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  1. Just came to say I like your SRPG studio crit animations and your artwork. Impressive stuff!
  2. Yeah, its true actually, I was originally going to say 'what about the female Myrms, female heroes' etc. But I thought I'd double check the base FE7 ROM with FEBuilder before I spoke, and indeed, the class entries still exist from FE6, but the battle animations are stripped, so FE7 is surprisingly low on unpromoted female animations. I didn't check if Leila's animation was functional to be fair, so I still got slapped (lol). Hmm; I see, I thought it was just coincidence that I ended up with no Tier 0's, but I guess they are arranged differently when setup in the ROM, in retrospect, so I guess it makes sense they weren't supported at all. It would be nice if they could be supported, for sure.
  3. Yep I'm saying its fine to allow them to randomise to any class (based on the usual optional things included in the pool like Lords, Thieves, etc.); but basically just allow an extra check to ensure the correct version is applied where possible. So if the randomiser makes Florina into a Mage replacing Kent, make sure its not the male Mage. But if she ends up as a Fighter, obviously she'll have to stick with the only model that has*. And if a male character, lets say Hector, randomises into a Dancer, instead make him into a Bard. But if Sain becomes a Pegasus Knight, then obviously he's stuck* with the usual model. As Ashely mentions, you might also want a mode that goes the step further and entirely disable male classes for females and vice-versa (as a sub-mode of apply correct gender class when possible), even if it does restrict your pool in FE7 (can come with a warning in the tooltip for that). Also, I'd imagine the restricted FE7 list could still use Female Cleric (Serra), Troubador (Priscilla), Female Thief (Leila), Armour Knight/Soldier (can't really tell), right? [And Swordmaster/Paladin for girls going into Pre-promote slots, from Karla and Isadore respectively]. As for rookies, yes, disable both the Tier 1 and Tier 2 options, and only allow it to actually be the Rookie (tier 0) version with 10 levels that then promotes into the relevant base class. ------------------------ *= Though it also would be absolutely crazy awesome if the community resources for things like female fighters and male pegasi could be inserted into the rom the same way it inserts the translation onto FE6; that's probably beyond the scope of the randomiser, not to mention would require permission from those resource creators and I respect that.
  4. Started playing this today and having a blast. Just a quick query; on Chapter 4 it was barely possible for me to kill Dartanion before he flees; but I couldn't go ahead with it (loaded a much earlier save state) because in so doing I would have had to let at least a couple of units die (due to having to focus fire him and leaving the Cyclops and a Shaman up to slap my low HP units). Are there any plot implications if you do somehow manage that? Morbidly interested because it felt like I was quite close to managing that, and I was actually tempted to see if I could super-optimise it and make it possible. EDIT: Still enjoying this, just got up to Chapter 9, though phew it spikes in difficulty pretty hard. My Relina is OP (she's had 3 perfect level-ups, and never less than 3 stats in a level, and I think she's missed SPD and STR just the once) and is putting everyone else to shame though lol, especially her big sister who is doing Roy growths most of the time. I especially like how Axes and Bows are really relevant now. I can see for sure that we are back to 1RNG for this as well. Lack of cash is a bit rough as I'm clearly not capturing enough even though I'm getting all the quick clear bonuses and thieving about 60% of the Red Gems. My only issue I'd say is that SO MANY PEOPLE ARE betrayers. SO MANY. When its used early on, before one even especially cares for the characters in question, it doesn't really work as a plot driver too well, and when its used in multiple occasions (I've seen 3 or 4 instances now) it loses alot of impact. Its a bit of writers trap, this one, because you can feel attached to your characters but have to realise the audience may not be so. By and the by; is there an easy list of quick clear bonuses and times? I suppose I should get into the practice of writing them down, lol...
  5. Has some great fun trying this for the first time on FE8; Moulder replacing Seth as a Warrior with 20 CON, protecting Princess Amelia was hilarious. Some hopefully minor requests whilst I'm here: Is it possible, when randomising classes, to have an option for them to respect gender of the character that gets the class? For example; my Amelia ended up as the Male Mage class, Innes was a Priestess (lol), and Gilliam was the Dancer (extra lol). Whilst it gave me a heck of laugh, it would be nice if there was option to make sure they auto-switch if they end up with the wrong gender animation model (where possible, of course, not much you can do about, say, female Warriors and male Pegasus etc.). Since females are already flagged in-engine as far as I can tell, this should be plausible. Also an option to prevent randomising into Super-Rookie stage classes in FE8 (I'd actually forgotten they were a thing until my Forde got to Level 10 Recruit and kept getting XP and I became confused). Never really liked them that much myself! EDIT: One other thing; with palletes, there can be some silliness when the original class has say, a helm or hood, and the randomised class does not. Or if they manage to randomise into the same class. In FE6, I had Sophia become a Bishop and she ended up with Teal hair and her robes were coloured in the purple of her hair, as well as Sue randomising into the exact same Nomad class, but ending up with a weird pallete with a toxic green horse, as some examples. No idea how you could control that though; perhaps looking a portraits or having a known blacklist of offenders with a correct pallette stored somewhere rather than generated on the fly? Anyways, great stuff! Love it! Thanks alot for creating it!
  6. Won't she get Cavalier from Jakob? A Charlotte Great Knight could be quite nice, actually. And Dwyer will be a physical powerhouse. Demoiselle and Res +2 are not exactly awe-inspiring skills, and she'll be completely lacking offenses for those two-three levels with a E staff rank and Charlottes MAG. I think that's why it feels a confusing choice. And besides Tomebreaker, there's not much she can benefit from in Maid, either, unless as noted you're going for a Maid run or other challenge.
  7. Hoshidans: Kaze, Hana, Hinoka, Asama, Hinata, Kaden, Midori, Shiro, Selkie, Mitama. Nohrians: Elise, Niles, Peri, Charlotte, Selena, Keaton, Flora, Xander, Leo, Sophie, Velouria, Soleil, Nina, Ophelia. Also: New Anna is smokin, and female Kanna is adorable. I agree with the above that I love the new mercenary outfit; it somehow combines a nice style with vaguely practical padded armour. Even though Selena gives me a slight eye-twitch, because it seems incorrect to have my daughter be a red-head (blonde twintails are the only correct choice, leave the red for your sister, Severa!). I also like the new Swordsmaster design. Pretty badass. Oh, and the Sorcerer; something about those black wings is awesome despite the stripperificness. The latter is actually quite unusual for me; I've never actually been too interested in Dark Mages. I immediately fell in love with Hana when we saw her in the first trailer. Same when Peri's design was first revealed in the retainer magazine preview article. My waifus for this game were decided quite early!! There have been times when later data became available that Selkie and Ophelia were also considered though (either one of them, or Anna, will likely be the Revelations waifu). Frankly I always thought that Ryouma looks like Phoenix Wright cosplaying as the Steel Samurai. :D Similarly, always thought Sakura looks stoned. Considering that Elise is raw unprocessed diabetes filled to bursting with a dripping kawaii filling (that sounds filthy lol!), she never really seemed much competition in the imouto-runnings; but then I guess some people like that derpy deer-in-the-headlights look I guess.
  8. Jakob can crit in bed? I find this funnier than I should. :3
  9. Some of this information should be put on the accessory shop page. I didn't even know they gave positive support bonuses before! Good to know.
  10. For me: 1. Elise 2. Hinoka 3. Xander 4. Leo 5. Sakura 6. Camilla 7. Ryouma 8. Takumi But keeping in mind this is mostly based on impressions purely from various supports read; I don't have the game yet.
  11. Surround yourself with moar Elise, have a higher bonus! Sounds legit.
  12. I adopted a pet with Hana. Whilst I'm okay with this; I can only see Hana leading Sakura around on a leash. It's probably bad that I'm also okay with this. What has photoshop science done!? I shall call it: Saku-wan! Me and Hana can do some intense training together with it.
  13. This... This is so fitting! It nearly had in me in tears. Because it is so correct as well from most British people's perspective. Fairly sure Nina says this in all Mum supports... yep: I do like the fact that they made mum's lines and reactions different in each PC conversation to reflect their personalities though. My favourite is Kana's pressed flower book with Peri; which appears to have also become a bloodstain collection.
  14. Personally I wouldn't choose anyone other than Azura, Beruka or Setsuna as her mother because I can't stand her permanently green eyebrows being so out of place with, say, red. Fortunately, Azura can easily pass LUK+4 and supports glass-cannon Midori pretty well. If Kaze can pass her Lethality, all the better. I'd say LUK, SPD, and STR are her main things. She already provides herself respectable SKL and HP without Mum's influence, and she's not especially cut out for tanking or magic.
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