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  1. That's debatable. Outta Sight is much less important than Veil, considering damage doesn't get as high as in TTYD and there's much less AoE that can hit Mario and the Partner. So it's comparatively less valuable. I feel like those points you bring up make Koops better, but I'd hear more discussion on it first. And Yoshi might have more damage, but any points of defense kind of ruin him.
  2. Flurrie's durability and Lip Lock are pretty good actually, and it's incredibly hard to miss Body Slam if you're paying attention. I'd say Flurrie is better than Koops so it's hard to argue she's lower than where she is for me. And I'd kind of like other people's opinions on Watt, since I'm still not entirely sold. From what I remember there aren't that many enemies with defense in 64 and that's actually a bad thing for Watt, plus she has no AoE damage so you're still prolonging a mob fight trying to paralyze them when you could just kill them with Kooper or Bombette.
  3. She has no AoE so I'm hesitant to put her higher than over Parakarry, and only one damaging move. Turbo Charge can be good on Mario with Power Bounce or something, but I feel like the paralysis moves are mediocre overall. I don't think pierce is so good she should be top, but I'm cool with over Parakarry. Pierce doesn't exactly help Ms. Mowz that much either.
  4. get fucked by defense kid also a useless fright jar does her job and still gives us no star points which is a bad thing and she can't hit spikey enemies, just flying so half a point there
  5. 64: Top: Watt Bombette High: Parakarry Sushi Mid: Goombario Kooper Low: Lakilester Bow --------------------------------------------------------------------- TTYD: Top: Bobbery Goombella High: Vivian Flurrie Mid: Koops Yoshi Low: Ms. Mowz Factors Included: Access to AoE. Ability to hit different enemy types (eg. Spiked, Flying, etc.). Utility access. Availability is considered but not as heavily, considering how Sushi is a lot more useful against the numerous fire type enemies in Chapter 5 than Goombario is comparatively in the chapters he's in. Backtracking for upgrades/getting Ms. Mowz. For TTYD, durability also factors in. Feel free to discuss/argue, since I'm a bit shakier on the 64 ratings due to not having played it as recently. Koops could probably be higher considering he's the only partner who can hit Spikey enemies until Yoshi which is like 2 chapters later and is the only AoE partner till Vivian, but he also has pretty heavy competition in the mid-late game considering just how good Bobbery and Vivian are and Shell Shield isn't that useful. He also has the lowest HP tied with Ms. Mowz and I don't think 1 point of Defense makes up for 5-10 HP.
  6. this is bullshit and won't let me vote for more than one person but also jakob
  7. of course he's a communist, his sprite was red good thing we don't have to worry about the filthy green party magi squad
  8. I'm pretty sure the Saphy scene is a translation patch bug that's supposed to be Cyas saving Mareeta. It fits with the rest of it and when he shows back up in chapter 12 to talk to her.
  9. I always figured the child hunts were supposed to be Julius and the Empire collecting children to try and route out the last of the Heim blood line and it's not till they kidnap Julia does it work though. And Julius was just lying to Ishtar.
  10. cause i keep getting lost in your eyes
  11. 9/eLevin that's the topic title also yeah admittedly they aren't good but I like the thematics of 4 of a generational world wide scheming and plotting with a tiny band of revolutionaries and the sort of the same with 10 I'm waiting for you to rip Cyas' artifical difficulty a new one though
  12. ok literally fe10's plot is awful it's main point of contention between our playable units being a piece of paper we aren't told about till its relevant with no foreshadowing that could be solved by a parley and yet isn't honestly fe8 might be the best plot in the game but it suffers from some of the worst gameplay balance so
  13. This. It seems to only effect kids who you recruit from the enemy's army because when I've fooled around with hacking FE4 it's also effected Faval but not Sety. There's not really a way to fix it.
  14. Her Chapter 21 church convo that promotes her. She's also the only one that has any hope of using Rezire due to the scarcity of Lightning tomes.
  15. The best part is no, there is another descendant of Heim, as retconned by FE5 introducing Linoan
  16. Psych

    No Effort Mafia - Day 5

    sounds like something scum would say
  17. Psych

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    So could you set a weapon to accessory and give it a reasonable number of uses and you wouldn't be able to see it or does setting something as accessory prevent it from being used.
  18. Psych

    No Effort Mafia - Day 5

    no i'm saying I have horrible scum finding accuracy, i never look like town, and i rarely start bandwagons on lynch targets or get people to listen to my arguments
  19. Psych

    No Effort Mafia - Day 5

    wow finally a game for me also I want no stats because come on when have i ever had any of the qualities in a mafia game (t>p>a)
  20. Psych

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    How does that interact with the stat rings? They don't have uses/can be repaired but they have a cost so I'm kind of confused.
  21. There are actually parts of the world they reference like volcanos and some sort of snowy wintery land that they specifically mention wanting to see and then not going to. So there is apparently more in the world. Zestiria just being a set up for this game feels really bad to me though, but that's obviously what it is.
  22. No I'm pretty sure Hellions existed, but Heldalf became so corrupted he became the first Lord of Calamity. Admittedly that whole scene and plotline is super unclear but the Lord of Calamity and the Shepards didn't exist until like the past 20 years which doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. Zestiria's plot is really bad
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