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  1. I'm really feeling that Awakening banner. It's been a year since that last one and two years since the last seasonal. It's time. Three Houses for a summer banner though please.
  2. Oh hey I predicted Oboro and Hinata, that's fun. I really hoped we'd get more Hoshidan outfits though, damn. I never would've expected Rafiel and Nailah for this banner. People have predicted Sigurd and Deirdre for this banner for years now. Feels weird Hinata got a bridal alt before Sigurd... Or an alt in general. With Radiant Dawn getting half a banner, and Awakening being the game that has gone the second longest without a proper New Heroes banner, I guess the next banner will be Awakening focused.
  3. The hair on the left silhouette reminds me of Hinata's. Hinata and Oboro, perhaps?
  4. I always welcome kimonos, but I hope they'll give us a longer break from the Fates royals. I'm ready.
  5. What I mean is I don't think Faye was ever meant to be portrayed in that light. She's effectively there as shipping bait or even comic relief, but she's not her own character and certainly not a comment on how war takes its toll on the mind. In the Japanese supports Alm doesn't seem to express much of a worry at all; he says he should learn from her in finding happiness in the little things. Alm: エフィって……▼ すごくささいなことで 感動できるんだな。▼ いいなあ、僕も見習わなきゃ。 Alm: That Faye...she sure can get passionate/moved by the most trivial things. That's good. I should learn from that.
  6. Right? They got so many seasonals I hadn't noticed that PoR/RD haven't gotten a banner in a while. I've been too focused on the Awakening drought. Tellius would be great; I've wanted Dheginsea for a while, but I also really want some more Awakening units. I guess the former could get a New Hero banner and the latter could get a seasonal banner. I also really want more Three Houses units but I'm assuming they'll get a summer banner soon as the game's first proper seasonal banner, as only Sothis has a seasonal thus far.
  7. I'll copy what I wrote on Reddit not long ago when this question was asked. If we exclude Fates, then my choice remains the same as always: Alm. Faye may have been a horrible addition to Echoes, a one note caricature of a character, but she's not at all important in the grand scheme of things. Alm, however, is the central focus of Echoes, so much so that he more or less renders his supposed counterpart and fellow protagonist, Celica, superfluous. Alm starts out as a friendly and patient guy who's ready to do the right thing. He's a great fighter from the get-go and achieves victory after victory. In fact, Alm simply does not stop winning, and absolutely demolishes any resistance put up against him, even when Berkut is at the helm, which has the consequence of making the villains look ineffective at the best of times. Not only that, but Alm is also the chosen one, the one destined to save Valentia and use the plot sword to defeat the big bad dragon. While Celica gets manipulated and captured, Alm defeats the empire despite the massive disadvantage Zofia has (a grossly overlooked part of the story), saves the princess and defeats the big bad. This kind of power trip is not very appealing to me, but what absolutely ruins it for me is Alm's lack of opposition and, for the lack of a better word, controversy. Alm basically does or says no wrong...ever. Even if you'd argue that he does, like when he goes after Nuibaba, it ends with the absolutely best possible results. He's such a good guy that he mourns both Fernand and Berkut, people he knows as nothing but petty traitors or opponents who never even showed him respect, and in Berkut's case a cold-blooded murderer. Alm does not fit the story of his own game. In a game about duality and reaching a middle ground between extreme ideals, Alm is too perfect to exist, which negatively impacts everyone around him. This holds doubly true for Celica. I don't buy any of this. Faye was deliberately added as stated in an interview to not make Alm's party that much of a sausage fest, and her being obsessed with Alm is in line with how the rest of the game is laser focused on him as well. I wish they did more with Faye as a character, like exploring her desire for a simple life, but she only talks about Alm. She talks about him in her support with Silque, she talks about him in the prologue, she talks about him in combat, her base monologues are all based around him. Really, it's grating, and it would have been even if she had any depth.
  8. Just imagine the coffee being that sweet, sweet drama and me making Lisa's face. I'm a sucker for two sides you care about fighting if there's a good reason for it. Radiant Dawn cheapened it a bit with the Blood Pact and Three Houses had problems making the Golden Deer feel relevant in the war, but my goodness do I like the intense battle dialogue in those games. I think I'd like a game where there's only one route, but one where there are smaller choices to make that can either win new allies and/or lose old ones. I also think it could be cool to have a game where you play as one group defending your homeland à la every Fire Emblem game ever, but after you win and conquer the enemy nation there's a time skip and you start playing as the underdogs in the recently conquered, formerly hostile nation, like the Dawn Brigade. To try and structure this scatterbrained post a bit, I'll write a list of things I think could be cool. One route that contains several choices, both major and minor. Timeskip and two different groups of playable characters. You get one group in the pre timeskip period and one in the post timeskip period. One of the aforementioned choices should be which group wins in the end The ability to recruit very rare playable units. You should also be able to lose playable characters that follow you. They could join the other group down the line. Optional: Industrial Revolution setting. Perhaps magic vs. technology could be a part of the conflict.
  9. I think that'd be a cool angle though. Corrin is not possessed either, they're just on the verge of losing control. Grima influences Morgan to do awful stuff.
  10. I really like the Fallen Hero theme, myself. I do think that M!Corrin was a waste of a precious slot considering we got the female version last year. I would've also preferred seeing Greil over Ike, but Ike is a cash cow and people love him, so I can understand them doing this. Morgan would've been a cool fit as a nod to Future Past.
  11. Another day, another failure at advancing in Hall of Forms. Spent the three turns "grinding" and while I got Atk/Spd Push 4 for Lilina (dangerous with Madness Flask though), I got nothing of note for the rest. I don't think I'll be able to beat the next chamber 20 either, featuring Tsubasa, Cherche, Tibarn, and Chad. Lilina would've been able to one-round Cherche but Tibarn has Ward Fliers, so that won't work.
  12. Yeah, though my Lilina keeps getting Poison Strike and that first gen dancer weapon (among others that don't help). At least she's got Steady Stance 4 and a Close Defense seal...y-yay... My best unit is Roy with his pref, Draw Back, Ruptured Sky, DD4, Lull Spd/Def, Rouse Spd/Res, and a Brazen Atk/Def seal, but he still did 0 damage to Perceval. Thea also has Ruptured Sky, and that Spd/Def Stance 3, Speed Tactics, and a QR seal, so she can tank a bit but she did like five damage to Perceval. I guess my best choice is to grind the first map until I either face nothing but Stahls in chamber 20 or Lilina gets Gronnblade.
  13. My level 40 Lilina, with a Hone Attack 4 buff, dealt 20 damage to Perceval in chamber 20 in Hall of Forms. I'm now noticing that my team is so weak that I can't progress unless I get really, really lucky.
  14. Seeing Raging Storm and Caeda's weapon, I wonder just how far they'll take Atrocity. I know Edelgard's B skill must be strong ebough to make it a better investment than regular Bold Fighter, so I hope Atrocity will be similarly valuable. How big of a drawback would Atrocity need if it actually made Dimitri effective against everything?
  15. I get that in Maddening. Same turn reinforcements were a mistake.
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