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    My interests include video games, being a mediocre streamer, d ancing along side the bloody stream, taking the last train home, walking like an Egyptian, and going roundabout.
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  1. Oh thank you.... Sorry thats late

  2. Still alive despite not being that active

  3. So you mean like matcha? Yeah that stuff is great. I love it with Milk. And Honey. And Maple syrup... Actually I think I like Matcha with anything really.
  4. I tend to drink my tea around early morn or around late afternoon to early night. Sometimes I drink my tea at late night, but only if I'm doing my college work. Also sad to hear about that.
  5. Today I'm gonna do a double recommendation. First off I'm gonna recommend a Pure Rooibos Red Tea by Twinings. It's a nice calming tea that's great for just about any moment. I think the best part about the tea for me is the taste. I would say it reminds me of a green tea but less leafy, if that makes since. The next recommendation is an old favorite of mine Milky Tea. Just boil some milk for this once and add in your favorite tea for some excellent flavor. It's one of my favorites so if you haven't already give it a try. I hope you enjoy these dual recommendations.
  6. Tonight @ 6:30 Eastern Standard watch me continue my blind run with Fire Emblem 6 on http://www.twitch.tv/teamastertwekczar. Hope to see you there!
  7. Tonight let us go back to a classic with a nice English Breakfast. A simply to that can be easily balanced out in many different ways. Boil it in milk for some nice milky tea, brew it and and some milk and sugar if you want, drink it with a strait face, the list can go on. Do whatever you like with this tea, its really fun. I hope you enjoy this classic recommendation.
  8. Oh sweet this exists! I gotta find some of my recipes for this thread. Best of luck till then!
  9. Tonight I'm gonna recommend the Tea I've had in my pantry for a long time, Red Velvet Cake Tea. This red tea actually taste somewhat similar to chocolate.... Do I need to really say anything else? It's not the best but.... It taste like chocolate! I hope you enjoy this chocolate tea HAH recommendation.
  10. Tuesday at 430 P.M. Eastern I'm gonna celebrate 1000 views with a game I've been recommended Blank Dreams. I will be streamin' at my usual place http://www.twitch.tv/teamastertwekczar. Hope to see ya there!
  11. Today I'm gonna recommend a rather peculiar tea I tried today Ginger Peach Tea. I think this might be the first recommendation I would make just because I honestly have no idea how I feel about this tea. I love the aroma of the tea and the ginger feel and taste of it. Yet I somethings about it urk me in the wrong direction. It gets very bitter very quick, it doesn't really have the calming effect most tea has on me, it has a bad after taste, ect. ect. yet.... I still see my cups empty at the end of the day. So I'm gonna recommend this tea based off of it being something that you should experience. Who knows it might just be me that feels this way. I hope you enjoy this puzzling recommendation.
  12. So for today I'm gonna recommend both of the other teas that I got sent in that packages from my mother. The first one is gonna be a nice and wonderful Blueberry GreenTea. It's got a great punch of flavor in it, yet it still brings forth a calming smooth taste that most green teas have. This tea is something that would go great with something like scones or a nice warm sandwich. The second tea that was in the batch was a nice cup of Acai Green Tea. It's a nice and subtle tea that has this hint of sweetness to it that is very calming and relaxing. I like to drink this Tea before I go to bed or if I'm streaming. I hope you enjoy these double recommendations.
  13. Together we ride tonight stream tonight! Come watch @ http://www.twitch.tv/teamastertwekczar … tonight at 5:30 P.M Eastern.
  14. Holy Crap! I've hit 1000 views on twitch! Ok it may not be the most monumental achievement but hey it's something! Come join me on stream at 6:45 eastern time tonight @ http://www.twitch.tv/teamastertwekczar.... Also there will be despair.
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