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  1. She listened intently to Nessraya's words of advice. Everything was practically on point with how she was thinking. She was conflicted. It wasn't the first time she considered the fact that Agni could go back to the church at any time. It was mostly a means of... "...Because I don't know if, when, or how he may try to leave..." She suddenly answered after Nessraya finished. "I... I want him to turn around, but it's a means of... being careful how I tread." She wanted to word this right, not sure if she'd sound stupid for her means of answering the succubus' question. Marina gathered her bearings for a moment, and moved to sit with Nessraya, "I'm afraid if I do something... too drastic, he may just up and abandon me," She admitted, "I wasn't the first one, right? Hero, I mean. Imagine I do something that the church discovers, and they denounce me, see me as a lost cause? And then, all of a sudden a new person is brought here, being labeled as the newest 'Hero of Coteon'. And Agni just... runs and swears loyalty to them. Then... what reason would any human have to listen to what I have to say, if the only one who ever stood by me cut and run...?" Then, a tear dropped. "I feel like I'm trapped in a limbo... I want to do what I can to please everyone but... I just end up disappointing one person, or myself, or everyone around me." She held her head in her hands, "I once was told, the hardest part of making a decision is not knowing whether or not it was the right call. And I hate how right they are." Ruffling her own hair, trying to mask the sudden headache she'd formed from all this stress, she followed onto her comment about trusting her, "Nessraya, I do trust you. You saved my life, when you could've blasted me once and just... made me nothing more than a distant memory. Honestly, I'd love to offer myself up to you. With all the crap I've been putting up with the last month, rejuvenation from it would probably be the best feeling right now. I just... I don't know."
  2. Suddenly, Marina's whole demeanor dropped as she saw Nessraya's cold gaze. Maybe, she didn't know how much this mattered to Nessraya... Duh, she needs love to live. Good work, idiot. Then, she turned to see Agni's... smirk. Agni... Then a bow to her, too. And a whisper to her... almost like a self-congratulations to him. She didn't give him any worthwhile reply, and let him walk away. She turned to follow Nessraya. "...Such an asshole...!" She softly spoke, trying to hide her frustration, planting her head on the tree they walked to. Soon, Marina followed with a giant sigh, trying to air out her frustrations before she started talking; she didn't want to pull her anger into what they were going to talk about. As much as she just didn't want to talk about it anymore. "I'm sorry," Was the first thing she could say, even if it felt empty to say it at that point.
  3. Honestly, Nessraya's description was about what she expected. The feeling on her face was nice too... To be invigorated and refreshed... Marina felt it'd at least be a good pick-me-up with all the craziness that had been going on. She did really think about it, though the added pressure from Agni did at least still make her wary. She knew Agni was simply looking after her, and she still had a lot to learn about the world around her. Then of course, she wanted to learn more about Nessraya as well... Speaking of that, "That... honestly felt really nice," She admitted, feeling her cheek a tiny bit, "If it's alright Nessraya, I'd like to think on it first, before doing anything." She gave a soft smile, "I'd be more than willing to help you, but... It's not that I don't think I'd be uncomfortable, but more... I don't know how ready I am for... passionate love." She nervously laughed, then decided, maybe as a sign of trust, placed her fingers on Nessraya cheek like the latter did to her. She knew it wouldn't work the same way the magic did to her cheek, but she tried to give some sort of signal that she did trust her adviser. "As well, I still did want to talk to you about earlier, and I don't think I'd be able to... focus enough during our passionate love to talk." She laughed again. It was then, realizing a bit more that she didn't have to be so serious all the time to please the group. She turned to Agni, "Would this be an alright compromise, Agni?"
  4. "I guess, it might've been to distance myself, some, yeah..." She shamefully admitted. She listened to what Nessraya had to say, and she remembered a brief lesson she got on certain 'monsters', and succubi being one of them. At this point, she didn't really trust what the church told her about demons, and felt that now... she'd rather learn through experience. She wasn't sure exactly if this was the correct way to 'learn through experience', but... then they were interrupted by a shouting Lavinia, which did get Marina to think for a moment. Would she had just ran with whatever happened, regardless of how she felt...? Honestly... It was just then that Agni showed up. Of course he would, he would've never approved of Marina as much as shaking hands with someone if he could prevent it. This time, at least, she could justify Agni protecting her, so it didn't irritate her as much as it could have. Of course he'd intervene. She removed her arms from Nessraya, turning towards Agni, how much depending on if Nessraya's tail let go of her, "I..." She shook her head, "Thank you Agni, truly. I appreciate you looking after me, I really do... But I did approach Nessraya first. Maybe this wasn't... the intended plan, but we were still mostly talking," and she could shrug off most of Nessraya's advances as her own quirk. Admittedly, it helped Marina approach her knowing that Nessraya didn't seem to outright dislike Marina at face value... "I trust that she wouldn't do anything if I was uncomfortable about it." She looked over, nodding to Nessraya and turning back to Agni. "I know, and I'm sorry you haven't approved of... most of my recent actions. I only ask for some trust... I'm not so blind or naive as to find ways to hurt myself more than I already am." At the same time, she was getting her own piece out of the whole thing... she could potentially end the night knowing she didn't have to be afraid of someone, maybe it'd get her from being stuck with just her thoughts all night, heck, maybe she would learn something or this could end up not being as such a major issue as it was being treated. Then, she couldn't help a facepalm with a snicker, hearing Lavinia's comment from over at the other tree. With such a lighthearted laugh, she really though, "Nessraya, what exactly is it I would need to do to help 'replenish'?" What better way to break the ice on this whole cabaccle than to ask the actual succubus?
  5. Admittedly, Marina wasn't quite sure how to react in regards to Nessraya's advances. It was then, that she did realize and remember, Wait, succubus, and Marina recalled Lavinia pointing out that she did need intimate contact, much like Lavinia needed blood. Ara ara, oh god, why does she know what that is?! "O-oh uh... no, it's that... It's a habit from when... I was at the church. It's mostly a respect thing, I'll break it at some point, I'm sure," She gave a nervous laugh, as she decided to... see what would happen. Hearing her sigh, and her comment about her magic being draining, Marina wrapped her arms into a soft hug, giving gentle pats to her back in response. Whether out of sheer bravery, or her usual naivety, her impulse kicked in at the worst time, "Aw... Is there... anything I can do for you?"
  6. Marina looked at Nessraya with a look of minor confusion. She guessed she mostly used her title more out of respect, if anything. To Marina, she felt she couldn't treat herself on equal terms with... well, anyone. Not yet, anyway. However, this was a start for at least her adviser, "Okay, I can do that, Ge--" Stop that, "N-Nessraya." A fumble, but a start, "It'll probably take a bit to be comfortable with that, I hope that's okay," Unfortunately for Marina, she was able to catch Agni's statement towards Lavinia. She was glad he acknowledged her, but why did he need to still talk down everyone else in the process. She couldn't help a disgruntled sigh, but she could at least be happy Jade seemed approachable. Marina wasn't ready for another person to join the group who visibly wanted nothing to do with her. Once they departed, she simply brought everything mentally to the side, as she listened to Lavina about Requiem... Setting up camp ended up being less of a problem than it was the night before. Marina wasn't completely rested, but she wasn't overwhelmed with fatigue. Surprisingly, she didn't feel as stressed either. Maybe she was finally just getting used to her position. That, or the thought of the cursed sword dwelled on her mind too much. Regardless, what ended up being a surprisingly uneventful night led to Marina pacing around camp, mostly overlooking and checking on everyone, at least... as much as they would let her. At times like these, normally Marina would be able to sit down and just drown herself in another comic, or a movie, and just let the night go by. That feeling had gotten more and more desirable as days went by. She almost missed someone scaring her half to death with a threat of literal death. At least she didn't have to just... stand in silence. A breeze caught Marina by surprise as she covered up her right arm with her cloak. Suddenly... "Suddenly, this wasn't the best plan," A light laugh. She hoped they'd have made it to Aensbrook by now. She was ready for a long bath, and some new clothes... unfortunately, things don't always work out as intended, "Kinda like this whole 'hero' thing, huh Marina," she quietly asked herself. As she continued her pacing, she noticed Taliyah and Lavinia talking, and Taliyah walking away. Awkwardly, she just looked the half-lizard's way. Her first thought was to check up on her too, but how would she react. She was only a child, much like Marina, but she knew how her reputation spread like wildfire. If Taliyah had any real idea Marina was who she was, would she be scared? Or would be just another case like with Bladen. Or even worse... Xalrei. It was then, she noticed Taliyah pull out and write into a notebook. Wow, something in common... Maybe... Just as she went to approach Taliyah, she also remembered she wanted to talk with Nessraya. Marina thought about it for a minute... She's pretty fond of Xalrei. They... don't need me in the way, She turned around to go hunt down their succubus. It didn't take her too long to find Nessraya, her pacing and scoping giving her a good idea of where to find her if she hadn't gone far. She walked up, trying to keep the warm approach, "Doing okay, Gen-- eh... Nessraya?" She asked, once again fumbling at her attempt to be less formal than normal.
  7. "...Tepel? I thought we were restocking in Aensbrook?" She knew better than to question Lavinia about something, but this was a moment where she was confused about their actual destination, "Never mind, I can figure that out another time," Instead she listened again to Lavinia, briefly turning back as she noticed the half-lizard speak. She mouthed a 'thank you,' to Xalrei before turning back to the discussion between her, Jade, and Lavinia. Marina would've addressed Gabriela but of course Lavinia had that base already covered. Instead, Marina could focus on the discussion of the strange sword Jade possessed. The Demon King's sword. Essentially, the demon version of Myrithali. Of course, that wasn't the part Marina thought about. There was a soft, almost inaudible, "Thesephine's mother..." She shook her head, dismissing any thought after that. That wasn't you, Marina. Don't worry too much on that. She instead soaked up the rest of the details, thinking at least... if they lost this sword once, at least it was back in the demons' hands again. "I guess figurehead would be pretty on the nose, if a bit of an understatement," She simply replied, not going into too much detail, suddenly hearing Nessraya's voice suddenly get close as she floated by. Followed by a smacking feeling as she yelped, her face going a little red, "Y-yeah, t-thank you General," and she watched as she approached Lavinia. Marina could examine Requiem some other time, it was much more important to them. Just then, she caught Agni on his way to the gathering. Unfortunately, she didn't really know how to respond to his comment, specifically. It was... well, a very basic explanation, she supposed. It didn't bother her enough for her to build on his answer. She could give Jade the information she wanted when they were safer. Seeing Lavinia heal Agni then board the wagon, Marina nodded, "Sounds like a sound idea," She replied, as she stepped into the wagon herself, stationing herself as close to the front as possible. "Thank you... Jade, right?"
  8. The tug and pull of her collar got Marina to quickly bounce back to her feet once she heard her name. She caught Xalrei also trying to comfort the half-lizard so she felt better about being pulled away. Suddenly, she was once again the center of attention, given another shot at trying to explain her situation. It will be good practice for her. And now she's given another reason to thank Nessraya for something. She gave a nod, then took a deep breath. Okay, you can do it, 'Hero'. For the most part, everyone's watching. Lavinia's watching. Don't cry, don't panic, they'll protect you if this woman... 'Jade', tries anything. "Right. My name's Marina Fairchild... I guess I'm better known right now as, the Hero." She choked for a moment at having to mention that part, but she shook her head, "I am on a mission from the Demon King to remove the current bandit issue from an organized group of deserters." She looked towards Nessraya and Lavinia briefly, as if waiting for a nod that she's right. Regardless, she turned back, "After we've taken care of them, we're going to Hwein to organize a trade deal with them to help repair the damage caused by my... my crusade." She nodded, "I think that's the big stuff. Everyone else," She looked around at everyone, "Has either been ordered to, or volunteered to help me along the way." The last part then... in case it may be asked, why she's fighting for the Demon King all of a sudden, "I made the decision to surrender and help for my own reasons," One of those reasons had been made very obvious already, "I'd go into more detail but... this isn't the place." She looked around, "With all these bodies around, there's bound to be something coming out for them, or that one who escaped might bring backup." And now the safety of her group came to mind, "If we can get to at least the next town, I can discuss anything else with you that you'd like to know." She gave an assured nod. See Hero? Not so hard.
  9. What nice wording... Marina shook her head, but then heard the comment of her blood being, sweet? Oddly curious, she took a bit of leftover blood herself, and took a small taste. How bad could it-- "Uuugh--!" What did I expect? It tastes like what blood always did. "I'm going to just assume monsters have their... own, unique tastes." At the moment, she did have to do something about her clothing. This shirt pretty much turn her into a walking target for Lavinia to snack on, if given the chance. She sheathed her sword as she saw the last enemy flee. Opening her satchel, she got out a small knife, and sliced into her shirt sleeve up to almost the shoulder. She wouldn't be able to just remove everything covered in her blood, but she'd rather this than cause issues. Once cutting all the way through, she removed her glove from her right hand, setting it on her shoulder as she slowly, and carefully removed the sleeve. She put the knife away and dug through her things again, grabbing her waterskin and rag. Thankfully they found a stream along the way. She wet the rag a tiny bit and used it to wipe off her arm. Her face as well, whatever happened to make it's way up there as well. She took a drink from her waterskin, and put it away, then squeezing the rag dry, putting that away as well, and finally just put back on her glove. "I think it's a little too late to keep what I'm wearing. I planned to find something else when we got to a town... In case anyone recognized who I am." That won't be a fun time. Suddenly, Agni showed up and gave a... well, accurate criticism. "Thank you for your concern, Agni." She nodded, "I'm okay, it was just... a small mistake." Not really small, but it was the least of all her worries at the moment. If she survived a hit, that meant she could keep pushing forward, "You're right, yeah." Taking charge, she wrapped her cloak around her unsleeved arm. Not that it was warm, but it was admittedly embarrassing. The first stop was the person in the wagon. Wow, what a nice wagon, and... it was, Nightmares, she thought Carlon told her. And the driver, what was she? A vampire? No, she looks way too actually dead to... wait, an undead! "Thank you for helping us, I hope you aren't too harmed," She seemed fine for the most part, so instead she approached the young girl they encountered, and... wow. It was almost like looking at a mirror, considering last nights events. She kneeled down to the girl, giving her a soft rub of her shoulder in an attempt to comfort her. Wow, she's so young too... Just like me, Marina caught tiny bits of why she was here... Apparently the commander was her uncle? She had a small understanding of how the girl was feeling, but she couldn't imagine fighting family. Before saying anything... Marina, stop, what are you doing? She wrapped her arms around the girl, giving her a soft hug. "Shh, shhhh..." Don't just tell her to 'shhh'! Say something! "Thank you for helping us. I'm... I'm sorry we had to fight your uncle." She could almost feel how much she was panicking. Her breathing, the feeling of her heart, "Just take deep breaths, okay? Innnnn, ouuuuut..." She hoped things would work how they did with her. Maybe not as well, but she had to try something...
  10. Marina merely gave a nod to Nessraya's answer, and watched Lavinia walk away. It took her a moment, but then remembered Lavinia was a vampire. Then the pain from her arm spiked, her giving a pained hiss, but the feeling soon left as her arm's wound closed up. I'll never fully understand healing magic. Or... magic at all. "Thank you, General," Marina nodded again. Maybe with things a little less tense, she could try to lighten the mood, referring back to Lavinia's attitude. She gave a nervous laugh, "I guess yeah, I didn't think about how she'd react. I probably looked like a fancy dinner for her." Despite the rush of feelings she had about everything, even Nessraya, Marina felt she had no reason to not open up a bit. Hopefully, if anything, this would be a decent start to really be herself again.
  11. She couldn't help but catch the words of the enemy commander, and Nessraya. Suddenly Marina's eyes opened to a bigger picture, and it pained her she didn't truly understand until seeing it now... Even here, she wasn't the only one who'd be treated like garbage because she was the Hero. Being called a 'thing' was a small insult compared to the realization. It was up for time to tell whether or not Marina would use this to continue motivating her, or knock her down again. Charging at the lizardman alongside Carnax, she swung; a good hit, but not enough to finish him. Unfortunately, his axe was brought down, and unable to maneuver and properly escape from harm, she turned in order to at least... attempt to graze her arm and give her the opportunity to strike back. She felt an intense rush as adrenaline pumped through her, slashing again until the lizardman fell to the ground, defeated... yet another life she had to take in the name of making a difference. She examined her arm, a shoulder pad with a hole in it was unable to protect her from the massive gash that was left on her arm... It was painful, easily one of the worst physical pains she's felt since she arrived here. However, it was nothing compared to the weight of guilt that both Nessraya and Lavinia put into her. Unintentional as it may have been, it ate at her more and more very quickly. She hoped, like Lavinia herself said, that things would be able to improve... What could she say... What words could she try giving? She could trust Lavinia because she put her trust in her as well, but Nessraya... In all sense, she is her adviser. They would need to work better together, but Marina had no way to gauge or read how she truly felt. Relax, Marina. Maybe use this experience... Practice what you were taught, "General Nessraya," She placed a hand on the succubus' shoulder, "Right now, it may not be the time, but later if we could... I'd like to speak with you, about... this. If that's okay with you."
  12. Marina is Driven! 10,16 to Iron Sword the Axe Lizard! (Fluff to be fluffed depending on result)
  13. Tycho eyed the field around him. He couldn't gauge which side had the edge, yet... Regardless, he had to not freeze up and make a move. He sheathed his xiphos, and locked his sights on a Hyperion. A perfect target for... "Alright Miller, what the fuck did you give me," He armed up the Graviton Laucher, one hand holding the trigger, another on a side grip to maintain balance. His shot was clear. Opening coms, he made an announcement to his allies in the way, "Clear the way!" I have no idea what this is going to do, Tycho pulled the trigger, and the launcher fired... Tycho intends to delete a life with the Graviton Launcher on Hyperion 3, supported by Brant's Funnels!
  14. All things considered, things were going well. Good, this should be over soon. Thanks to Lavinia, Marina also didn't have to be as worried for Agni as earlier. She even helped clear out the oncoming patch of enemies they were facing. Being locked into a pincer wouldn't have been a fun thing to get out of. Almost there, come on Marina. Running past Lavinia, she moved to engage the lizardman with the axe. Marina's drive pushes her forward! 9,18 to Iron Sword the Axe Lizard!
  15. Marina gave a small nod in response to Xalrei before she charged ahead. It wouldn't hurt for Marina to not consistently worry about everyone else, and worry about herself, but she couldn't bring herself to do so. Instead, she went ahead and scouted out the field. Agni charged ahead as well, admittedly surprised by her consort's sudden spark of momentum. Deciding that right now, she herself moving forward to much would prove dangerous, she took cover, and awaited to see how things would continue playing out. Marina practices caution and moves to 9,20
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