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  1. Here's the scene translated and looked at by someone with experience in Japanese localization. (Slight spoilers obviously) Please base your opinions on Soleil and M!Kamui's supports on this from this message on. (I'm watching it currently and will update with my new thoughts on it all when I've finished watching it.)
  2. Has this support even been confirmed to 100% exist? Or are we still going on the transcript someone posted on 4Chan?
  3. Thing is, I just think that Soleil's apparent confused sexuality stems from bad writing and poor decisions on the part of IS. It's not a statement or offense of any kind, it's just them not thinking things through - again. Soleil should be able to romance female Kamui at the very least, since Kamui is already canonically Bi. This is IS' main slip up, likely only because they for some reason - either development or marketing wise - decided to limit themselves to 2 gay marriage options. Rgardless, the main issue I have with the support is that Soleil never gets a chance to say yes or no to the experiment. Kamui pulls a rather villain-like move and slips the powder into her drink. Even if he meant well, this NEEDS to be changed in the western release - hero and player characters should never pull jerk shit like this without player influence. I know that my Kamui would never do this.
  4. Point is, while Soleil should have been made a bisexual and able to S-rank both male and female characters, the only truly offensive thing in the M!Kamui + Soleil support line is the date-rape-drug move that Kamui pulls early on. As long as that is made consensual during translation, I won't have anything against this support. (it may not be perfect, but it won't be god awful anymore)
  5. Oddly enough - and keep in mind I haven't bothered to read all 24 pages of this thread - I think I'd be alright with the support as long as they made the "magic powder" experiment consensual. Let me explain: Soleil is Bisexual. She leans more towards females, but in Foleo's support tree she reveals that she doesn't mind men, she just prefers women. (And has an infatuation with cute girls especially) This means that the main remaining sticking point with the support - other than the quality of it, which is admittedly bad - is that Kamui goes behind her back to spike her drink with the powder without even knowing beforehand if it's something she'd agree with or wanted. It's the - much less comical - equivalent of Kamui hearing that Marx had stomach pains and slipping laxatives in his food: I personally believe that my issues with this support tree could be easily solved by having Kamui STATE his plan beforehand and ask Soleil if it's something she's willing to try. At least then, it's Soleil's decision. Something like: = SO MUCH BETTER. (In my opinion) Remember, SF, heroes never go around drugging people. (Please at least make the support consensual, Nintendo. Please!)
  6. See Title. We now know that there are two same-sex supports in Fire Emblem If/Fates, one for Nohr in the form of Zero, and one for Hoshido in the form of Shana. However these are S supports, and limited to the player avatar and these characters. Also, as we already know from leaks and Nintendo themselves though, there are also A+ support levels between certain pairs of characters, all of which are the same gender. Thing is, we cannot find any supports labeled A+ in the leaked text dump for the game, even though we've seen leaked screenshots showing the option. At this point, I'd like to ask those who are brave enough to watch the streams for the game to keep an eye out for the A+ option in the support menus and to report any instance of it's use here. I'd also like to ask those who are brave and smart enough to decode and look through the text dump and audio dump of the game to report anything that may have to do with the A+ supports here. Thank you all in advance for your help in figuring out the nature of this new support level.
  7. That's really odd... We know it exists, even Polygon/Nintendo have referenced it, but the game code/text doesn't contain it? That's really... really odd.
  8. That is true, my mistake. I got mixed up with the children's names and their respective fathers/mothers. This still doesn't remove the possibility of the A+ characters simply being gay pairings of characters that aren't the protagonist.
  9. I'll try to help you by narrowing things down: The player character cannot achieve A+ rank supports with any character, same sex or not. It's either A or S as their max, regardless of gender. Other characters however - like Luna and Camilla - can achieve A+ rank with same-sex characters. They cannot achieve an S-rank relationship. This means you need to look for Luna and Camilla's supports in the text dump and see if they mention marriage. If we now know that Zero is the male gay character, we now need to know who the female gay character is in Hoshido. Is it possible that it's Sakura? (We do know she can A+ rank with Aqua/Azura) Could you please change the title to reflect the confirmation of same-sex supports? Please change the title to "Support System Thread - Same-Sex Options Confirmed" or something to that effect. And chin up! It may not be that limited, since the other characters like Luna and Camilla still have A+ supports with each other. They just won't be with the Avatar.
  10. Wait, by "Zero and Shara" you mean each of them being same-sex romanceable, not them being paired up, right? Because Zero is male and Shara is obviously female, so it wouldn't be same sex for the pair. Please continue digging - the more proof we find the happier I'm getting! Is there "Player Woman" or "Player Female" in there?
  11. Since? Nobody has been officially called lesbian or gay. Nobody has changed any sexuality to be with him/her.
  12. According to this chart, Carmilla may very well be a lesbian. [spoiler=Fire Emblem Fates Parents and Children] ... Since children don't rely on their mother anymore, at least. It also matches up with Luna's A+ support possibility.
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