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  1. And my birthday's a day before Rinka's....Damn it IS!! Why couldn't you have buffed my beautiful and muscular waifu?! She's perfect (Design-Wise anyway)!!
  2. I'm just happy that you all enjoyed it. For me it was hard to come up with the premise of their supports since there were none in the game, and I wanted the progression of their relationship to flow more naturally (especially into romance, I despise that all characters are forced into marrying each other immediately instead of the relationship progressing naturally). And while I do like this set of supports, I think I'll rewrite them to expand a little bit more on Ryouma and Crimson's history. My goal is to expand these characters and make them less linear. For example, making Ryouma less perfect by revealing his hidden reckless and hot-tempered nature, exposing his flaws, and making him a little...distrusting of Nohrians due to the war. So it pleases me that you all like my supports. ☺
  3. Once again, thank you all for your kind words, I'll try to keep pumping out these supports (on another thread).
  4. Alright guys. I worked on the Ryouma X Crimson S-rank. To be honest, to me it seems a little rushed, and I think I should probably tie everything together better. But after seeing all of your kind responses, I wanted to post this immediately for feedback! Ryouma X Crimson S Rank: Ryouma: Crimson, you wanted to meet me? Crimson: Yes. I wanted to show you something, on my wyvern’s back. Ryouma: W-wyvern’s back? Do you mean you want me to ride with you? Crimson: What’s wrong Prince Ryouma? You almost look scared, hehe. Ryouma: Hmph. I’m fine. Very well then, lead the way Crimson. Crimson: Alright! Let’s go. -Both are riding on wyvern’s back- Ryouma: Crimson…what is this? Crimson: Have you never seen the Chevalierian countryside from above Ryouma? Even amongst the desolation and despair, it seems almost peaceful from up here…doesn’t it? When things get rough, I always fly up here to calm my nerves…. Seeing my homeland from another perspective, it reminds me of what I’m fighting for. Ryouma: I can hardly imagine the burden that you carry. I was lucky to be born into the Hoshidan royal family, away from the hardships of a dictatorship. It makes you all the more beautiful for blossoming into the lovely flower that you are. Crimson: Hah…Hahahahaha!! Ryouma:… Crimson: I’m sorry, but you’re horrible at flirting Ryouma! Although, I guess I’m dense for not realizing where this was going until now. I’ve always been bad at reading people’s feelings…my own…feelings. Ryouma: Crimson, does that mean that you might feel the same way? Crimson: Yes! It does, when we first met, you were someone that I admired, but as we’ve fought together and grown closer, you’ve become someone that I love! That lionstone that I gave you, do you still have it with you?! Ryouma: Y-yes… Crimson: Look…I know this is sudden, but if our relationship grows into something more, I want you to marry me using that lionstone as a ring… Ryouma: Crimson…very well. If things between us work out, then I’ll do just that. From now on, my heart is in your hands. -Both hold hands- Crimson: And mine in yours! P.S: I really need to learn how to use spoiler tags...Even though I still am relatively new to the community, I should probably learn soon...
  5. Thx for all the kind comments everyone. There's still a lot of things that I need to edit, but I'll continue to work hard on these supports! :D
  6. Well in response to wanting to see a fan written Ryouma x Crimson support, I tried my hand at writing the two of them earlier so if you want to read it, I'll post it here. I'd greatly appreciate feedback as I'm trying to rewrite ALL supports for ALL characters and make new ones for Kamuisexuals like ( Yuugiri X Gunther, Izana X Orochi, Joker X Flora, etc...) to expand their depth ( Camilla, I'm looking at you) and overall, make them more...likable ( I'm looking at you too Pieri). Ryouma x Crimson C Rank: Crimson: Ah Ryouma, I need to ask you something! Ryouma: Crimson, is there something that you needed? Crimson: Yes! I just realized that we’ve never really sparred before. And since you’re the crown prince of Hoshido, I wanted to test your strength! Ryouma: Hm…I guess you’re right. Very well then, I’ll accept your challenge. Crimson: Yes! C’mon *wyvern name*, let’s do our best! -Fight ensues- Ryouma: Take this!! Crimson: AUGH! -Crimson gets knocked off of her wyvern- Crimson: Damn…you’re pretty strong aren’t you Ryouma?! Ryouma: You fought pretty well yourself Crimson, it was a close match. Crimson: Nah, you’re just saying that. You kicked the crap outta me Ryouma! I barely managed to get any hits in! Crimson:… Ryouma: Crimson? Crimson: Oh…it’s nothing. Anyway, thanks for the battle Ryouma. I hope that we can spar again sometime! Ryouma: Of course. Ryouma x Crimson B Rank: Crimson: EEK! -Falls off wyvern- Crimson: Shit! I just can’t beat you! How am I ever going to live up to my parent’s legacy if I can’t get any stronger than this?! How can I lead the rebellion like this?! Ryouma: Crimson… Crimson: O-oh…I’m sorry for the outburst Ryouma, it won’t happen again. As always, thanks for sparring with me Ryouma, it means a lot to me! Ryouma: Crimson, there’s something that I want you to hear. Crimson: Y-yeah? What is it? Ryouma: I admire you. Crimson: WHAT?! Don’t just randomly say things like that Ryouma! Ryouma: Heh…but it’s true. You’ve singlehandedly spearheaded the rebellion against Nohr. You’ve been the movement’s figurehead, and have managed to rally the people behind you with your courage and bravery. Crimson: Ryouma… Ryouma: You have nothing to be ashamed of. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve surely lived up to and surpassed your parent’s expectations. And I consider you an equal. Crimson: *S-sniff* Ryouma…you don’t know how much that means to me…to hear those words from you…someone that I respect and admire…makes me happier than anything in the world. So thank you. Ryouma: You’re welcome. Ryouma x Crimson A Rank: Crimson: Hiyah! Ryouma: AGH! -Ryouma’s defeated by Crimson- Ryouma: Tch! Looks like it’s my loss… Crimson: Yes, I did it Ryouma, I won!! Ryouma: Congratulations. I’m proud of you Crimson. Crimson: Oh! And here. Ryouma: ? A lionstone? Crimson: Yeah…I wanted to thank you for the words that you said to me the other day. About you seeing us as equals. To honor the bond that has grown between us, and to hopefully strengthen the bonds between Hoshido and Nohr…I want to offer this gem to you… Ryouma:… Crimson: Ryouma…what are you thinking? Ryouma: Ah…the fiery blaze of the gem…it reminds me of myself when I was younger. Back in those days, when father was still alive, I’d train with him in the palace courtyard… Crimson:… Ryouma: He’d always tell me that I was to forceful with my strokes…too proud, too wild, too arrogant…thinking back on the decisions that I’ve made recently, I’m starting to realize that I’m still too proud, too wild, too arrogant…Crimson, I want to apologize… Crimson: For what?! You’ve done nothing wrong Ryouma. Ryouma: No...as the war between our two countries raged on, I began to despise “you people”, I began to listen to the same racist and xenophobic talk that started the war in the first place. Father and mother’s deaths at the hands of that Nohrian scum, King Garon made it worse, and when I met you, I didn’t think much of you to be honest… Crimson: Ryouma… Ryouma: I’ve been a fool. You made me realize that Crimson, with your bravery and valour. Being able to work with you to overthrow King Garon has convinced me that not all Nohrians are bad, and so I thank you for that. But I’m sorry Crimson, I’m not worthy of this gift, and I won’t be until I clear these prejudices completely from my mind. Crimson: Heh heh…you really are something aren’t you Ryouma? But for now at least, I want you to hold on to this. Because I admire and respect you even more for having the humility to admit that. Ryouma:…Alright. This lionstone will always be precious to me Crimson. Thank you. Crimson: You’re welcome. P.S: Looking back on this support, it needs some editing, but that'll come in due time. After I try and rewrite every...single...support... ;( Also, I forgot about that S support lol, I'll get started on it if I have the time. With school and Finals coming up, I haven't had much time to write.
  7. Can units with defensive formation still double with brave weapons?
  8. Yep...I'm still really excited for all paths however. It's clear to see how much work that IS put into these games, and despite its flaws, I know that FEif will be a standout among its predecessors. :)
  9. I completely agree. IS failed on addressing Kamui's idea of "reforming Nohr from within". Not once does he do anything to change Nohr, he just blindly follows King Garon's orders, almost like he completely forgot why he joined Nohr in the first place. It's sad. If only IS made a more "complex" story and made sure that Kamui actually tried to rebel against Garon, it would've made FEif: Nohr a standout between the two other paths when combined with it's harder maps and objectives.
  10. Is dark magic present in this game? (Sorry for spamming, but I don't think anyone answered my question.)
  11. I like the way you think! Now we can finally find out who Serene's greatest tactition is!!!
  12. Um...what happened to his clothes? :/
  13. Has anyone else been listening to FEif's awesome soundtrack? It's amazing!!
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