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  1. Oh... OK... But what am I supposed to do with these numbers? Do I need a special editor for this type of data?
  2. I found something rather strange, right now Eirika's supposed to use swords and magic (I used the Special/Physical split patch and I'm going to check if this relates to this glitch) but every weapon she uses gives her Lance Experience instead. That and the weapon level up pop up is really annoying...
  3. Well, this would do it (if I can figure out how to set it up, of course), but, does it matter that this module is supposed to be used on FE7? Because I'm doing this on FE8...
  4. Well, if that's the case it means that code it's located in a different part of the ROM's data because I tried to copy the runesword's code where the new sword's code is and it's still not working like it should...
  5. Yeah, but the other magic swords follow the magic triangle (the Light Brand IS effective againts dark magic if used at long range), but for some reason this one doesn't work like them, instead it behaves like a normal range weapon (just like a javelin).
  6. I need some help with creating some custom weapons: I'm trying to create a new magic sword and it seemed that it could be done easily, but when theweapon is used, it doesn't follow the rules of the magic triangle like the other magic swords do. It doesn't look like it could be fixed with Nightmare Modules alone, and (as far as I know) no one has asked this before but is there a way to make it work like a dark tome when used?
  7. Thanks, now I can keep desinging my (not so) new romhack! And, since it took me forever to find it, i'm pretty sure you'll help other people too!
  8. I've been working on a romhack which involves a reclassing of most classes, Eirika is a mage in this and I changed the rapier into aircalibur (or air cutter, as I named it), but i'm having trouble with the BGM kill and I don't know how to fix it. I've heard about a patch, but I can't find it anywhere. Could someone tell me how to fix it, or hand me the patch?
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