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  1. Will be very disappointed if we don't as Scarlet deserves more content.
  2. My Castle Code - 12514-29694-66068-57372 Chosen Affinity - Birthright/Hoshido Avatar Name - Hawke Castle Name - Birthright Region - NA Food Resource - None Mineral Resource - None Battle Level - Easy Seize, All on Hold & Empty Throne MyCastle Team: Hoshidan Dynasty Avatar: Dragon Fang, Hoshidan Unity. Nohrian Trust, Quixotic, Vantage Scarlet: Aether, Quixotic, Hoshidan Unity, Vantage, Awakening Kana: Dragon Fang, Vantage, Nohrian Trust, Hoshidan Unity, Quixotic Jakob: Dragon Fang, Hoshidan Unity, Nohrian Trust, Pavise, Aegis Felicia: Dragon Fang, Aegis, Pavise, Hoshidan Unity, Quixotic Kaze: Lethality, Vantage, Hoshidan Unity, Quixotic, Dragon Fang Silas: Dragon Fang, Quixotic, Hoshidan Unity, Aegis, Pavise Azura: Hoshidan Unity, Nohrian Trust, Inspiring Song, Movement +1, Dragon Fang Shigure: Rally Strength, Rally Magic, Rally Speed, Rally Defense, Rally Resistance Last big update for me outside requests. Finally got Gold Statues for all Birthright characters up.
  3. Hopefully they make a good effort on a good story this time.
  4. No. He sells away the nation he loves for a naive and selfish child that is Conquest Corrin? Seriously?
  5. Openly racist? Please. Nohr killed her father, sends faceless to kill innocents, kidnapped and brainwashed Corrin, killed her mother, tried to kill Corrin, and are invading them.Hinoka is right to call them Nohrian Scum as they're scum who happen to be the hated Nohrian invaders. Zola is not in their side, he literally tried to capture the Royals and betrays you multiple times. The only one he doesn't want Garon to kill is Corrin. He happily would watch the rest be killed by his plot.
  6. Corrin's as Corrin is the best character. You would be foolish not to lead with them.
  7. Actually, she was treated as family and had the same rights as them.Azura could have had retainers however the rule states that the Royal must choose their retainers. As Azura was very anti-social she never chose any thus she has none.
  8. Disagree. Rinkah is pretty good for Velouria and Sophie.
  9. Yes and I'm still against Elise having kids at 12.
  10. Anyone else stuck with this? My Caeldori is related by blood or marriage to Shiro, Kiragi, Kana, Dwyer, Sigure, Midori and Asugi. Only Hisame isn't blood or marriage related to Caeldori, Kana and Midori. Hisame... No matter what someone's getting the marriage or blood cousin loving... I'm sure that the family tree is far more complicated in Revelations if you don't marry the Royals together.
  11. Anyone got Dragon Fang on Anna, Hayato and Orochi?
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