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  1. Woops, that was meant to be 36. thanks for pointing it out
  2. Chapter 18 - 4/57 Time to catch up. Lowen, Lyn and Lucius took out the left and fliers. Hector and Raven rushed boss. would have been a 5 turn but Hector missed the boss on PP. Chapter 19 - 8/65 This was a huge pain in my butt. The map isl ong so I had to trek across it,and Uhai is impossible to hit, really nothing I could have done to lower this . Chapter 19x - 7/72 Without a Flier I had to have Lowen ferry Hector across and he couldn't deal enough to 1roiund the boss or this would have been a 6.
  3. As much as I'd love to, I'm definitely in too many already. Tho if I get those ones finished up before this goes anywhere then i'm down.
  4. You just kill off your undrafted units, loan units are not needed at all.
  5. Probably should have realized that. I even thought that might be the problem so I deleted it on both but it didn't work either. Note to self, you don't need damage if it says no damage, duh. Thanks for the help.
  6. That would be correct, loaner units may not be used at all period.
  7. Alright so I'm having problems with a scripted fight and I can't figure out the problem at all. I've read multiple tutorials and even followed along step my step with Arch's video tutorial, yet whenever I try to put the event into Event Assembler I get the error in the picture. Event data in spoilers. It's probably something obvious and I'm just dumb, help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. @OrangePerson It would be your pick since this is the last round of drafting, but you only get 1 more character. So pick what ever out of those 2 you would like, then it would goto @greenminids turn.
  9. Dammit, I was about to take Catria. Palla then.
  10. Yes, I believe that would be meatshielding, maybe?
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