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  1. Taiyute felt a sigh of relief as not only did her wounds heal, there was a rejuvenating feeling. Her energies were filling, and she was back in good shape. A stretch of her arms, another sigh of relief. "Many thankings, yes. I... fare better than earlier now." She joked, positive she was right in her assumption of how the word worked. "You need any assistance in helping the people. I will help in however possible, yes." What's There and What Isn't
  2. A sigh of relief from the genasi, relieved that the battle had been finished. She had finally grown weary, the enemy monsters followed by the church was not something she was ready for. But, despite all odds, victory was achieved, and they had even captured the enemy commander of the church forces. Someone Marina felt the need to yell at, it didn't bother Taiyute, she needed some way to vent her stressors. Back to herself, the genasi could feel the weakness in her step, the light limping, as, her natural healing powers kicked in enough to keep her stable, but she needed some form of external source, if only for a more permanent solution. Approaching the new human again, she started with a normal calming breeze around his body, a smile. "You fair well, yes Seilan?" She asked, following with a pat to his shoulder. "By perhaps, would you be willing to cast a small heal on me, please," She adjusted her cloak, revealing chunked off pieces of 'flesh', "I have faired well better at other times, yes? I... I believe I spoke that incorrectly..." Marina's internal rage started to quell. Ariana had fallen, and the church soldiers had retreated... They won? But Ariana had to have been still alive right, it was the perfect time to kill her, and... No, Marina, that's not what we want to be. Her hand shook, as she started to walk more slowly, coming to a halt, Good, good... put the sword down... And Marina just dropped the sword she was holding, and just started coughing. Patting her chest a tiny bit, she turned to Lavinia, who had tried to reaffirm it was okay. "O-Okay, so-sorr--" And she coughed a bit more. What had been-- Then Lavinia went on, asking in a panic about the holy sword, "N-nono! I, I promised Jade I'd loan it to her, she... only just t-took it a few minutes ago. I-I'm sorry, please don--" A weird, very painful feeling started swelling up as she kept coughing. Not sure how to react, as Lavinia approached her, Marina had quickly pushed her out of the way, and before either of them realize, Marina's reaction to everything was to upchuck the last thing she ate. It was a few, very uncomfortable launches of her breakfast and what was probably left of dinner. There were several moments where she simply gagged and coughed, holding her chest as she backed up, falling on her bottom as she kept coughing, both hands on her head. "I-I'm okay... I'm okay..."
  3. It seemed like it had almost been done. They had almost completely defended Tepel and it was mostly Coteon soldiers left, hopefully it-- Marina! and the girl froze, seeing the girl in the group of soldiers. She let this mystery person go on as much as she wanted. This girl with her voice, her face... "Unworthy, huh?" She simply asked in a melancholic tone, approaching the group of church soldiers, sword in hand. She was tired, tired of being talked down to. She was already walking through a country she allowed to be nearly destroyed, where she was never safe, walking amongst people who wanted her dead. People she wanted to either go away, or finally give her some leeway, even if she may or may not deserve it. This was different, the church, no, some faker making a bold claim she was unworthy of the sword she was given, the title she was given by the church. Marina wanted to calm her nerves, but none of her normal techniques were going to help her now. She was about to snap, "How dare you!" She called out, "I don't want your stupid sword! But you; the church, gave it to ME. As much as I hate it, it's MINE. What I do with it and my title is my choice! I'm not taking lip from a thief, from a fake, with your stolen voice, stolen face, that you stole from me! Not from you, not from anyone! You want my sword so bad?! You want a fight so bad?! You can have the sword when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!" Marina moves to 13,28 Yeet moves to 21,26, owns a knight with some woosh
  4. Marina hadn't even gotten back into focus before Taliyah had ran off. A sigh, gently touching her wound, the gash stinging profusely. Lavinia had arrived, quickly repairing her ripped flesh. "I, uh, they're here..." She spoke. "Coteon, I know I see them coming... I just, got scared, is all," She replied, "I'll live, I can't focus on them when, we have a different enemy in front of us," Marina moves to 11,31, baps a knight with her Wind Edge
  5. Marina took a hefty hit from the horseman that charged her, but she retaliated before they could flee and regroup. With a cough, she reached her hand down to feel her chest, she'll find a fix for that when she had the chance. There was too much going on. She could barely see, but she saw fighting outside the walls. Did reinforcements really-- No. No there wasn't. She recognized the color of the blurs from so far out. Coteon was here, and her fears spiked. She shook her head, she had to focus, there was too much she needed to do. "Gabriela!" She moved over to the girl, pulling her back, "Get behind me, okay?" Marina moves to 12,30, rescuing Gabriela.
  6. Marina froze a bit, as the forces approached, and she was being told from both Taliyah and Lavinia to pull back. Maybe... no, they were right. "O-Okay, sorry, right." She affirmed, giving Taliyah a quick pat on the head. "We're gonna pull back, okay? But help me out just a little bit." She smiled at the other girl, "I promise, we'll be okay." And she was off, back towards the fort. Marina moves to 15,28, equips the Steel Sword
  7. Taiyute definitely felt something heavy impact on her body, but it seemed ignorable. Finishing off her current opponent, in awe of the strength of her new tome, she had noticed a particular issue. A long stick portruding from her. Looking down, it had seemed the spear thrown at her lodged itself in her body. I knew it felt stiff, and Taiyute simply removed the weapon, dropping it to the floor. Thankfully the energies around patched her body up decently. It was time to shift focus, as she approached her next victim. Yeet to 27,29, Elwinding Bow Armor #1
  8. Marina had been moving downward, and was surprised to see the gates had fallen. Her body tensed, but... she was the one leading the way to the front. Nodding to confirm herself she was fine, she made her way to a nearby house she heard noises from. "Hello?" She asked, as she knocked on the door, forcing it open. "Please, make your way to safety, the enemy has broken through!" Marina moves to 12, 26 and visits the house! Taiyute gazed at the things she had recieved from the house. She heard a bit about what these were. She didn't recall the name, but they were 'stabby fists'. Her smile widened, excited to try these out on an enemy. Suddenly, a refreshing feeling from the fox lady. A nod, "Many thankings, miss Asami," she thanked as she took the advice from her to assist Seilan. She rushed her way forward, deciding to take down the nearest knight. A stomp, the air growing more fierce around her, it was time to test her newest spell. Taiyute moves to 25,30, and blasting Lance Knight 1 with Elwind.
  9. Marina had been equipped since she had gotten up that morning. She had taken a visit to the wagon before lunchtime, equipping herself with the revolver she was loaned from Jade. She held it in her hands, pondering the thought about it. And her shield too, hopefully she'd get that back sooner than later. Then, she saw it. A rock soar across the sky and into the city. The battle had begun. People had already begun fleeing. However, with her, and the rest of her group here, they'd make a difference. They'd defeat this Vzok who announced himself outside the gate. A hand on her sword, one on her gun, she shook her head. She'd have to make her way through the city and at least help who hasn't fled, flee before their lives were also stolen by a falling rock. Beginning to move, Marina looked over to Agni, who she had caught on the street as well. "Agni, help Jade with that side! Make sure everyone's out!" She called out, looking over to Taliyah, "Taliyah... please follow me." She was sure she'd run into someone else on the wait to the southern part of the city, but she'd like to ensure someone was with her. If a whole force was here, she'd like for no one to be by themselves, herself included. Marina moves to 10,29 The battle had basically begun, Taiyute ready for a good old fight. Shaking her head, she liked the approach Bladen had taken. Warning people to evacuate or hide somewhere safe was the best course of action for right now. She had first made her way to another house that seemed to have not been evacuated yet. She knocked on the door hard, before opening the door. "Please, any if folks are here, please make way to safety. Time is of the essence, and your safety is important!" Taiyute moves to 23,35
  10. Converting a staff into a tome? It was something Taiyute had some knowledge of. Something her mother was good at, if she was right; different tomes with effects like staves. To Taiyute, even when she could understand it in her own language, it was quite foreign. It was already a crazy thought pondering and thinking about how just writing a new formula just changed a spell to work differently, but this method of 'fusing' spells to make new ones. If Taiyute could sweat, she would be through the processing going through her head right now. "Yes um, a new tome would be exciting to learn of, I think. I am also excited for this result, miss Erephis. I indeed hope when you plan to... put theory into practice, I believe is the term, I am invited to examine as well." She clapped once. It was all so bizarre to her, but it still inexplicably made her excited. Maybe it was the full genasi part of her.
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