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  1. Finally everyone will stop asking for Jill
  2. New Seal: Steady Bearing Effect: Disables unit's and foe's skills that reduce damages (will not affect defensive specials)
  3. Claude being a third wheel as expected. Poor Claude
  4. I doubt it since we already had our defense mythics and Mila is light. And the Book 5 free mythic hero is Light so there's only Astra left. Unless they want to give us a free Astra hero.
  5. Honestly, if this Astra mythic isn't a fairy dancer or just a dancer, I think everyone who sort of care about AR is going to lose their minds.
  6. I don't believe that's really helping the problem. You just leave all the older units to die in the dust while only this unit in particular shines. You can give them as much speed as you want but if you don't have the weapon skills to back it up, it's mediocre offensive at best. The problem is that all inheritable dragonstones are defensive: The most popular inheritable dragonstone is Lightening Breath and that's purely defensive. Forget about using it on offense, especially with the +1 special cooldown. Dark Breath is... niche at best and not very useful for most dragons. It's also another defensive breath. The most recent inheritable dragonstone is Glittering Breath and that's also purely defensive. Not to mention locked behind a seasonal unit. Sure, IS can just keep putting newer dragons with unique breaths that are more offensive but that leaves the older dragons in the dust. Or even our most recent f2p dragon, Bantu, comes with Dark Breath. And I'm pretty sure that if someones has a +10 Bantu, they use Lightening Breath and enemy phase only just like Adult Tiki.
  7. I think one of the problems with dragons is the lack of player phase options. Most dragons have a very defensive playstyle. It doesn't matter the movement type, most of them are enemy phase only. Newer dragons are given more tools to play with, but a vast majority of dragons are still enemy phase only.
  8. This is really hard to level up and get skills Mia with her wet noddle attack stat and no Wrathful
  9. Yes IS, I'll +10 Laslow once I have the feathers, fodder and flowers, you can stop reminding me. But more seriously, I don't complaint about more Laslow but why him? He should already know Libra is a dude. Have we already ran out of womanizers? Or perhaps they didn't want to use Lorenz or Sylvain again.
  10. Yarne once again is the star of this mode.
  11. Using tanky units is very difficult against Abyssal stats.
  12. It was very easy until I got to Abyssal. Since I couldn't beat the units in time before Lucina could use her Future Vision, I used Yarne and Lon'qu with Olivia and Cynthia support to Galeforce the map. This map got a lot of cavs which is perfect for Yarne.
  13. In the hunt of the spark for Claude... All I got is a Helbindi at the final orb. Yikes
  14. Double or Triple dancers. And anything in Astra tbh.
  15. I'm aware of that, I'm just saying I doubt a DC weapon and a good unique B skill is worse than a guy with no unique B skill and a decent C skill.
  16. Poor Claude, it just shows how much he is the less popular lord. While the other two gets unique B skill, he sits with a Chill and a decent C skill (that might be inheritable?) @Fire Emblem Fan I disagree, a blue lance infantry with a DC weapon and a unique B skill? Much better than a flier with no unique B skill and a decent C skill at best.
  17. It's true that infantry got a lot of shiny new toys, doesn't mean cav sucks at all. There's plenty of good cavs units, you just don't see them very often because they require investment to be useful. I do think some cavs got the short end of the stick when it comes to their refine, but it's not the case for every single refine for cavs. There's bad refines for every single class.
  18. Dark spikes Lysithea killed Death Knight. IS is aware of memes!? 160 summons? How many orbs is that? I'll take my free Claude and leave New gamemode is basically "I hope you have friends". Changing traits is amazing!!!
  19. I see Apotheosis Anna is using her delivery service to good use by scamming her own sister XD All of that for a bunch of meh rewards, not a single orb! Also I never realize the two Anna had different shade of red until now.
  20. Three House is a sandbox game, anyone can be good tbh.
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