believe that's my number one question for now.
  10. No matter what the characters say, this simply isn't true. Yes, he had to hold back a bit of a violent side before which was harder to hold back later, but he's very clearly also a good person at heart with many more facets to him than being obsessed with the deceased. The fact that you can't support him or do anything with him in general until he snaps back to his pre-timeskip self underlines that.
  11. Recruiting Dorothea to Golden Deer (probably other routes as well), I seem to remember her having a unique conversation with Ferdinand. She also has some chilling dialogue about that once you're back at the monastery.
  12. I would take that one step further and say it's one of the weakest parts of the entire game. On paper the idea is fine. I like that a main character has mental traumas from something horrible having happened and it warping them and affecting them negatively, giving them something deeply personal to overcome. Pushing away friends and family on the way to recovery is also good in theory. However, the execution is simply not there. Dimitri's post-timeskip self is too over the top to be believable and is treated so awkwardly. He goes from thinking only of vengeance and hallucinating about the dead judging him back to his pre-timeskip self within ONE chapter. Everyone kind of awkwardly ignores how seriously far gone Dimitri seems, and it's a wonder there's not some kind of max desertion from the army considering how he acts. Gilbert, Rodrigue and the other students kind of shrug it off and immediately start talking about something else whenever he goes off on his rants. What bothers me with this on another level is how this is ALL tied to the Tragedy of Duscur. He doesn't think about his country being torn to pieces during this time at all. Why isn't that a part of his arc? Dimitri's mental state getting worse (though without going full cartoon caricature on us) as he fails to protect the kingdom his father left him would make more sense to me than him snapping over the Tragedy of Duscur. Yes, Edelgard was his friend, but since the Tragedy isn't even fully explored or explained, we don't even know why Dimitri is so convinced she had something to do with it. It feels as though Dimitri has two character development whiplashes over the course of the game, and it's so awkward to read his supports after he has come to his senses post timeskip; it's like nothing happened.
  13. This is an important message to the world, I agree. Same with Marianne. Those two kind of deserve each other.
  14. I can't say I actively disliked someone before the game came out, but I did have different expectations based on the Twitter bios, of course. However, at worst my thoughts about the characters were only neutral, so I'll only speak in terms of whether or not I grew to enjoy or dislike the character. Chaps I grew to like Hanneman is a big one. I expected nothing of the bloke but his supports are really solid, adding some good worldbuilding as well. Seteth is another character I liked more than I would've expected. He's not my absolute favorite, but he's both stern and sweet. I'd also be lying if I said his voice actor joining in on the Twitter antics hadn't scored some points with me. Petra. I expected something closer to Athena but was positively surprised by how awesome she is. Chaps I grew to dislike Linhardt is probably the biggest offender of this category. His character feels lazy in more senses than one; the quickest way of getting people to fawn over someone is by making them lazy, smart, and blunt - that's what gets everyone to declare that character to be their spirit animal or similar nonsense. "This guys is a lazy asshole who knows more than everybody else? I'M a lazy genius who tells everyone what I think!". Linhardt is generally unsympathetic, uninteresting, and unengaging. Dimitri. I'm conflicted about this, because I rather enjoy him on paper and in the academy phase, but I simply don't buy his character arc and consider it probably the biggest blight on the game story-wise.
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