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  1. ProZD voices Darros. That might be enough of a reason for me to +10 him.
  2. Felicia mentions wanting to try the capes I believe, so that could be fun too.
  3. After my spectacular failure at getting the summer Three Houses units I really wanted, I kind of want it to be a banner that I care about. That said, Dheginsea and Skrimir getting into the game would be seriously cool. Tellius has gone a long while without a regular New Hero banner too, though they have had a very strong presence in the seasonal banners this last year.
  4. Will you post the results the following day or after we've voted for all the games?
  5. Awakening Tiki remains my most used and most reliable unit in my barracks. If she got a Resplendent version I'd almost be tempted to buy the Feh Pass. I definitely think she deserves a bit of an art upgrade, but I think her five star exclusive younger version is more likely to get the attention; A!Tiki is actually already very good. Hm, that does raise the question, who is the most widely used/meta hero to get a Resplendent version thus far? Eliwood?
  6. So far, 300 orbs have given me a free Adrift Camilla, Lene, and Kjelle. Why. It didn't even cross my mind that I wouldn't get at least one of the focus units in over 300 orbs. I've got 150 orbs left but I guess I've got to start saving for a second chance at this banner.
  7. Might be this guy, no? I want a full Three Houses seasonal banner personally, but I feel like they'll add a second Harmonized Hero in order to expand the possible bonus unit rotations in Resonant Battles.
  8. Dragon Age: Inquisition. When I bought it it was buggy; some bugs were fine, like how my character throughout the entire game jumped, did a landing animation in the air, then did the landing animation again when he, you know, landed. Others were threatening to be gamebreaking, like unskippable dialogue not loading correctly, causing a kind of softlock. Thankfully after a few reboots I could get past it, but my word did that bother me. Then, the story bites off far more than it can chew and does most of its arcs half-assedly. Bioware has a bit of a problem with you solving problems/uncovering mysteries that have been around for potentially hundreds of years in an afternoon, but the real offender was the main antagonist. The guy is a boring, bland, moustache-twirling villain who, despite an interesting backstory, does nothing unique or interesting. After you foil his plans at every turn, he alone rushes to your base of power and gets himself killed while whining that a magical artifact he had been using runs out of juice. Inquisition has some things going for it, like a few good characters like Solas, but it tried telling so many different stories at once that I struggle to remember much of the game at all. I mostly remember button mashing my way through an ocean of mass produced, MMO-like quests.
  9. "I do not do player phase" That's Heroes summed up for me very aptly. I use dragons, move them forward, then click "end turn" most of the time.
  10. I'm afraid I'm going to have to contribute a bit to the negativity, my friends. This was just not the banner I was hoping for, and I didn't particularly care for the last seasonal either. I don't like the design of most of the swimsuits and, while I don't oppose strange duo pairings, it feels like Lucina was done very dirty. Yes, she's got several alts already, but it's been two years since her last one, her bunny self is horribly powercrept and her "Marth" alt has the same stats and weapon as the original. Her being the cheerleader for a minor Tellius character while wearing that bloody mask (together with a bikini. Convincing disguise there, Lucy) is such an odd choice. I was also hoping for the Cipher swimsuit at least! Also, we get another free infantry healer, and one that'll most likely join an ever-growing number of characters in the "alt only" club. We also live in a world where Mia got two alts before Sigurd and Seliph got one, those poor bastards. I apologize for whining. I know we've got another banner coming, I was just looking forward to this one. Guess it's back to saving.
  11. So it's two female characters, one looks to have shorter hair and the other long hair and a noticeably bigger bust. The left hero also seems to be wearing pants. This is one of the harder silhouettes we've gotten though so it's really hard to tell. Are they both sword units?
  12. This is the problem with destinies and prophecies. If everything is predicted then any tension in the story evaporates. Sure you can go the subversion route but then you need to delve a lot more in depth about the nature of the prophecy, and in Echoes it was kept vague to put it gently. It would've been nice with a poll to accompany the thread.
  13. Two back to back summer banners, wooo! They're usually the highlight of Heroes together with CYL and kimono/yukata banners. I expect Three Houses to get one and then a mixed banner that includes Thrasir and Lif.
  14. The thing about Resplendent Nowi is that I feel they'll pull a Resplendent Linde and make it basically the same outfit but in different colors. That'd leave Nowi with three different versions in the game that are all kind of similar. I'd like for them to be a bit more creative in designing new outfits for the characters.
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