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  1. It's a good SMT spinoff with FE characters; in other words, it's more an SMT game mechanically than FE game. I personally loved it, and am eagerly anticipating a sequel.
  2. Caineghis, Naesala, Selkie, Velouria If their art is good, RIP my wallet [even more].
  3. +spd on Hector has a slight #'s advantage in that the difference between spd neutral and spd+ is 4 stats instead of 3 (whereas atk neutral vs. atk+ is 3 stats). If you're planning on taking advantage of Armads (thus forgoing the standard wary fighter build for armored units), the spd+ stat can be very useful in protecting against certain mages, e.g. Lilina, Julia, etc. who have mediocre ~30 speed by giving Hector 28 and preventing him from being 1 shot by these mages. However, it doesn't provide any benefit against other threats against Hector, e.g. red melee units [most of which have >35 spd] and fast mages a la Tharja/Nino, and in these cases +atk would be strictly better. Either way, Hector is a strong unit, just the situations in which he excels changes slightly depending on whether or not you have +spd.
  4. #3 is probably what I want the most. It'd be nice to be able to play PvP, esp. against friends. Also, it'd be cool to have weekly challenge maps w/ enforced parties and set solutions, like chess puzzles; I don't even need a reward for these, as long as they're interesting.
  5. Nino was probably the best green mage prior to inheritance, but can now can potentially (w/ either lots of merging or training tower grind) become the best mage hands down, given her impressive atk/spd (only 1 less base atk than Linde but significantly higher [though still low] def) and inherent *blade tome which grants her +atk PER STAT GAIN (= a soft cap of +16 attack just based on bonus stats); combine this w/ a decent inherited special (e.g. Luna, Glimmer, Galeforce, etc.), Fury 3, any solid B skill (e.g. desperation, vantage, *breaker) and she'll be nigh unstoppable w/ the appropriate support unit (e.g. Eirika, or Ephraim w/ inherited hone spd 3). Along the same lines, consider what Olwen (which vanilla is decent but by no means top tier) could do w/ a *blade tome, given that she can receive up to 24 bonus stats from cavalry-specific buffs.... On another note, many "useless" red type units can be made useful if you have an extra Karel for some reason, since Wo Dao+ can be inherited (and is likely the best inheritable weapon). The only reason I personally might consider giving up a unit as innately powerful as Karel is to round out specialty squads, e.g. pegasus knight/cavalry, w/ especially powerful red units (e.g. consider what Caeda could do w/ a Wo Dao+ and an inherited moonbow/reprisal, and the +10/10/4/4 stats granted her by pegasus-specific buffs).
  6. Whales should be allowed to cheat without getting banned after spending X amount of money so they don't fall into debt cuz of gacha and wind up on the street; this can come later when they inevitably lose all their money in Vegas on the poker table Kappa In all seriousness, I agree w/ the view that cheaters deserve to be banned in multiplayer game if it affects the gameplay experience of legit players. In FE Heroes, this means using hacked/maxed heroes to obtain a rank in arena they wouldn't have obtained otherwise, or otherwise reap rewards they could not earn if they did not implement a cheat. If a player cheats their entire party into 5* w/ perfect skills, I don't personally give a sh!t as long as they keep out of the arena and other events (e.g. I really don't care if they use cheated units in the Training Stratum); ofc, Nintendo might care if they use hacked units to achieve quest rewards they wouldn't otherwise. However, these issues are all so difficult to judge considering how many cheaters there are that Nintendo understandably might as well ban cheaters indiscriminately, even if they somehow have done nothing wrong.
  7. On defense, probably Astra, since AI Lyn will attack any unit in range, even if it's blue [and get herself killed, unless Astra can save her] On offense, I prefer Galeforce, since good placement means you can kill 2 units in one turn w/ her, and there aren't too many units which you would want to engage w/ Lyn that you can't kill w/ her normally/without Astra. This could mean the difference between winning w/o losing a unit and waiting for the enemy turn and losing someone.
  8. OMG FAE IS SO CUTE. SO. DAMN. CUTE. I like everything about her in Heroes, from her art to her VA *o*
  9. Up to you. None of the focus heroes right now scream "OP" to me, so it'll probably take a good amount of luck to roll the really good units which you described, e.g. Hector/Ryoma, or someone like Takumi or Lucina. It's really about how much effort you want to put into this; I have friends who kept rerolling until they got 2 5*, including one OP one, at once =O
  10. ...good thing I have a Julia lol.
  11. hopefully you have olivia w/ dance (maybe obtained from the hero battle and lvl'd up w/ crystals?); you can use her to get more kills w/ the unit you want to train.
  12. Ephraim's honestly not that good so ur not missing out on much; he's alright in the current meta due to the # of +10 reds, but his speed's too low for him to be top tier. [Eirika's pretty good support, especially if u have a spellcaster w/ a +dmg per buff tome tho =O]
  13. a lot LOL. luckily (?) i literally rolled nothing but Ephraims 11+ times in a row, and had 1 where i got 2 of them at once.... >_>
  14. Score 4630 is currently rank 409. Team: Robin+5, Ephraim+10, Ryoma+0, Julia+2 Would have a higher score but I accidentally used my weaker team w/o Ephraim in one of the fights for the arena after farming badges xD Would include Hector in the team for higher stats --> higher score, but including Hector means I have a much higher chance of facing those pure +10 teams, and he's much less well-equipped to deal w/ those than Julia, who is much more well-rounded (I have yet to lose a unit w/ this team). I would have to sub out +10 Ephraim for another +10 unit, preferably a mage... but I don't have any others, and Robin is my next highest limit broken unit =P
  15. Between my Julia and Ryoma, it'll be close for Hector. Luckily my Robin has some utility in mitigating some of the damage for Ryoma, and if he brings Hector to <20 hp, Julia can finish him off and heal Ryoma for a bit. 4 Takumi's is easy since I have Robin and Ryoma. Robin w/ spd boost from Ryoma takes ~10 dmg from 1 Takumi hit, and can kill it the next turn. Similarly, if more than 1 Takumi gets in range (hopefully 1 is already dead at this point), both Robin and Ryoma can tank ~4 and 3 hits, respectively, and it's pretty difficult to be in a situation where all 3 Takumis can get in range to do that. Azura on my team means any Takumi who attacks either of them will die (if it's <3 Takumis at that point); if not, Julia can also deal a finishing blow.
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