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  1. Linhardt bio The son of the Earl of Hevring. He hates constraints and loves his freedom, so he does his best to avoid worries and problems, and indulges in lazying about. However, he's got a genuine interest in Crests, and when he gets into his research he can forget to even eat or sleep. Despite their personalities and hobbies being different, he gets along well with Caspar. [Edit: I think you could also say he tends to find most things bothersome, rather than him trying to avoid problems. I may have been a bit too liberal in my translation. Sorry about that.] Linhardt image Linhardt: I've been thinking of maybe becoming a Crest scholar [someone who studies Crests] in the future. I'll get back to you on the video. Poor formatting due to being on mobile. Video Description: When the weather is good you just want to relax and take a nap. That's a given. Here is a conversation with Linhardt. Linhardt: Yaaawn, the Great Tree season is the time of year best suited for a nap. Maybe I should take a break from the assignments too... Byleth: No, don't do that. [Chosen] Byleth: It's true, you do get sleepy. Linhardt: Yeah, I guess... mumble mumble
  2. I was just thinking that we might get something the weekends after E3. Cool! I appreciate the lore too, although I feel like the goddess is playing some serious favorites here. "Here's a special bloodline, and special weapons only your bloodline can use". Makes me wonder what happens if you have multiple bloodlines in you. So she and Lysithea have the same Crests? That's pretty neat; they don't look very similar.
  3. Thanks, bud. I might give it a try. It's just that I don't want a valuable skill like Sturdy Impact to be wasted, but I have saved it for Cynthia so I figured I should show a bit of favoritism. Guess I could wait until the summer banner if nothing else.
  4. That does sound good, but yeah, no DC I'm afraid, and I suspect I might want to pull on the summer banner. So uh, is Sturdy Imapact just not needed on her? Oh yeah, if anyone's got a suggestion for a fun team for Nah that isn't on a dragon team, I'm willing to listen to suggestions.
  5. Are you referring to the multiple HP bars? Or did I miss this detail? I'm personally wondering more where they come from and why. In terms of gameplay though, I wonder what sweet loot they drop and what it means when a tile cracks under them.
  6. Been thinking about Cynthia builds. I've got some good fodder to spare her, like Death Blow 4, Sturdy Impact, Brave Lance, and so on (though no Atk/Spd Solo). I'm kind of torn on how to build her. Firesweep Lance seems like a good choice but I've got a Tana doing that already. Harmonic Lance, Moonbow, and Sturdy Imapact seem like a good combination.
  7. It's interesting that we speculated that Edelgard would have a brother who lost his claim to the throne due to a lack of a Crest, and now Sylvain is confirmed to have similar family drama.
  8. Another reason to pick that house I guess. Can't leave my boy Claude hanging.
  9. (Oh come on I just extended my break to translate this) So, Marianne must be protected it seems. Maybe it's a Golden Deer life for me.
  10. We'll get either her or Leonie's bio tomorrow. I'm going to guess Leonie though; Marianne has (barely) not even been seen in any cutscenes. And I don't know how to ask this without sounding like a creep, but does Marianne's chest seem very big in that clip? Or is that just the robes/class that decides that like in Fates?
  11. His name is written イグナーツ in Japanese. Translated directly, it'd be "Igunaatsu". Like I said before, Silas in Japanese is サイラス, which is Sairasu. That can be both Silas and Cyrus; pre-Fates, we assumed the latter but it turned out to be localized the former. It wasn't wrong, just not what the localizers went with.
  12. Did they say we would get more Three Houses or did I mishear them? I was so surprised when I saw this squirrel game. (Wrote this in another thread. Ignore my shameful mistake).
  13. Did they say we would get more Three Houses or did I mishear them? I was so surprised when I saw this squirrel game. Edit: Sorry about that, chaps. Wrong thread.
  14. I do hope the split happens later than in Fates. That gives the developers more time to make the routes more different, if 50% of the game leading up to it is mostly the same.
  15. It's not technically "new"; his name can be read as such with the katakana his name uses. It's like how before Fates dropped Silas was called Cyrus, because it wasn't possible to distinguish the two names. So, that main story map looks fun, but it got me thinking: will all the houses have the same maps? I mean if we split the perspective of the story, then one would assume that some maps would be different. Flame Emperor's motive also seems to be to fight against the system of the Crests. At least that's what it sounded like.
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