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  1. formally IN IT TO WIN IT or at least LOSE WITH STYLE definitely won't finish this as fast as the Awakening draft
  2. Paralogue Laurent (Free/75): Reclassed Chrom to Cavalier and got him a billion levels. Promoted him to Great Knight. Laurent was recruited and insta-promoted to Sage. Passed down Move+1 and Vengeance. Fred and Olivia hit S support after this so uh, I guess I can do Inigo’s now. Paralogue Inigo (Free/75): Yeah. Severa killed nearly everything. Chrom and Miriel got some kills too I guess. Staffers spammed Rescue. Promoted Inigo to Bow Knight, I guess he can ferry people around or something. Chapter 22 (1/76): Rally’d Spectrum and Speed/Move with Cordelia and Alice, and Danced Cordelia. She went and got the Valflame and Yewfelle. Miriel walked up and bopped the Helswath dude. Laurent Rescued Lonk+Severa forward, Severa killed the Balmung guy with the Brave Sword forge, and then went and killed Aversa. Paralogue Tiki (Free/76): Did this one real quick with the classic brick wall strat. Severa hit Lv. 20 and SS’d back to Lv. 1 Hero. Tiki died at the end but that just kind of happens sometimes I guess. Chapter 23 (3/79): Oh boy, a chapter I can’t Galeforce cheese. I lowmanned the hell out of this with Severa doing the majority of the work, Cordelia picking off enemies at the starting area, and Miriel helping by killing three dudes and Rescuing Alice down to Rally Spectrum Severa on Turn 2. Might be 2-turnable if I tried harder. Chapter 24 (3/82): Yeah. Severa killed most things, Miriel and Cordelia picked off stragglers. Chapter 25 (1/83): Galeforce’d. Endgame (1/84): Max forged Brave Lance, max forged Brave Sword, max forged Brave Axe. Cordelia+Lonk hit Grima for 5 and 1 damage per hit (whoo?), then Severa with Chrom in the back smacked Grima for 5 and 17 damage per hit. Miriel Rescued Severa up while adjacent to Grima so she could provide Hex/Anathema support. Unit review later if I feel like it. Short version: Alice was as good as expected, Severa was absurd, Cordelia was way more able to juggernaut than I expected, and Miriel was actually super dope from once she reclassed to Dark Mage all the way to the end. Pretty good team but there was definitely some dead weight towards the end.
  3. Going in with +Speed -Luck (is there really any other viable set?) F!Robin named Alice. Premonition (2/2): Really hard chapter, had to think about this one for a long time. The strategy implemented was so complex, with so many moving parts, I cannot even begin to recount it. Prologue (6/8): Came up with two strats for a 6-turn, depending on how the first Mage moves. This gets a bunch of EXP onto Alice (259 Exp, to be exact), with her killing all 4 Brigands and the boss, after he gets ganged up on by Frederick, Chrom, and Alice, with Silver Lance, Rapier and Thunder respectively. Paired Lissa to Alice for the bosskill so Veteran activates. Chapter 1 (5/13): I thought this would suck and it kinda did, but not as much as I thought. Fred needs a +Spd level up on Turn 1 EP so he can kill the boss, Alice is unimportant for the most part but her levelup still needs to not suck because oh boy Chapter 2 is coming up next. Basically, Frederick with Chrom runs forward and smacks a Merc with the Silver Lance, Alice gets in range of that merc and finishes him on EP, and Fred spends the rest of the chapter baiting and killing dudes with Alice engaging in combat only when safe/necessary. If Alice hadn’t whiffed the Archer on Turn 3 EP, I think I could’ve finished this chapter in potentially 4 turns, but alas she did, and I wanted to take this attempt because both she and Frederick got really good levels. Chrom hit C with both Fred and Alice afterwards. Chapter 2 (8/21): It wasn’t actually too bad. Well, I should say, figuring out the strategy I used wasn’t too bad; actually having the dice roll the right way was a lot worse. Used Vaike and Lissa as my free units. So Fred with unequipped Chrom as a backpack runs up and smacks the left side Mercenary with the Silver Lance. Vaike pairs to Alice, and she moves up, trades for Chrom, equips him with Rapier, and finishes the Mercenary for a level up. She really needs to get Speed on this level to double the Brigands. EP, enemies attack Frederick, with the mountain Brigand going for either Frederick OR Alice, depending on if he rolls Gamble; if he does, he attempts to critblick Fred, otherwise he goes for Alice. Turn 2, depending on the mountain Brigand’s actions, Fred will either move below him and finish with the Bronze Sword, or move down to the same space, equip the Bronze Sword, and use a Vulnerary. Alice moves left two tiles onto the mountain and finishes a Soldier with Thunder. Miriel pairs to Lissa, who moves behind Frederick, trades him the Iron Axe, and heals either Alice or Fred (again, depending on who the first Brigand attacked on Turn 1). From here, it’s basically a roll of the dice for Alice’s survival. Due to Fred equipping the Bronze Sword, all the Barbarians (even with Gamble) are drawn towards Alice over him. Once the starting enemies are cleared out (or mostly cleared out - as long as Fred has a clear shot north with everyone else able to fend for themselves), Frederick heads up and gets just barely in range of the boss on Turn 5 with the Iron Axe equipped. He tanks and weakens a Merc and Barbarian, then retreats to the rightmost fort with the Bronze Sword. Alice sits on the left fort with Chrom, with Miriel and Lissa next to her for bonuses. EP, she counterkills a couple dudes Frederick weakened, and does major damage to the boss, leaving him at 12 HP thanks to a Chrom DS. This allows Lissa to pair to Miriel and she takes Alice’s Thunder to finish the boss off with 12 damage exactly, otherwise Alice could take the kill. Alice finishes the other Merc that Fred weakened on the fort, and Alice/Fred form a blockade on the bridge to weaken the three remaining enemies. Turn 8 the group cleans up. Chapter 3 (4/25): Used Sully and Sumia as my freebies. They mostly helped with chip damage and mobility. Used Fred with pocket Kellam to tank the dudes on the right turn 1, running up and smacking a Soldier with the Silver Lance. On EP, the Silver Lance kills the Knight with the Heal staff, and Fred convoydrops to equip Kellam's Javelin so he can counter the Archer. Dudes finish off enemies on Turn 2, with Fred moving to be exactly 14 spaces away from the boss while Javelining one of the remaining enemies. Turn 3 the door is opened by Alice flown over by Sumia, Fred gets Chrom paired to him, and he runs forward with the Iron Sword to ORKO the Hammer!Fighter on EP (has to dodge, of course). He moves up and kills Raimi with the Hammer on Turn 4, after dudes pick away at remaining enemies for EXP. Now that the Wireless menu is available, things are gonna get… interesting. Chapter 4 (3/28): Bought a Brave Lance and an Eirika’s Blade, both for Fred to use. Moved up so that Alice+Chrom are in range of the left fighter with Bronze Sword and Glass Sword equipped, if he spawns with HP+5 it’s OK because Miriel can finish him, but preferably he dies to 2x Bronze Sword + Glass Sword DS. Fred gets in range of the right Fighter with Eirika’s Blade and ORKOs. The top-right Mage must move in such a way that Fred can get into Lucina’s attack range when he goes to Brave Lance him. This way, he counterkills both her and the top-right Knight on EP, with Kellam in the back so he doesn’t beef it. Alice kills the other Mage with Celica’s Gale + Dual Strike, and then has to survive the Knight and top left Fighter. Come Turn 3, the only enemy left is the top-right Short Axe Fighter, easily taken out. Chapter 5 (6/34): Bought a LOT of stuff, like another Celica's Gale, a Wyrmslayer, and a +5 Mt Eirika's Blade forge for Lonk. This lets him ORKO every enemy in the starting area with Kellam pairup. Also used the Tiki’s Tear on him for the temporary buffs, to hit the ORKO benchmark and also make his survival in this chapter a lot better. Basically, had Fred and Alice+Chrom go up to clear the way for Ricken and Maribelle to make it down on Turn 1, then everybody retreated except Alice, who pretty much solo’d the top with Chrom and Celica’s Gales. The rest of the group went back to the bottom, then Lonk crept up the left and got plopped on the middle-left fort with the Wyrmslayer so he could kill a bunch of Wyverns, getting him a lot of much-needed EXP. Reinforcement spawns kept this from being a 5 turn, but they weren’t too dangerous. Chapter 6 (5/39): Yeah. Just sort of ran down the left side with Alice, killing things with Chrom DSes. Fred + Kellam killed some dudes on the right to start out and bait a Dark Mage. Miriel + Lonk held the center for a turn before Fred ran over to start helping out. Recruited Gaius, naturally. Alice refused to dodge a fucking thing so the bosskill was really shaky, since even if she healed she wouldn’t survive an attack on EP. It worked out though, with Chrom breaking the Glass Sword on Validar’s face. Chapter 7 (4/43): I didn't have any notes written for this one apparently? Used LEVIN SWORD FREDERICK plus Chrom to take out most of the enemies. Lonk got kills where he could. Cordelia scored A KILL before the map ended. Paralogue Donnel (Free/43): Yep. Fed kills to drafted dudes. Cordelia+Lonk and Miriel+Gaius hit C support. Lonk finished off his level-up (he was like 10.73 or something) and then reclassed to Wyvern Rider. Used Gaius to pick up the Rescue staff. Paralogue Berserker Boss (Free/43): Actually gave Cordelia the boosters this time (Naga’s Tear, Energy Drop, Dracoshield, BOOTS). Chapter 8 (5/48): This could’ve theoretically been done in 4 turns I think but getting Cordelia to survive the south by dodging enough isn’t exactly consistent in the first place so I’ll just take it. Chapter 9 (3/52): Reclassed Miriel to Dark Mage. Cordelia flew forward and killed stuff. She had to dodge some arrows which was annoying. Miriel handled the left side and rescued Libra, who was kind enough to repay the favor by killing the last enemy on Turn 3 Ally Phase so it doesn’t roll over into a 4-turn. Chapter 10 (3/55): Cordelia flew forward and killed stu- hang on a minute, this seems familiar. Thanks to Gaius pairing with Fred, he was able to move forward and blick the Master Seal Thief on Turn 1 with Gradivus, convoydropping it so Cordelia could promote on Turn 2. Chapter 11 (3/58): Yeah. Fed Miriel a Seraph Robe so she could tank the left side more easily. Paralogue Stupid Villagers (Free/58): Focused EXP mainly onto Lonk. Chapter 12 (4/62): Ran around and tanked things with Cordelia+Lonk, Miriel+Gaius, and Alice+Chrom. Chrom used the Noble Rapier to help DS things down. Chapter 13 (2/64): Took an extra turn to let Lonk Vantage-kill a lot of stuff up north for a few levels. As a result, everyone else (well, everyone important) also got a few levels. Chapter 14 (2/66): Took an extra turn to get a buttload of EXP onto Alice, getting her to Rally Spectrum. Chapter 15 (3/69): Nice. Rally Spectrum’d up and had Cordelia kill most things. Miriel took care of the beach. Lonk took care of Say’ri’s corner. Paralogue Morgan (Free/69): Morgan’s like, super duper dead, but it’s ok because Cordelia killed 90% of the enemies to reach Galeforce, then Second Seal’d to Falcon Knight. Lonk also hit Deliverer. Paralogue SeverOHGODWHYARETHEYSOBUFF (Free/69): Yeah… I had Miriel nostank the hell out of this chapter, thanks to Rally Spectrum. Got Severa and fed her a couple kills. Passed Deliverer and Galeforce. Paralogue Anna (Free/69): Could’ve done it sooner, but uh, I did it now. Fed almost everything to Severa and Chrom. Chrom has to become competent someday to kill Grima, so. Promoted Severa after the chapter at Lv 18 to Hero. Fed her the Naga’s Tear, all my Goddess Icons, and an Energy Drop. Might add more details later, I've just kind of been marathoning the run all day so things are kind of blurring together. Chapter 16 (1/70): Galeforce. Ok, there was a *little* more to it than that, since I wanted to get the Speedwings as well. I had Gaius get Rally Spectrum’d, and with Miriel boosting his Magic, Rescue up Cherche holding Chrom. Chrom then flew up and bopped the Speedwing thief with an Eirika’s Blade. Frederick got the Bullion, with Olivia’s help. Bosskill was Cordelia with a Brave Lance fishing for Severa Hammer DSes. Chapter 17 (1/71): NO TIME FOR BOOTS, ONLY GALEFORCE Chapter 18 (1/72): what’s lava? lava isn’t GALEFORCE, i’ll tell you that much Chapter 19 (1/73): Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior, Galeforce? Chapter 20 (1/74): Gaaaalefoooorce (i used brave weapons to kill Walhart) Chapter 21 (1/75): This was still a Galeforce stomp, but it took a bit more thought to make it work out. So first, I had to reclass Miriel to Valkyrie for her fuckhuge Rescue range. The pairs are as such; Cordelia+Frederick, Lonk+Olivia, Severa+Miriel. Alice rallies everbody, and then GAIUS THE MVP moves forward and uses his dinky 5 rescue range to bring Cordelia a bit further down. Cordelia moves forward, kills the Assassin blocking the hallway exit, then GF’s ahead and Rescues Severa. Severa moves down, kills the Swordmaster blocking the path, then GFs ahead, swaps to Miriel, and Rescues down Olivia. Olivia dances Miriel, and she kills the boss. Probably doing Laurent’s and Tiki’s Paralogues next for EXP.
  4. I'm taking Inigo for myself and none of you can stop me which means FREE DONNEL FOR EVERYONE
  5. Cordelia and Lonk. I'm kind of winging it tbh. @Electric Serge
  6. Giving in to temptation and joining. Let's see if I regret this.
  7. Yep, and yep. I used Marcus quite a bit as unarmed bait. Chapter 12 (9/121): Ran up. Roy killed the boss with the Wyrmslayer. He had to dodge a Sleep but that wasn’t so bad (he stabbed the Priest the next turn). Cosmic brain strats allowed Merlinus to get the Blue Gem and Elysian Whip completely unassisted (albeit with lots of rigging to dodge the first two turns), thanks to the Steel Lance Knight moving first he ends up blocking the Hand Axe!Fighter from being able to reach Merlinus on Turn 3. He died shortly afterwards, but hey, he got the treasure, and he’s immortal. Lugh recruited Raigh for his Nosferatu. Chapter 12x (8/129): Pretty dang easy. Merlinus got the Elixir near the start and then died valiantly. Lugh got the Elixir in the middle and then the White Gem. Roy got to the throne with Lalum’s help and killed the boss - a turn was saved by having Roy pick up Lalum and drop her ahead on one of the turns after being danced (pretty flexible which turn specifically). Roy capped level. Chapter 13 (12/141): Took the north route. Lugh barely didn't kill Perceval (killed a lot of his goons though), and he retreated eventually. See you in Chapter 15, my dude. Lugh used the Body Ring so he can carry Roy. Didn't bother with shopping. Chapter 14 (7/148): It was fine, honestly. Lugh used da boots. Managed to get everything but the Silver Blade. Bought three Pure Waters. Chapter 14x (5/153): Lugh picked up Roy and ran forward. Dropped him on Turn 4 and killed the boss with a crit to SAVE DA TURN. Lalum just ran away from the Berserker near the start and danced Merlinus for EXP until he got owned on Turn 4.
  8. @Eltosian Kadath Yes, the mount is allowed to do whatever a drafted unit could do for that one chapter. It was a suggestion from the last draft to make the reinforcements less painful to deal with and make things more fair for people without one of the stronger units at that point. I guess you could go to Sacae this way, yeah. Wasn't really something I considered, honestly, but I doubted anyone would want to waste the time in Chapter 6 recruiting Sue. Chapter 7 (9/53): It actually wasn’t bad. Lugh killed almost everything while Roy sort of hung around and recruited Noah, then went up the left straight to the boss. Zealot helped clear the path for Roy to attack the boss, Lugh finished Turn 9 PP. Noah and Treck got the rightmost villages. Bought some Chest and Door Keys with Marcus. Chapter 8 (19/72): Gross. Used Noah as my free cav. Took an extra turn to get the Elysian Whip to sell for money. Chapter 8x (12/84): Roy fullmoved every turn. Lugh promoted and killed everything but like one stationary mage. Henning was a chump. Chapter 9 (9/93): Go Lugh, go! Recruited Fir for her stuff. Chapter 10 (8/102): Recruited Geese for his Brave Axe. Shanna flew him down the right side as an NPC to avoid any potential penalties. Ended up not costing any turns because Roy had to walk all the way there anyways. Chapter 11 (10/112): Broke down the north wall. Got the Angelic Robe which Lalum used and the Speedwings, which I will save. Managed to recruit both Klein and Tate for their CASH MONEY potential
  9. YES autodraft gets Sophia which means i get GARRET never been so happy to have a crappy prepromote berserker this means Wargrave is stuck with Karel. Kinda fitting since he already has Bartre.
  10. Autodraft gets the legendary Cath. @Eltosian Kadath
  11. Chapter 1 (7/7): Roy got stuck on Turn 4 and had to attack the Brigand. Thrilling! Roy has to crit Damas in one of his four attacks which thankfully with the Rapier is somewhat reasonable. Chapter 2 (10/17): stupid javelin soldiers Roy ran ahead. On Turn 2 i had Deke’s squad bodyblock the top fort and the tile to the right so i could keep that space open for Roy to run onto when he got there. He got clogged up a bit due to all the 2 range. Had Shanna park next to the boss with the Armorslayer from Merlinus, and Roy took it and ORKO’d the boss. Could’ve also used the Rapier (more reliable too) but I wanted to save uses for Chapter 4, just in case. Chapter 3 (10/27): Go, Roy, go! Marcus went up to get Lugh. One of the Cavaliers went up because they were attracted to smacking around unarmed Marcus/trying to kill 1 HP Lugh. Lugh got a couple levels thanks to luring over dudes from the start. Chapter 4 (7/34): Yeah. Went to the Vendor and bought a shitton of Fires. Merlinus got the Angelic Robe. Roy ran forward. Lugh couldn’t do much since his Fire was on 8 uses, but once he got traded some new ones (thanks Allen) he got a few kills. Roy killed Erik on Turn 6 EP instead of Turn 5 PP so Rutger would spawn and Clarine could recruit him before seizing. I want the Killing Edge. Chapter 5 (4/38): Lugh used the Angelic Robe. Both ran forward, Roy picking up Lugh Turn 1. Marcus opened the door, and Roy dropped Lugh ahead. Shanna blocked the mercs and nomad up top with the classic “get in front of the Nomad” strat. EP, Lugh got hit to 8 HP by the Merc and so all the Brigands tried to kill him (they missed). Roy weakened Dory and Lugh killed him; he’s officially reached Actual Competence. Chapter 6 (6/44): Farewell, free meatshields. It was nice having you. Ran forward and Killing Edge’d Wagner with Roy. Lugh killed stuff. Not looking forward to Chapter 7.
  12. Autodraft gets Chad, which means uh... ...fuck it, power move, I'm taking NIIME @JudgeWargrave remember next round is reversed, so you get one pick and then it's back to Gradivus.
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