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  1. Just got an e-mail from Nedgame saying my order has been shipped! I hope you guys all get your SE as well!
  2. Yeah same, awakening's story wasn't very good either but it is still one of my favourite games, mostly because I really liked the characters. I'm already pretty sure i'm going to enjoy Fates even more!
  3. Yes it's a cosplay and it's Kagura from Gintama. I'm impressed you could tell from that picture :)
  4. Hi guys I don't post much on this forum but this seemed fun so here's a picture of me taken at the perfect angle;
  5. I added you, here's my friend code again so you can add me back; 3050-8746-6920 ---- I'll be playing in this order; Birthright - Conquest - Revelation because I somehow think i will enjoy the stories (of all games combined) the most that way. Only three weeks left HNNNNG.
  6. Hi guys feel free to add me too; 3050-8746-6920
  7. I will be playing Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn and Bravely Default!
  8. Orochi, Rinka, Selkie, Velouria and Hinata have my favourite designs they they just seem really unique (I also really like Corrin's design tbh).
  9. Ahhhh I feel so lucky right now, but wow that was really fast.
  10. HI! i´m also Dutch xD I just preordered the special edition from Nedgame and i'm so happy right now. Now we just have to wait till may 20th.
  11. Leo>Sakura>Takumi>Xander>Hinoka>Elise>Ryouma>Camilla
  12. All these people hating on Tsukuyomi... I'm feeling so salty
  13. I added you because I wanted to be surprised by your mii
  14. my friendcode is: 3050-8746-6920 please pm me so I can add you back.
  15. It seemed as if they changed Elise's character completely but i could be wrong. Also, Sakura sounded a LOT older than Elise.
  16. I'm really looking forward to losing my connectivity with the real world (including my friends) if i get this game. I'm planning to play it non stop even taking it with me to work. I'm also looking forward to getting sleep deprived. just kidding or maybe not I'm looking forward to everything about this game; the music, the characters, the customisation, the gameplay, mycastle stuff, laughing at story elements.
  17. I was sooo disappointed when i found out they coudn't support. Goodbye beautiful blonde haired Shinonome (i know Ryouma can marry Elise for the blonde hair too but i think that's kinda gross and it just isn't the same ;_;)
  18. I am extremely Sakura-like I'm also a lot like Mitama I absolutely love sleeping and i don't like going outside xD
  19. The only thing i don't like about Tsukuyomi is that his daughter is Shara... Tsukuyomi is actually one of my favourite characters I love his japanese voice actor (Valshe), his personality and his design. It's kinda weird since I didn't really like Ricken while they're pretty similar. I just find Tsukuyomi adorable and i can't really find an explanation why xD Oh but i guess this isn't really the thread for saying how much you love a character... sorry.
  20. Yeah ikr! and the wall they use in fates looks even more boring to me than the wall they used in awakening. It's like they all keep moving to the same spot just to hold a conversation with someone. Like when you've finished reading a support conversation, the characters that were involved quickly run away from that spot to make place for 2 other characters who are going to hold a conversation there next.
  21. LIKES: -The music (some of the tracks remind me of Okami) -Most characters -The classes (especially the hoshido ones, when i first saw the nine tailed fox and the golden kit warrior i was like YEEESSSS) -I find the amie thing funny DISLIKES: -Character stripping, we already have a bathhouse and everything -While i really do like the new classes, some of the outfits are a little mehh for me. I don't get why the outfits have to show so much butt. -The story i guess -Kamui's personality (I didn't really like robin that much but compared to kamui (s)he's so much better) -The awakening peeps -the poorly explained children
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