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  1. Taka looked at the other cat, with a modicum of confusion in their expression as she watched them explain the food to her. What was a pancake? She'd seen a cake presented to Princess Yukari before, but not one you make in a pan. Isn't that supposed to be oven baked? "Pancake..." Taka opened the menu back up and started looking through again. Much of the conversation wasn't of interest to Taka, but she tried to maintain listening. The ninja was keen on continuing working how she did as Yukari's servant, but to understand part of why they're here... That partially interested the girl. Her tail straightened, then, the other cat began complimenting her. "I did what was needed of me. I was told to join you, thus I'd fight to keep you all safe. Thanks are unnecessary."
  2. "So it's a fight. Got it. Moving to engage the AHI machines." Markus focused onto the battlefield. There were civilians in danger. "Not in a good position. Gotta get closer..." Markus to 16,15
  3. "Okay..." Was all Taka said as she continued to stare at the menu. She was still confused. There were too many words, and pictures. What do you get? Who do you tell it to? Taka hid the mild frustration she was having, and simply closed the menu and began listening to Eve. Apparently this group was to be made into some sort of unit. Eve hadn't given the full details, but the ninja was quick to respond, "I will join you, as that's what was asked of me." She gave a small nod as she stared down the woman, not maliciously, just out of the seriousness of her words.
  4. Markus had to breath a bit. This was his first time in a real fight, and the first time he'd been in a real HEX since the academy. It was... almost alien. He was more accustomed to fighters; things he'd flown confidently and a lot more than mecha. "Alright Markus... You promised to be safe. Gotta come back and see Miz with a smile. Breathe in, breath out..." The blonde assessed his weaponry, all his systems. All green. Kazue and Louise were quick on the draw trying to ascertain who they were supposed to fight. Markus carefully advanced, waiting on the Captain's decision. Markus to 15,10
  5. "Of course," Miria gave a smile as she responded to Üllr. When Ren came over, asking if they could tag along with them to meet Tasha, Miria replied, "Absolutely. There might be more people who need patching." She turned to follow Üllr, and her smile started to dissipate. As glad as she was they won, there was something eating at her. She didn't like it. Please, just... go back to being happy. It was a rough night, people need that smile! Just smile, dammit! She tried to force it out, but something was stopping her. Miria stayed behind Üllr as they made it to Tasha. The wolf brought up their new recruit. She waited, and watched around. When her eyes looked over and she saw Alvira, she felt her mood drop again. The poor dragon had to have gone through so much... Miria turned away and started watching around again, giving a relieving sigh. She's back with Miss Natalya. That should help you feel better, right, idiot?
  6. Taka followed, lagging slightly behind the rest of the party as a lookout. Even if there was someone confirming their safety, the ninja wasn't one to simply take that. The party's safety now became her responsibility. She look around, but she wasn’t a sight-taker. Her eyes were watching the people, blind spots, anywhere someone could attack from. Things seemed... clear, but she remained alert. Taka listened as they entered the Tree of Life. Taking a seat, she looked at this menu that sat in front of her. She stared and read intently. This was her first time in a place like this. The ninja looked up, and simply asked, "What do I do?"
  7. "Lucy. Nice to meet you." Miria replied, not in her usual tone. It was more standard, than it was her usual bright tone. What is going on with me, agggh! She shook her head while the other two talked a bit. She listened as Üllr recollected the horrors he went through in Mura. When he brought up his trust in the cub, she moved a little closer, giving him a scratch on the back of the shoulder, and she was able to make a big smile for him. "I still gotta teach you how to make fish too~"
  8. "Ahh. Yeah, they were bound to have a lot of those, huh?" Miria was lucky in that regard. Being human made her safe from pure weapons, which... nade her feel bad due to her thinking she should've been deeper inside to take the hits from them. She shook her head as Ren arrived. "Oh, Ren." The little cleric came up and started healing her. "Thank you. And... I'm glad you're okay." She could tell they were hiding something, so Miria just left it there. The bit of healing did give Miria a bit more energy, even if she was still exhausted. Another woman came up, and began intricately healing Üllr's wounds. Once she finished, that's when Miria spoke up, "I guess, you're a friend of Jeremiah's?"
  9. Miria turned over when she her Üllr's voice. She was too tired to-- Everything seemed to one-eighty for her as she immediately bounced back up. Üllr looked so beat up. "Ü-Üllr, I mean, look at you. I'm f-fine, I just... am tired, and frustrated. We had a lot on our plate too. But, uhhh," she scrambled amongst her things, and pulled out a vulnerary and handed it over to her friend. "If you need a healer we have a couple, but, you should prolly take a quick vuln. You must've been on a rampage." She said, trying to give a laugh (clearly forced) and lighten the mood. The night clearly wasn't fun for everyone, and she tried to find some relief.
  10. Despite the rough hit she took Miria was able to take down the shaman. She coughed, and assessed herself. She'd never seen her armor crack like it was gonna break before. She'd have to be more careful from here on. She brought herself back inside the fort, limping lightly, and breathing heavily. The armor had taken it's toll, made most apparent when the fire dissipated from her sword and armor. Once she was inside, she caught the man talking. "Jeremiah..." she softly spoke to herself. There wasn’t a lot more she could do at the moment. She brought herself closer to where everyone had gather around Jeremiah, and she planted herself onto a pillar, turning off her armor. It seemed quiet now. And if this Jeremiah character was chatting, maybe that meant they were safe. For now.
  11. "R-Ren!" Miria couldn't tell what was happening to their little healer. Why did they turn to goo? Was that the sword or, were they actually a clouded or monster? Miria didn’t have time to think about it, a Javelin came her way, that she was able to avoid, and responded accordingly with two quick slashes to the cavalier that threw it. He wasn’t the priority, Ren's safety was... or, maybe her remains are? Her rage started to become confusion, but... she kept her focus. There was still more ahead of them even if it started to seem like the end of things. Hopefully someone else could take care of that swordsman for Miria. She ran to fight the Shaman hiding in the back. Miria moves to 3,31 and Wind Edges the Shaman.
  12. Miria was getting real tired of this. Two horsemen had come in, and then two more followed along. They needed her help inside, and as much as they did, their flank was continuously in danger with these seemingly endless guys. Almost as if by accident, her anger triggered her fire, as the trimming of her armor became a fiery red, and her sword's blade became engulfed in flames, she went in to attack! Miria activates Afterburner! She moves to 4,29 and Wind Edges Cav 4! "Get out of our way!"
  13. Markus's phone suddenly began going off as he walked. He moved to the side as he read what he got from Miz. His cheeks went into a mild blush but he gave a smile. He went to reply. [Don't worry, I don't plan on dying anytime soon. I got a lot to ask, so I gotta make it back, okay? See ya then. <3] As he hit enter, there was a notification from Vivien. "Hah, little shorter than she normally posts." [Don't worry Viv. I haven't practiced Tekken to get my runback for nothing.] He sent the message and went back on his way.
  14. Markus had been in his quarters practicing. What exactly? K.O YOU WIN Getting up early each morning to practice a bit of Tekken before the rest of the day became a normal thing for the blonde. He didn't want to go on a night-long loss streak to Vivien again. Once he got his last game in, it was like clockwork. "Almost there? Hah..." Markus had been a bit anxious about this mission to the capital for a bit. He wasn’t gonna tell anyone that, and he was gonna do what he needed to. He gathered his things, getting into his flight suit first, since other crewmembers started doing it for convenience. After, was his uniform. Fully suited up, he brushed an extra bit of hair out of his eyes. "Well, I guess it's about that time. Let's come back alive, eh Mick?" He gave a sigh and left his room. He made his way to the hangar. No need to rush until the ship is suddenly shot at.
  15. Taka once again made a clean kill on her opponent. She had been struck by a spell, but it hadn't bothered her much. It would take much more for it to matter for her. The ninja cleaned her knife and put it away. It was clear in the silence that the fight was over. She made her way to Eve. "Miss Eve, the fighting is over. What do you need me to do next?"
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