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  1. Finally, after waiting for so long... @TheSilentChloey @Rezzy @Ottservia @Espurrhoodie Build is not final if I ever get a Surtr.
  2. Yes I know this is a thread about hopeful thoughts about the remake. You can disagree as much as you want. That's fine. But expressing criticism is also fine as long as it stays a polite discussion between members. And that's exactly what I did: I said all of these ideas would be wonderful, but Gamefreak won't deliver on that. Even if they would.
  3. This is a public forum Ana, we won't always have the same opinion. And I believe I have been very calm about my negativity (aka, not insulting anyone). I did write sarcastic comments about Game Freak but that's about it. I never said the remakes wouldn't happen Ana. Read what I wrote. What I did say is the vision of you have of the remake is impossible with what Game freak has in term of staffs and business model. Also no, they don't. If we look how Sword and Shield was in development, half of them (and they aren't that big of a company somehow only 150 staffs I think) worked in Sword and Shield while the others worked on Little Hero and Animal Crossing. The staffs on Pokémon will probably work full time on the DLC part 1 and part 2.
  4. I'm sorry, but I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you. What you just wish for is something that GameFreak cannot deliver with the amount of staffs they have at the moment and their annual businesses model that they have chosen to place upon themselves. At best, you can expect a faithful remake of Sinoth on the Switch using the the animations from the 3DS games and with the engine and graphics of Sword and Shield. Let's sprinkle in a gimmicky mechanic that is never going to be use again in another generation just to be safe. Aside of that, the story is the same, the gameplay is still the same and the routes are the exact same outside of how they look. Maybe a few improvements on a few mechanics like the tedious honey trees but that's it. Expecting more would require more years in development to refine it and polish it. Or I guess they can add missing features in DLC. If people are willing to spend more money on something that should already be in the base game like a Battle Frontier or more Pokémon.
  5. Wow congrats! Forgot to mention I got another Young Tiki, how great...
  6. Made more sick puns. Is also correct on their fact.
  7. Actually when you think about it, Byleth and Sothis is a canon duo hero. Byleth being the fighter and Sothis the supporter would make some kind of sense.
  8. I expect Sothis could also do well due to her being Tiki 2.0 but sassier.
  9. I'll vote for Severa and Laurent. I expect this CYL to be nothing more than at least a win for at least Edelgard. Perhaps even for the other two lords, M and F Byleth or Sothis.
  10. To be honest, CYL doesn't seem to bring anything good in the community. It's just make everyone upset because X character is on top while Y character is not and deserves to get their spot. Not to mention the alts are always about main characters. I would be surprised if there's no Three House lords or Sothis in this CYL. I'm gonna vote for Laurent and Severa and mind my own business.
  11. This tempest trial is super convenient for a flier team.
  12. If the bird were blonde waifu, I agree. Started a new game.
  13. It's very nice, I noticed a few details like Lorenz's rose or Ignatz's glasses. @TheSilentChloey will like to see her Eaglets.
  14. Knows I expect Espurr will use this as her new avatar. In his stream at 1:39:05, he thought the Thief wouldn't attack her but because he went to the village already, he turned hostile and killed her when she had 2 hp left. And he managed to lost two more units in the same enemy turn. Off to a good start.
  15. Not smug. Annnnnnd Caeda just died, wonderful.
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