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  1. Vika's back as a badge.

  2. You probably realized this but having the gold by Chapter 14 won't mean you can buy the energy rings then. The secret shops only get their stat boosters AFTER the campaign has been finished. The three energy rings you get won't get Dozla or Saleh to 26.
  3. You got blessed on everything but Str. Which is actually pretty bad lol.
  4. Silith

    HHM without LHM

    Hmm but Marcus wants those books to rig crits easier....
  5. I was going to say Matthew is going to outspeed. But the thief can steal from Hector.
  6. You are almost caught up to me. Good Job!
  7. You should consider Mage Knight Lute. That movement will help a lot considering she'll ORKO anything either way.
  8. No crits are needed. But don't pay me any mind. I go into math mode way too easily.
  9. A unit named Will. Should be named after hiss WILLPOWER. I suggest either "Inept" or "Spineless"
  10. This chapter is.... really bad. Whoever designed this has to.... learn to map design.
  11. Chapter five, guys. Let me remind you the boss of chapter five in Sacred Stones is the Javelin knight and you get an armorslayer. Oh Snap. At least Saar is man enough to stand Next to a forest (not on one) with his 3 speed. (8 + (11 -1) x 3 -12) x 2 = 52 damage from base Joshua.
  12. Does 1.5 get bumped to 2? I used Zihark since he has Adept on his own. Or is it only in RD that inate skills don't take up capacity? Because I used both Adept and Astra in my calculations. He'll drop way lower without both. (And Mia's Fire Support will overtake him.)
  13. 'Barth is my 2nd favorite unit in FE:6 so I'm glad to see he did so well. Pitty Treck was banned. He's da man.
  14. I want to make a special shoutout to some of the Laguz. Ena. She can reach 34 Str. Transformation increases that to 39 and resolve to 59. With her laguz weapon and transformation that reaches 69 mt. Against a 0 def unit with infinite HP with Adept proc on both her strikes that's 69*4*3=828 damage. And it doesn't need to be a flyer. Nasir can reach 26 str which ends up at 46 mt. So weaker then Ena. Giffca reaches 50 mt. So he would be stronker then Ena if you could give him skillz. Eh Since I'm a mathwhore I'll Calc Zihark's Damage too. 24 str. + 2 from supports (only Brom gives Str.) and then +9 from the Brave weapon gives him 35 Mt. 4hits each proccing adept for 8 astra's. 40 crits each dealing 1.5 times normal damage. So 35*40*1.5=2100 damage. In theory that is. 1575 is the real cap since a brave sword has only 30 uses.
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