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  1. :o: saw you're coming to Canada! when/where?
    1. Kriemhild


      Ohai BBM! I was offered admission into the University of Waterloo, which I accepted. It starts on September, so I'll be going sometime near the start of September. However, I haven't received my Study Permit yet, so there's no guarantee that I'll be able to Canada until the Study Permit is approved.

    2. BBM


      Waterloo??? Should have come to Toronto. :P But I hope you get the permit!

    3. Kriemhild


      Nah, Waterloo is more appropriate for pure nerds with zero social skills, like me. That's apparently the main difference between Toronto and Waterloo, so my choice was obvious~

  2. BBM

    sorry man I don't think I have the time

    1. Blitz


      Nooooooooooooooooooo, well I hope you can play next time though

  3. damnit Boron beat me to the ;/ spam but happy birthday

  4. hey, your turn in the BD draft

    1. Lance Masayoshi

      Lance Masayoshi

      I thought I posted ._.

      I said Spiritmaster

  5. BBM

    Happy birthday bro!

    1. Jedi


      You still stole my horses! (Thanks xD)

  6. BBM

    you're up in the chump draft

  7. thanks for all the birthday wishes guys!

  8. Happy birthday dude! Hope you have a blast!

  9. BBM

    happy birthday!

  10. BBM

    Celebrate your birthday by joining a game of mafia! (Happy birthday)

  11. BBM

    cam come on irc to draft for seth exp

  12. Your turn in FE7 Anonymous Clipsey!

  13. Hey Nuxl, it's your turn in FE7 Anonymous

  14. Hey Eclipse. It's your turn in the FE7 Anonymous draft

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