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    Anime, Manga, Cartoons, Video Games, drawing stuff, reading books and Watching Movies (mostly Harry Potter and X men)

    Favourite video games: Fire Emblem, Zelda, Okami, Prof Layton, Harvest Moon, Rune Factory and Animal Crossing.

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  1. Just got an e-mail from Nedgame saying my order has been shipped! I hope you guys all get your SE as well!
  2. Yeah same, awakening's story wasn't very good either but it is still one of my favourite games, mostly because I really liked the characters. I'm already pretty sure i'm going to enjoy Fates even more!
  3. i actually cheated by looking at the picture in your profile :x i really did think it was lina at first

    1. buttmuncher.ops


      kagura and tae(?) are the two funniest characters in the show imo; all the hijinks and situations they create just by being themselves, along with sadaharu

      now i need to catch up on gintama ;/

    2. Meiyu


      I know right! Kagura (obviously) and Tae are two of my favourite characters too :)

      and it's totally worth watching all the episodes cause it just keeps getting funnier.

  4. Yes it's a cosplay and it's Kagura from Gintama. I'm impressed you could tell from that picture :)
  5. Hi guys I don't post much on this forum but this seemed fun so here's a picture of me taken at the perfect angle;
  6. I added you, here's my friend code again so you can add me back; 3050-8746-6920 ---- I'll be playing in this order; Birthright - Conquest - Revelation because I somehow think i will enjoy the stories (of all games combined) the most that way. Only three weeks left HNNNNG.
  7. Hi guys feel free to add me too; 3050-8746-6920
  8. I will be playing Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn and Bravely Default!
  9. Orochi, Rinka, Selkie, Velouria and Hinata have my favourite designs they they just seem really unique (I also really like Corrin's design tbh).
  10. Ahhhh I feel so lucky right now, but wow that was really fast.
  11. HI! i´m also Dutch xD I just preordered the special edition from Nedgame and i'm so happy right now. Now we just have to wait till may 20th.
  12. Leo>Sakura>Takumi>Xander>Hinoka>Elise>Ryouma>Camilla
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