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  1. We also get a good look at the spiky haired cavalier we keep seeing as an ally on both sides of the war on the page with the Nohrian royalty characters. It's the two pictures to the left of Marx. Can't really make out what I think is his name though, since its blocked by other stuff :(
  2. Ooh, maybe the way the Nohr path is more difficult could be because of these added objectives that give you bonus EXP like in Path of Radiance? It would certainly help to balance the game in comparison to the Hoshido path where they said you could more freely build up your characters and stuff! Like maybe if you wanted to "grind" and toughen up your units a bit more, the only way you would be able to do that would be through the bonus EXP objectives (which would hence make the game more difficult in comparison to the Hoshido path)? What other bonus EXP objectives were there in Path of Radiance? I've never played PoR that much (I've been meaning to), but maybe they might use that B-EXP objective system again for this game? That would certainly be pretty cool! :P
  3. That seems really interesting :o The dragon vein ability your avatar has could maybe be a part of that objective where you can maybe block off enemy units by removing platforms or maybe form platforms to run away. We don't know the limitations or extent of the dragon vein ability yet, so I'm just assuming at this point, but that would be pretty cool! In Fire Emblem Awakening, there was an extra condition you had to clear to recruit a character named Donnel, where you had to level him up at least once in addition to routing all the enemies. So I was wondering if there might be more conditions like those in the new game, which were character specific? Also, a fun objective I was thinking of was maybe "Open all the chests/pilfer all the items", where you have a map full of treasure chests and thieves and you have to somehow manage to protect the chests from enemy thieves, open them before they do, or attack and prevent them from running away with the items if they do open the chests before you do. I don't know how they could implement this objective into the story or if this objective might seem too impractical or silly, but it might be really fun since you would really have to micro manage your units well to clear the objective XD. In past games, I always had a hard time dealing with enemies on top of getting to chests before their thieves did and sometimes I would lose those chest items because I let the thieves run away and off the map lol.
  4. From having only played 3 fire emblem games, I was wondering what already existing mission objectives they could implement into the new game. Fire Emblem Awakening had a large majority of its mission objectives as simply rout all the enemies, but I think the nature of the new game, Fire Emblem If, and how it's split into two stories opens up a lot of possibilities in terms of mission objectives for each map. For instance, having a map in the Nohr version with the condition that you have to assassinate a Hoshidan royal or a corrupt individual within the Nohr government in a specific number of turns or have you rescuing captured allies from the opposing side with a limited number of allies (maybe only 1? lol). These ideas probably exist elsewhere in other Fire Emblem games, but what kind of mission objectives or clear conditions (pre-existing or completely new) would you like to see in FE If?
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