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  1. I tried my hand at these cards today, here's a full spread: Marth, Scion of Bravery Quote: "It matters not who stands against us…Altea shall be reclaimed." Skill 1: "Mystical Jewel" / α / [Tap this card] Choose 1 of your Orbs and look at it. Support Skill: "Emblem of Destiny" / ATK / If the attacking unit has a Sword of Light Insignia, then draw 1 card. Afterwards, choose 1 card from your hand and put it on top of your deck. Lucina, Fortuna Swordsman Quote: "Truly, youth is a powerful ally…" Skill 1: "Name of the Hero King" / § / Treat this card as also having the unit name "Marth". Skill 2: "Premonitions" / & / [Once per turn][Flip 2 Bonds] After an ally unit class changes, if you pay the cost then search your deck for a "Lucina" card of deployment cost 3 or greater, show it to the opponent, and add it to your hand. Shuffle your deck afterwards. Support Skill: "Emblem of Destiny" / ATK / If the attacking unit has a Mark of Naga Insignia, then draw 1 card. Afterwards, choose 1 card from your hand and put it on top of your deck.
  2. Here's my translation attempt for today: Tsubasa Oribe, Pegasus Idol Quote: "You don't stand alone, believe in yourself!" Skill 1: "Lovey-Dovey Trance♪" / ∞ / If this unit was moved this turn, an increased attack power buff of +10 activates for ally units deployed in the same area as this unit. Skill 2: "Follow your dreams!" / α / [Once per turn] Move this unit. This skill cannot be used if this unit is tapped.
  3. Translation for today's card: Itsuki Aoi, Lord Incarnate Quote: "We…will forge our own path!" Skill 1: "Heaven's Quake" / & / [Once per turn] After an ally class changes, choose 2 enemy rear guard units and move them. Skill 2: "Talented Summoner" / α / [Once per turn] Choose 1 ally with a CF skill. That unit's attack power is increased by 40 until the end of the turn.
  4. Translations for today's cards: Tsubasa Oribe, High School Visionary Quote: "I-I am Tsubasa Oribe, age 17!" Skill 1: "Aerial Dance" / α / [Discard 1 "Caeda" from your hand] Choose as many ally units as you like and move them. Support Skill: "Emblem of Flight" / ATK / You may choose 1 ally unit that is not the attacking unit and move it. Caeda, Illusory Pegasus Knight Quote: "My name is Caeda. You must be…Tsubasa?" Skill 1: CF "Carnage Form" / ∞ / While this unit is deployed in the same area as "Tsubasa Oribe" this unit cannot be defeated in battle. Skill 2: "Harmonious Wings" / α / [Tap this unit] Choose an ally unit and move it. If you move "Tsubasa Oribe" with this skill, you may move this unit as well. Support Skill: "Emblem of Mirages" / ATK / At the end of this attack you may place this card on the battlefield in the same area as an ally "Tsubasa Oribe" instead of in your Triage.
  5. Translations for today's cards: Chrom, Neophyte Phantom Prince Quote: "To arms! I have your back, Itsuki!" Skill 1: CF "Carnage Form" / ∞ / While this unit is deployed in the same area as "Itsuki Aoi" this unit cannot be defeated in battle. Skill 2: "Synchrom" / α / [Tap this unit] The attack power of an ally "Itsuki Aoi" is increased by 10 until the end of the turn. Support Skill: "Emblem of Mirages" / ATK♥ / At the end of this attack you may place this card on the battlefield in the same area as an ally "Itsuki Aoi" instead of in your Triage. Itsuki Aoi, Charismatic Student Quote: "Chrom, lend me your strength!" Skill 1: "Nihil Swath" / α / [Discard 1 "Chrom" from your hand] Choose 1 enemy unit and move it. Support Skill: "Emblem of Heroism" / ATK♥ / If your attacking unit has a Sharp Insignia, then until the end of this attack the orbs that it destroys as a result of battle is now 2. (PS: I'm sorry for my long absence, but I hope to rejoin the community to have fun and be of some use again!)
  6. I could probably fill in all the rest of the missing cards with the translations from my personal project if you all are alright with my translation work. I finished up the whole set a few days ago, but I haven't wanted to step in on anyone else's work.
  7. Thanks so much for doing this! I'm glad Cipher is making it's way into other languages. Good job on all the hard work, Yaen!
  8. I just wanted to point out that the Gaius and Julian "Thief" cards both have 盗賊 as their class, while Zero's card has シーフ. Both mean "Thief", but the Cipher developers made a distinction for a reason. Personally, I'll be using Outlaw in my translations of his cards. I think if the Cipher developers wanted Zero to be treated as a thief class, they would have used 盗賊 on his card too. Besides, there might be a time later when class distinctions are important for certain skills.
  9. Fixed it in the wiki and all my other translation material. That was just a problem of the first Wrys being an old translation and the Promo Wrys being my later, better, translation. Thanks for the catch!
  10. I'm going off of the way they are translated in my google doc compendium, it is correct. Cost 4/3 Minerva is "Princess Minerva" and Cost 1 Minerva is "Princess of Macedon". The Corrin promos have the exact same titles as Marth and Chrom, and I haven't played through FE:if yet to know if the "Crown-Prince/ss" part fits according to the story.
  11. My friend and I have been trying some more unorthodox deck builds. The most notable MCs have been Ogma, Robin, and Lena. Ogma works great in the early game since the cost 1 card gets an attack buff for both turns as long as you have two low cost units in play alongside him. Lena was a bit harder to get to work, but I paired that deck with a Draug as the main secondary unit for defense and a Camus for offense with plenty of Tiki cards for extra bond placement when Tiki appears in the Support Area. Robin works well especially if you get her moved to the back lines where she can pick people off without too much harm.
  12. Since this topic isn't inspiring much discussion and is a bit of a one sided conversation, all future updates will just be on the Cipher English twitter account that I run. Check there for updates as they happen!
  13. I finished up my translation of the Robin♂ card just now. I'll add in the parts that are missing and update the wording of his skill, if that's ok. Enigmatic Tactician, Robin♂ – Rarity: Promotional / Series 1 Promo Card #? Cost: 2 / Promotion Cost: N/A Insignia: Awakening Affinities: Male / Sword Quote: “Let’s tip the scales!” Skill 1: “Guerrilla Warfare” / & / [Flip 2 Bonds] After deploying this unit, if you have less orbs than your opponent and you pay the cost, add the top card of your deck to your Orb Area. Skill 2: N/A Support Skill: N/A Attack Power: 50 Support Attack Power: 20 Range: 1 Rank: Unromoted Class: Tactician Title: Enigmatic Tactician Card ID: P01-?PR Illustrator:
  14. My apologies, that's a mistake on my part. The skill "Armor Expertise" should read "Except against tome-wielders, when this unit is attacked, its’ attack is increased by 20." This applies for both Draug and Kellam. Thank you for the catch on that.
  15. The cards found in both booster and starter decks don't have S01 in front of their starter deck varient ID. For that list I gave, the only difference in documentation is that the ID drops the rarity code and adds 'ST'. For example "B01-003HN Marth" becomes "B01-003ST Marth". It's weird I know, but that's how the card IDs are on the cards themselves. For the Promo and + cards, its looking like we will have to scan those in ourselves if we want HQ images. I haven't come across a site that has those up yet, and honestly I think we got pretty lucky that all the others got posted online.
  16. Based on wording alone, no these effects should not stack. The skills all state that "the orbs destroyed as a result of battle becomes 2." This is correct, Aegis does not allow enemy vanguard units to initiate any attacks no matter who the target is. Thanks for the catch on this, the compendium documents have been updated. Regarding bonds, you are right. It has been confirmed that any skill that generally mentions "Bonds" refers to both flipped and unflipped bonds counted as a total whole. Based on wording alone, the skill specifically mentions "ally" units which would mean all units except Cherche herself. Cherche cannot be an ally to herself.
  17. FutureKnightX, I saw that you had posted this in the general thread and thought it would be better served posting an answer to it here in this thread. The booster cards that are also found within Starter Decks are: B01-003HN Crown Prince of Altea, Marth B01-006HN Princess of Talys, Caeda B01-007R Infamous Knight “Raging Bull”, Cain B01-008N Scarlet Knight, Cain B01-009R Infamous Knight "Prowling Panther", Abel B01-010N Verdant Knight, Abel B01-012N Protective Knight, Draug B01-013HN Archanean League Bowman, Gordin B01-014N Altean Archer, Gordin B01-018HN Talysian Mercenary, Ogma B01-019N Talysian Fighter, Bord B01-020N Talysian Axe-wielder, Cord B01-021HN Courageous Talys Mercenary, Barst B01-024HN Crimson Myrmidon, Navarre B01-026N Ascetic Saint, Lena B01-028R Sage of Gales, Merric B01-029N Mage of Winds, Merric B01-036N Daughter of Pontifex Miloah, Linde B01-053HN Crown-Prince of Ylisse, Chrom B01-055N Sacred Descendent, Lucina B01-057R Exalted Strategist, Robin ♀ B01-058N Amnesia-stricken Tactician, Robin♀ B01-059R Princess of Ylisse, Lissa B01-060N Sprightly Cleric, Lissa B01-061N Warm-hearted Guard Captain, Frederick B01-062HN Duke of Rosanne, Virion B01-063N Aristocratic Archer, Virion B01-064HN Red-eyed Bull, Sully B01-065N Brazen Scarlet Knight, Sully B01-066HN Blue-eyed Panther, Stahl B01-067N Good-natured Azure Knight, Stahl B01-069N Maiden of Flower Fortunes, Sumia B01-070R Stoic Swordsman, Lon’qu B01-071N Gynophobic Swordsman, Lon’qu B01-072N Sharp-Tongued Noblewoman, Maribelle B01-076N Young Prodigy, Cordelia
  18. Yes, Nanaka is 100% correct. This was a mistake on my part, and I think Nanaka helped me realize that a few pages back, I apparently forgot to update it in the final Cipher translation compendium. The skill's description makes clear in Japanese that it is not a choice. Thanks again Nanaka, I've gone in and fixed it on the translation documents.
  19. One of the latest tweets actually contain some interesting new information. After introducing the Marth leader-unit card, Kawade talked about why the Series 1 set is entitled "War-blade of Legends". https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/616561472097812480 "[Kawade] The name "War-blade of Legends" for the first Series came from watching the Cipher staff play-testing the game. With cards lined up facing each other, blades brandished, the image of swords clashing in battle is what came to our minds. #FEcipher" https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/616488797635653632 "On the flipside of Marth with the "Blade of Light" Insignia, here is Chrom with the "Mark of Naga" Insignia whose power stems from his Brand and his allies' strength."
  20. Thanks so much for taking up the mantle for Cipher's wiki building. Awesome job so far!

  21. Thanks so much to everybody getting the wiki up and running so quick! Apologies I haven't been available to help with wiki construction due to work obligations, but I'm glad that the translations are getting a good home. I'm still on a business trip, but if there is anything that needs to be done when I get back, I'll do what I can to help.
  22. Newest tweet officially shows off the Starter Deck "Crown-prince of Altea, Marth" card https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/616223379629051904 "[Card Introduction] Cipher's release doesn't mean we need to stop showing cards. The starter deck Marth card makes for a great lead unit, so try using him. (Illustrator: Yusuke Kozaki) #FEcipher"
  23. Newest tweet officially shows off the Tiki Promo card. https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/615836664418582529 "This promo card depicts Tiki after awakening from her deep slumber. Clearly she is surprised about her new endowments. (Illustrator: Mayo) #FEcipher" Meant to say this with the update last night, but thanks for this audiotronica! I'll have to get to checking this out when I get off this business trip.
  24. Yes to both of these, I appreciate you guys taking interest in further spreading this to other communities! Sorry I'm just now getting back to yall. I'm on a business trip and have been really busy lately.
  25. Been a bit busy so I apologize for the wait, but these are the most recent tweet updates. Kawade recounts his experience observing the Cipher test events and they showed off the Bento-Box o' Chocolates Tharja promo card. https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/614600873914728449 "[Kawade] When listening to participants at the Cipher demo events, I've heard quite a few people express that Cipher is not only a lot of fun to play, but it also has allowed for deep conversations about FE that were previously not possible. It seems like Cipher events and tournaments have already been successful for fellow FE fans to interact with one another! #FEcipher" https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/615512255505928193 "[Card Introduction] This card is also a tournament promo-pack card. This illustration is meant to capture the scene in which Tharja makes a Bento box in an effort to seem like "a normal woman" all in order to win the affections of Robin. (Illustrator: Toshiyuki Kusakihara) #FEcipher"
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