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  1. This... How can I describe it? It's amazing. If the creator actually made it from nothing in just 2 month time then, "wow." I can't put my feelings into words about how amazing it is: Bravo, I can't commend you enough. I imagine the time and effort the creator put in it were huge. Bravo! :)
  2. Oh boy... the Cynthia one xD I would never understand, why would anyone design her posture like this... :/ I was about to say it would be censored in the west, then I remembered the series have yet to come here... --.--' But I'm glad we have more amazing cards. The quality is getting better and better, however, it's a shame for character reprints after 3 packs :p If they'll come so early what will happen after pack 6 ?
  3. Oh! And one last thing (I apologise, I forgot to add it above :/). Is an already made "creation," like a published fanfic, or art on a site, valid to enter?
  4. Thank you for the quick reply. :) Oh my, if 150-200 is the norm, I can scarcely imagine how many can be gathered. Haha, nah, I meant the first one. The answer to the latter, I believe is to create something memorable, that's interesting and enchanting... Is there a different way? :P
  5. The competition is definitely interesting and worth participating. Congratulations to the hosts of the event. Undeniably, its goal, to have fun, has already been reached. Personally, I would like to inquire about some details. :) 1) Does an early entry have an "advantage?" Like being presented earlier to the public. 2) In order to enter do I simply PM and then...? How can I send a file of my "creation"? 3) Will the procedure of choosing the winner be different, depending on the number of participants? How do you think a larger amount of voters can be gathered? Thank you for viewing my questions. I wish only the best to you and the community :D Happy holidays everyone!
  6. Hello everyone! It's been a while actually. Truth to be told there are many more chapters than those posted here, though they're on a different site. I will post a link and hope that the moderators will understand it has nothing to do with spam, or anything bad. So, if you're interested in reading the rest of Robin's adventures on the doomed future, click on the Grima below. Have fun! :)
  7. Hey, I thought you looked familiar... :p

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      Hmmm... Do I know you from somewhere xD?

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      Oh... I saw the "netherland", "avid writer" and I immediately understood xD It's been a while... :P How you're doing?

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      Doing alright! I totally spaced on the fact that I use a different nick here, but then, so do you. :p I've been on vacation in the US for a couple weeks so I haven't been too active, mostly just browsing on my tablet.

  8. One random question... Is there anywhere high quality Kamui/Corrin Cipher artwork, or Azura's ? Thanks :) More specifically this one: http://serenesforest.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/fecipher-kamuix2.jpg
  9. The Ark ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Congratulations Robin. You just passed the true test. You're a Shepherd now," Lucina gave him a warm smile as he turned around. He was greatly relieved to see that she was okay, and unbeknownst to him, her smile made him blush. He was staring at her, replying with a smile on his own. He felt his body flooding with happiness. She had, finally, expressed a positive feeling towards him. Maybe it was something as small as a smile. Maybe it was nothing. What was certain was that, for him, it was the first step to living his dream. A secret dream that was buried deep inside him. When he felt it was getting awkward, he looked around and noticed that the other Shepherds were happy that he had passed as well. His eyes were moving quickly as he searched for a particular person. Unfortunately as long as he searched he just couldn't find her. "So… Robin. Don't you have anything to say?" Lucina asked him, much to his surprise. "How did you guys set this up, and why?" He asked, like he couldn't believe what was happening. "I mean I am just a random guy from a burned village and no memory of what happened." He continued unsettled. All those joyful feelings he was feeling faded away as a new thought overtook him. "It seems like a waste of resources to use on me." "What do you mean Robin?" Lucina asked. Meanwhile, her friends came close to them and wanted to congratulate Robin themselves. He gave no attention and continued. He was serious. "I mean, why go through all of this trouble for someone like me? If I was such a high risk, then why waste so much resources for someone who might be of no use." Lucina did not understand the question, because the answer seemed obvious. Why wouldn't they want to help someone else if they were sincere with their actions? "Pardon me, Robin. The situation is not as you think. You are not as high of a risk as it may seem, but it's protocol for all possible recruits. Someone taking part in the test that runs away is both a coward, and possibly a traitor to our cause. You on the other didn't run. So you proved that you're worthy of being part of group." Laurent explained to him systematically. "I see. But the Risen and Owain? That seemed too real to be faked, and the risks would not be worth it." "See for yourself!" Laurent told him and soon Robin saw a familiar face. "Owain! Thank Naga you are okay" Robin said seeing him walking toward them with a grin on his face. "Yeah, sorry for tricking you." Owain told him calmly. "But as you can see I'm fine." "But what about that disgusting creature? I presume that thing is part of the Risen you keep speaking of, but I don't think our enemy would willingly take part in this exercise." "It was because of this," Owain told him and removed a small box from his pocket. It gave off a strange and horrible smell, and Robin felt like he couldn't breathe. "This is a reeking box. Inside it has the purple dust you saw earlier. Let's just say it can call a Risen instantly, out of nowhere. Our enemies use them to grow their army bigger and stronger. They, compared to us, can control them too. We haven't figured a way yet," he told him. "Yikes. I got it. I got it. Put it back please," he told him quickly not wanting to see another one of those hideous things. "So that means that my match with Severa was fixed as well?" "Good job captain obvious! You thought a 'C minus' swordsman could beat me?" Severa came into the picture and looked back at him appalled. "Think twice, smarty-pants. You 'beat' me because you predicted my final move. A move I told Owain to show you in your last practice-fight." Robin was both confused about her appearance and disappointed about her words. He also wondered where she had shown up from. Had she just entered the building, or was she there the whole time? "Laurent?" He asked hoping for an explanation. "Sorry, Robin. That was part of the plan too. But I wouldn't say you are a C minus fighter, if that would make you feel better." "C minus?" Robin whispered not knowing what it meant. "Why do I keep having more questions than answers?" "It's a way to categorize ourselves depending on our strengths and weaknesses. Laurent's idea," Owain added. "And now what?" He asked for one final time. "Now we return to base. We'll pack our things and leave." Lucina told him promptly. "We're leaving?" He asked surprised "Of course. We are heading to the Ark. It is an important place that will help us determine how to fight off these creatures you just saw." She said and made a hand gesture to signal for everyone to head outside. Robin got out and felt the cold air again, through his shirt, covering his body. He sighed and moved with the rest back to the base. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When they got back, Robin entered his room and took one last look at the window in his room. He opened it and saw the black dark sky filled with small bright stars. Then he observed the wildlife, the small birds, chirping loudly. He smiled. Then a little bird came flying at him. He spread his right arm for the little birds to sit on it, and he observed its red fluffy belly closely with the help of candles' light. "There there little fella. I won't hurt you. Especially since we are both a type of robin." He laughed lightly to himself. "Lucina also seemed very fond of you too. Hmm? You are asking who she is? She's… a unique woman. To be honest I know little about her, as I only met her yesterday. She wasn't keen talking to me, though. But she seemed more open today after the ... test. Oh! Did you see that?" Robin asked in awe as the sky looked less bleak for a moment. The little bird chirped almost to acknowledge him, even though he knew that wasn't possible. Yet, it was still on his right hand's index finger, looking at him back curiously. "That my friend was a falling star. In these situations we make a wish and wait until it comes true. Hmmm, Now you want to know what I wished for, right? Heh, I wished to find out about who I am and I also wished for that girl, Lucina, to find what she really wants. To be honest, you don't know how lucky you are my friend. There is a great war happening, and it seems like my new friends have been on the run for a while. Not to mention tomorrow I will go to a place called 'Ark' with them. But you have those wings ready to fly wherever you want, free of any troubles." He told the robin in wonder. "And maybe go to your family if you felt like it. I, on the other-hand don't even know if I have a family. If there was anyone special in my life, if my parents are alive, or where I lived. But I guess I am lucky to be here. These guys here opened their hearts and let me in. For now, I'm not sure I could be more grateful." "Erh-hum. Robin?" He heard a feminine voice. "Yikes!" He reeled back in surprise. Immediately, the little robin fled for his finger, and he saw it flying for one last time and lost it when it entered the woods. He then turned around and saw- "Nah! How long have you been here?" He asked surprised. She was staring him with her bright pink eyes, wearing her cute white dress and red boots. "Having fun talking to the birdie?" Robin felt embarrassed and said, "W-what. No! I wasn't-" She gave a soft chuckle and said, "It's okay Robin. We all have our secrets. If you take me for example, I never met my parents. I was young when they passed away. I never met them. You, on the other, live with the hope of meeting them, again someday. I don't have hope for that. Then after their death, the darkest years of my life came," she said. Robin saw her moist eyes, as she was verging on tears. "Nah. I had no idea," He said trying to calm her. He approached her gently and let her touch her head on his shoulder. He tried to stroke her sea-foam green hair and listened to her crying and it broke his heart. "Easy, Nah… I'm here. Don't worry, you have me," he told her as he was holding her tight. "We have a long day tomorrow, I guess," he continued. The young girl, then wiped her tears, took a deep breath and thanked him for his help. She nodded to him. "I apologize Robin. Every time I think about it, it's just…" "Shh… It's okay," Robin tried to comfort her. "My door is always open, for anything you need. And we can continue our talk at some other time, right?" "Right," she said, and then gave him a quick hug. She then moved her head close to his, pressed her lips on his right cheek and quickly left the room and left him immobilized. He closed his eyes and sighed. He got on his bed again, lifted the sheets and slept to gain strength for his next long long day. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fire Emblem: The Man That Never Was Chapter 3: The Ark ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A/N (Author's Note): Hello again everybody! This chapter was a "quiet" and smooth one, more like the aftermath of the previous chapter. In the next one our characters will head to visit the "Ark"… No copyright intended. Until next time, please have yourselves a darn good one ;D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ J.D. King
  10. Loyalty (II) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ He swung his new steel blade around as he shifted his battle stance. He had gotten used to his wooden sword, but this one was heavier and uncomfortable to use. He stared a bit at his opponent. He saw her relaxed, but a bit irritated at the same time by him. Her behavior intrigued him and he felt that she had a long kept secret buried deep inside her. He remembered the lance he saw earlier and how it was entrusted to her. Maybe it was just a handmade one, but it meant a lot. That lance was the proof that someone loved her very much. Unfortunately for him, Severa was still the person that could end his life if he let his guard down. He didn't even know how she used her sword, or her fighting style. The only thing that he could do was predict and foresee her actions. He seemed to have an act for thinking of winning strategies in just a couple of seconds which might have carried over from his lost memories. He lost his train of thought wondering what his past might have been like, but then he heard her charging at him with a fury and had little choice but to react. "Hi-ah!" She cried and rushed at him with her killing edge. Quickly, his heartbeat rose and adrenaline pumped through his body as he prepared himself. He felt the cold sweat in his forehead, and he took a deep breath to respond with a swing of his own. The sound of the two blades hitting one another rang through the room, and he saw her shaking her head furiously with more rage as she pushed her blade aside. She seemed surprised that he blocked her blow, and was expecting this to be over before it began. "Perfect." He thought noticing the change in her. This gave him a small advantage as his opponent wouldn't have a clear mind. Or at least, that was what he hoped. Then, she came to him with a volley of fast moves, and faked an attack that caught Robin off guard while she used her left hand to throw a punch in his chest. Her strategy paid off and hit dead on his large wound. Unfair play? Maybe it was, but there are no rules other than to survive in this world. This instinct of survival was shown when she stroke him with her fist. Robin shouted and knelt down from the severe pain as he saw her blade at his neck. Blood was seeping through his reopened wound, and he looked heavily fatigued. "First rule of fighting, have no weakness, and if you do, then don't show them. Second, have no remorse for your opponent," She said with a cold tone. They were heavy words, but they gave Robin a clue on what her next attack would be; a chop at his neck. She raised her sword and he knew it was coming. He rolled over and got up as quickly as he could. Fortunately enough, he was alive and still on his game. He observed her, and she was obviously aggravated about how he still had enough energy to act so quickly and was also caught off-guard. "Time to think. She is obviously good with the sword, but she must have a weak spot somewhere." He thought quickly. He then attacked her this time, aiming at her lower body. She blocked the hit easily and responded with a swing aimed at his neck again. Although, he dodged the hit and responded with a sweeping leg kick. She never saw that one coming, as she was sure that her sword would find target with her previous move, and it had cost her dearly. Meanwhile, Robin already planned his next move and didn't let her recover. He immediately grabbed her from her biceps and shook them with a violent force so that her katana would fall to the ground. With her arms pinned and defeat looking inevitable, she instinctively hit his stomach with her head as strong as she could in a last ditched effort. However, this time he withstood the hit, and pushed her away while he kicked her weapon to the corner of the arena. To which Owain watched in both pride in awe at his apprentice. "That's it. Say goodnight." Her words made Robin a bit confused. Although he had the upper hand she felt comfortable about the outcome. Was she just arrogant or she was about to show her secret technique that Robin was waiting for? Either way she rushed at him, while Robin did the same, thinking that what she was about to do was suicide. Then, once she had reached close to him she pressed her first foot on the ground, implying she was aiming to attack him from the right, but in a blink of an eye, she moved her body so she changed direction and tried to get past him from the left. Luckily, Robin saw this coming from miles away since Owain did the exact same thing earlier. So he grabbed her and they fell together on the ground. With him lying on top of her, staring at her pure hazel eyes. At the same time he held her arms tight, so she wouldn't do anything that could surprise him. "Are we done here?" He asked, but didn't get a response. He felt that she was lost in her thought staring at him too. He felt weird, but in a nice kind of weird. He then whispered to her as they both got up. "My first rule: Never be predictable." She shook her head, revealing her annoyance and silently walked her way out of the room. He felt relieved knowing it was over and inhaled deeply. He then exhaled with great force as the fight felt like it had lasted for an hour. He heard clapping and saw Nah running at him. She jumped and hugged him. "You earned me an extra desert ration and no chores for a week! Thanks!" She said happily knowing she had won her bet. Robin smiled and looked at the rest. He saw Lucina, but she didn't reveal any emotion. She just clapped, but he got the feeling that she was deeply lost in her thought too. He then saw Owain who nodded his head to him and winked which made Robin feel proud of himself. Suddenly, he sensed someone touching his shoulder from the back and he jumped in surprise. "Stay still, wontcha?" He heard a rough voice call to him and felt his chest getting colder and colder, and in a couple of seconds his wound didn't cause him any more pain. "Thanks…erm?"He scrunched his eyes not remembering being introduced to his helper. "Brady! No prob. man. Anytime. You're one of us now," he told him. "Phew, so now what?" He calmly asked as he looked back at the crowd. "Now, you will come with me. Your exceptional fighting skills earned you your first mission. Come, I'll reveal you the details, we have no time," a man close to him said. He was wearing a large pointed hat. "May I ask your name too?" He asked unsure. "I am called Laurent. It is a pleasure to finally meet you. Now please come," he motioned to follow and Robin did. They walked out of the training room to the corridors and he noticed the building he was in seemed old, like an old castle or something. He tried to see outside of the windows, but all he could see were trees and that he was a lot higher than them. Finally, when they reached the room they were heading, Laurent opened the door and brought him into a large library. Every shelf was filled with stacks of books, and there was a desk in the front right corner with a window overlooking a bed. "Did you write all these?" Robin asked amazed at the collection. Laurent smiled and said, "No… well to be clear, not all of them. My mother wrote most of these books. She was a unique female and a great author. Now about your first mission, which starts right now. Lucina, Owain and you will be heading to rescue a family in the woods. Gerome told us that Risen hit the area and that we should hurry. Are you in?" "Of course" "Good. Then drink… where is it again?" He was searching for something; he rapidly moved his head around in an attempt to find it. "Ah, here we are." He said and showed him a small bottle. "Let me guess… You'll put me to sleep again right?" "Right." He sighed and grabbed the potion. "What else can I do?" He then opened it and drank the liquid inside it. "Hmm… It didn't taste that ba-…" He immediately felt dizzy and fell on the ground unconscious. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When he opened his eyes and looked around, noticing he was in an environment closely resembling the one he was in yesterday. There were trees all around him and fresh air blowing at him. "Sleep well, Robin?" Lucina asked him as she noticed him stir. "Well… I can't say that I didn't," he said with a smile. She nodded and said, "Then let's move. The house must be close and- " Her attention changed when she noticed the place she was looking for and cried out, "Look up there!" The two other party members did and found a house resting on the apex of a hill. Lucina then said, "We will need to split up. I will head to the house and you will stay here with Owain and fight any Risen that might show up," She ordered and started running in the woods without looking back. Once again Robin was left alone with the vibrant swordsman and he sighed to say, "There she goes again. It seems like I can barely say a few words to her before she runs off." "She's a really nice person once you get to know her, but she's been through a lot," The swordsman frowned. "Let's take a look around and if everything is clear we'll follow her," he continued. They quickly checked their surroundings. Everything seemed quiet and safe. Then, because they hadn't found any Risen, they were trying to catch up with her, but heard branches cracking. "Wait, someone is here." Robin told him as he sensed another presence. "Not someone, something," Owain corrected him. "Stay close. You haven't faced anything like this yet." "Owain!" He shouted and pointed at a shadow coming at them. Instantly, a dark figure jumped in front of them with a spear in its hand. Robin didn't know what to make of it, because this creature's skin was a decayed darkish grey while its eyes were glowing bright red. Strangely enough, it had long brown hair and wore a yellow mask, but it had no armor so it showed its deep and menacing form. "Gwaaaa… Kill…" It yelled with its deep and haunting voice. Its presence alone gave Robin the creeps. "This thing is over two meters high. How will we…?" "Don't be afraid, just attack it!" He cried and unsheathed his sword. "Oh! Legendary Mysteltainn lend me your power!" He continued and rushed at the monster. He pushed his blade inside the creature's chest and dark purple ashes started to emit from it. Unfortunately, Owain's blade was stuck inside the monster's belly, and he was unable to get it out. "Owain! Watch out!" Robin screamed. Unfortunately, it was too late for Owain by the time he recovered his sword. The monster spread its arm and delivered a huge blow which sent him flying over ten meters away leaving him unconscious on the ground. Now Robin was alone with only his steel sword to keep him company. He was afraid, of course, who wouldn't be? But he tried to diminish these feelings by taking a deep breath and examining his opponent. "Hmmm… stabbing it didn't work, but what about decapitating it?" He thought, while trying to remain clam. With slow, but large movements the walking beast was getting closer and closer. However, undeterred, Robin charged forward and when he reached a close distance of two with three meters away he started to run circles around it. The zombie fighter was confused at this tactic, and it looked around and around just to get a glimpse of its opponent, only to fail every time. Robin was moving really fast. "This is my opening," he thought. Then, he jumped at the back of the monster and with all his strength he swung his blade high enough to slice its neck and sever its head. Immediately, the red glow of its eyes stopped and the body of the zombie fell apart, turning to deep purple ashes. Robin filled with joy for his small accomplishment. Then, he rushed to check on his friend to see how bad he was. When he reached him, Owain's head was bleeding and he might have a concussion. Suddenly, he heard a woman's scream in great pain. "Aauuuughhh!" "It's Lucina!" Owain yelled afraid. "They got her. Gods. They got her." "What?! No that can't be!" Robin yelled not willing to believe it. "Maybe there is still time, maybe we can save her!" "No, It's too late. Too late. Run for your life. Leave this place or you will fall too!" Owain cried before losing his consciousness in front of Robin's eyes. "No I, I can't abandon her. " Robin shouted back. "Hang on Owain, I'll get help for you too, but Lucina is in more danger." Without any more thought, he started running with all of his might at the same direction Lucina had gone and he passed through trees and bushes at full speed like nothing was going to stop him. He was determined to save her, at any cost to himself. Then, the house appeared in his horizon, and it was plain without many features. "There it is. Lucy… Stay strong. I'm coming!" He cried and rushed forward to reach the front door only to find it was locked. So he kicked the door with all of his might and broke the lock apart with one strong blow. He then jumped inside holding his steel blade tightly, and to his surprise found that no one else was inside the building. There was no sign of any life, and Robin feared the worst. "Lucina!" He shouted at the top of his lungs desperately trying to find her. "Gods, please don't let me be too late." He frantically began looking around in a desperate attempt to find her. "LUCINA!" He shouted again, praying that she was still alive to respond back. He had to save her, he had to. She had already saved his life once, and he owed her so much for it. "I have to find her, and I have to make those damn things pay. Quick Robin, think. They had to have dragged her somewhere. Maybe if I can-" At that time something happened that instantly left Robin in a state of loss. He saw Nah, Brady, the hairy guy with the long ears, Laurent and others he had yet to meet all approach him from a concealed door at the back of the house. He didn't understand what was going on, so without thinking, Robin yelled at them that Lucina needed their help, but stopped when he felt a touch on his shoulder from the back. "Congratulations Robin. You just passed the true test. You're a Shepherd now," Lucina gave him a warm smile as he turned around. He was greatly relieved to see that she was okay, and unbeknownst to him, her smile made him blush. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fire Emblem: The Man That Never Was Chapter 2: Loyalty ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A/N (Author's Note): So what you thought about that small twist? Judging from the title, Lucina didn't test Robin's skills as a fighter, but his "Loyalty" to a cause and her. And he succeeded. He didn't let her "die". He didn't run like a dog to save himself like a coward. He rushed to help her, even if that would cost him his life. This meant "loyalty" to friendship and this also meant that he had what it took to become one of them. But how did Lucina and the others set up such a trick? What about Owain… didn't he fall on the ground unconscious? These questions will be answered in the next chapter. Stay tuned! Until next time, please have yourselves a good one :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ J.D. King
  11. Loyalty ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Radiant DAWN!" The vibrant man cried. He held his sword tight, then raised his hand and proceeded to throw it at his opponent. Robin, who was caught off guard was unable to react in time as the sword crashed into his chest with the edge cutting through his clothing. The hit was strong enough to knock him down, and the man shook his head in disappointment, "Dead. Thank goodness we are using wooden swords. If you want to pass the test you will have to try harder." The colorful swordsman offered his hand to help Robin back up and said, "Come on, let's try again. I see that you have some potential." "They might be made from wood, but they still hurt." Robin told him as he felt the numbness return from all of his bruises. "Don't worry, eventually the pain dulls away." The blue haired princess commented as she walked into the room. It wasn't anything special, but a square room large enough to fit a battle arena with windows on each side along with weapon racks to hold their equipment. "How's he doing?" She asked as she glanced back to Owain. "Lucina! Right on time. He got up early at the dawn just like us. So I followed your orders and until now we've been training. He isn't ready for the test, but just give me some time for one last fight. Don't worry, I'll inform you when he's ready." "Good, thank you for training him Owain, but please hurry, we have no time to waste." She said and turned her back to leave the training room. "There she went, completely ignoring me." Robin thought as he sighed. Owain also saw Robin's action and broke his silence. "You know if you fail you're going to die, right? If you keep thinking about irrelevant things that would distract you from battle then it will be your own undoing. So come on now! You hold a negative record of 5 wins and 11 loses. Clear your mind and defeat me. Damn it! Just when I thought you were the one I was searching for." Owain tried to inspire his apprentice. "Searching for what?" Robin asked in wonder. "A sidekick of course. Grima may have killed our people, but he can't kill our dreams. Once this is over, my dream is to be part of the legends like those that fought before me. The legendary Owain and his sidekick Robin!" He cried fondly and with some pride at the thought. "You know, like the tales I heard when I was a young toddler." He smiled eager to become the next great legend. "Well, I'll glad to help you, but we should discuss about that sidekick part." Robin grinned back as he felt the man's enthusiasm. "Although you can relax, I'll do everything I can to pass." "Great to hear! I've bet my last two dessert rations on you. I don't want to lose them." "What? Then I have no choice but to attack! Hi-ah!" Robin shouted and charged with his sword. He was aiming directly for his opponent's head, but Owain blocked the hit with his blade. "You'll have it! Sacred STONES!" Owain yelled ferociously. The swordsman then jumped and spun in midair. Robin watched curiously as his opponent appeared to be dancing in the arena instead of fighting. "What is he doing? This is the first time he's tried something like this." He questioned as he tried to assess the situation. "I know! He's trying to make me lose focus! Like earlier when… she got in. So I have to focus!" He quickly thought. "Clear MIND!" Robin yelled and attacked him again, this time aiming at his knees. Owain blocked it with his sword in a quick move and waited while Robin's eyes and his locked. They were waiting for their respective opponent's next move as a bitter silence fell across the room. Owain would be the one to make the first move in an attempt to surprise Robin, and he pressed his foot on the ground implying that he was aiming to attack him from the left. However, in a blink of an eye, he moved his body and changed direction to hit him from the right. While Robin couldn't predict the change, he instinctively spun to dodge the hit, and sent his wooden blade crashing at Owain's back. "Gah!" he yelped back in pain, but smiled back with delight. "Bravo! That's 6-11. I still win, but that move you did was great. Just clear you mind and everything will be okay. Now, wait here," Owain order and proceeded to leave the room to let Lucina know he was ready for the test. This left Robin alone once again, and he looked around gazing at some weapons to pass the time, until he found something that really surprised him. There was a transparent case made from glass with a lance inside of it. From the outside it had a label: "My Shell Lance. A weapon to remember my love. –Cordelia" He wondered what was so unique with that weapon, apart from its obvious sea jewels. Strangely, it looked like it was greatly forged, although he had a feeling it was handmade. But it didn't seem to have been used in a battle before either. It was unscathed, and without rust or blemish. Robin then observed that the weapon itself had something written on it. So he tilted his head to try to see what it said. "Robin!" He stopped and turned to see it was the young girl from yesterday. "Hey! I remember you! Why didn't you tell me your name when I asked you?" His words made her cover her eyes with her hand in annoyance. She got closer to him and said. "Augh, this happens every time! My name is in fact "Nah"! Yes. I have a silly name I know, but it came from someone who was special to me." Robin started laughing, pretty hard actually, much to Nah's annoyance. "Don't make me mad! I can eat you whole with one move! I'm a-" Robin had shook his hand to sign her to stop. "Haha. I'm not laughing because of your name," He said while calming himself down. "What? Your not?" She asked surprised. "Of course not. That would be rude and hurt your feelings which is the last thing I want to do. I was laughing because you have a special name, but you don't actually know it." "I don't see why it is special. Everyone always laughs when they hear it." "It's their fault that they can't see its uniqueness. And it's double their fault that they hurt your feelings," Robin told her sincerely while she stared at him silently. "Thanks, I never thought of it that way before." She lowered her head as she reflected on it. "I do hope you pass today, because it would be a shame to lose someone like you from what I've seen so far." "I am not sure if I'll win if I don't know what to face, but I don't plan on dying if I can help it." Suddenly they heard the sound of multiple footsteps coming from behind them. "They're here." Nah realized that this would be the moment of truth. "Go and stand at the middle of the arena! Quick!" Robin did as she said and stood still wondering what he might face. Then a horde of people walked inside the room and Robin feared he might have to fight them all. "Here we go!" Robin thought and prepared his wooden sword. They surrounded the small arena, so every one of them could see him. Lucina was there too standing directly opposite of him. He took a deep breath to steady himself as he watched them, wondering whom his opponent might be, or if it was to be all of them. He shook his head in surprise when he saw a hairy man with huge muscles coming at him and he gulped knowing he was in for a challenge. "Robin," he said. " understand that if you fail, you will... lose your life?" "I do and I will accept your judgment. I would gladly follow the rules, even if that would cost me my life," Robin responded earnestly. "Very well, I present you your o-opponent; one of our best soldiers, and a true warrior." "Lady Severa!" Owain gestured letting her know it was time. She then entered the room and she was exactly the same as she was the day before. Still messing with Robin's head with her imposing way of walking and her harsh presence. The rest moved out-of-the-way for her to pass, and she entered the arena holding her katana. Robin bowed respectfully to greet his opponent, but she ignored him. He was sweating a little nervous, but remembered Owain's words: "Clear Mind" "I must admit you were the last person I was expecting. Good luck," He wished her. "Oh, please… I don't need luck. Prepare your weapon and let's finish this," She told him coldly. Robin unsheathed his wooden sword once again and took his battle stance. "Are you daft? You will fight with this? Why do you think death is your penalty for losing? We'll use real swords. Give him a real one guys and let's finish this," She said, obviously irritated. Lucina then left her position and gave him a steel sword. He smiled at her, but she didn't respond. Severa then prepared her killing edge, and he saw the ferocity in her eyes which made him gulp. "Let's do this!" Robin said passionately, not willing to be beat before the battle began. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fire Emblem: The Man That Never Was Chapter 2: Loyalty ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A/N (Author's Note): Happy mother's day everyone! This will also be part 1 out of 2 with the second one coming tomorrow. That's why it ended up being a bit short. More details about the chapter will be in the next author's note. Please remember to tell me what you think so far! Thank you for your great support. Please don't mind any grammatical errors. No copyright intended. Until next time, please have yourselves a good one! ;D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ J.D. King
  12. Rebirth (II) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Wait! How do you know my name? You said you had your memories wiped out!" She asked him curiously, but also slightly furious for potentially lying to her. "Ehm… Would you believe me if I told you that I don't know how? It just struck my mind," he said, wondering the same thing. "I see, do you remember anything at all from your past?" "Unfortunately no… I'm sorry," He responded and suddenly felt a sharp pain. It was hard to describe because it made it difficult to hear, and it felt like his ears were about to burst. "Hey! You don't need to apologize! We'll help you! Once we reach our destination we will get this all sorted out!" Cynthia added cheerfully. Robin took some comfort in those words, but the pain he was feeling grew worse and he groaned out to say, "Gah… now my ears are hurting me… What's going on?" "It's nothing! We went very high in the air in a short amount of time, which means your ears are adjusting to the change in air pressure. But don't worry, you'll get used to it like us," Cynthia reassured him. "Where in the world are we going anyways?" He sighed still somewhat disoriented. Cynthia giggled, but Lucina remained silent and calm. After a while, the Pegasus started to lower its altitude, and Robin realized that they were approaching the ground. This scared him a bit, as he couldn't remember the last time he flew in the air, if ever, and the thought of crashing was something that seriously concerned him. In reality a minute had passed, but for him the landing felt like a century. While they were descending, he unconsciously grabbed Cynthia from her waist and instinctively tried to find some comfort. "Argh…" Cynthia eyes widened as it felt like her stomach was being crushed. "Stranger… You're squeezing me too tight. I think my armor will break if this keeps up" She told him while struggling to breathe. Immediately, he realized they had reached the ground, and for no particular reason, he was embarrassing himself. "Sorry… again… It's not that I feared we would crash or something… Definitely not that!" He tried to defend himself, but even he realized how silly he seemed. "Yikes… How many times will I apologize today?" "I hope this will be the last one. Come, it's about time we reach our destination," Lucina told him stoically. She then got down off the animal and helped him off the saddle as well. Back on solid ground, Robin examined his surroundings with a quick glimpse and found that they landed in the middle of a forest. Trees with huge trunks besieged them in every direction with thick firs. He also figured that they should be in, or probably close to, a mountain or somewhere with high altitude. Although, he found it hard to breathe as there was not enough oxygen for his lungs, and his blood was pumping faster to accommodate for the lack of air. This made his wounds act up again, while the bracing cold did not help either. He moved his arms close to his belly in order to retain his body temperature and quickly tried to calm himself down hoping the pain would subside. "I'll guide Sumia to the shed and prepare her dinner. You two go in the house. I'll catch up with you later," Cynthia said with a smile. She held her animal's reins and walked together to reach the shed, parting ways with them. Robin then turned his head, so he was face to face with Lucina. "She never stops smiling, does she?" He asked amazed at how anyone could be always so cheerful. "She's the only one. Rarely everybody else does. How could we? We live the same nightmare every day, but enough with the chatter. Let's get going. We're late already." "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't understand. Are things really that bad?" "We will explain in time." She replied somberly. He paused and thought it over, "So, you're saying that you have a house in the middle of nowhere?" "We've learned to hide better than anything. It's the first rule to survive." "Survive," he murmured. Judging from her expression, she looked serious, and he thought that it was better for him not to speak about it while she led him to their home. Surprisingly, it appeared that their shelter was close to them. At least, less than a few meters away was a small pond. Once they were there, exactly opposite to them, there was a huge rock. Leaves and branches covered the top of it, but the middle of it was carved. From what he could see, it was a symbol, a square with a cross inside it. He didn't pay much attention, and he didn't want to ask any more stupid questions like, 'Was this their hideout?' They quietly walked the perimeter of the pond and stood in front of the rock where Lucina unsheathed her Falchion. It reflected the remains of the sun's rays as it was setting and she carved another square right next to the previous one. "Let's head back, now," she told him. He nodded, without wanting to say anything, and she glanced back at him surprised at his change in behavior. "Why aren't you talking? I thought you were the chatty type." She said thinking that he was like her cousin. "I don't know. I believe it's my natural reaction when I'm around new people who I haven't met before. Did you like that type of me?" Robin responded curious. "No… Gods no…" She said immediately. He frowned in response, but remained calm as they continued moving forward. Suddenly, they heard chirping, and Lucina tried to figure out which bird made that sound, because she couldn't remember it. However, the bird in question came fluttering into view and she saw the two legged creature land on a tree branch next to them. Its feathers were grey while its fuzzy belly was a reddish-orange. "Look! There's a robin!" The stoic and careful girl suddenly cried in excitement. "They are very rare to see in these places. In fact, I can't remember the last time I saw one of them here. The last time was with… father…" She said lowering her head and returning to her former guarded self. "That's it! That's my name!" Robin said happily. "My name is Robin! I know it!" Unfortunately, his voice scared the bird away, but it had already served its purpose. Lucina however, was too preoccupied with a horrid memory to recognize the missing bird or recovered name. "Hey are you ok? You look pale," he asked worried. "Yes. Let's just get going." She said somberly and looked inside the pond. It was reflecting her face, and it looked so dark and sad. Trying not to think about it, she raised her Falchion in the air and the pond bubbled in response. A bright green mist started approaching them, and the mist grew bigger and thicker with time. Robin couldn't even see past his nose, and the only thing he could make out was a small light. "Lucina! Where are you? What's going on?" He said alarmed. The mist grew so big that he couldn't even breathe right. "Lucina!" He cried afraid. He started coughing without realizing it, and his eyes closed as he felt an extreme need to rest. Now he couldn't see anything but darkness. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "He's waking up! Stay back everyone!" Robin slowly opened his eyes. Surprisingly enough, he found himself lying in a soft bed. He didn't know what was scarier; that he was in an unknown place all-alone, after a quite weird incident, or that a lot of strangers surrounded him and acted like they had never seen a human before. "Lucina!" He cried as he woke up in a hurry, but she was nowhere to be found. The room was as plain as it could get. It had a bed, a table, a small window and, a lot of people. It was starting to get dark, so the only light that the room saw was from the many candles. "Everyone! He's walking up! I repeat he's walking up!" The young girl said with joy while another woman approached the crowd. "Are you all daft? What's going on?" She asked. "Lucina found a survivor and he's waking up! It felt like ages! Won't you greet him?" She told her. Robin couldn't do anything but admire the woman's looks. She was quite tall, with long scarlet red hair. She had two pigtails. She wore a yellow vest and a dark brown tunic, and he tried to get up closer in order to greet her properly. With a quick movement he was standing in front of her and the others. He had completely forgotten everything that he'd been through, his scars and pain, and instead focused on his new situation. The only thing that mattered right now to him was getting some words out of his mouth. "Um, hello everyone. I am Robin. Your friend Lucina found me in a destroyed village wounded and injured. I would have died without her, but she didn't stop there, as she brought me here as well. I would like to thank you for accepting me here…-" but before he could finish his words the woman laughed mockingly. "Is this a joke? You should have left him in the village. Who told you we accepted you? Don't make me laugh. Nobody here trusts you and we'll never will. Lucina told us about you. I don't know why everyone here is so excited, but until you pass the "test" don't expect me to even look at you. Humph!" She huffed and turned her back at him while she left the room without any care for the wounded man. "Wow…" He was speechless. "It appears you met Severa!" He heard a familiar voice. "Lucina!" He said relieved to see her. "I don't get it. What's all this about?" "Look. I don't know what or who you remember, but right now we're at war against the dragon lord Grima and his Risen forces. He was the one responsible for the village destruction. It was our job not to let that happen, but we arrived too late." She lowered her head with regret. "It's a miracle that you're even alive, because everyday those fiends cut down people without mercy or mistake. That's why it is so surprising to find a survivor, and we produced the green mist to put you to sleep so you wouldn't know where our hideout was. It seems suspicious that they neglected you and it is possible that this could all be a trap. So for now, you will need to pass a test to prove your sincerity. If you do, you will earn our full trust. If you fail, I am afraid we'll part ways." "By 'part ways' you mean that you will put me to sleep forever?" He grimaced. "Yes." She replied coldly. She hated to say that, but she had to protect her friends and her mission above all else. "But don't worry, for unknown reasons a lot of the guys here seem to like you already and I have a feeling you'll pass too. Now rest a bit, I'll tell Severa to bring you some food. I also recommend you save your strength because tomorrow will be a long one." She then turned to her companions and said, "So let's give this man some space." "Okay." the young girl nodded and said, "Bye Robin and I hope you pass!" He hoped the same, but as she was about to leave he asked "Hey! Before you go, would you let me know your name?" "Nah" She said with a smile and left, causing the men on the room to laugh secretly. "What?" Robin replied not understanding why she refused to give her name. Was it another way of hiding their identity? Soon enough, the room was clear, and he saw outside of the window. The moon started glowing, and he rested in the bed again. Looking at the candles around him and noticing the dark sensation that filled his stomach, he resigned to resting in the dimly lit room. As his eyes came to a close, his mind filled with one final thought. "Here we go…" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fire Emblem: The Man That Never Was Chapter 1: Rebirth ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A/N (Authors Note): There you have it! Chapter 1 (II) Clarifications [1]: Most of the future children will have their specific parent's hair color in order to avoid answering the question: Who's the father/mother? I would like to thank you for your extremely great support! 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  13. Chapter 10: "Battle of the Giants (Part1)" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "What's my second mission?" "One at a time… Now go! I'll contact you when necessary." "But, now that I return to my world what should I do?" "You must clear your mind and learn the truth. That's why you should go to the wellspring, it will help you by showing what your true self is." "What should I expect to see?" "What you really are, what you fear and what you love. These will help you reach the deepest part of your soul. It will mark the first step of finding the prophecy, our only weapon against the darkness. Beware though, you might not like what you will see," "Will I ever return here? If not, tell me at least who you are!" David replied. "Go, prince of Plegia, I will contact you soon," "Tell me! Please," "You will know someday…" The voice told him and suddenly the darkness around him started to dissolve and brighten. The upcoming light hit David, from every direction, causing him to close his eyes. Then, a huge burst of wind went past him. David tried to protect himself but he couldn't keep up and knew that it would blow him away eventually. He brought to his mind his friends, his two beloved daughters and of course the woman he loved, above everything. He whispered her name for one more time and let himself be carried away by the wind. "Sir! Sir! Are you all right?" [. . .] [1] "Do you know the path to the wellspring of truth? Can you show it to me?" "Yes it's not far…" "Great! I'll explain you in the way," he told the young girl. David reached his hand and stroke her beautiful red hair. She stopped crying and grabbed his hand. "We will first head this way," she said, and all of a sudden, started running, while she was holding his hand tight. David smiled. "You know you remind me of someone," "Really? Who?" "A great friend of mine. Her name is Cordelia and you quite look like her too!" "Hahaha… Of course and I know your wife sir David! You are the second most known couple of Ylisse, only behind king Chrom and queen Sumia," "Yes. I forgot that I was that famous…" He said, blushing. "Wait! How do I know that you are telling me the truth?" She asked him. David then signed her to stop walking. He fell at his knees and touched the girl's shoulders with his warm hands. "Look inside my eyes. Do you believe that I am lying to you?" He told her. Cordelia lost herself staring at his eyes. "No. I don't. But, again, you died…" "As you see I didn't. You might be the only person that knows this. It will be our little secret right?" The young girls face beamed. "Wow… Of course," she said cheerful. "Now, how can we go to the wellspring?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Hmm… Make your move Vaike." "You know it's darn hard to think with you piling up the pressure," he said. "I thought I was nothing for the good ol' Teach." "Well I don't know what you did that year, but you're definitely stronger," Vaike told him. "Or you got weaker?" "That's it! I'm going all in!" Vaike said and rushed at his opponent with his wooden axe. "Wow, Vaike believes he can defeat dad, again," Morgan said. "Yes. It's like the stories he used to tell us when we were younger. That's pretty much how those epic battles happened," Severa responded. "Exactly! So what did I miss?" Morgan asked her. "Vaike's arrogance that will define the outcome of their battle," Lucina responded. "Lucina! I surely didn't expect you to come here and watch!" Morgan said to the princess. A valid statement. Lucina didn't get out of her room very often, much like David, but after their small conversation things changed. And there she was, standing with her friends watching two men training on the deck of their ship. Other people had, of course, been there to admire their skills. David was the favorite, but Vaike was a decent warrior and great friend of him. He preferred not to wear breastplate, because he said it limited his movement and in its place he would equip himself with a gardbrace in his left arm. His small strategy didn't work out that well this time. The crowd cheered for both of them, as their fight continued. "Enough with the back talk! Hi-ah!" Vaike said and attacked David with his wooden axe. David knew that, although the axes were strong, they didn't have a high percentage of hitting the opponent, because of their weight and because they slowed down the wielder. He took advantage of that and blocked the hit with his wooden sword. Vaike was sure that this was his chance. David's sword and Vaike's axe had "locked". It was a matter of which weapon would break first. The warrior's muscles were larger than the tactician's and that gave him the advantage. With enough force David wouldn't keep up and wield. So that was Vaike's strategy. Brutal force. He kept pushing David harder, causing him to slowly get down on his one leg, in order to defend. "Ouch! Vaike's got dad where he wants him," Severa said nervously. "And that's the end of the fight. At least, Vaike tried," Lucina said. "What do you have on your mind?" Morgan asked her. "You'll see soon, if David does what I think he will." "Vaike's plan is to push me and destroy my sword with his power. What if I turned his biggest skill against him?" He thought. Instantly, he pulled back and jumped away. Vaike couldn't retain his balance and fell on the ground causing the crowd to cheer for Dave. He got up fast enough and pointed his sword at Vaike's neck. "Checkmate?" He said and gave lent him a hand in order to pull himself together. "Like the old times. I was closer at the ceremony!" He told him. "No doubt about it," he responded. "Thanks for the great fight! I always push myself to my limits, when we're battling," he said, wiping his sweat. "Sure. Me too," he responded got his axe and said: "Please everyone, one for our grandmaster!" The rest of the Shepherds started applauding and cheering, not only David, but Vaike as well. Chrom appeared before them. "Good job guys! These fights are enough to keep us sharp for the battlefield. Have you packed your things? We will arrive in an hour maybe," he told them. "That's great! I was getting bored here on the ship!" Vaike said to Chrom. "You just focus on not falling in the ground again," Chrom said and left to tell the others. "Hey! What's that supposed to mean? Wait!" Vaike went after Chrom. David started to head at his cabin to ensure that he packed his things right. He hadn't been in Valm for 2 years, or at least that was what he thought. While he was heading there, his friends and teammates congratulated him. He went there and opened his door. "How are you, honey? You didn't hurt yourself, right?" Cordelia asked him. "I have prepared our stuff. We won't leaving anything behind, so how did you go?" "As usual. This time he wasn't that much of a challenge," he responded. "So you want a true challenge?" She asked again. "Haha! That is a bit unfair, if you think that lances have the advantage over swords," he told her. "That is a bit unfair if you think that swords have the advantage over axes," she said to him. He giggled. "You're right… But I could have used my magic anyway, fair or not," David said. "Don't make me laugh, even that are not enough for you to win against me. "I don't know how you do it, but yes, they aren't. Which is your secret?" He asked her. David got close to her and wrapped his hand around her. She gave him a quick kiss. "This is," she said with a smile. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Hello pretty faces! That was a fine fight, wasn't it?" Inigo asked them. He fancied a talk with Lucina and Cordelia's and David's daughters. He wasn't alone, as Owain was standing next to him. Inigo was as chatty as always, but Owain, on the other, wasn't. Then, to the surprise of everyone he broke his silence and whispered: "My sword hand twitches!" Then with a normal voice: "That was an incredible fight! Like me and Inigo," "Who wins in that fight?" Severa asked. "Who? Of course my sword hand…" "I think not! I'm not the one here that names his so predictable moves," Inigo told him in a furious way. "And I'm not the one that girls keep turning me down, you know!" "Look who's talking? The one with the move "Eternal Chastity", why don't you practice that move too?" "Of course and I will, because I have the finest teacher right in front of me!" "Why you little-!" Inigo said and tried to grab Owain. He unsheathed his sword and shouted: "So that's what you want? Come on chunk. Have at me! My "Marth's strike" will wipe the floor with you!" "Guys this is enough! Just stop this immediately. You're friends. We all are. Now stop acting like small children," Morgan scolded them. "It was a darn stupid question of mine! I didn't mean to make you two fight each other!" Severa yelled. "We should all calm down. You two are good friends. Come on, now. Give each other a nice handshake," Lucina told them. "Not after he apologizes, first," Inigo responded. "I'll head to my room to check if I packed my stuff right. See you all later," Owain murmured and left them. To the surprise of none, so did Inigo. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Shepherds disembarked from the ship and were expected by Say'ri's deputation. It was consisted by three tall men, wearing their white yukatas with black stripes. They had their dark boots and light amour in their knees, elbows and shoulders. They were standing still without making a single move. "Sir Chrom," one of them said. Chrom appeared before them. "You must be the ones Say'ri sent for us. Would you please take us to her?" He asked. "Yes. Follow us," the second one said. He showed the way with his left arm. Then, the third one took a golden whistle from his pocket and blew it. Its pure sound echoed in the Shepherds' ears. It was so pure and calm. Suddenly, three horse-drawn-carriages appeared. They were large enough to carry all the Shepherds plus their luggage. Every member of the team would carry some clothes and spare equipment. They got on them and left. They were been guided from the dock to where Say'ri was. During their trip they would enjoy their sightseeing. They went through valleys, forests and random towns of Valm. When they would do the last, citizens would recognize the heroes' identities, mostly from the mark of Ylisse, and cheered for them and young children would try to get on the carriage just to get a glimpse of their idols, the people that set them free from an unfair ruler and protected them from the complete destruction, Grima. After several hours and some occasional breaks for the horses to rest, they finally reached a village close to Chon'sin, their destination. It was dark, so they didn't want to risk anything with their trip, by travelling during dead midnight. So Chrom's decision was to stay there for the night and continue at the dawn. The villagers were eager to provide them small rooms to stay at the village's guesthouse, a bit outside from the downtown, they didn't got visited by the Yisse's exalt very often, after all. And like Brady thought: "We've solved pour problems for the night." And in fact they had. The only thing for them left was dinner. Almost every member was starving, due to the long hour trip from the dock to the village. The villagers were keen to provide them with enough food to fill their empty stomachs and so they prepared it at the guesthouse's largest room. The most traditional and larger local events were held there. The Shepherds, after relaxing on their room, took a seat on the, newly made, dinning room. The tables were at least 20m long and the buffet was consisted by raw fish, rice mostly, fresh vegetables, fruit, water and some of the village's finest tea. Next to Chrom sat his wife and two daughters, then David with his family and then the rest. Everybody enjoyed themselves, laughed, had fun for maybe their last time. After they had finished the dinner, one of Say'ri's representative got up and headed towards Chrom. He lowered his head and whispered to his ear: "She is here and waits for you, milord." Chrom was surprised by the news and told him to invite her to join them. He then responded: "She doesn't wish to speak to everyone. Only you and your tactician at your room." Chrom then nodded and told him to get back at his seat and continue his meal. He thanked him and did as was said. Chrom then told his family that he would return in a moment and then tilted his head to see David. He saw him laughing and talking to his family. Chrom smiled, as he rarely saw himself act in such way and a joyful aura flooded his spirit. Eventually, David saw Chrom's signals, got up and apologized for leaving. The two of them left the room and headed right at Chrom's. "So she's here?" David told him, surprised. "Yes and her representative told me that she only wishes to speak to us. This might be important," he responded. "Meh… How important can it be?" David couldn't know how. The two friends finally reached the room, after following the stairs and walking down those long corridors. Chrom opened the door with his key and pushed it. David got in first with Chrom following him. "Finally, after a whole year. Sir Chrom and David." They saw her. It was the Say'ri they knew and loved. She rushed to hug her old and beloved friends who the persons that made her dreams come true. It was a touching reunion. "If it isn't Say'ri Chon'sin's queen. You haven't changed at all," Chrom told her. "We expected to see you at your homeland. Is everything ok?" David asked curiously. "David…" She said. Her eyes got wet. She couldn't control her emotions and started crying. David, immediately, gave her a hug. "I know. I know. Don't worry, everything's fine," he told her in order to calm her disturbed spirit. "How? Grima took you down with him. When Chrom told me, I thought he was lying," "I know, it's indeed a miracle. When he died, I was transferred in a dark place, from which I have no clear memory. The only thing I remember is walking up by Morgan a year later. But almost every night, I see in my sleep what I did in that year. Fragments of my memory come to ruin it. Everything is blurry. But that's enough talk about me. Congratulations on restoring peace at Valm." David wasn't keen talking about that subject. The feeling that he didn't know what he had done and that there was no possible way to find out was killing him. But the worst feeling of them all was that he felt powerless, unable to do anything about it. "Oh, David," she stopped crying and smiled. "Thank you. Chrom, of course helped me in his own ways, providing me some of the finest diplomats," "No. Ylisse owes a great debt to the brave citizens of Chon'sin for giving their lives against Walhart and Risen," Chrom said. "Thank you Chrom. That is why I have the piece of information you need. Priam's village location. The legendary village probably is a place that new and new men are seem to going," "What do you mean?" David asked. "I mean that hordes of men visit the village never to come back. That is why it was hidden until now. I sent spies right, after I got your letter, who searched every possible village and asked every villager or Valmese they could find. It was last week that they came and told me that the number one village is this one. It is said to hold the "garden of the giants", a place where only giants fight and survive. That was why I ordered my men to stop here and not continue to Chon'sin. The village is not over half day long from here. Lastly, it should be mentioned that nobody has ever heard or seen any of Priam. The only thing they know is how powerful he is. He may even be a descendant of the radiant hero Ike," she said. "That's why we need him for our cause. Masked man must be stopped," Chrom said. "But what would he want? Where does he draw his strength?" Say'ri asked. I honestly do not know, but so far we should convince Priam to join forces with us. If he is as powerful as the people say then we will have made a step closer in winning the masked man," Chrom told her. "And where did you meet this guy?" "He completely appeared out of the blue, just when David returned to us and I believe that this isn't a coincidence. He hurt Frederick, trapping his mind and even troubled Morgan in her sleep. Who knows what he can do, or where he can be stopped. That's why we will put an end to this once and for all," Chrom said and hit his fist on the table next to him. "But we will do all these tomorrow. It's already too late. And the rest are waiting us. Say'ri it was truly good to see you again. Will you stay for the night?" David asked. "Maybe. Now enjoy your stay here, ok?" "Say'ri. I have a last question to ask you," David said. "Did your spies uncover anything about Yen'fay? I heard that he was alive somewhere. That's why you are really here isn't it?" He continued. Say'ri smiled. "Fie! I am here to reunite with my friends. Yen'fay is… Gah… you know. I don't understand how you are alive, but he died in front of my own eyes and I buried him with my own hands. All those rumors are not true. Have a good night you two. It was great to see you," she told them. They left and so did she. After the dinner was over everyone was heading towards their rooms for the night, all except two. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "So Morgan… Are you in for an adventure? Are you in for our names to be written to legends?" "By one walk at night? Sure, let's just not get back too late," she told him. Owain took her hand and they left the guesthouse together. They didn't raise any questions, because everyone had thought that they had been at their specific room. Only Severa and Yarne, their respectively roommates knew about them. "RADIAAANT DAWWWWNNN!" "Sheesh! What in the world are you doing? We should be quiet! Are you out of your mind?" "You know I can't control myself when I'm happy… Thank you for coming," he told her. "I wouldn't have come, if I didn't know that this walk could be fun… So where are we heading?" "I… don't really know… You did tell me about me bringing the finest flower to you right? So, do you want to find it now in the forest?" "Haha… It's already too dark," "Then I'm lucky that the legendary heroes sidek-… friend, knows the art of magic, including making fire out of nowhere," he said. "That is true. So… should we head this way to the forest and then turn here and then if we head back south and then east and down north again we should be back. So what are you saying?" "I am saying that I understood what you said. Let's do it" "Morgan! This is the third time we see this particular tree. Admit it, going in the forest was a terrible idea," "No it wasn't. Everything is fine, I got this," she said. Unfortunately enough for them, the only thing they could see was nothing but darkness. With Morgan's fire magic they had the ability to see a bit clearer where they were going, but they kept seeing trees after trees and bushes after bushes. "Morgan…" "What, Owain?" "Huh? I didn't speak," "Yes you did. You called my name, right now," she told him. "No Morgan, I didn't. You must have misheard or anything," he told her and they continued walking in the dark. "Morgan…" "What is it Owain?" She asked again. "Morgan are you fine? I didn't speak!" "You just said Morgan didn't you? "No I didn't! Hey! That's something new! There is a house over there! Somebody can show us the way back to the village." He said and they both headed there. The building seemed relinquished. It was in the middle of the forest, with wild bushes surrounding it and trees. Morgan carefully headed towards the door and knocked it. There was no answer. Owain knocked the door, but with no answer either. "Morgan…" She heard for the third time. She didn't speak. She knew it wasn't Owain and that it came from the house. Her hand reached the doorknob and she opened the door and got in leaving Owain behind. "Arcfire!" She said and small fireballs scattered across the room. Inside the small house she could only see that there was one room. It included a dusty desk, a bunch of dusty books and a bed. Nothing more. She approached the desk. Instantly there was one book that caught her attention. She took it in her hands and wiped the dust off. It's purple color reflected on the fireballs' and the moon's light. She opened it and read it's title: "They Only Path That Leads To True Strength". "Morgan!" This wasn't the voice she would hear… This was Owain. "Morgan! Will you answer me? This is the third time we're seeing this tree. Are we lost?" "No… In fact "Nunc Redinum!" She said. A white light cloaked them. In a blink of an eye, they returned right outside of the guesthouse. "Good night Owain. Sorry for causing you trouble. Maybe tomorrow we will continue our walk, ok?" "Yes sure…" He responded. And they both headed at their rooms. What they didn't notice was that someone else was there. Not an enemy, but their king. "This is getting me nowhere. I'm helpless. I can't sleep. Maybe fresh air would clear my mind. It always does," the king said and left he building. Outside of the guesthouse he saw the lamps with the fire inside the, and some lights in the town. Then, he started to cough. "What is this? And I wanted some fresh air," he thought. He tried to see what was happening, but he couldn't make it out. He headed to downtown to learn. A random villager got in front of him. She appeared distressed and scared. "She's back! She'll kill us all!" "Easy woman! What is happening?" "Fire! The witch! She attacked our village again! This time she spreads fire all over our village! Please help us!" Chrom couldn't do anything, but listen. He ordered her to spread the news and he started running back to the guesthouse to inform his friends. To his surprise he didn't see a dark magic ball coming at him. "Arrgh!" He screamed and fell on the ground, just outside of the guesthouse. A hooded woman approached him and touched her lips with her index finger, like telling him to make no sound. Chrom started to feel dizzy, he saw his blood on the floor and tried to get up, but the only thing he was seeing was the hooded woman. She got closer to him and fell at her knees. She took her hands and got off her hood. Chrom saw her and said before getting unconscious: "Emmeryn?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fire Emblem: Beyond Awakening Chapter 10: Battle of the Giants (I) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A/N (Author's Note): Hello again everyone! The first part of our Arc 1 finale is finally up. This one was a ton of fun to write. So did you like it? Be sure to tell me :D Oh... keep in mind that I will edit this chapter tomorrow. I may add a description or two in the end of it. In the next chapter, man... in the next chapter..., I can't wait to finish it ^.^ I will try to write as an epic Arc1 Finale as possible. You have my word. Unfortunately, due to the exams period right now, I will probably post it in the middle of June (12th or later)... But right after that I will finally be able to write full time (which means 2-3 chapters a week!) Clarifications: [1]: This part was from Chapter 9's beginning. Please don't mind any grammatical errors. No copyright intended. Until next time, please have yourselves a good one =D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ J.D. King
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  15. Rebirth ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Tell me Sir Robin. How did everything begin? Tell me everything you know or she will suffer." "Aaaarrrghhh!" Robin heard her screaming again. The painful cry hurt his soul to the core as he lowered his head in agony. "Stop! I will comply… I will comply… I want to see that she's alive. That's the only thing I ask for," Robin pleaded him. However, the man stood in front of him unmoved. He then raised his hand and slapped Robin across his left cheek. It left a sharp sting and a burning red mark which Robin tried not cry out from. He would not give his tormentor the satisfaction of seeing him in pain. "Why are you doing this? Why don't you just kill me?" He yelled in dismay. In turn, his opponent laughed evilly, "I am not a torturer of your body, but of your soul. You will tell me what I want otherwise she dies. And when you finish, I will let you die, peacefully. But until then you're mine. So I'll give you one last chance to tell me or else she will suffer even more." Robin looked around his surroundings one last time. He saw the dark foreboding room with nothing but a candle to dimly illuminate the face of his tormentor, and felt the tight binds across his wrists cut into his skin. "Okay but you already know some," he said weakly. "I am all ears," he told Robin. Robin sighed in dismay and said, "Okay… Here it goes..." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Lucina! We've arrived too late. The village is destroyed, and it's burned to ashes." He said in horror as he looked in front of him. He saw hundreds of corpses spread around him with some of them badly disfigured. Houses were on fire, and he could feel the violent heat rush across his face. Even worse, the sky was getting darker from the smoke and death that surrounded them. "No… It's entirely my fault. These people were innocent. Why? Gods, why?" she asked him, not able to understand what she saw. "Don't blame yourself. We did everything we could. Sometimes it's just not written." "Maybe. Maybe it isn't." She said in doubt before focusing on her duties. "Order the others to head back to our base. Gerome, what are we going to do with the bodies? They deserve an honest burial," she responded, sorrowfully. "Of course. They deserve it. They've been through a lot." He said soberly as they continued their actions. Time was always short, but they spared some to execute a small ritual to respect their last deeds. Eventually, Gerome ordered Minerva to breathe fire at the bodies as way of cremation. After a while, they had brought the last man they could find, and this time it was a man wearing an odd robe. His face was filled with scars and his clothing was covered in blood, but Minerva refused to do anything once the wyvern recognized the face of a long and distant ally. "Minerva! What's wrong?" He asked and headed towards his dragon as she reeled back, unwilling to harm him. Gerome tried spreading his arms and moved his head closer to her ears. He felt her scars and her rough dragon skin, but he quickly moved back and shook his head in surprise when she responded to him. "No way!" He cried in shock. "Lucina! This man is still alive!" "Finally! Good news at last! Quick! Bring me the elixir!" She ordered him with some small hope returning. The masked man then rushed and opened a bag, which was tightly bound at his dragon's saddle. He reached his hand inside and picked a bright blue bottle, and without delay he opened it and gave it to his leader. She then fell on her knees and with her right arm she raised the man's head. With the other, she filled his mouth with the potion. "Now, we wait for it to do its job." Lucina told him hoping they would not lose another to this war. Every life was precious to her. "Inform the others and tell them to bring a Pegasus and fast! I'll stay here to make sure he survives. Leave me your first aid bag, just in case." "I won't leave you here! It's too dangerous. You're far more important than a mere villager," he responded, obviously mad at her words. She was their last hope, and she recklessly put herself in danger to help others. "This is an order Gerome. Risen never return to their crime scene. We both know that. Now go!" She yelled. "This is a bad idea! Darn it!" He told in his frustration. With a quick move he untied the bag from his dragon and threw it at her. He then got on his dragon and gently gave a signal for her to fly. "I hope they come back fast Gerome." She said with her arm holding the man up while she took the man's hood off. He saw his face covered in blood, and she hurriedly took the washcloth from the bag. She wiped his face with care, and while she was cleaning his wounds, she poured vulnerary at his scars. She untied the knot that was holding his robe and carefully took it off from him to reveal his shirt. She took his shirt off too revealing, this time, his large wound. "He's seriously injured. Damn it. He won't make it." She worried while trying to find a way to save him. "If only I had something to make it stop bleeding…" She used her vulnerary again to clear the wound and protect it from a possible deadly infection. Then, she rapidly looked around as she desperately searched for something to help. Discovering a branch nearby, she picked it up and used one of the houses to set it on fire. Next, she took her cape off and wrapped the branch's burning edge with it. With slow movements, she cauterized the wound while being careful not to burn too much of his untouched skin. Praying that it worked, she poured the remaining elixir in his mouth and waited. "That was the best I could do. Sorry, I am not like my mother," she said, while holding the man tight. Much to her surprise the man started to move his head slowly. With the same pace, he opened his eyes and saw her beautiful face. He tried to move, but it caused him nothing more than pain. "Are you an angel?" He said with the last of his strength. His words caused her to tilt her eyebrows in confusion. "What?" She replied. "No, you are mistaken. You are still here with us." "What? Am I not dead?" He asked surprised, "I apologize then. I must admit you pretty much look like one." "You are talking like you've already seen one." "I do now." He responded serenely. "Huh…" She murmured confused. "So that must explain why…" She said in a sarcastic tone. "That must explain what?" "That explains why they tried to kill you. Because of your ridiculous humour," Lucina while fighting back tears as she realized that the man would live. She was able to save someone, and it was a welcome relief from burying the dead. He didn't speak, and he only moved his eyes around to get a glimpse of his surroundings. He saw the first aid-kit, the potions, the hot branch and the fire. He understood what was going on. "I apologise for my manners. Do you know what happened here, because I have absolutely no idea?" "You don't know? But you were here…" "I am sorry, but I have no memories of what happened," he replied. "Can you at least remember your name?" "Unfortunately, no. No, I can't." he shrugged Whooosshh... The sound of a pegasus' wings flapping against the air came from behind them. Lucina recognised the sound immediately and said, "Finally, there are here. Come on! Let's get you back on your feet?" "Where are we going?" The man asked. "To take care of you." "... How can I trust you?" He questioned in a serious way. "You're right. You can't! But I have no problem leaving you here in the middle of nowhere, alone and injured. It was nice healing your wounds, scars and stopping your bleeding. I hope we meet again sometime!" "And you told me that I had a creepy sense of humour." He muttered lowly. "Gah… My whole body is in pain, but I'll see what I can so. Let's get going," He told her as she helped him get up. Meanwhile, a young lady approached them and Lucina shouted to her, "Cynthia! Come here! This man needs help!" "Right! Hold on, I'm coming!" The young lady said and rushed to them. She held the man from his right side, while Lucina from his left. Step by step, they reached the white Pegasus. The man was quickly getting back on his feet. It looked like Lucina's treatment had worked. With a little more help, the man got on the Pegasus. The two girls followed. "Now, hold on really tight! We're about to take off," Cynthia told him. "Where are we going again?" he asked, bewildered. "As I said to take care of you. Let's go Cynthia!" Lucina urged. "Right! Here we go! Come on Sumia!" She said and gently spurred the Pegasus, urging it onward. The animal, much like Minerva did, obeyed its master and spread its white wings while it started running forward. The man lowered his body so he wouldn't suddenly fall off. Then the Pegasus, once it had reached the necessary speed, jumped. With the help of its wings it moved higher and higher. "Thank you... Lucina!" The man told her in a reluctant tone. "Wait! How do you know my name? You said you had your memories wiped out!" She asked him curious, but also a little furious for potentially lying to her. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fire Emblem: The Man That Never Was Chapter 1: Rebirth ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A/N (Author's Note): How's going everyone? I would appreciate if you told me with either reviews or follow/favs that you actually enjoy the story so far. No copyright intended. Please don't mind any grammatical errors. Until, next time, please have yourselves a darn good one ;D ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- J. D. King
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