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  1. Hey everyone! The ratings have been updated. As Cipher has hit its 2nd anniversary, I would also like to thank you all for the peaceful and happy trades that have been going on for these 2 years as well. There's been a very little amount of problems overall and I'm very happy to see that. Best of luck with Series 9! Gonna be posting any spares I have left from my boxes once they arrive as well, but I'm keeping all reds and have the rest of the SRs reserved, so it'll mostly be spare Rs and below. Personal notes: +1 LucinaofYlisse
  2. Ratings updated! Personal notes: +1 LucinaofYlisse +2 Ineednoname
  3. Hi there! Which cities will you exactly be going to? I found quite a bit of Cipher both in Tokyo and Osaka, so those are the 2 that I know some good locations for.
  4. Ratings updated! Also, looking for the following: 2x Oboro SR (B07-066SR) Have: $$$ SR: 1x Corrin F SR (B02-051SR) 1x Xander SR (B02-056SR) 1x Itsuki Aoi SR (B04-051SR) 1x Toma Akagi SR (B04-055SR) 1x Tsubasa Oribe SR (B04-001SR) 2x Ninian SR (B07-010SR) R: 3x Cain (B01-007R) 3x Abel (B01-009R) 2x Palla (B01-038R) 2x Catria (B01-040R) 2x Est (B01-042R) 1x Ophelia (B02-092R) 1x Soleil (B02-095R) 1x Selena (B02-070R) 1x Azura (B02-054R) 2x Caeldori (B02-045R) 2x Saizo (B02-014R) 1x Azura (B02-004R) 1x Velouria (B03-095R) 1x Nina (B03-091R) 1x Naesala (B03-044R) 1x Ranulf (B03-040R) 1x Marcia (B03-025R) 1x Nephenee (B03-032R) 1x Feena (B04-035R) 1x Hardin (B04-045R) 1x Michallis (B04-047R) 1x Inigo (B04-087R) 1x Gaius (B04-070R) 1x Eleonora Yumizuru (B04-059R) 1x Kiria Kurono (B04-055R) 1x Lucia (B05-080R) 1x Sigrun (B05-084R) 1x Nailah (B05-073R) 1x Edward (B05-057R) 1x Nephenee (B05-077R) 1x Jakob (B07-072R) 1x Silas (B07-076R) 1x Sumeragi (B07-093R) 1x Shiro (B07-084R) 2x Saizo (B07-060R) 2x Kagero (B07-062R) 1x Ursula (B07-047R) 1x Rebecca (B07-024R) 2x Lucius (B07-022R) 1x Serra (B07-017R) 2x Raven (B07-032R) 2x Eliwood (B07-002R) 2x Florina (B07-015R)
  5. Hey everyone; the rankings have been updated! I'd also like to congratulate Sokloeum for being the first person to go beyond +100 ratings! Congrats! This is just in time before the Series 7 release, so get your binders ready for more trading and selling. And finally, a personal +1 to TheVinceKnight for the very kind gift. :')
  6. tfw I'll be arriving in Japan this summer a week after the final caravan... FeelsBadMan. Would've been awesome to get the pixel mat, but oh well.
  7. Some personal +1s that have been long overdue: +1 totafan888 +1 Ineednoname +1 oh.glory +1 Omegaweapon +1 Chuy And finally, RANKINGS HAVE BEEN UPDATED! While I'm here, I thought I'd say congrats to all the people for another streak of great positive trades and sales, and this time we had a LOT of new people added to the list, so I'm happy to see that the game is still spreading! Happy trading!
  8. Was trying to find this thread again; I guess we won't be getting the recent ones translated? I really liked these, would be nice if they were picked up again :D
  9. That's definitely true, there'll also be the European release in a month and 2 weeks which will make the franchise sell even better. I'm kinda praying that they announce something for Cipher's 1 year anniversary, but it's hard to expect much. What happened with Cardfight!! Vanguard, for example, was that it was also Japan only for its first year, but with enough Western requests, it was translated into English a year later and it's only been growing. If Cipher could go down that path, it'd be pretty amazing.
  10. Yep, I left links to the wiki and Lackey in the descriptions of my last 2 Cipher videos, and a number of my subscribers are picking the game up actually! (despite my channel being Cardfight!! Vanguard focused)
  11. Finally posting my own haves and wants, PM me if you're after any or have any I'm interested in! I've also got Ns and HNs from every set, so if you're after some, let me know. HAVES: SR: B02-030SR Capable Maid, Felicia B02-051SR Chosen Princess of Yatogami, Corrin (F) B02-056SR Pitch Dark Paladin, Xander B02-058SR Goddess of Death, Camilla B04-001SR The Golden Idol, Tsubasa Oribe B04-005SR Awakened Hero, Toma Akagi B04-051SR The Right Stuff, Itsuki Aoi R: B01-007R x3 Infamous Knight "Raging Bull", Cain B01-009R x3 Infamous Knight "Prowling Panther", Abel B01-038R x2 Eldest Pegasus Sister, Palla B01-040R x2 Middle Pegasus Sister, Catria B01-042R x2 Youngest Pegasus Sister, Est B02-004R x2 Songstress of Light, Azura B02-014R x2 Explosive Flame User, Saizou B02-045R x2 Wings that Chase Perfection, Matoi (Caeldori) B02-054R Songstress of Darkness, Azura B02-070R Unyielding Bow Knight, Selena B02-095R Sunny Swordmaster, Soleil B02-097R Twilight Sorcerer, Ophelia B03-025R Worried Sister, Marcia B03-032R Swift Lance of Liberation, Nephenee B03-040R Warrior of the Gaillian Beast Tribe, Ranulf B03-044R King of Kilvas, Naesala B03-091R Chivalrous Thief, Eponie B03-095R Patriarch's Pet, Velour B04-035R Wandering Dancer, Feena B04-045R Wolfguard of the Plains, Hardin B04-047R King of Macedon, Michalis B04-055R Cool or Cutesy?, Kiria Kurono B04-059R Precious Actress, Eleanora Yumizuru B04-070R Sweet Smell in the Darkness, Gaius B04-087R Bringer of Smiles, Inigo WANTS: Set 1: B01-025HN x3 Affectionate Saint, Lena Set 2: B02-026R+ x3 Sakura's Protector, Hana Set 4: B04-083R x1 Child Lost in Time, Morgan (F) B04-092R x1 Wings of Justice, Cynthia EDIT: Trade refs are updated! EDIT 2: Made some adjustments to my wants.
  12. Since I've been getting more into Cipher again lately, I'm planning to make a good in-depth tutorial for Cipher that should pretty much cover everything. Apart from that, I think ShadowDrifter has by far the best consistent Cipher content on YouTube.
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