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  1. "I guess that makes sense, yeah." Miria still didn't really understand her or Aly. However, she just took that more as a touch of intrigue. They were Tigers. So in her eyes, they were potential friends to learn more about. Of course, Tanya already pointed out how she'd be there to keep her safe. Speaking of people there to keep the snake lady safe, "Aly, how about you? You doing okay? Need anything?" She asked with the usual Miria energy.
  2. Miria was intently listening. From her opinion on the fellow tigers, "Yeah, everyone is super cool." She responded with a big smile. I'm glad you're neeting people. And have such a good relationship with Aly." Miria did noticed a bit of the discomfort Sixteen was having, very clearly from her. Miria backed herself up as best she could, in an attempt to at least keep distance from the... snake? Noticing Sixteen's sweat, "That's... an odd quirk. What's the point of sweating if you don't cool from it? Would you... like some water?"
  3. "H-huh?" Miria was still wiping her eyes and waking herself up. She expected Renais to answer, but instead she got it from Tanya. She shook her head to wake herselr back up, then reached for a water canteen in her pouch. "I uh, y-yeah, I slept f-f--" a yawn, "I slept great, actually." She took a drink, then turned to Renais, "Thank you Renais, I appreciate it." Miria's attention then went to the two oddballs of the wagon, Aly and Sixteen. She wasn't sure how to describe them, only that... their relationship as sisters only piled on more questions. Though in her mind, Miria probably isn't the best person to judge. "Hey, Sixteen, right?" She started, "Are you acclimating okay? I know we can be... a lot to take in."
  4. Miria had fallen asleep during the cart ride. It wasn't so bad earlier in the day, but she started to feel the fatigue from her training the night before. Some long rest, some food, and she’d be fit to go. And she was in half of it. She had curled up and used Renais as a pillow. She was comfortably warm (and soft!). However as the heat began to kick in more and more, the little Kanseian lifted herself off, slowly, with a yawn. "Is it... g-getting..." another yawn, "is it getting warmer?" She asked as she wiped her eyes.
  5. Miria enjoyed the embrace until Gean had let go. It was clear to her that Gean had something bothering her, but... Miria would be kind enough to not prod. Besides, she asked about what she was reading. Well... "Actually, I'm not reading anything. This," She showed, it was a journal, with a strap left hanging, "Is a journal I picked up back in Eibar. I thought, well... I really like the book that was done of Gran, detailing his life, and his efforts. So I thought... If I wanted to, or someone else, I'd document our efforts, and... Maybe one day we'd see our efforts in a story of our own. Or someone can use them, and make their own tale based on our efforts." Miria smile had practically glown, she was so proud of this idea. "Pretty cool idea, huh?"
  6. Miria held Gean's arms and snuggled into them. Gean was comfy and safe. Not that a group of badass women and gents wasn't safe-feeling enough, there was something about Gean that made Miria feel comfy. "Mmm..." She embraced it a bit. "I'm good, just a lot of travel." She answered. "So just relaxing until it's time to go again. How... about you? Are you okay?"
  7. After things had been settled, the camp was back to being semi-quiet with everyone off and doing their own things. There was a bit to take in with the sudden new companion in Alriana's sister, but it was a thing future Miria could wonder about at some point. She would've gone back to the wagon but she found a nice stump where she could gander about the area when she was done reading. Then, there was the sudden grab! "AH! ATTA--" She started until she realized the hug, then the soft bonk on her head and the voice of Gean. "Oh, uh-- false alarm?" She smiled with a laugh. "Hi Gean~"
  8. Miria definitely shuddered after hearing the scream. Tanya was behind her it seemed, and she was off. Miria followed along a little after. There was a new face amongst them. A girl calling herself Sixteen... with a tail... like a snake. Miria simply kept herself in middling view, she wasn’t quite sure how to take this new individual, but she seemed docile enough considering her reaction to Aly's presence.
  9. Clash in the Colosseum Miria had herself situated in the back of one of their wagons. Leaving Eibar was simple, and there hadn't been any crazy fighting since the Crows. Good, in her mind, there was only so much food she should be eating from what they had, so she was thankful for the lack of action. She he had already been through her training for that day, and now she was resting with her book. There was a light hum as she sat and read.
  10. "Don't worry, I know I'll be okay. Like you said, I have the Tigers, and they'll help keep me safe." Miria responded with a confident smile to Celes. "Next time I see Mama, I'll get to tell her about how much stronger I am." She held onto her dress, and she realized everyone else was gone, "Ah! Sorry, I-I gotta bounce, um...! T-Thank you so much, Celes, and-- M-Mister Celes! I'll be sure to tell Mama you said hi." She stopped before she started bolting, "Oh right. My name's Miria! Thank you!" And she was out.
  11. Miria tapped her chin for a bit, thinking about how much she should be telling them. But... "Well, truth be told, I'm out, 'adventuring', because stuff happened and it was safer that way. Mama would've never let me leave if not for it, haha..." She tried lightly laughing. "But we still keep in close contact, for the most part." There was a bit about Celes knowing her mother from her military days, If she was still in her prime, maybe I wouldn’t have been scared to stay home-- She shook her head, Miria wasn't so daring as to insult her mother like that. And their destination. Well, "I don't know how much I should be saying, so I'll just say, me and my comrades are," and she shifted her voice to sound funny, "on a special, super secret mission."
  12. Miria's eyes widened and she had a smile, "You know Mama and Papa?" Then, his wife, apparently Celes, an old compatriot of her mother's came out of a changing room, bringing up Lavina's left armor. Woops. But, they're right, she'd come back for it. "Ahh, mm, they were good the last time I sent a letter out. I have been... adventuring, for a little over a year now. I miss them." She smiled, however. "But they know I'm okay."
  13. Miria waved back nervously at the Evoker. Tio was her name, Miria remembered that. And not to call her by her other name. "Nono, you're fine." She smiled with confidence. Then, she turned back to the shop owner. A small explanation, eight years ago in Kansei. That could check out, if... "Well, maybe? Were you ever in a shop owned by a... big guy, a bit taller than me, teeth, poofy ears, basically a big teddy bear disguised as a dog man?"
  14. "Moonie?" Miria asked as Nyx walked put of the building. It was fine, she turned back over seeing Renais at the counter paying for... Her(?), Tio's(?) clothes...? It didn't matter. What did was that she noticed the clothier look at her again. This time, "Excuse me," she started, moving over so she was also at the counter. "Sorry for interrupting but, is something wrong, sir?" She tried her best to sound as not-rude as possible.
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