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  1. That's great, thank you! Man, I wish the pictures were a bit bigger to make it easier to read. I might give translating a bit of this a go tomorrow if I'll have time, but I'm not as good at Japanese and therefore not as fast at translating as others in the community. Edit: https://serenesforest.net/2020/03/24/three-houses-nintendo-dream-interview-reveals-first-route-claudes-real-name/ Guess that won't be necessary.
  2. I'll gladly take that Muspell Tiki. Embla works too. Dark colors with some nice golden patterns.
  3. This is precisely what I don't want, personally. It doesn't feel like it would do Three Houses justice if that's the route they went, which of course makes a potential sequel that much harder to make.
  4. Ashe is wholesome, but I've got to support Dimitri. It's what Dedue would've wanted.
  5. I tried finding it there but couldn't. Do you have the direct link? Yeah, that's very interesting as well. I've seen people wondering which of the routes came first, but I did find the arguments for Silver Snow being the first route more compelling, if only for the last cutscene in Enbarr. It seems as though Edelgard's role and route were originally rather different. It was meant to be harder to get into Crimson Flower, which might explain why it's shorter.
  6. I was convinced that the antagonist would win at one point and Byleth would use a huge Divine Pulse to travel back in time further than ever before in order to stop it. That didn't age well. Maybe it would've been too similar to Awakening. I also expected stuff like school festival and a lot more typical anime high school stuff than we got. I'm glad I was wrong on that account.
  7. Hello chaps. Apparently there's a new interview floating around. This person on Tumblr has split up a translation in two parts. I can't find a definitive source for the article, however, at least not on Famitsu, so if someone knows where it's from, let me know. There are some really interesting stuff there, though I think this is the coolest by far (and thus also the most depressing that it didn't come to pass): Edit: a lot of the interview has been translated here: https://serenesforest.net/2020/03/24/three-houses-nintendo-dream-interview-reveals-first-route-claudes-real-name/
  8. I've played Binding Blade but feel no connection to any of these units. Bartre is decent but he's free, so I'll use my orbs for something else. Maybe Annette.
  9. I think the bunny banners are the most boring recurring seasonals, sadly, so I don't know what to spend my orbs on now. I guess there's a chance one of my favorites will end up on the spring banner but that'd really be bittersweet.
  10. If you exclude Flayn, there is one more male student than there are female ones. I know female units sell more than males but I still wonder what they'll do when they mostly have the TH guys left. I guess they feel like they can safely ignore Ignatz and Raphael.
  11. I burned 200 orbs yesterday for summer Laeg, one of the worst wastes of my orbs in forever. I hope I can get a Lysithea in ~400 orbs. Annette's niche seems cool too.
  12. 80 voters on this poll and not a single one for L!Azura. That's pretty neat honestly.
  13. This can also be a strength, as it often is in Three Houses. It can be used to cement important themes, like the Crest system, or tie characters together to a certain event, like the Tragedy of Duscur which has multiple characters dealing with the aftermath of it in radically different ways. As you said, and as Fates has proven many times, a good concept is not enough without proper execution.
  14. Not to belittle your point, but "if they were better written and more developed" would improve, well, any game with supports. Ah, pardon, not what I was after. I meant in terms of writing. The guys do too. Raphael doesn't have a black shirt and neither does Felix I think. Ferdinand has a cravat, Linhardt has baggy pants, etc.
  15. I prefer to keep my thumbs and sanity, thanks. Is there anyone here who prefers Fates' cast over Three Houses' characters, by the way? If so, would you mind explaining why?
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