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  1. A grasp of her shoulder from Agni got her attention very quick, she turned to Agni with a light, neutral appearance on her face as she nodded, leaning away from the conversation with Ayane and Erephis to speak to him, "I'm okay, Agni, I'm just tired..." She nodded, "I wanted to speak to Princess Ayane before leaving, is all. She looks so sad and I--" Then she was also cutoff by the interruption of Gabriela, eyes giving a rapid blink as she processed the way Gabriela referred to her. "O-Oh, hello Gabriela, yeah. It's... much better than I expected." And she gave a small chuckle. "I'm lucky that of everyone in the town, it was Jezebel that found out." She looked over to what she could see of the crowd, "Now that's two things I have to repay her for..." For a few moments, Marina caught her vision blurring. Tipping to the side a bit, she quickly got herself back together, grabbing onto Agni to keep herself from completely falling. Readjusting herself back up, "S-Sorry Agni, I'm fine,"
  2. It seemed Lavinia did want to wait on it. Marina was okay with that, it gave her a chance to really reflect on how she was acting. Besides, she was sure Lavinia wanted to check on Jade as well, who left as soon as the talking ended. And with that, Marina didn't really have anything left to do that night, so it was a means of gathering everyone. Soon enough, she turned to see Erephis talking to Ayane, a sad look in Ayane's eyes. Starting to approach and get close, she caught that an individual she had encountered was her brainwashed sister. Marina's face grimaced a bit, but she kept her approach, stepping just close enough to where she was next to Erephis, but it seemed too rude to just butt in when she wasn't part of the conversation at all. She listened, waiting until she had been addressed, by either person.
  3. Marina had gathered with the rest of the group in the arena. Honestly, she wasn't ready to hear praise from anyone. Now all she wanted was to finally go back and maybe rest. She saw that Puff Trouble... Nimbus Conflict and his surviving cohorts were gathered, and the townsfolk offered gifts for protecting them. She mostly stayed silent, as she wasn't ready to speak out, but then... Jezebel stepped forward. Marina had a confused look again. Until... Is that girl The Hero? Marina froze with fear. She wasn't ready. She didn't want to fight civilians again. Not some who she was trying to protect. To right her wrongs... All the stares and looks made her so stricken, but she couldn't handle a small nod, agreeing with Jezebel's claim. But soon after, she was greeted by a surprising follow-up. Jezebel was thanking her. Soon, her face lightened. Not smiling yet, but she nodded again, "I... I wanted to do the right thing..." She started, but she couldn't bear the strength to continue. It was such a different sort of feeling, hearing such thanks. But it couldn't be given just to her! "Honestly, thanks should be given to my..." Do I use the word? "...My friends. If not for them, I wouldn't have been here to help you. They deserve the gratitude," She couldn't just accept the thanks from the crowd so easily, but she wasn't sure what of her words actually made it to the crowd before they went to deal with Nimbus. She breathed a heavy sigh. It was a nice time, sure, it was actually a lot better than expected. But she knew that she still had things to discuss with Lavinia, but she assumed it was up to the vampire whether or not she was gonna push it. For now, she looked and gave a nod in response, a smile returning to Marina's face, "I suppose," Was all she said, as she wasn't sure what she planned with the remainder of the night anymore. An fortunate ending, from what felt an unfortunate circumstance. Taiyute was embarrassed and angered with herself from what had occurred with her final strike. Such an easy target, yet she failed to hit. It was frustrating. It was so easy, how could you act so foolish! Damned bastard! She unfortunately yelled at herself in her head. She had a good view, she sat away from the group; a crate in the corner of the arena, but she was glad they were here in time to save the town from danger. The things that could've happened to Aensbrook... Her understanding of their tongue was almost spot on, but sometimes things get wrapped up in her head. From what she heard, that child amongst the group... was The Hero? The crazed murderer roaming throughout Vaia on a quest to murder the Demon King? Taiyute hadn't seen much of The Hero in action, but just watching her, it was nothing like she had expected. She was almost disappointed. At least, she wouldn't have to cross paths with a Holy Knight again, from what she was watching. She had a thought to approach the group, but the wound she had obtained from one of the thieves was still bothering her, and inconsiderately so. It was quite annoying just leaning. Flinging her cloak over, she focused what she could of her magic to close the wound. A heavy breath every minute or so, as she hadn't been able to recharge herself in quite some time. Maybe approaching the group would've been a better plan...
  4. It seemed things were wrapping up. A good thing, of course. This group, whoever they were. They were capable, in a beautiful sense. So beautiful, Taiyute was unable to properly speak it in common tongue. It seemed there was on thing left to do. The enemy commander appeared wide open. A stomp, as she channeled her magic again. Her wind magic channeled through her fist, "Begone, unfortunate one." She simply announced, as she threw her wind spell like a fist into Nimbus Conflict. Taiyute moves to 6,3, and casts Wind on Nimbus Conflict!
  5. "Oh." Huh. What an interesting even that has occurred. Marina gave a bow, "T-Thank you sir, I'm grateful. I'll put it to good use," and soon she turned around, "Take care!" and went back out to finish what had been started tonight. After she left, her somber look was momentarily overtaken by a small snicker, thinking about how silly that whole thing was.
  6. Marina was confused. She was being tested? On Math? I mean, it was a simple question, but her face showed true that she was definitely not sure what was going on. Oh well, "W-Well... twelve times twelve should be, one-hundred fourty-four, if I'm right," she answered.
  7. Marina couldn't tell what was going on with her tonight. A single swipe, and yet another thief had dropped at her feet. It was a bizarre feeling. It wasn't like the last days of her crusade. She wasn't enjoying it, not at all, but it didn't feel as hard as before. Was it her setting a real goal for herself? Reaching at the dead thief, she noticed something he seemed to have smuggled from the tavern. It was some sort of shield. Turning to the oni, it seemed that Gabriela knew who he was, so she turned to the tavern. Maybe she didn't need to do so, but it made Marina feel better if she tried return the shield. Entering the door, she called out to whoever would answer, "H-Hello? I don't know who lost it, but I-I got back your shield!" Marina moves to 20,14, and enters the tavern.
  8. Marina soon caught the eye of a thief running into the town again. A sigh, but she knew she had to make a move before he ran off with anything. She sprinted as fast as she could to catch up to the thief, seeing him start to run out of the tavern. Out of her view as well, she spotted another Oni going that same way. Friend? Foe? She wasn't entirely sure, but it wasn't gonna stop her from keeping these thieves from robbing the less fortunate. "Hey! You're not getting through here without getting through me!" Marina yelled as she charged with her blade, feeling a sudden urge of adrenaline to push herself again. Marina moves to 20,13 (solid year), and attacks Axe Thief #3 with her Iron Sword!
  9. Being hit by such a powerful spell. It was... unfortunate to say the least in Taiyute's eyes. Instead it only built a metaphorical fire in her eyes as she caught who shot at her. The feeling of the winds surrounding her and temporarily revitalizing her felt serene. But it wasn't enough to sate the sudden storm that brew from the woman's soul. "{Your soul has been damned. I will cast your judgement,}" And suddenly she charged, her feet never touching the ground as she ran, and the wind boosting her speed. Taking her cloak, she tossed it at Yulius as a way to throw him off. First, a drop kick through the cloak. Landing on her feet, there was a follow-up of a sequence of punches jaw, chest, and a final kick again to one of his knees. Reclaiming her cloak, she flipped backward and made a defensive stance again. Seeing another individual making her way towards their direction, she called out, loud and quickly, her voice being carried by the winds, "He is dazed! Land the finish!"
  10. Taiyute moves to 4,2 and commences P U N C H on Yulius!
  11. Marina moves to 21,10 The first attack from this swordfighter was easily dodged, and a quick blast of Wind magic was on point. However, a second strike from the thief ended in a stab through Taiyute's cloak and into her chest, but she didn't appear phased. A quick kick and she pushed away her foe. She took a step back and assessed her wound; it wasn't too bad, but the problem wasn't the wound itself, but what she required to fully heal it. Shaking her head, she grabbed a vulnerary she had been given for her travels. A quick small recovery, than to deal with the one who seemed to be attacking another individual from the other side of the buildings. Looking to the Dragonewt who seemed to approach her, hopefully for the thief and not her, she gave a nod, "I assume this one is... defeatable in an easy manner, yes? I will deal with and go to... that one," and she pointed at the Dark Mage. "Practice caution, you seem much damaged." A small note as a means of showing concern, as she went to deal with this one annoying bug. Taiyute moves to 5,3 and uses a Vulnerary
  12. Taiyute was barely able to get a word out before watching the zombie attack the oncoming individual. Watching her, and as well as a winged individual, "{Fallen Angel.}" pass around some strange weapon to destroy the individual they encountered. Enamored, Taiyute nodded her head, "I am... thankful, yes. I will make the best of my ability," She saw an individual, undoubtedly human attacking one of the men trying to break away with some loot from the town. Seeing the man not hit his mark, she had to make a difficult decision. Only so long in this plain meant she still had getting used to, her abilities weren't up to their speed. But she wasn't gonna let some crook take advantage of misfortune. As the thief prepared his escape, she took a step in front of him, a face without fear as her gaze seemingly pierced straight into the thief's soul. "{You will have to cut me down before you can run, fool.}" Despite the awareness of her weaknesses, her voice showed no fear, even if more than likely unintelligible to her opponent. A defensive plan. Attacking recklessly would only cause demise. Taiyute moves to 10,3 and stands her ground!
  13. Marina simply nodded in response to Lavinia. She felt herself easing up at least a little bit, as she watch Lavinia go to heal Xalrei who seemed to almost be struggling. Something that caused even more concern for Marina. Too many thoughts at once, too little energy, too little time. "Okay, I gotta..." What was she planning to do? At first it seemed like in her direction, there wasn't much left to fight. That considered that a good thing, given her current condition. So Marina took the time, and moved to warn who she could of the ongoing threat. Best to try and help someone else while everyone else took care of the main problem. Marina moves to 17,10
  14. "..." Marina's reaction to Lavinia was clear. In her head, she had several thoughts on what Lavinia's look was for, but her voice was clear. Was it for removing the Holy Sword? Was I wrong, then? In her attempt to try and help Lavinia, did she only make it worse? Marina for a moment, really did just want to disappear, and soon, there was an, "...I'm sorry," in a solemn tone. She returned to assessing the fighting from her view. The final enemy seemed to run off; maybe to fight someone else. Considering the sudden feelings, it was probably for the best if Marina didn't go pursuing another person right now. Especially with her body suddenly feeling sluggish, her eyes starting to waver. Sleeping sounded really nice, right now... It seemed the ruffian was fleeing to the east, another, seemingly one of the higher ranked individuals coming Taiyute's way. And it tandem, their way considering the state of the fighting. As she prepared for an attack, she was approached by someone. One from the other group it seemed. She took a long gaze, trying to gauge out the individual she has encountered. Green skin... appearance as if she's seen much battle... "{Zombie.} ...Err, yes, um..." Focus on the common tongue, "Greetings, I... name, 'Taiyute'. I, travel here, to see fighting and I... {If you're an ally...}" A pause, accidentally slipping into primordial speak, "If you are doing the protecting, I will, follow your lead, madam..." Despite the strong voice, carried by the wind to seem as if carrying a constant echo, there was clear shyness to the Genasi's words as she hadn't fully grasped terrestrial speak yet.
  15. And Lavinia was there. Marina knew she'd come to protect her, it was her job. Until... Marina shook the thought away, finally forcing her words through, "I have a lot to prove," She plainly answered once again, "And I can't let this go by so easily, it's not the sleep, it's..." She paused, almost admitting her fears, but she made a quick retort, "I have to be stronger. You're all my responsibility, just as much as I'm yours. I have to be strong enough to protect you all when it matters, most... t-to protect you..." For just a bit longer, she had to hold back her feelings. Then, Myrithali being put away was brought up. At this point, Marina had given up hiding what was bothering her, "I put it away, in the wagon. I don't need a useless sword whose only use is to come back and haunt me, riding at my side." She nodded, "I'm sorry for scaring you, Lavinia, I-I'm fine." For now. "I can handle it, for just a bit longer."
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