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  1. Ok thanks a lot for your insight!
  2. So he is still usable right? There is still hope?
  3. Hello everyone, i just got a reinhardt but surprise surprise he has a -atk/+res IV. Can i still make him work through skills because i really wanted him...
  4. Welp this is the first time there is a fighting in my post, is that a good thing?
  5. I mean Tellius had the best lore in my opinion, AND an intersting story. And i guess im an Ike fanboy.
  6. I love Tellius more than the others too to be honest, mainly because of Ike and his crew since they are my favorite team I hope so, i mean we need more lords from the older games since they were better in my opinion, however i do love both fates and awakening
  7. Now with the most popular characters being from the old games, do you think that IS will see it and give us a new game based on their story? Like a remastered version of the Tellius games or blazing sword? How awesome would that be?
  8. Damn that sucks. It makes no sense not to release it though, it gives really useful items that we cant otherwise get in bulk. Plus you cant just make a halloween map and not release it to the west! Anyway fingers crossed. Do you think that there could be even more dlc after that? We dont have yet a five star map do we?
  9. Hello everyone, sorry if this has been answered before, but are we going to get them? Do we know? Has it been confirmed that we won't get them? Thank you. (I am referring to the maps where you can have special dialogues with characters and with special artwork)
  10. So i have one question...i have been hearing that platonic s-supports are back...is that true guys?
  11. So here is the million dollar question; To anyone who has played it or who has heard the lines, are the lewd lines still in ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ?
  12. I know the times are hard brothers. But we must remain strong! Don't spoil the game because if you do there is no reason to actually play it. The only thing that keeps me sane is my monster hunter 4 copy. We can do this!
  13. I think that what she says is that the petting feature is in, just exclusive to your waifu/husbando. She clearly states when they ask her about the new features when someone gets married that "there is the petting and..."so yeah petting is still in. I think?
  14. Title says it all. I imagine they will both be limited in Europe, so what would you buy?
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