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  1. Chapter 20ix (19 free): Got Cecilia to B staves through some shenanigans, got D swords on Milady (Armorslayer go?), S Swords on Allen, and a bunch of levels on Geese and Klein, and Cecilia. I should be good to go for the rest of the game. Chapter 21 (6/148): It is time. For shoes. Bought 27 pairs of Boots. Had Cecilia use the Angelic Robe from Chapter 20. She got ferried down by Milady, and Rescued Allen holding Roy down on Turn 3. I trade-chained three pairs of Boots to Allen via Geese and he used one while running down with Roy, gave one to Roy, dropped him two turns away from the throne, and Roy used his pair on Turn 5. Allen killed Murdock on Turn 5 EP so he used his second pair on Turn 6. Chapter 21x (4/152): Turn 1, Cecilia used two Boots thanks to Lalum. Milady picked up Cecilia and flew up the right side river with her, and on Turn 2, dropped her on the bridge next to the General up top and canto’d one tile down to Javelin some dudes through the wall. Marcus picked up Roy on Turn 2 after he used a Boot. Turn 3, Milady kills the Sniper blocking Cecilia, Marcus gave Roy to Allen, and Cecilia moved down and Rescued Allen up. Allen moved into the throne room and dropped Roy in front of the Hero, who kindly gets out of the way on EP. Cecilia has to dodge the Silence on EP so she can Hammerne the Rescue next turn (taking Hammerne from Milady’s inventory). Turn 4, Allen just kills the boss, people use Boots if applicable, get kills if not, and then Roy seizes. Chapter 22 (5/157): Yeah. Cecilia put the Berserk!Druid to Sleep on Turn 1 and used her remaining Boot next turn. She Rescued Lalum down from the left side on Turn 4. Bosskill was some chip damage from Cecilia followed by a Crit + Hit from SWORDREAVER GEESE, though all I needed was one crit as Mulagir!Klein can do the remaining 16 HP. Echidna got ferried to the left side treasures by Milady and picked up the White Gem and Sleep Staff. Noah got the Dracoshield and Wyrmslayer. Chapter 23 (3/160): Ran up, dancing Cecilia ahead on Turn 1 so she could Silence the first Druid. Allen rescued Lugh and Klein dropped him so they could form a bit of a wall for Lalum. Cecilia sat on a tree with 2 HP on Turn 2, silencing the remaining two status Druids and then killed everything on EP with Aircalibur and Forblaze. Roy moved up and got danced on Turn 3, and Geese, Klein, and Milady all worked together to clear the way for the seize. Chapter 24 (8/168): Yeah. 15 Move Klein can move and ORKO the first Throne!Manakete without any help so that’s neato. Cecilia also put a couple Manaketes to sleep at a few points. Hammerned the Rescue once and then broke it to bring Roy to the final throne. Endgame (1/169): Nice. Unit review: Allen, Milady, Cecilia, Geese, and Lugh all owned. Everyone else was ok, I guess. Noah such a scrub he didn't even get to promote, but he still had his uses. Who's Dayan?
  2. back on my bullshit Chapter 13 (7/100): Cavalry rush. Geese went up to get the Body Ring. Klein Brave Bow’d down Flaer. I gave Milady the Speedwings and Dracoshield, she used both by the end of the chapter and got 3 whole levels thanks to the Horseslayer. Chapter 14 (5/105): This was the chapter that made me ragequit for awhile. I gave Milady a Killer Lance and Elysian Whip from the convoy and that’s all she had in her inventory. Basic strategy was that Milady through a complicated rescuechain, took Roy, gave Roy to Cecilia, and used both the Desert Speedwings (gotten by Shanna) as well as the Boots, all in Turn 1, before Cantoing to the magic tile where she could kill a lot of Mercenaries. She was Restored on Turn 3 by Cecilia, and then Given Roy by Klein (who picked him up after Cecilia dropped him the previous turn). Lugh killed the Hero that blocked her path from across the ledge. Lilina, Shanna, and Lugh all ran around to grab items. Geese followed Lilina and baited the northern wyverns, hit Lv 20, and then promoted. You could easily argue he’s a waste of a promotion/long term deployment, but I would argue, “I want to kill Zephiel with a Swordreaver/Armads crit”. Milady basically dropped Roy (who used a Torch turn 1 for vision) behind the corner rounding towards Arcadia and he moved towards the throne on Turn 4, with Milady killing most things on Turn 3 EP. She then moved in front of the boss, promoted, and had to OHKO the boss with a crit on EP. It sucks. She could kill on Turn 5 player phase, but then I can’t buy Pure Waters and I really want those for 16x and maybe even beyond. This, combined with Roy's survival, was why this took a million years. Weirdly enough though, the Wyvern Lord that normally aggros onto Roy moved earlier this time, so on Turn 3 he attacked... Lalum. And whiffed. And then got killed by Klein. I think it's because I moved Lugh differently than I usually did, so he entered their aggro range on Turn 2. Good to know for the future. Ended up getting all of the treasure except the Guiding Ring (Shanna got the Warp and Lugh got the Silver Blade but I could've given up the Silver Blade to have Lugh get Warp instead if I needed to). Chapter 14x (3/108): Miledy flew across the water with Roy and crit the boss. Cecilia got the Berserker kill after he was baited by Noah and she got a level up. Hooray! Hoping to make her actually competent as a horse combatant so I can have a solid mounted Forblaze user for endgame. I'm undecided whether Noah's worth promoting or not. Chapter 15 (3/111): A 2-turn is theoretically possible but then I can’t buy Keys from the shop and uh, that would lose me far more than 1 turn. Thanks to the Horse Brigade I was also able to bring Lalum over to recruit Perceval on Turn 3. Bought a buncha Chest and Door keys and a shitton of Thunders with Silver Card Geese. Allen got the Hammerne and Klein the Divine. Fed kills to Cecilia too. Chapter 16 (9/120): Allen got rescuechained Roy on Turn 1 on the right side and then danced by Lalum. He ran forward, dropping Roy a couple times to deal with some enemies and also recruit Hugh, but otherwise went straight for the throne room. Lalum, Lugh, and Echidna took the right hand side treasure room. Everybody else took the middle, with Milady carrying Klein to The Wall to break it down with the Brave Bow. Marcus, Noah, and Cecilia worked to get the left treasure room open, just barely doing it to get the Rescue staff and the Knight Crest by Turn 9, when Zeiss was recruited. I would've liked the Hero Crest as well to sell for more money, but alas. Chapter 16x (6/126): Sent Milady, Allen, and Marcus up the right, carrying Lalum and Roy along. Had a hell of a time surviving Turn 5 EP since Lalum had to dodge like a million siege tomes and Milady had to dodge the Aircalibur sage, could’ve probably been avoided if i baited him further left with Lugh/Cecilia down at the bottom as Silence targets. Cecilia just stayed near the start and healed people and Restored Klein repeatedly as he absorbed Berserks. Had Klein kill the left Paladin, aggro’d by Noah. Chapter 17i (4/130): Roy used a Pure Water, then Milady took Roy from Wade and used a Pure Water herself, got danced, and flew to the center island and dropped Roy. From there Roy KOd the center Archer when he got off to shoot at Milady, got picked up by Milady, and she flew to a specific tile so on Turn 3 she can move and drop Roy within seize range with the Rapier equipped. EP Roy kills both the throne Knights. Milady has to dodge Sleep from the Bishop twice, which is thankfully doable because of the Pure Water, and then KOs Arcardo. The rest of the team just used the Arena as much as possible. Noah was the star since his high unpromoted level gave him really high value bets. He’s not promoting ever at this point so this is his best niche. Cecilia also got some really high bets and got a ton of EXP from killing the Paladin at the start and using the Arena a bunch. Chapter 18i (4/134): Milady went up with Roy and killed the boss with the Brave Lance. Had to dodge two Berserks. Could’ve used a Pure Water but the Priest’s hit rate was really bad so w/e. Went to great lengths to let Cecilia use Mend on Turn 1, and then twice every turn until the map was finished. I gotta get her to B Staves somehow. Marcus and Allen just kinda chilled and hit C support. Oh yeah, Roy and Allen got to C support while I was waiting to free Zeiss in Ch 16, forgot to mention that. Chapter 19i (4/138): Milady got danced on turn 1 and flew over towards the castle. I had to have her drop Roy and canto both onto very specific tiles on Turn 3 so the enemies wouldn’t block his path to the throne. Cecilia spent as much time as she could Mending and Restoring, though I opted to have her staff once and kill a Paladin on the last turn for a level instead of staff twice. Chapter 20i (4/142): Holy shit this was a thing. So first of all, Geese contributed a bunch here, he along with Cecila blocked the entrance on Turn 1 so all the enemies attacked them, Allen, and Milady, who got Danced in and fullmoved to ORKO the Sleep Druid respectively. Second of all, Lalum had to get put into a crazy dangerous position for this to even work out, where she had to dodge both the Killing Edge Mercenary and the Killer Ballista on 7 HP or she’d drop dead on Turn 3 EP. It was, uh, a thing. I had Cecilia use FORBLAZE to kill the Hero in the middle cause otherwise he’d cause problems and it got her a level. Noah got sent to the Arena for some extra cash and Echidna + Fae took to the left to grab some tomes for cheap, if I even need them at this point. Lugh was very valuable here in taking on the entire right hand entrance by himself, and ORKOing the Sleep!Druid in there so he’d stop causing problems. I got the Speedwings, Purge, and Nosferatu, as well as the Angelic Robe for saving the civilians. Recruited Juno of course.
  3. i really need to go to sleep so these are my last picks for the night but boy are they GOOD ONES
  4. dw Gradivus i have you covered meanwhile for my own picks uuuuuuuuuh
  5. I love adding to my list of incomplete drafts! Sign me up!
  6. Chapter 8 (15/51): I could’ve seized by Turn 13, but I elected to delay a bit to grab some treasure. I’m very poor, and Lugh needs his promotion item. Chapter 8x (9/60): Yep. Allen promoted and Killing Edge’d Henning. Lugh and Noah picked up some scraps for EXP. I think I could’ve done this in 8 if my path didn’t get blocked at one point, but too lazy. Chapter 9 (6/66): Ran forward. Allen and Marcus dropped Roy on Turn 5 in seize range and Allen crit the boss. Only took one attempt to beat this map, somehow. Lugh and Noah got kills where they could. Deployed Shanna to buy a Torch on the last turn for 12x and 14. Chapter 10 (7/73): Geese cost like one or two turns. Not worth it, but the novelty of using THE GOOSE for once was too tempting. The Brave Axe might be useful too? One nice thing is he's just light enough for Marcus and Allen to carry him even when he promotes. Most of the EXP got focused into Noah and Lugh. Got the Swordreaver. Chapter 11 (9/82): Yep. Recruited Klein and Echidna, got all the villages, and got a lot of EXP onto Noah and Geese. Sadly couldn't recruit Tate. Deployed Shanna to buy another Chest Key and a handful of other things. Chapter 12 (6/88): Ran forward with Marcus and Allen. Geese got a lot of kills via the starting Fighters and the box full of Archers and Shamans, he’s already Lv 17. Lugh pulled + killed a Fighter through the wall and also pulled the Warrior, leaving him on low HP for Geese to kill with a Hand Axe. Allen killed the boss with the Wyrmslayer. Got all the chests on the right with Merlinus and Wade, Echidna and Klein just killed things for EXP. Wanted to feed the Sniper to Klein, but Echidna was too good with her Hand Axe hits. Lalum used the Angelic Robe on the last turn so she’s not perpetually OHKO’d by everything. Chapter 12x (5/93): Roy used a Torch on Turn 1. Promoted Lugh. Horses ran forward with Roy in tow. Lugh got the Elixir near the start, Marcus got the middle Elixir chest (near the Druid) and the White Gem, Allen Killing Edge’d the boss, and Noah, with help from Lalum, got the Red Gem. Lalum surviving on Turn 4 EP was super rough, she had to dodge 2 of a Myrmidon, Archer, and the Druid. Was worth it to get the Red Gem though. Geese just went up the left side and got more experience. Unit Lv HP Pow Skl Spd Luk Def Res Wpnlvl Roy 13.73 28 16 11 15 19 7 3 B Swd Marcus 6.90 37 11 14 13 11 10 9 D Swd C Axe S Lnc Allen 6.33 38 23 16 19 13 15 5 B Swd B Lnc E Axe Noah 15.27 33 13 10 15 9 10 2 B Swd D Lnc Lugh 1.33 28 18 17 19 11 8 12 S Anm E Stf Geese 18.31 40 16 12 15 13 9 2 A Axe Klein 2.03 27 14 14 12 10 8 6 A Bow Echidna 1.68 Base Lalum 2.83 22 1 2 11 10 2 4 SS+ Dance Benched: Wade, Lilina, Wendy
  7. Chapter 1 (4/4): Marcus picked up Roy turn 1 and just charged ahead. Allen 2RKOd the Fighter near the bottom on PP and EP, then cleared Marcus’ path on Turn 2 and cleaned a bunch of the enemies while Marcus ran forward and dropped Roy. Roy needed a Rapier crit to not have his path blocked but it WORKED OUT. Chapter 2 (6/10): Ran forward. Wade held off the right hand side and Marcus dropped Roy on the bottom-rightmost fort on Turn 3, where Roy killed a lot of things. Allen got the bosskill because Marcus whiffed an Iron Axe hit (used EP Steel Axe + PP Iron Axe) Chapter 3 (6/16): Ran forward. Wade went and recruited Lugh. Merlinus died stalling some Soldiers. Chapter 4 (5/21): Ran forward. Fed Lugh kills where I could using SLIM LANCE MARCUS to leave enemies on low HP. WADE tradechained Roy to Allen and then Marcus. Chapter 5 (4/25): Couldn’t make the 3-turn work out because my Marcus wasn't godly enough, but Lugh got a good amount of EXP as a result so it’s fine. Chapter 6 (4/29): Ran through the middle. Lugh got a bunch of EXP from just being thrown into the middle and praying he survived. It worked out! Marcus got a super rigged level off killing Wagner (HP/Str/Spd/Def), what a god. Chapter 7 (7/36): Yep. NPC Treck/Jerrot helped a ton, Jerrot was a huge asshole though and just sort of ran up the right side towards the boss area after all the enemies were gone so Noah couldn’t recruit him until the very last turn. I used the Door Key from Chapter 4 to open the gate with Marcus so he could canto and just destroy most of the boss area reinforcements with a Hand Axe. I think I could’ve 6-turned if I played a bit more aggressively but Jerrot would’ve probably fucked it up anyways by running away. Bought a couple sets of Chest Keys and some Door Keys, and a Thunder tome for Lugh. Lugh got a couple rounds at the Arena after all the enemies were gone, he got a bunch of levels here so he’s pretty competent now. Somehow rout'd the entire map. Lugh probably saved a few turns here by just baiting all the enemies to him while he sat at 6 HP on a forest and killed everything. Wade and Merlinus got villages on the right. edit: STATS for now since Ch 8 hates my guts Unit Lv HP Pow Skl Spd Luk Def Res Wpnlvl Roy 5.51 21 9 7 10 11 6 0 D Swd Marcus 4.71 35 11 14 13 10 10 9 D Swd D Axe A Lnc Allen 10.90 29 14 8 11 7 9 1 D Swd D Lnc Wade 5.50 31 10 6 5 5 3 0 D Axe Lugh 11.07 21 10 12 13 10 4 7 C Anm Noah 7.81 27 8 7 9 6 7 1 C Swd D Lnc
  8. In order to reunite Jerrot with his wife, Carmine will have to pull a bigbrain strat. Will he do it, in the name of love?
  9. Carmine gets an empty team slot aka Yuno.
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