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  1. Chapter 12 (6/82): Yeah. I sent Marcus up the right side, Geese, Astolfo, Bors, and Merlinus also there to loot, everyone else (including Chad) on the left. Merlinus died Turn 1, RIP. Shin actually did most of the fighting this chapter, killing both starting Fighters, a Hand Axe fighter, the Warrior, and everyone in the Corridors Of Agh. Probably promoting soon. Recruited Raigh and had him eat the Speedwings since literally nobody else needs them. He’ll probably be useful. Maybe. Hopefully I can manage to get the Guiding Ring in Chapter 14. Larum ate an Angelic Robe on the final turn. Got the left side loot with Barth. Chapter 12x (5/87): Ran forward with the horses + Larum. Saul and Astolfo hung around the start. Astolfo stole back the Elixir one of the thieves took then stole his Lockpick. Saul got a lot of combat EXP. Raigh went up northwest with the intent of using a Chest Key to get a Chest Key but he didn't make it in time so he just self-improved. Lance KE crit the boss, Marcus got the Elixir on the way and then the White Gem, Shin got the Red Gem. Chapter 13 (6/93): Cavalry rush. Marcus picked up Lance Turn 1 and got danced to drop him as far ahead as possible. They pretty much fullmoved every turn. Shin promoted mid-map so he could ferry Roy ahead and reach Flaer for the kill cause Lance needed to go Killer shopping, and Marcus had to clear his path from this obnoxious cav that kept blocking him. Lance and Marcus hit C support which is pretty funny, probably will be useful. Raigh went to get the Body Ring. Chapter 14 (8/101): Yeah… Saul and Roy worked their way to the throne. I had convoydrop to make Roy eat the second Speedwings on Turn 1 so the Mercenaries would attack Saul over him. Dieck got the Talisman and Silver Card, Miledy the Speedwings, Raigh the Silver Blade and Warp (took the bottom route to kill that group of Wyverns), Astolfo the Boots (given to Lance), and Marcus the Silence staff. Had Shanna ferry Sophia to the Guiding Ring and also get chained the Silver Card to buy a shitload of Flux, some more Lightnings, and Pure Water. Also got an extra Nosferatu just in case. Saul did the bosskill and was pretty competent at it relatively speaking, needing 3 out of 6 hits at a bit above 50%.
  2. Chapter 7 (6/34): This was so stupid. I love it. Marcus takes the 2 use Iron Sword and the 5 use Javelin I have, along with some other random crap, and charges the right hand Knight with the sword. Dieck Armorslayers the left knight and Lance picks up Roy and moves on up. EP Marcus breaks the Javelin against a Knight, a Merc, and importantly, a Javelin Soldier from the town area which kills him. Marcus spends the rest of the chapter in a mad dash up the right side of the map, through the village, stopping to grab some supplies at the rightmost armory along the way. His goal is to get the Barrier Staff, which he can by Turn 6. He’s assisted by NPC!Trec and NPC!Zealot who kindly kill an Archer blocking his path and distract all the enemies there from my other dudes down south. Using Shanna, I’m able to trade off the Armorslayer from Dieck to Lance on Turn 2, and have her fly away to safety. Lance goes key shopping with a free space so he can pick up a Door Key to fight the boss. Dieck clears his path and spends the rest of the chapter distracting enemies with Saul. Merlinus gets the bottom Torch staff village, then works his way over to the Killing Edge and Hero Crest. Once Lance buys keys, Merlinus gives a Chest and Door key to Clarine, who ferries them to Allen, who ferries them to Marcus. Bors then picks up Clarine so she isn’t targeted and doesn’t penalize me, distracts and kills a couple enemies, then gets the Physic village. Shanna and Allen spend the rest of the chapter helping each other get Shanna into position to visit the Hand Axe shop on Turn 6. All this prep work because I forgot to shop in Chapter 4. Never again. Lance has to survive a rough EP with the boss and several reinforcements on Turn 5, and then Armorslayer him down on Turn 6, having dropped Roy on Turn 5 in seize range. Hilariously, Zealot actually comes running up to lend a hand and kills a random archer which, uh, I guess could’ve been helpful if it was blocking Roy’s path somehow. The Barrier staff should help Saul’s EXP quite a bit, and probably be helpful for Chapter 14 dodging Sleep. Chapter 8 (15/49): Bleh. It’s Chapter 8, what else can you expect. Got everything of value on the left side with Marcus, Lance killed the boss, Astolfo stole two Lockpicks and a set of Chest Keys. Saul used Barrier a couple times and otherwise spammed Mend the entire time on Merlinus. Bors was also there to deal with stragglers. Chapter 8x (8/57): Yeah. Promoted Lance and Dieck. Had Saul constantly heal Merlinus while this one Mercenary kept trying to kill him. Astolfo stole three Vulneraries and got some kills so that’s nice I guess. Roy got a lot of EXP from all the Steel Axe Fighters in the map. Lance and Roy also hit C support so that’s nice, made the Henning kill a lot more bearable. Chapter 9 (7/64): I have no idea how I used to get 6 turns here, but I think I got 7 the last time I had to recruit Shin too so that would probably have something to do with it. Anyways Saul spammed Torch, Dieck/Marcus/Lance all rushed forward, Shin got a couple kills and a level here thanks to Dieck whiffing an Archer and leaving him on low HP for Shin to finish off. Deployed Shanna to buy a Torch on the last turn. Saul’s already Lv 10. Chapter 10 (6/70): Rushed down with Lance while other people killed things. Stole a Vulnerary with Astolfo. Shanna flew down NPC!Geese and he got take-dropped by Allen (he was an NPC still, it’s allowed!) so Roy could recruit him, then Roy got taken aaaaall the way down to Lance and dropped exactly 5 tiles from the throne. Geese got the Swordreaver village. Saul hit Lv 11. Chapter 11 (6/76): Oh man this was great. Roy, Lance, Marcus, and BORS up top, everyone else down south. Basically the top four broke the wall down, and BORS ORKO’d the Longbow Archer so Lance could run forward with Roy in tow. Marcus got the Speedwings village, and Lance had to kill the boss on EP with a crit so he could run to the Angelic Robe village on the final turn which thankfully wasn’t too bad. Down south, meanwhile, Shin with THE GOOSE charge forward with Dieck and the rest picking up from beind. Geese’ objective is to reach the southern wall and start busting it down with the Brave Axe, with some help. Merlinus gets the Restore and Dracoshield villages, Astolfo rushes to the Sleep staff village, tanking a Silver Bow from Klein in the process, Dieck gets the cash money, and once the wall is broken, Shin picks up Geese, gets danced, and drops him in range so they both can get the Orion’s Bolt and Axereaver villages. Clarine recruits Klein on the last turn. Shanna bought some Lightning tomes, a couple Hand Axes to restock, and a Killer Axe cause I might need it for Marcus. Saul hit Lv 12 on Turn 5 and promoted on Turn 6, finally, I've never had him get this high before promoting lol. He also hit B staves so he got immediate A staves when he promoted. In conclusion; Bors has unironic value to this team, and I am now very wealthy.
  3. Chapter 1 (4/4): Marcus picked up Roy on Turn 1, as you do. Lance attacked one of the Fighters and on EP they all ganged up on him. Lance then killed the Archer with Iron Lance and got trade equipped back to the Iron Sword for EP by Marcus as he moved forward. Lance once again was the main target of the enemies; after a Str level he ORKO'd the Fighters and after a Spd level he doubled the Brigand too. Marcus dropped Roy on Turn 3. He crit a fighter on EP with the Rapier which wasn’t necessary but cool for the 30 Exp. Lance killed the Brigand and one remaining Fighter on Turn 3 EP, then killed the other Fighter who attacked Roy to just hit Lv 4. Marcus killed the boss and Roy seized. Bors got the village for DA MONEY. This was a pretty satisfying clear, outside of the one Fighter that Roy crit and the boss, Lance got every kill this chapter. Roy… will need some work. Chapter 2 (6/10): Roy killed a Soldier and then got dropped on the fort so he could get some EXP. Also dropped him on Turn 3, just with the easternmost fort. Bors got an almost perfect level killing the two Hand Axe Fighters at the start plus one Roy left on low health, which was funny. At least he can double Soldiers now! Chapter 3 (6/16): Everyone charged forward except Bors who stood around at the start and killed dudes for EXP. Merlinus ran and got the Mend village on the last turn. Chapter 4 (4/20): So this was actually kinda tricky. Bors and Marcus combined efforts to drop Lance a few tiles ahead on Turn 1, and on Turn 2 Dieck killed the Cavalier that didn’t die to Lance and then got picked up by Lance, who moved to a magic tile two shy of Marcus’ full movement range. Marcus then took and dropped Dieck 1D 1L of Lance, and canto’d ahead 1 tile with the Silver Lance equipped. Bors and Roy fullmoved with Bors Rescuing Roy so he can hand him off on Turn 3. EP, all the melee enemies get owned by Iron Blade!Dieck and Silver Lance!Marcus with the Nomad attacking Dieck and the Archer approaching. Bors gave Roy to Lance, who in turn gave Roy to Marcus while moving down exactly 7 tiles away from the Angelic Robe village. Dieck moved and killed the Archer so Marcus could drop Roy in a very specific spot exactly 5 tiles from the throne, then Canto’d to fight Erik on EP with the Hand Axe (he got a str/spd level, could’ve used a Javelin otherwise). EP Roy just has to dodge one out of 4 enemies to survive which isn’t too bad. Clarine recruits herself, then Marcus kills Erik using either the Silver Lance or Iron Axe (which i did for more WExp), Bors and Dieck got a couple kills, Lance got the Angelic Robe, and Roy seized. Merlinus got the Door Key at some point. I forgot to send Shanna shopping so hopefully that doesn’t come back to bite me. It… shouldn’t? Chapter 5 (3/23): Bors picked up Roy Turn 1. Opened the door by taking Dieck from Lance, then had Marcus canto one space further. He killed a lot of stuff with the rest of the Hand Axe and switched to a Javelin afterwards. Bors handed Roy to Lance so he could drop him near the gate. Marcus fought Dory over Turn 2 PP and EP with the Iron Axe, leaving him on exactly 1 HP for Lance to finish. Chapter 6 (5/28): Marcus, Roy, Dieck up the right, Lance and Bors up the middle, Merlinus to the right. He got dropped to 1 HP by the Merc so Saul could heal him up. Dieck and Marcus worked to give Roy a rescue-bump on Turn 1. Marcus opened the door to Sue on Turn 2, and then Rescued her out of there so Dieck could drop her in Roy’s fullmove range. She then ran back into her cell to hide because uh, she’s undrafted! Lance just took on the pile of enemies in the middle, with Bors clearing a couple Soldiers to help him out. It's really funny to me that Bors is actually contributing meaningfully in combat. He then Javelin’d the middle Mage in the boss room from melee range so that on Turn 4, Marcus could Rescue Roy and canto to just below Lance, so he could take-drop him in range to seize next turn, and canto’d next to the boss with an Iron Sword. Bosskill was pretty annoying needing 3/4 hits to connect but Lance is god so it worked out. Everyone else just got EXP where they could on the final turn. Marcus also barely hit D axes so he can use the Hammer now. Chapter 7’s gonna be rough, probably gonna drop a couple turns there to get more villages and the Barrier staff. Also the shopping that I really should've done with Shanna in Chapter 4.
  4. After realizing I've hosted drafts for this game at least once a year for 3 years in a row, I couldn't let 2020 break that streak. You've done enough bad stuff already, Hell Year! Also I've had the urge to play it again, so. Yeah. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 5 players. 2. Roy, Marcus, Merlinus, Lalum/Elphin, and Fae are free for all to use. 3. Three units will remain undrafted. 4. The game will be played on Normal Mode. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, rescue undrafted units and NPCs, trade, visit Shops and Armories, and dig up items in the desert. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, and opening Doors or Chests. 3. Use of the Warp staff is banned. 4. All Gaiden chapters are required to be visited. Chapter 20x (either route) does not count towards the total turncount up to 20 turns taken. 5. NPCs may do as they please without penalty. 6. The game must be played out to the True Ending. Penalties: - Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty per unit, per chapter. Exceptions: - Undrafted Thieves may be used to obtain necessary Promotion items. Undrafted SCRUBS: Participants: 1. jbi: Miledy, Rutger, Noah, Clarine, Echidna, Gonzalez, Klein, Hugh, Dorothy 2. Carmine: Shanna, Wade, Sue, Chad, Perceval, Niime, Igrene, Douglas, Garret 3. General Horace: Allen, Zealot, Lugh, Zeiss, Elen, Wolt, Yodel, Juno, Dayan 4. Sharpy: Thea, Lot, Trec, Lillina, Cecilia, Ogier, Bartre, Fir, Sophia 5. Finalinsanity: Lance, Dieck, Saul, Astohl, Shin, Geese, Raigh, Bors, Barth
  5. Chapter 5 (4/29): marth go forward. merric recruit wendell. cain kill boss. cain very buff. Chapter 6 (6/35): marth go forward. julian recruit rickard. thieves get treasure. everyone else try not to die. Chapter 7 (6/41): marth go to village. lena make marth go ZWOOP. marth kill boss. everyone else inventory management (poorly)
  6. THE QUEST FOR PANTS BEGINS btw i only care this much about actually going fast so expect some dumb turncounts later probably Chapter 1 (7/7): just kinda ran forward after Marth got the million moneys. i had Caeda kill the boss because there is no god and no consequences for my actions. Cain killed the Thief and a bunch of dudes that ran up to him. Gordin bought JAVELINS Chapter 2 (5/12): yeah. Marth had to lag behind at the start to recruit the CLASSIC CHARACTER DARROS. Cain kinda helped him not die. Otherwise just ran forward. Caeda killed the boss again. Marth got the MONEY why the FUCK is the Hammer the lightest axe. kaga plz. Chapter 3 (5/17): Marth ran forward. didn't bother with the Devil Axe since it only has 9 uses so it's not even worth it to meme with Darros. Lena got stabbed a couple times for EXP, it's fine, don't worry about it. Chapter 4 (8/25): Made a pit-stop for Merric cuz I kinda want Wendell's Barrier staff. Idk if it'll actually be useful. Lena got stabbed some more and got a WEAPON LEVEL. matthis was recruited and will be lucky if he doesn't die by the end of this. oh yeah and Darros got SPEED
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