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  1. Just got done with the card translations included in today's scans and wanted to bring them over here to help finish out a full translation of the new info for the thread.
  2. Got another translation booster pack for yall. This pack includes the Marth and Lucina Promo cards announced on the Twitter (all that's new for these two cards is their quote) and the three new cards shown off in the Famitsu scans. Also included is the Cordelia Dark Flier card from the most recent Famitsu scan in case you missed it. [spoiler=Crown Prince of Altea, Marth Promo] Rarity: Promotional / Series 1 Promo Card #003 Cost: 1 / Promotion Cost: N/A Insignia: Shadow Dragon Affinities: Male / Sword Quote: "I will not stop until peace has been returned to Altea!" Skill 1: "Young Hero" / α / [Tap this unit, Tap 1 ally unit] Choose one enemy unit and move it. This skill can't be used if Marth isn't on the Front Line. Skill 2: N/A Support Skill: "Hero's Emblem" / Attack ♥ / If the attacking unit has the Shadow Dragon Insignia then until the end of your attack phase the amount of orbs it destroys is now 2. Attack Power: 40 Support Attack Power: 20 Range: 1 Unpromoted Class: Lord Title: Crown Prince of Altea Card ID: P01-003PR Illustrator: Daisuke Izuka [spoiler='Swordsman Known as Marth, Lucina Promo'] Rarity: Promotional / Series 1 Promo Card #004 Cost: 1 / Promotion Cost: N/A Insignia: Awakening Affinities: Female / Sword Quote: “To change fate, that is why I have come back” Skill 1: "Name of the Hero King" / § / Treat this card as if the name is Marth. Skill 2: "Parallel Falchion" / ∞ / When this unit attacks a dragon affinity card, this unit's attack increases by 20 points. Support Skill: "Hero's Emblem" / Attack ♥ / If the attacking unit has the Awakening Insignia, then until the end of this attack phase the orbs it will destroy is now 2. Attack Power: 40 Support Attack Power: 20 Range: 1 Unpromoted Class: Lord Title: Swordsman Known as Marth. Card ID: P01-004PR Illustrator: toi8 [spoiler='Shapeshifter, Xane'] Rarity: Uncommon / Series 1 Booster Card #045 Cost: 3 / Promotion Cost: N/A Insignia: Shadow Dragon Affinities: Male / Sword Quote: “I have a talent for transforming into other people, and I can be a bit…mischievous at times. Skill 1: “Imitate” / α / [Flip 2 Bonds] Choose one ally. Until the end of this turn this card becomes a copy of that ally except in name and attack power. Skill 2: N/A Support Skill: N/A Attack Power: 30 Support Attack Power: 10 Range: 1 Non-promoted Class: Freelancer Title: Shapeshifter Card ID: B01-045HN Illustrator: MOMORI [spoiler='Princess of Altea, Elice'] Rarity: Common / Series 1 Booster Card #048 Cost: 2 Insignia: Shadow Dragon Affinities: Female / Staff Quote: “Marth…you’ve grown so much. Skill 1: “Aum Staff” / α / [Tap this unit, Flip 1 Bond] Choose one Shadow Dragon Insignia unit with placement cost 2 or less from your discard pile and place it on your battlefield. From now until the end of the match, no other allied units may use the “Aum Staff” skill. Skill 2: “Elice’s Wish” / ∞ / The attack of allied “Marth” and “Merric” units is increased by 10. Support Skill: N/A Attack Power: 40 Support Attack Power: 20 Range: -- Unpromoted Class: Cleric Title: Princess of Altea Card ID: B01-048N Illustrator: HMK84 [spoiler='Gynophobic Swordsman, Lon qu'] Rarity: Common / Series 1 Booster Card #071 Cost: 1 Insignia: Awakening Affinities: Male / Sword Quote: “He gives orders. I stab people. Our roles are clear.” Skill 1: “Gynophobia” / ∞ / This unit cannot successfully have Support with a female affinity card. Skill 2: N/A Support Skill: “Fighter’s Emblem” / Attack ♥ / Until the end of the attack phase, your attacking unit’s attack is increased by 20. Attack Power: 50 Support Attack Power: 10 Range: 1 Unpromoted Class: Myrmidon Title: Gynophobic Swordsman Card ID: B01-071N Illustrator: Clover K [spoiler=Pegasus Knight Paragon, Cordelia] Rarity: Super Rare / Series 1 Booster Card #075 Cost: 3 / Promotion Cost: 2 Insignia: Awakening Affinities: Female / Lance / Flying / Mounted Quote: “If you're a friend, speak now. If not, then stay out of Chrom's way.” Skill 1: “Galeforce” / & / [Once per turn] After this unit defeats an enemy with an attack, return this unit to the pre-action state. Skill 2: CCS “Handmade Javelins” / α / [Flip 1 Bond] Until the end of this turn, all allied Flying affinity unit’s attacks are considered lance attacks with a range of 1-2. (CCS: If this unit was placed without the promotion unit cost, this skill is inactive) Support Skill: N/A Attack Power: 50 Support Attack Power: 30 Range: 1 Promoted Class: Dark Flier Title: Pegasus Knight Paragon Card ID: B01-075SR Illustrator: YangYang
  3. Yep, that Bento Box of Chocolates Tharja is an exclusive promo card and it's another scenario of a Promo card being simply an alternative illustration to a more readily available card. We've been discussing that in the Cipher discussion thread. This Tharja promo card was shown on the official site last big update that they did among others. It and the other 6 on that page are exclusive cards that can only be gotten by going to the events being held in June at participating locations.
  4. So, while sifting through the Cipher Official site I found that they updated the products page with complete lists of what cards actually come in the two Starter Decks. I don't think this was posted yet, but on top of which cards are coming in each deck, this also tells us that: 1) Each starter deck comes with 6 holographic cards (those marked with blue circles) 2) Some units that have doubles are those that have a holographic version and a non-holographic version (like what was mentioned in the Miriel card introduction tweet) 3) Each starter deck contains 5 cards that are not found outside of the starter deck (those marked with red stars) 4) There will be a card for Nah! While listing various cards to expect in the Booster set, they list Nah, which is the only unit mentioned that I have not seen a card of before. Ah, thank you for clarifying that! I was wondering what that particular phrase meant.
  5. Marth's first skill requires Marth himself to be tapped, not the ally. The whole restriction part reads: [Tap this card, only usable after one ally has moved Tap one ally unit] It's interesting, both these and all previous Promo cards (except for the Promo Chrom card) so far are just "alternate costumes" if you will of more widely available unit cards. Compare the two Lucina's below, even the Unit Title is the same. The only different part is the quote. Same for the Marth.
  6. Thanks Hardin! The full translated tweets don't have too much more to add outside of the Marth card being a holographic card and that the Lucina card is also available in the normal retail version of either Fire Emblem if game. https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/608447992094404611 "[Kawade] For a limited time when you buy a physical copy of either version of Fire Emblem If an exclusive toi8 illustrated Lucina card will be included!" https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/608448289428647936 "[Kawade] toi8 is hard at work as the Main Character Designer for the collaborative #FE game. #FE is set to release sometime Winter of this year!" https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/608448466344390656 "[Kawade] For those who buy the Fire Emblem if Special Edition, on top of the Lucina card you will also receive this holographic Marth card as portrayed by Daisuke Izuka!" https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/608448556991676417 "[Kawade] Daisuke Izuka worked as a character designer on Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem. We thought it would be appropriate for the "Special Edition" Marth to be a really cool looking card, so we got him to lend his expertise!"
  7. Yeah, I feel like the Shadow Dragon units definitely have a greater sense of camaraderie to them than the Awakening cards, which to me gives them a more Fire Emblem feel. The series puts focus on the tightly knit bonds that necessarily develop from a sort of rag-tag band of troups fighting for a cause. The awakening cards so far feel very scattered for the most part, which is weird to me. It'll be interesting to see which side gets more usage in play. Those combo attacks sounds really intense, but it might be offset by how difficult it might be to get all necessary units in play at the same time. There were lots of cards shown at the livestream initial announcement event to the press, but we haven't gotten really good pictures of them yet, nor have they been more officially announced to the public. There are two Robin cards (Tactitian and Grand Master) that I know of so far, no Morgan cards as of yet. I have seen cards for Awakening: Pegasus Knight Sumia, Sniper Virion, Sully (Cavalier and Paladin), Stahl (Cavalier and Paladin), Myrmidon Owain, Mage Ricken, Lon'qu (Myrmidon and Swordmaster), War Cleric Lissa, Knight Kellam, Mercenary Inigo, Great Knight Frederick, Wyvern Rider Cherche Shadow Dragon: Ogma (Mercenary and Hero), Navarre (Myrmidon and Swordmaster[Different from other Navarre card]), Merric (Mage and Sage), Paladin Jagen, Sniper Gordin, Knight Draug, Cain (Cavalier and Paladin), Caeda (Pegasus Knight[Different from other Caeda card] and Dracoknight), Cavalier Abel If you want the pictures of those other units, check the "Unclassified" section of the Cipher Companion Guide thing in my sig or at this link Also, I finished work on the new Tharja card from today's twitter post. Her skills are all about manipulating both yours and the your opponent's hands. Tharja (Practitioner of the Dark Arts) – Rarity: Uncommon / Series 1 Booster Card #082 Cost: 1 Symbol: Awakening Affinities: Female / Tome Quote: “...You would trust me? ...You’ve never met me...” Skill 1: “Hex” / ∞ / If you have more cards in your hand than your opponent, then during your turn this unit’s attack is increased by 20. Skill 2: N/A Support Skill: “Dark Mage Emblem” / Attack ♥ / If your opponent has 5 or more cards in their hand, then your opponent must choose one card from their hand and discard it. Attack Power: 30 Support Attack Power: 20 Range: 1-2 Unpromoted Class: Dark Mage Title: Practitioner of the Dark Arts Card ID: B01-082HN Illustrator: Terumii
  8. The Tharja card from today's tweet is completely new to me. The previous Tharja card we had seen only had the Flux skill and no support skill, where as this has a Skill called "Curse" or "Hex" alongside a new Support skill of some sort. It is interesting to note that this Tharja card does line up with the Promo Tharja card from the site, just like the previous Minerva Peg Knight card and her promo counterpart. https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/608190130226995201 "[Card Introduction] This is Tharja, wielder of Dark Magic. Her magic lets her attack with either a range of 1 or 2, and she also Support skill that makes the opponent throw away cards from their hand. (Illustrator: Terumii) #FEcipher"
  9. Today's twitter update brought us a triple threat of new cards! I really like the flavor of these cards in their entirety. Bord and Cord are identical in all skills and both their quotes reference the fact that they hate being confused for the other. Barst also has a Formation Skill involving all of them gathered together for an ultimate attack. Talysian Axe-wielder, Bord Talysian Axe-wielder, Cord Courageous Talys Mercenary, Barst Awesome, great to have more people joining in! Try and score some promo cards for yourself at the Cipher trials.
  10. It seems that Kawade was being a bit coy yesterday hinting at today's massive Card Introduction tweet. It's been since the livestream back in April since I've seen these cards pop up! I'll be working on their translations today, but for the time being the skill that he references in the tweet is that of Barst's first skill only. It's a Formation Skill much like the Pegasus Sister cards, but this time not only is the Barst's attack increased by 50, but also when this skill activates the orbs he destroys while attacking is doubled to 2. https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/607821517825572864 "[Card Introduction] The Barst, Bord, and Cord cards have background art that ties their 3 cards together. Individually they all have great strength in battle, but when all three of them attack together it's truly devastating! (Illustrator: HACCAN) #FEcipher"
  11. It's interesting, this tweet isn't officially a "Card Intro" for Wrys, but instead has Kawade going into the artist who worked on his card and others (to some degree). https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/607743826631852032 "[Kawade] When we asked who would like to illustrate characters like Wrys, Barst, Bord, and Cord from the very first Fire Emblem game, many illustrators said they would love to do it. In the end, I think we found an illustrator that did them justice...and their work seems to be quite popular. ^^ #FEcipher"
  12. Actually, the way the card reads means that Marth does not get the +30 bonus from "Victory Nears" as it specifically states "ally units" which would be all your units excluding that Marth card specifically. So, the highest attack power Marth can reach under his own power is 90, but it is true that with a good support card he could reach 120 with a support attack power bonus. I unfortunately don't know the answer to either of those questions yet. I've skimmed through the new site update a couple times and I'm still slowly working on a complete translation of it, and I don't know if I've missed it or something, but I haven't seen anything specific on the battlefield unit limit nor re-flipping bonds.
  13. Thanks to you guys for all the hard work getting it back up and running after the whole bot debacle. I would like to help out and I'm definitely up for being a volunteer editor for the Cipher/TCG wiki!
  14. Whoops, thanks much for the catch. I must have been looking at that card too long. I'll fix that in the post and compendium.
  15. Another card down! Julian's translation is done. As the twitter post hinted, this card's skills are pretty technical, being all about controlling what unit's the opponent draws as well as allowing yourself to draw more cards. He's also pretty strong for a 2 cost character that has no real negatives. Athena is the only 2 cost unit so far with higher attack at 60, but she can't be played unless there are 5 or more cards in your discard pile. Sure one of his skills gives the opponent more bonds if you decide to use it, but if you use that skill right you could really cripple the opponent's strategy. One of the more interesting cards so far from a game mechanics standpoint. Also I'd be down for trying Skype matches here or there when I've got the time, if those become a thing. Julian (Thief of the Altean Army) Rarity: Uncommon / Series 1 Booster Card #027 Cost: 2 Symbol: Shadow Dragon Affinities: Male / Sword Quote: Huh? Im not a bad guyanymore. Now, Im a Paragon of Justice. Skill 1: Locktouch / α / [Tap this Card] Reveal the top card of your opponents deck. If that cards placement cost is 3 or higher and you flip one bond, you may then draw a card from your deck. Skill 2: Snatch / α / [Flip 1 Bond] Put the top card of your opponents deck into their retreat area. Support Skill: N/A Attack Power: 50 Support Attack Power: 10 Range: 1 Unpromoted Class: Thief Title: Thief of the Altean Army Card ID: B01-027HN Illustrator: Mio Itou This sounds pretty interesting. Could be a pretty promising alternative if the game never comes out over here. I know something like that can be a pretty large endeavor, so I hope yall the best on working on it!
  16. Here's the translation for today's Julian "card intro" tweet: https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/606736858790305792 "[Card Introduction] As you may remember, Julian left his band of thieves behind in order to rescue the cleric Lena. In Cipher he has a technical skill that he is able to use that lets you look at the top card of the opponent's deck and then depending on what that card is you'll be able to draw a card from your own deck! (Illustrator: Mio Itou) #FEcipher The Japanese text makes direct reference to the skill cost explanation area when talking about placement cost, so I am pretty sure that's the connection they wanted people to make. What's weird about this new "How to Play" section of the site is just how little information that they are giving for certain parts of the game mechanics. For example, I had to add in the information that seemed pretty integral to the Range section of the card basics section. I'm not sure why for a "how to play" section for a new TCG they don't assume that people don't know...ahem...how to play. It's weird, and maybe it's just something I'm missing in translation, but honestly I don't think that's the case. Hmm, you could be right about this, I didn't think about the possibility of multiple copies of the same card in the deck when considering the Japanese text. It's been so long since I've actually bought and played a TCG, hahah. The main Lord and Great Lord/Lodestar cards in the Starter Decks would have to be holographic I would think. It would be cool if a few of the other units that get multiple copies of the same card in the starter deck have a holographic version included. Thanks to you guys for reading this stuff, it's good to know you all appreciate it!
  17. The whole section that I was able to translate today is below, but a lot of it is repeat information that we already know. Some points of interest are: -The confirmation of affinities that we haven't seen before in the form of new weapon types: Concealed Weapons (presumably coinciding with units using that weapon type from Fire Emblem If) and Fangs (presumably for future shapeshifting/laguz type units). -The true Card Name of a card is made up of the Title + Unit Name together. I was thinking this was the case, and this helps confirm that thought. -The Cost and Support sections below contain a pretty good amount of detailed information as to how Cipher works. Read through for the detailed information. Card Reading Basics Game play for Cipher consists of only "Unit" cards i.e. these character illustration cards. With a clearer understanding of the icons and numeric values that populate these cards you'll be better equipped to challenge any foe. 1) Placement Cost - What it costs in order to place this unit on the battlefield. *Cost is detailed below in the Skill Basics section 2) Class-change Cost - What it costs in order to class-change this unit. *Cost is detailed below in the Skill Basics section 3) Symbol - This unit's army allegiance. 4) Affinities (Gender, Weapon, Type) - The affinities that characterize this unit. Certain skills will refer to these in order to activate. >Genders: Male / Female >Weapons: Sword / Lance / Axe / Bow / Tome / Staff / Dragon Stone / Concealed Weapon / Fangs >Type: Armor / Flying / Mounted / Flying 5) Skills - Special abilities that this unit can use. 6) Support Skill - The special ability this unit can use when in the Support Area and certain conditions are met. Some cards don't have a support skill. 7) Attack Power - The numeric value that functions as both attack and defense when comparing values with the opponent during the attack phase. 8) Title - The unit's unique nickname. 9) Unit Name - The character's given name. The Title + Unit name together make up the complete Card Name. 10) Range - A unit can have either 1, 2 or 1-2 range. There are also cards that have no range at all. *(Not mentioned at all is how Range affects gameplay. Of course, the numeric value of a unit's range determines how close or far away on the battlefield it has to be in order to attack a certain enemy unit.) 11) Class - The unit's role within the army. 12) Support Strength - Add this numeric value to the attacking unit's attack power when this unit is acting as the support unit. Understanding Skills Skills are a unit's unique abilities in battle. To get the most out of your unit's skills it is important to know which cards have what skills, under what circumstances a skill activates, and that there are two types of skills: Normal and Support. 1) Skill Name - The particular name given to a skill. There are 2 special types of Normal Skills: FS, or Formation Skills; and CCS, or Class-Change Skills. Formation skills cannot be used without the necessary allied units. These skills can only be used if none of the units required for the skill have taken an action in a particular turn. Class-change skills only activate after the unit has class-changed. 2) Activation Symbol - These symbols help to show when a skill can be used. There are 5 types of activation Symbols (*A closely related symbol is offered for localization purposes alongside the original Japanese symbol): >自 or & "Automatic Skill": Directly after the specified conditions have been met, these occur automatically. >常 or ∞ "Always Active Skill": As long as the unit is on the battlefield and the specified conditions are met, the effects of these skills remain active. >起 or α "Opening Skill": You must first declare your intent to use these skills at the outset of your Movement Phase in order to use them. >特 or § "Special Skill" These are skills that don't fit under the other four categories. These skills are active even outside of battle on cards in the hand or discard pile. >支 or ♥ "Support Skill" These activate when a support is successful. There are attack and defense types of support skills. 3) Restrictions - These are restrictions concerning skill activation. An example: "Once per Turn": If a skill has this restriction it cannot be used more than once in the same turn. 4) Cost - When certain skills are activated, they might have a cost that needs to be paid. If the costs mentioned in the brackets are met, you can then use these skills. >Tap (Action Icon): If this cost is necessary for a skill, the unit must be shifted to the side and take an action in order to use said skill before it takes any other actions. >Flip (Reverse Icon): If a skill requires this type of cost, then cards in the Bond Area equal to the amount shown must be flipped face down. For example, if there is a 3 beside the Flip Icon, then you must flip 3 Bond Area cards. 5) Effect - Once all conditions from 2-4 are met, the skill takes effect according to what is shown on the card. 6) Support Types - Support skills will activate according to whether units in the attack phase are on the attack or on defense. >Attack Support Skill: This type of skill activates if the unit in the support area has this skill type during your attack phase. >Defense Support Skill: This type of skill activates if the unit in the support area has this skill type during your defense phase. What to do in the event that 2 or more skills activate at the same time: If an attacking unit has, for example, an automatic skill and an always active skill that take effect at the same time, then you may choose to activate them in any order you see fit. If an attacking unit and defensive unit have skills that activate at the same time, then the attack unit's skills happen before the defensive unit's take effect.
  18. A subforum would be super rad, I was hoping that would happen! And definitely no worries, yall take your time with the wiki. I can imagine things are pretty busy what with those real life updates coupled with all the constant FE If updates, hahah. Thanks for all the hard work yall do on that, by the by. I hope Jyosua all the best with the new job!
  19. This is proving to be a larger endeavour than I first thought, hahah. I still want to translate the whole lot of all the new info on each page, but it'll take me awhile to get through all of it, so I think it'll be better to do it piecemeal for now. Thanks to everyone who posted info about it before, all help is definitely appreciated! Here's what I've got so far starting from the home page and moving on to the How to Play section, more to follow in tomorrow: Series 2 Cards -They have a release date of September 17th -They are centered around characters appearing in the new Fire Emblem if game -The two starter decks are Hoshido and Nohr themed -Once again each starter deck will have 50 cards -The MSRP for the starter decks is 1300 yen and 350 yen for booster packs -The Series 2 booster packs are known under the moniker "Heavenly Blaze of Light and Darkness" -Like last series the booster packs have 10 cards each Preparing for Battle (How to Play) Once opponents lay down "Playsheets" found within the Starter Deck packages, lined up face to face, the stage is set for battles in the world of Cipher. In addition to game progress, let's go over the proper placement of units and how to determine their roles in each area. Unit Deployment Hand - Made up of the cards drawn from your deck, you start out by having six cards in your hand. You will mainly be placing units from your hand. 1) Battlefield - The whole area including the Vanguard Area and Rear Guard Area is called the Battlefield. This is where you place units. 2) Orb Area - When the main character is defeated as a result of battle, the orb cards take their place and are destroyed instead. You start out with 5 orbs. 3) Bonds Area - The cards placed in this area become bonds and depending on the amount that you have you can attack, class change, and perform unit skills. 4) Support Area - Once in battle, the first card from the top of the deck becomes the support unit and is placed here. 5) Deck - Here you'll place the deck you are using facedown. 6) Retired Units (Discard Pile) - Place units defeated in battle and previous support units here face up. Playsheet PDF Download Playsheet ZIP Download
  20. The latest update covers the Lena card that was already shown in the latest Famitsu scans, the full translation of which can be found here https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/606294204348690432 "[Card Introduction] This is the cleric Lena from Shadow Dragon. One of her skills is "Heal" which let's her return units from the discard pile back to your hand. The other skill called "Stolen Heart" is reminiscent of a defining part of her life-story in the original game. (Illustrator: Fumi) #FEcipher"
  21. Translation work for the two new cards from the famitsu scans is done. I'm still working on compiling an update post of sorts for all of the new website information. The Gordin card is literally a carbon copy of the earlier Virion archer card...he's just there to be a Shadow Dragon counterpart I guess. Lena is also very much the same as Lissa and Maribelle from the Awakening deck, but Lena does get an extra skill to help give her some different flavor. What's neat is that her second skill confirms the existence of a Julian card, which is something I hadn't seen anywhere before now. Hopefully we'll get some details on that card in the future! Altean Archer, Gordin Ascetic Saint, Lena
  22. Translation work is done for the two new cards from the famitsu scans: Altean Archer, Gordin Ascetic Saint, Lena In case you missed it, here is the info the other two cards from the scan that have been shown earlier: Protector of Ylisse, Chrom Bewitching Shaman from Plegia, Tharja
  23. I'm hoping to get on to translating the new info from the site update later on today, but for now here is the translation of the new Promo Chrom card: Prince of Piercing Principles, Chrom
  24. Woah, so a good deal of information late last night. First off, the official site updated, so I'll get around to detailing that after these tweets. The second tweet dealt with release date information for the Series 2 Booster cards and Starter Decks, which will be September 17th in Japan. Then the last tweet is about a special Chrom card that can only be gotten at the Cipher demoing events in Japan. Translation note: The Series 2 Booster pack title is 光と闇の神焔, which I couldn't find much official information on before this tweet. I did my best below to translate it as something that sounds Fire Emblem-esque in "Heavenly Blaze of Light and Darkness". https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/606033118663839745 "The official site has updated! Information on how to play, the demo events, as well as officially licensed stores has been added in the update. #FEcipher fecipher.jp" https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/606033478463844352 "We have decided on the release date for Series 2 of Cipher, the Fire Emblem TCG. The Hoshido and Nohr Starter Decks and "Heavenly Blaze of Light and Darkness" Booster packs will all be released on September 17th. This series will focus on character appearing in the then recently released Fire Emblem If games. #FEcipher" https://twitter.com/FEcipher/status/606034061237157888 "[Event] This "Prince of Piercing Principles Chrom" card is given to those participating in the Cipher Demoing event. Since this card is exclusive to these demo events, come by one of the events in order to get this promotional card. #FEcipher"
  25. The official Twitter just released this new Tiki card image. The skills don't really have anything new to offer to the game as they are pretty much the same as the previous Tiki cards. This Tiki has the benefit of being a Awakening card, thus easier to play in a blue themed deck, but honestly I'm not sure why they didn't at least give her one different skill to differentiate between the Shadow Dragon Tiki cards. well upon looking back over the other Tiki cards, this card's 1st skill does act differently than the other Tiki cards, but the way this card plays is still largely the same as the other two. Sentimental Divine Dragon, Tiki
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