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  1. Then again, Kamui's hair is only white by default, and you can make it any color. So, pretty much no matter what, it won't be 100% logical. Also, anime hair logic.
  2. I think that even if there is an issue with that, then it'll be more fun. Also, Nohr side might have slightly more powerful characters to begin with, since there wouldn't be grinding. Also, they said the Nohr side was good for people familiar with fire emblem. Since you are on this forum at all, you should be fine. :)
  3. I never intended for this thread to become like this... i swear. XD
  4. I think this is going to be the story of the game. It is about Kamui, a person from vague lineage, who chooses to reach for the light. He/she chooses not to be evil, no matter their past, and they choose to ensure the existence of a tomorrow for those they care about. Kamui uses the Yatogami, and his/her purity to slash the bonds that hold everyone back. He cuts people's ties to their nations, because what matters is family. what matters is getting along, but Kamui can only make everyone realize by becoming close with them, and listening to their hopes and dreams. Kamui's goal is to show everyone that they have no reason to obey a tyrant, and they should be free. Kamui is the one man sunrise, and he/she is going to extinguish the darkness that Garon thrives on. Basically, even though Kamui is a dark prince/princess, even though under all circumstances, they should be corrupted as well, Kamui is not. It is the soft light in Kamui's soul that guides them to choose the right path. That's what it's all about, right? Choices. Whatever you choose will greatly affect the game right? because our choices affect our lives. Kamui can go with Hoshido, or Nohr, or neither at all, but their life purpose is always the same. Kamui exists to chase the darkness away, and bring prosperity. And whatever happens, whoever Kamui is with, whoever Kamui loves, or despises does not matter. In a way, the song and game are about our own lives. We can make whatever choices we want, who our friends are, who our family is, where we live, what job we have, but the main story of our life will be the same. It is black and white, just like the kingdoms. will we and Kamui choose to be evil, or triumph over it and help everyone else triumph as well? I think everyone already knows the answer. The song is significant. It foreshadows and lays out the entire plot of the game. :)
  5. A duo infiltrating a stronghold all stealth-like sound new. that would be awesome. :)
  6. That makes sense. But if half of them leave, i would first play through the first six chapters, learn which leave, and then restart and train just who i need. XD is that cheating?
  7. She IS royalty though, so all the accessories make sense. aside from the odd armor design, it is not very special. i am literally making Kamui armor, and it is very difficult to replicate, even for an semi-experienced costume maker.
  8. I have an entire explanation about what i think that walk was in a thread where i guess character personalities. You and i are on the same page.
  9. It's a weapon triangle: Female Kamui's thigh holes beat Male Kamui's turtleneck, Camilla's ridiculous bust beats the thigh holes, and the turtleneck- wait, no, the turtleneck doesn't beat anything...
  10. I agree, a better death quote would be: "Haha, You won, but only because I raised you... I MADE you what you are... And you have become the so-called 'evil' you claim to be fighting... (Maniacal laughter ensues as he starts to fade from consciousness.)"
  11. Let me know if there is already a thread for this(I couldn't find one), but there are many amusing quotes from Awakening, my personal favorite being a Nowi line. Here it is: (When in a shop, and selling items, choose Nowi, and on the bottom screen, she will complain.)"Nowi's stuff, hands off!" Another funny shop quote is Chrom's: "Robin(or avatar's name)... are we strapped for funds?" Gaius said this one time when gaining experience points from an event tile: "I don't care what they might say, stealing candy from a baby isn't as easy as it sounds." those just stuck with me, but what are the most amusing lines you found in supports, chapters, or anything else?
  12. You are not missing much of anything, the main reason for this is because Eirika and Ephraim are naive.The story is about them having to grow up, because they have been sheltered all their life. They basically couldn't accept truth because they were too idealistic... It is sad, and because of their immaturity, people died. It is an important story, but very- well, tragic.
  13. I find the lack of Saizou votes disturbing... He is a ninja! And poor Ganz... it's because of his bald head isn't it? or is it his skin? Sheesh, you people are shallow. He just wants to murder you! Come on! (Obvious sarcasm is obvious) Also, it comes as no surprise that Camilla takes the cake. Honestly, Nohr over all seems to win this. the nation's slogan should be: "Join Nohr, our name is short and simple... (By the way, we have awesome outfits, hot guys, loli girls, and women with huge racks... Did we mention all the attractive people? In case we didn't, let's make this clear: Nohr has lots of hot people. Join the dark side~)" Hoshido just can't compete with that advertising... XD
  14. I totally understand, and I don't think you are really bickering. I wouldn't expect it, but it would be nice. Maybe some years from now, things will change. The gender specific classes are really not necessary though, and i suppose them getting rid of that is the best we can hope for right now. I mean, why wouldn't a man want to ride a FLYING HORSE? XD That's awesome. I can only hope that at least in the world of video games, things can change... :/
  15. Oh, i don't mean Marx is a better person, and I don't blame Ryouma either. I personally prefer someone who trusts me is all. I think they are both good guys, though.
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