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  1. I can confirm that defeating Dione in Chapter 18 does not prevent her recruitment at the beginning of Chapter 20.
  2. I've enjoyed what I've played so far. I do have a few questions. 1. I know of three gaiden chapters: the two Wayland chapters you get by default, and one chapter revolving around the Red Wind and Magnus (15x, I think). I didn't get the latter the first time around, so I'm curious if there are any others besides those three. 2. Are the tactician rankings holdovers from Blazing Blade, or have they been uniquely determined for this game?
  3. I assume you're making it so you can't cheese the fight with a Hammer like you can in the base game, right?
  4. This is a known issue. The file causing the problem has been identified, but I'm not sure if Dunal has fixed the issue yet.
  5. I just thought of something. If Micaiah isn't going to have staff access until her third tier now, is she going to be able to do more in Chapter 3-13? If she's still stuck behind the defense line, she'll need access to siege tomes or something else so she isn't useless for most of the chapter.
  6. I believe I've identified the file causing the issue for modded Wiis. Namely, the dispos_h.bin file in the bmap0103 folder in the zmap directory is part of the problem. When I removed it from the ferd folder used by Riivolution for patching, it proceeded to the battle map fine. Unit stats and classes were not affected, but Sothe did enter the map from the location in the vanilla game and not the new one by the chests in the southwest corner of the map. I also believe the enemy unit deployment was identical to how it was in the vanilla game.
  7. I tried removing the e_common.m and common.m files both separately and simultaneously from the ferd folder, but I still get a black screen loading into the battle map for 1-2. Perhaps the issue is with the map or enemy layout files?
  8. I tried running this on my Wii via Riivolution, but I ran into the same issues accessing 1-2 and beyond noted in the release post for the current patch. I did notice that the class name of the mage with Worm in the Prologue seemed to change between loads. The first time, his class was Scholar, but it was Wind Mage on my most recent attempt. If I recall correctly, I believe you also changed the names of Thunder and Fire Mages, yet they were the same in 1-1 as they are in the vanilla game. I'm not sure if that will help you identify the issues proceeding with this on the Wiis, but it's something.
  9. Would there be any way to make it so you can randomly choose from one of the affinity versions upon starting a new game?
  10. Proof that RNGesus hates me. Tharja 4* (-RES/+HP): Blech. Frederick 4* (+ATK/-DEF): Already have a better one. Next. Ogma 4* (+ATK/-HP): Pretty damn good, but I already have an excellent Ogma. Eliwood 3* (+RES/-HP): My first Eliwood is better. Sully 3* (+HP/-RES): A pretty bad nature to have for Sully or most anybody else. Followed by proof that RNGesus loves me. Clarine 3* (+RES/-DEF): Not terrible, not great either. Selena 4* (+DEF/-ATK): Also not that good. Cherche 3* (+DEF/-HP): Meh. Could be better. Raigh 4* (+ATK/-RES): -DEF would have been better, but this one is pretty good. Jaffar 5* (?): Yay!
  11. Tried out another pull. Results were pretty mixed. -Barst 4* (New) (+RES, -DEF) Not good. Barst wants +ATK or +SPD far more. -Roy 4* (+RES, -HP) Blech. Pretty sure the Roy I already have is better. -Serra 3* (New) (+SPD, -ATK) Workable. It's not like she can do much damage with how weak Absorb is to begin with. -DEF would probably be a better bane, though. -Subaki 4* (+SPD, -RES) Appropriately enough, Subaki ends up with a perfect stat distribution. Resistance is already his worst stat. 38 Speed at 5* Level 40 is a pretty good benchmark, allowing him to both avoid being doubled by almost the entire cast and double characters he otherwise couldn't. The 31-33 speed range is pretty crowded, including: Clarine, +SPD Cordelia, Male Corrin, Elise, +SPD Eliwood, Jakob, Jeorge, Kagero, Merric, Odin, +SPD Ogma, Olivia, +SPD Olwen, Palla, Peri, +SPD Raigh, +SPD Raven, +SPD Male Robin, Roy, +SPD Sakura, Serra, Takumi, +SPD Young Tiki, +SPD VIrion. I'm pretty pleased with this one. -Oboro 3* (New) (+HP, -RES) Passable. +ATK or +SPD would probably be better, but Oboro doesn't particularly mind having less RES. So, assuming you made it through that wall of text, I thought about boosts and banes for a little while, and I can't think of a single instance where -HP or -ATK would be good banes to have. Can anybody else think of something I've overlooked?
  12. I was able to clear the main story on all three difficulties using my core team. This was mostly because I pulled a 5* Ogma on my first draw, who carried until my second pull. My second pull gave me both 5* Lyn and two 5* Takumis, so most of the remaining missions were a piece of cake. Armors gave me a bit of trouble, but pulling a 5* Young Tiki on my fourth pull resolved that issue nicely. So, here are the units I have with stat spreads that I know for sure. -Ogma 5* (+ATK, -RES) -Young Tiki 5* (+SPD, -ATK) -Raigh 3* (+SPD, -DEF) -Cecilia 3* (+SPD, -DEF) -Fir 4* (+HP, -ATK) -Lyn 5* (+HP, -ATK) -Eliwood 4* (+ATK, -HP) -Sanaki 5* (+SPD, -DEF) -Frederick 3* (+DEF, -RES) -Virion 2* (Neutral) -Male Corrin 4* (+HP, -RES) -Gunter 4* (+HP, -ATK) -Hinoka 5* (Neutral) -Takumi 5* (+DEF, -HP) -Hinata 4* (+RES, -DEF) -Sakura 4* (+ATK, -HP) -Peri 4* (+HP, -ATK) Some of these are ideal. For example, Ogma loves being able to hit enemies even harder and doesn't really mind lower RES when he can't tank magic to begin with, while Sanaki likes not getting doubled by 90% of the cast. Others (read: Hinata, Peri), not so much.
  13. Do Janaff and Ulki still have Focus/Insight and Vigilance as personal skills, do they have something different, or nothing at all? Same question for the old dragon buff skills. Also, is Mercy still removable from Elincia like it is in the vanilla game?
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