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  1. I'm not quite finished with the Church path, but I believe I'm close to the end. Ashe and Lorentz are the only enemy recruitable students I've seen so far, and I'd be surprised to see more at this point. Leonie and Ingrid were my only recruits; it's not impossible that they would have showed up as enemies, but it seems extremely doubtful.
  2. Bertus looking good! Thanks for the updates. Damien not being a transporter anymore... Is the convoy moved to the lords, or removed entirely? I admit I didn't use him past his recruitment chapter, but disposable bait would have been occasionally useful (or loot-heavy chapters). Sorry for not having tried the updated chapters; I normally only play completed hacks/games because I don't like restarting. I'm really not a playtester... I tried this project because it was SRPG Studio and because it looked decent (it's actually pretty good!). I'll restart for the next wave of chapters, and I'd honestly very happily pay for the final release, but I'm not too keen to restart just for a few updated chapters (even if I know the feedback would be useful to you). Sorry!
  3. No need to feel bad; playing what is most fun for you is the most important thing! With that said, this might be a good "safe" opportunity to try out Classic. Even in classic, you have the option to rewind turns; that should make classic less punishing and cause much fewer resets than other FE games (bar SoV). If it works like Fates, you can also drop the difficulty from Classic to Casual whenever you want, but you can't do so the other way around. So if you end up disliking Classic, you can move back to Casual instantly, but if Casual-with-rewind turns out too easy for you, you can't move back to Classic on that save file.
  4. Well, that quote doesn't necessarily preclude characters joining at different times and for different reasons; it just means that you'll have interacted with them beforehand. Let's take Rhea for a possible example. We know you can interact with her, get relationship points, etc. She's (probably) not playable early in the game, but you still interact with her and get to know her. She might still join late-game; in that case, you still get late-joining units, but the difference is that you'll have the opportunity to interact with her a lot beforehand. A late join for someone you already know very well, instead of it being a random person you've never seen before. With very few exceptions, late joining characters tend to be very unpopular. Those that are still popular like Tibarn are the ones you spent a lot of time with beforehand. So I'm thinking that they taking this approach, but pushing it further in Three Houses. No Stephans, more Tibarns being the approach here. I think it's a good idea overall personally: I'm more likely to make space in my party for a new character I learned to like beforehand, instead of one I know nothing about when my party is already set. Not that one or two unknown late joiners is bad, though.
  5. Sort of off topic, but I read something in the article that I believe is brand new: Esprits Perdus : En escarmouche, il existe des cases appelées Esprits Perdus, qui nous indiquent un endroit où les autres joueurs ont eu des difficultés. Réussir à survivre sur ses cases octroie des bonus supplémentaires, dus à la difficulté plus élevée. This translates to: Lost spirits: During skirmishes, there exists "spots" called "Lost Spirits", which shows locations where other players had problems. If you are able to survive on those "spots", you will receive additional bonuses due to the higher difficulty. I'm actually French, but I'm a bit confused with what they mean here. "Case" normally refers to a single square / hex / whatever you want to call it. So it's basically saying that in skirmishes, squares where a lot of other players lost characters are flagged as "lost spirits" tiles, and that you get additional bonuses for having a unit survive on it.
  6. The amount of deployment slots is more important for me than the overall size of the cast. Fire Emblem generally having high deployment count compared to other SRPGs is one of the key reason why it is my favorite franchise. If you give me 16 deployment slots, I'll use 16 units. If there's pair-up in the game, I'll use it as little as possible since I prefer having many units over a few stronger ones. In the pre-war phase, we have only 8 students + Byleth guaranteed. If we recruit other students, can you deploy all of them in battle at the same time? Or are you stuck with just 9 deployment slots for the entirety of it? Regarding the main question, I tend to favor larger casts personally. If there's characters I don't like, I can bench them and still have enough units to fill all the deployment slots with. With that said, I think that there's going to be "enough" in Three Houses. Assuming that you can recruit all/most of the teachers and other miscellaneous characters like Flayn, that should be enough for me. The bonus compared to other FE games is that you'll already be very familiar with all those "late joiners" since you'll have already interacted multiple times before in the pre-war phase. I think it's going to make them more interesting than the majority of late joiners in previous games.
  7. One of the previous Famitsu articles mentioned it (the last one I think?). Anyway, I don't think it will be a major issue personally. It will depend on how limited you are with the class-change seals. If they aren't common, you won't be able to unlock that many classes per character. That might hold true in particular to the highest tier (seemingly something higher than advanced); while you might be able to unlock a ton of the lower classes, you might not be able to do so for the higher ones. Plus, the character also has to pass the test. In your example, the character would need to train in: Spear, Flying and Cavalry. That might be viable for lower tier classes (like Cavalier seems to only require a D in riding), but you might be hard-pressed to level up all three for high tier classes, and leave you with little room to train for Authority for better troops. If I'm wrong and all seals are common and it's easy to train many skills very high... I guess it'll be like Shadow Dragon with it's full free reclass system?
  8. That's pretty nice. I prefer digital and I'm definitively buying Three Houses and Mario Maker (not a huge Mario fan, but I've seen some amazing stuff for the first one on youtube), so I might as well take that deal. Astral Chain is a very likely buy too (heavy Nier Automata vibes with mostly the same creators and I adored that game) so I'm considering buying a second set of vouchers too, but I don't really have another Nintendo-published game that interest me enough to risk it yet. Maybe the new Pokemon game (though it's been over a decade since I've played one and I didn't like it much back then), or Link's Awakening (not sure it's going to be a full-priced title). There's games that interest me like Atelier Lulua, but those are third party and are not covered by this promotion. So wait and see I suppose...
  9. That's my take too. Not impossible, but implausible. Before the latest Famitsu update I'd have been more optimistic regarding this, but... That update shows that the Monastery thing is a lot more in-depth than I first though and it makes a time skip (outside of very endgame events) seems unlikely. It's possible that all those mechanisms could be tweaked for a post time-skip non-school environment (like training camps for your army which hopefully wouldn't involve making the Empress pull weeds) or replaced with something else entirely, but... it would mean that this game would be simply gigantic, completely outside the scale of any prior FE game before. I certainly won't complain if the leaks are true (what I read of them anyway), but it feel more like wishful thinking than anything else to me.
  10. I'm kind of worried that the teachers don't have a personal skill on that preview. It's not a confirmation of anything of course, but it does make me slightly less optimistic about their chance of being playable characters. Anyway, besides that, things look promising. The Bernadette/Dorothea image makes me optimistic that supports have been upgraded to full-fledged events with in-game visuals instead of just still pictures. Personal skills are very welcome especially since everyone starts in identical classes. The crest thing has potential. Looking forward to the full scans and translations!
  11. It's about the brown-haired girl that we've seen in multiple trailers in the background that has an unusual face and seemingly doesn't belong to any of the houses.
  12. I personally don't really mind those trees, but I admit it worries me a bit if things like this are going to affect review scores and sales from the more casual audience. I feel the direction they are taking is the correct one; it's just that the implementation isn't quite there yet. If Three Houses sells decently, I'm pretty sure we'll get a considerably better-looking game for the next entry in the series. Awakening -> Fates -> SoV has shown some improvements in the visuals and animations, and I'm expecting an even bigger difference between Three Houses and the next Fire Emblem. Especially since the console itself allows for more growth. I wonder if the troops were the biggest source of problems here? To allow a ton of troops to show on the screen at once, you need to make some concessions elsewhere. In any case, something akin to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 visuals for the next Fire Emblem would be perfect in my opinion. It looks great, environments are stellar, and the characters are very expressive.
  13. Yeah, I dropped the game too due to the lengthy daily routine... I adore the Langrisser series, but having to spend around an hour every day repeating the exact same things just for the daily quest was too much for me. Pretty much all your power increase comes from the daily quest, so if you don't do those, you don't progress. I found myself so tired of doing those quests that by the time I finished them, I didn't feel like doing any new stages anymore. So sick of waiting for auto stuff that it burned me off even doing what I enjoyed.The ratio of fun vs tedious repetitive content was wayyy off, and I honestly feel happier having dropped the game. I still had 12000 crystals and 50 unused summoning tickets, but I figured that there's absolutely no new hero or thing added that could be added to the game that would make the real time investment worth it. It's a real shame too: the presentation and graphics are spot-on, gameplay is pretty decent and I loved seeing the games I enjoyed so much being translated into this mobile form, and the nice anecdotes from the Gates of Fate. The mobile game doing great would increase the chance of getting new Langrisser console games (and getting them localized this time around), but... In its current form I just don't want to waste more time doing tedious stuff. Regarding other mobile games, I'm not starting any other gacha games personally, no matter how appealing they may look. I still play Fire Emblem Heroes because I enjoy it and the "forced time requirement" is much lower, but besides that if I have to play on mobile I'm playing buy-to-own games. There's some decent stuff on there like Empire of Angels 4 (only purchase is full time unlock), Templar Battleforce, etc. So nice to play on mobile without feeling like you have to play, or have pop-ups constantly appearing with "buy these packages for only 99$!" Good luck with your project! Anything you can share or is it too early?
  14. I really like Sophie; she's one of the very few "clumsy" character I actually enjoy. She's the one single character that I always have on my team, no matter the path I'm following. She's earnest and got a good heart, her clumsiness is (mostly) believable, she has some entertaining supports, her personal skill is very silly but fun and I love her general design. I did think her supports were sometime a bit too Avel-focused, but not too bad on the whole. She's my favorite of the Fates children, but from CYL3 she's unfortunately ranked last of the Fates women... Pretty unfortunate, but I'm used to it at this point; the majority of characters I really like don't score well on popularity pools (bar the rare exception). Alas... From a gameplay perspective, she never been spectacular for me though. While she always carried her weight and never dragged my team down by her inclusion, she's never been a top tier unit for me. Power-wise, she's always one of my weaker character by endgame, no matter what mother she had (which includes great mothers like Corrin and Camilla), or if I recruited her incredibly early or very late. Still good enough to use every single run (like her too much not to), but never an important part of any of them.
  15. Well, I have to say we have completely opposite opinions! I agree that Robin doesn't really work as an avatar, but I felt that as a main character she was great. I thought she was funny, entertaining and not overwhelmingly praised for no reason. I don't agree with the "stealing the spotlight" aspect: it's a story that features Chrom, Robin and Lucina as the main characters. Chrom has more focus early and Robin more later, but I don't view that as a problem at all. Actually, I feel the Fire Emblem stories are too "lord-focused" in general. The games are all about cooperation and an army of various characters working together to their goal. I personally welcome every opportunity characters other than the main lord(s) get to shine; having more characters "stealing the spotlight" away from the main lord is a positive thing as far as I'm concerned. I feel decisions are important when you have a silent protagonist because if you don't have those, the protagonist is basically a non-entity. If I have to play as an emotionless statue, I want them to at least do stuff and be part of the world. If it's a choice-less story with a voiced character, then I still get to view their personalities and their actions. If I'm playing a choice-less story with a silent protagonist that just stares while the other people interact, then I'm not sure what's that character's role. They do nothing, yet are present in (nearly) all the scenes in the game.
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