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  1. Hana She is one of my favorite characters, design-wise and as a unit. Sure, she is fragile, but she kills everything you throw her at. Characterwise she is a bit onesided though, with her obsession with training and protecting Sakura. But she has some entertaining supports, like the ones with Azama, Subaki, Hinata, Setsuna and Kaden. And Her and Takumi's supports are also vrey sweet, their S-Support is one of my favorites. Also she is cannonicaly able to cut a treetrunk in half, how awesome is that Oboro Also one of my favorite units. In Birthright, she is a tank when almost noone else has a usable defense-stat, and she joins early enough in Revelations to make her fully usable. Also Lancers and their promotions are just very well designed. Like others have said, she is extremely versitile, and has no real gimmick. I've read several of her supports and they are never about the same topic. Anna I have not gotten her DLC, and I honestly don't care for it that much. I like her design, and the fact that you have to pay for her is a nice meta-joke.
  2. Master Ninja!Hana (by S-ranking Kaze) and General!Scarlet.
  3. Bravely Default Agnes - Priestess Edea - Mercenary or Samurai Tiz - Villager Ringabel - Dark Knight or Adventurer
  4. #1 Laslow/Inigo: I have not finished Conquest, so I don't how he is as a unit. I like how he acts in Birthright, it really shows that he has matured and is willing to protect the people he cares about, in that case Xander. I also like that he does not flirt with every female character, for example in his support with Orochi. #2 Shigure: I like his design, and he seems like an interesting guy, but i have only read a few supports of him. I don't use the children until postame, so I cannot say much about his utility. #3 Selkie: I'm torn on her. Her design is one of the best in the entire game, but she also has no personality outside of "Let's play!". Her support with Corrin is ok,though. #4 Flora: She's cool (pun not intended) and has an interesting backstory. Of course, like every character besides the royals, she would have needed to be fleshed out better. #5 Scarlet: Defenitely one of my favorite characters. She looks awesome, has a cool personality and is a good unit. She would have needed so much more backstory, it is never explained why she rebels and how she became the leader of the Cheve-rebellion at such a rather young age. She also needs more supports, because the one with Corrin was very entertaining. I married her to Corrin in my Birthright run and intend to do that again whenever I replay it. Also, her death in Revelation is just plain stupid and pointless. #6 Selena/Severa: I never minded her in Awakening, so I don't mind her here. I have not read many of her supports, but I like the ones I have, especially the one with Hinata. #7 Nyx: I have not used her, but I think her backstory would be interesting if it wasn't used as an excuse to make her romanceable. #8 Takumi: I like him, and I can relate to his insecurities. I think people exxagerate his bad habits. His support with Hana is really sweet, and of course he is a good unit. #9 Corrin: I don't have an opinion on them really, but I have not gotten to the bad parts of Conquest, so that may change. I think it's funny that the whole cast treats them as something super-special, but we never really see what is so special about them. However, I do think male Corrin has somewhat of a personality. He proposes to Scarlet in such a cheesy way that I had to laugh out loud. But it makes sense for someone who grew up isolated in a castle and probably is in love for the first time. I like the designs you can give Corrin, but I think it does not mix well with the rest of the cast. #10 Sophie: She's cute, but I hate her personal skill and the armour design of female cavaliers. I have not recruited her yet, so no opinion on her supports. #11 Shura: Like Flora and Scarlet, he would have needed so much more backstory. The pieces that we get make him so interesting, and he could have had so many supports. I mean why can't he he talk to Azura or Saizo? I married him to my female Corrin in Revelations, and the support was ok, but he seems really clingy in his My Castle lines (Although you can understand them when you know his backstory). I like his design and the fact that he combines Hoshhido and Nohr in his class set. He is okay as a unit.
  5. Hello, I'm looking for a Scarlet with Vantage. Thanks in advance ^^
  6. Bman

    Ninja Scarlet

    Ahh I did not even think about that, thanks a lot ^^
  7. I'd like to see Akihiko Yoshida (The Designer for FF Tactics and the Bravely Series) or Kazuma Kaneko (Shin Megami Tensei) design the characters. Or the Designer of Chain Chronicles and SmtXFE, toi8. I also would not mind to see Kozaki return. No matter who would design the characters, IS should fire their art director and tone down the fanservice though.
  8. As the title says, I want to try out Scarlet as a Ninja in my Birthright Lunatic run. How should I go about doing this? Should I promote her to Dread Fighter the moment I get her to train up her Shuriken Rank or should I wait until I can use a marriage seal on her?
  9. You just spared me a lot of time, since I don't have to look at any character individually anymore, so thank you for that. :)
  10. So I've read a lot of people saying that the 2nd generation could have been better implemented into the story by not not making them children, but independent characters. I wanted to start this thread to share ideas/headcanons for how they could have fit into the story. Percy and Midori could still be the offspring of Arthur and Kaze, as the age difference between them and their parents seems large enough to make this possible. I also think that Selkie could still be Kaden's daughter, because he could possibly be far older than he seems, as he is a mystical being. My headcanon for Caeldori is that she is Kumagera's daughter (or another high-ranking Hoshidan general). I got this idea because she admires her father in her support with the Avatar, and Kumagera is a pretty badass (in my opnion), so this would make sense. She than joins the army because she wants to help her country and her father in the war.
  11. The professor for the history of the Middle Ages at my university did not get his job the first time he applied for it back in the 90s. There was a dipute between two well-known historians, and in his interview, he was asked which one of them he supported. He just happened to support the one the other professors opposed, and he was denied, so I'd say there are definetely cases where it can be bad for you to have a different opinion. I guess it also has to do with where you come from, I mean, as a person from France you interpret the 100-Years-War differently than a person from England.
  12. I'm very excited for the game, although I have to finish Bravely Default first. Does the playable Demo/Prelude spoil the ending of the first game? That sounds interesting, how does this set-up work?
  13. As a male avatar, I'll go with Crimson, Caeldori or Kinu, and with Saizou or Odin when I play a female one.
  14. You must mean PEGIDA (it's the acronym for Patriotic Europeans against the Islamification if the Occident), and they started protesting around 1 and half year ago. And Germany has a rather good healthcare-system (we have minimum wage, child-support, and support for people out of work), but the problem is that many germans depend on that, too. Some fear that it may lead to a conflict between immigrants and natives over money and social housing. On the other hand, however, Germanies Birthrate is not the highest, and the immigrants have a lot of children, so some theorize that it may help our system. It just depends on how much of the immigrants can start working and pay taxes. Oh, I didn't want to imply that I think that all right-wing-parties are racist. I agree with the CDU/CSU a lot on this topic, it's just the AFD that worries me. I should have said extreme right, to make my point clearer. And I agree with you, the problem is that for a long time, you couldn't say anything negative about Merkel's policy, because you were immediately stamped as a racist and or Nazi. This frustrated many normal people, who in turn started to turn to the AFD and alike. What worries me is that they spew a lot of hate, and often this hate hits the wrong people. Instead of just blaming the guys who attacked the women, all muslim men are now under suspicion. Furthermore, they even want to establish vigilante groupes that patrol the streets at night. What you said about the media is interesting. I work at a local newspaper, and every time we post something about a crime done by a migrant, we have people from the extreme right saying that this proves how all migrants are bad and how they should all be sent back, while people from the left say that the newspaper is trying to stir up anti-migrant views. People don't realize that we just want to report the crime, and that the perpetraitors ethnicity is always given, no matter if he is German, Czech or Syrian. I can't speak for the big newspapers or other media though, and how they do it.
  15. The idea is good, i guess it depends more on the way you execute it than on its originality. An interesting approach would be to desrcibe Sophia's reaction to the events as they happen vs. the reaction she has when she remembers them. You could have Sophia break down after the battle, when she is alone (Because she is leader first, she wants no one to see her vulnerable side). And then when she teaches her daughter, you could have her remember her good and bad times with Arthur, and write that she still feels pain for what happened, but also understands why it had to be that way.
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