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  1. White House says it will not cooperate with the Impeachment Inquiry This is now a full-on Constitutional Crisis; One branch outright refusing to acknowledge the authority of the other.
  2. David Koch dead at 79 I've been thinking of something else to say to go along with that but I'm not supposed to speak ill of the dead so I'll just leave it at that.
  3. I believe Epstein was being held alone. As well, the prison has had no suicides for 2 decades until now. The NY Times now reports that 2 of the guards set to check on him every 30 minutes both slept through them and falsified records
  4. There was an attempted shooting at a mosque in Norway. The shooter was stopped by a 65 year old man. Only 1 was injured the attack, although the shooter did murder his little sister before he left home
  5. Credit to @HaychelDA on twitter. Obstagoon's design is okay but it's a bit weirdly proportioned. I think making it just a bit chubbier like in the picture makes it look better
  6. >Obstagoon has Guts >Linoone learns Extreme Speed and Belly Drum okay gamefreak
  7. http://boards.4channel.org/vp/thread/39620804
  8. 9 killed in Ohio just a day after El Paso shooting. The police killed the suspect in under a minute but he was still able to kill 9 and injure 27
  9. every day we're one step closer to /b/ tier and that scares me
  10. 33 dead. That makes this the worst criminal mass murder incident in post-WW2 Japan. It feels so surreal that something of this caliber happened to an animation studio known for wholesome shows. Suspect is still unID (and should stay that way) but according to NHK, he apparently thought Kyoani "stole his ideas". The only other information we have is his age and the fact that he robbed a convience store back in 2012 (which he was arrested for). It's safe to say he's quite clearly unhinged.
  11. I read the title and expected a link to this video:
  12. TL;DR source is garbage, and porting 3DS models to switch is already proven to be possible Except, no, this doesn't make sense for multiple reasons. First off, the reddit post linked in this article links to a Nintendoeverything summary of Silconera article. Said Silconera article is itself a summary (because Nintendoeverything is just fucking lazy) of a translated Famitsu interview. Silconera never provided their own translation, just summarized it. https://www.siliconera.com/2019/06/16/game-freak-says-it-will-be-hard-for-all-pokemon-to-appear-even-in-games-after-pokemon-sword-shield/ Here is the original Siliconera article. There is a mention of "a need to redo the models" but since we have no idea how accurate Siliconera's translation is this could mean several different things. Exporting 3D models is not hard. The 3D models in the 3DS titles all come in a .dae file which basically every modern 3D modeling software accepts. The 3DS models have been ripped and ported into everything from Blender to Source Filmmaker. There are tutorials online on how to do it and there is an an entire database of ripped pokemon models online Not only that, but Let's Go P/E have already been proven to use the 3DS models, so porting 3DS assets to switch is already proven to be possible There is no possible situation in which Game Freak cannot port over models to the Switch. This discounts the fact that GF and Creatures both have access to the source files (as in, the original models, made in whatever 3D modeling software the company uses), so GF doesn't even have to rip their own models from the 3DS.
  13. Others have brought up Vivian but also considering that other games are making strides in this area (most notably Cyberpunk 2077) is may not be as far off as you think.
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