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  1. Marina gave a small laugh at what Lavinia said about her and Jade. There wasn't much of a reply aside from that, aside from her embarrassingly retreating into her coat, wrapping herself deeper into it; a nice plus to the coat being bigger than she was. Her face reddened again, but at least someone didn't kiss her this time. She didn't know if she could take someone else doing something so... daring, to her again. Eyeing back to the arena, she felt her arm softening, and she could move it comfortably again. Reaching into her pouch, she decided to pull out her notebook again, turning to a page almost halfway into the book, jotting down things that popped into her head. Something to keep her mind nice and distracted for a moment.
  2. Marina's attention went to Lavinia briefly. A question on Agni and his combat prowess, "Hmm... I'd say he's, a lot like me. Someone who's gotta be quicker to make up for not being physically strong. Now that I think on it, that's probably why they had him helping me." A light laugh, "A bigger, tougher opponent would give him trouble, but someone... not as bulky, doesn't stand a chance," She confidently answered. Sitting back again, she returned her attention to Jade, giving it to her undivided. She was appreciative of her reply, then caught nervously laughing about being called delicious. "Nono, I trust you enough to not... do something like that," She quietly replied, smiling. Continuing to listen, she was grateful that Jade was happy at her thanks, even it was a little late. "Thank you, Jade. I... I didn't want to keep them for long. The last thing I would want to do was fight in something like that, I'd probably freak out more about ruining your clothes than if I were to get hurt," She chuckled a bit, "Anyway, yes. The first chance I get, I'll find somewhere to clean and return them to you." A final smile before returning to gazing the arena. And Marina's claim was correct. After Galahad, no one else so far had stood up to Agni, even if it was embarrassing to see Agni so easily thrash Puff Trouble.
  3. Marina gave a nod and a smile back to Lavinia as she made her way back to the stands. Listening to Jade, it made her feel comfortable. She gave a smile, "Well, I appreciate your worry. Thank you, I'm... not as good at worrying about myself." And she gave a nervous laugh. Giving a quick glance at how easily the zombie held the shield, it made her admittedly jealous, but with it a bit of admiration for Jade. The woman was incredibly tough, and Marina respected that. Quickly following along, she went in, and sat next to Jade. She shuffled around a bit, not sure how to start conversing with the zombie, but she did the best she could; Agni's first round soon beginning, "U-Um Jade... I, uh, mmm..." Why was this so hard? There was a pause in what she tried to say, her attention focusing into Agni's fight once seeing him take a dangerous wound. Seeing that he soon got himself together and won the first round, it gave her a feeling of relief. "S-Sorry, um, Jade. T-thank you for loaning me your clothes, by the way... I-I forgot to tell you earlier today," She smiled, finally getting her words out, "I haven't given them back yet, cause I... I want to clean them first. I feel like... returning them would be... disrespectful, I think that's the word, unless I returned them the say way I was given them." She shuffled again, squeezing her still mostly numb hand, "I hope that's alright with you."
  4. "Agni will be fine, he helped train me after all," Marina said with a strong dose of confidence. She knew he'd do well. He didn't need her to confirm it, he'd make it through anyway. He was tougher-skinned than he seemed on the surface. "Don't let us down, Agni, you got this!" Grabbing the the shield and getting ready to follow Lavinia to the stands, she almost ran straight into Jade, almost... confused by the concern that came from her. She shook her head, "No Jade, thank you. I'm just sore is all." She lifted the shield up to hand to the zombie, "Thank you for the shield. It was very helpful. I might need to ask for it again," she followed along with a small laugh. "Shall we get ready for Agni to go up?"
  5. "I just... I don't know if I've ever heard that before," Marina gave a small chuckle, "It um... it's a nice, lighthearted way to put it. I like it." She soon affirmed. Her grip tightened a bit at her arm, still numb, and could still barely move. Her chuckled continued on for a bit, unsure if she's just modest, or if she really believed she could've been so much better. Agni approached, throwing praise her way, too. Now she was starting to feel like she read from Jade. Oh no no, please don't, I'm not-- And she pushed those thoughts away again, she was able to perform better than she expected without Myrithali. Maybe this was improvement, and soon she'd be stronger than ever. Perhaps I could wield it again... Then another comment, her seemingly innate talent to fight. How much did she like that? She never wanted the ability to fight. She only wanted it because Coteon needed her help... Or at least that's what she was told. At this point, it was more... a necessary evil Marina had to partake in for the sake of her goals. Give it time, she could go home, and hopefully she wouldn't have to fight again. It was already an overwhelming thought that so many were already caught in her blade's path... Stop this, Marina! God, you don't have to be so negative about everything! She shook her head, how much did they see in her face of her current inner conflicts? Hopefully not too much. Agni made a comment, preparing to go in after her. "Oh, um... of course. Sure Agni, I'm sure you'll do great!" Once again, giving another affirmation as she went to pick up the shield with her non-incapacitated hand. "You probably won't need this like I did, huh?"
  6. Marina was caught off guard by the description of her performance, "I-I did? But I..." I didn't win... She shook the thought away as she gave a small chuckle at Lavinia's question, "It was just my... way of fighting, I suppose. Something I learned..." At the castle, with Prince Asger. But she isn't supposed to be from the castle, "A bit of self-teaching. Because of my, weaknesses, I have to find more creative, less traditional means to fight, yeah?" Of course, the thought about her using a shield was brought up, "Y-Yeah, I never really fought with a shield before. I thought it'd help. Honestly, I think it did help a lot. Maybe yeah, I think you have a good idea in mind, Lavinia," Marina smiled a bit, it was good to know that even if she wasn't happy with only beating five of her opponents, Lavinia was still proud of her. "Also... did you just say 'sword and board'?"
  7. Puff Trouble, both terrified and completely confused, IT’S LITERALLY CLOUD FROM FINAL FANTASY WHAT IS GOING ON? Anyway, she calmed her senses, this was the moment she feared the most. Now it was time to face her fears. She made her first charge, a quick slash. Easily blocked by the literal BUSTER SWORD in this man’s hands, and he pushed her back. Puff replied by charging at her, and she went to block with the shield. The force of the sword colliding into her still threw her to the side and she almost went flying. Thrown a few yards or so, she was able to quickly regather herself before Puff brought down his sword on her. Rolling to the side, she got to her knees and made another strike, getting him in one of his legs. He went at her with a side slash as Marina jumped, caught by surprise as she found herself being held up in the air, standing on the giant blade still held up by her opponent. Their eyes momentarily locked as if the whole world slowed down around them. Puff intended to fling her off, but she was ahead, leaping over the elf’s body, rolling to the ground and quickly getting back on her feet. Her breathing was heavy, but it seemed like Puff Trouble was having some trouble //teehee// of his own. They were both running out of steam, but Marina still had that drive, she wasn’t gonna lose. The man came in again with his sword, another downward slash, and Marina was able to block it again, pushing her back again, but she was able to stay on her feet. God, my arm…! The shield was definitely saving her, but it started to strain her. She had to finish this fight and quick, or she’d be down a limb going up against that. A deep breath, she remembered one of her old fights, the fight that jumpstarted her journey to begin with. You madwoman! Asger Oweyn’s words echoed, followed by his laugh that day. And he was right. I am a madwoman, time to do something mad. And that she did. She stabbed her sword into a gap in the arena floor. Going in with just her shield, once again, a foolhardy plan that could easily backfire if it didn’t work. She charged at full speed, Puff making a side slash to go for an easy win, but this wouldn’t be an easy win, Not for you! She ducked under the swing, setting her shield above her. With a war cry, she leaped back up, hitting the sword with such force that it flung from Puff Trouble’s hands. Taking her free hand, she grabbed at the man’s shirt, and slammed her head directly into his face, and he fell backwards. Marina took a step back, shield still in hand in case he tried getting back up again. It seemed he was down, a hefty sigh as she wasn’t ready for him to get back up and fight some more. Easing her stance, she walked over to her defeated opponent, holding out her hand to him. What she didn’t expect was such a dismissive response, slapping her hand away as he got back up and walked away. Said response was followed by boos from the crowd. Retrieving her sword and returning back to her starting zone, she was quickly fixed up by the arena’s healers. After Puff’s dismissal, the booing returned to cheers. Was it… for her? Rile up the crowd, Marina! So she did something she didn’t expect to be able to do. Before her next opponent showed up, she circled around, getting a view of the crowd, raising her sword, and giving a victory cry, and it seemed the crowd was into it; it was empowering and Marina embraced it. She didn’t expect to win against someone so strong, and it made her feel so much stronger, bigger than she felt she was. Maybe for now, she was just ‘Cianna Katarn’, a nobody vampire to the crowd of monsters, but she was fine with that. All the same, it made her feel stronger. - Jurius, just… Jurius. How come THIS is just exactly what I’m imagining? Thankfully, not as strong as the Jurius she was aware of, another quick victory, despite the increasing discomfort the shield was giving her. - And with that, Marina unfortunately had to tap out. She felt as her her arm had gone numb after fighting with Jurius, as she left the arena with a bow, and made her way back to the front desk. Upon returning, she removed the shield from her arm. Setting it against her leg, as she pulled her right arm close to her chest, taking a deep breath as she tried to get it to unnumb.
  8. Marina gave a nervous laugh when Lavinia brought up her needing to prove something. Of course, maybe she did. Prove to herself she was stronger than she initially perceived herself as. Hopefully, it’ll work as intended. If not… No! Don’t think like that Marina! As she watched the group walk away, she strapped on the shield, giving it a few moments before making her way to the front desk, “Hello, I’d like to sign up, please.” “...Cianna Katarn!” Marina’s name was called, and she stepped up to battle. It was an overwhelming thought at first, seeing all these people watching. Was it the excitement of the fight; much like fighting networks back home? Did viewers just want to watch their favorite fighters trash newbie newcomers as they made their approach onto the arena? Well, she was well on her way to figuring that out… Galahad Ironhelm, wasn’t a big issue. Thankfully, she was well versed in fighting axe-wielders, almost like her specialty. Even with the weight of the shield in her right hand, she was able to quickly dodge Galahad’s first move. And with a quick shield tackle throwing him off and a final swing with her sword, her first opponent was down… I feel a bit stronger too. One step at a time. //Lol cause level’d up// Trevor Stalemont… These names sound so familiar… Was almost a complete pushover. Her shield easily blocked the shurikens he tried throwing at her and within a couple of minutes her second opponent was down. Frank McCloud… No seriously, this is really weird and uncanny, Was also easily blocked by the shield. Suddenly, she felt herself getting a hand of the added hunk of metal on her arm. It was still straining on the arm; she could still feel weapon impacts like tiny instants of extra weight. Still, nothing compared to the physical pain of some injuries she’s come across. //THE REST TO BE CONTINUED *CACKLES*//
  9. Tycho was suddenly caught off guard by the oncoming message from the... Aria(?). Yeah, it was that one; big sniper, pretty much spot on from the report. A nervous laugh first led Tycho's reply, "Well, it's normal for ya'll, I suppose I'll be used to it soon enough. I appreciate the thought," He attempted dismissing the pilot's concern... Besides, he knew that sound. He sounded even younger than Tycho did. Is that also a fucking KID in the cockpit? All it lead to was more questions about what he's suddenly become a part of. Something he'll soon be acquainted with, he was sure. What also caught his attention was the sudden group up on one of the lead robots on the Sacarian side, before he knew it, it was destroyed. Completely, and utterly. It was a beautiful sight to see such synergy at work, and then the group soon moved onto their next group of targets. Well, guess I'll do what I do best. With the tides seemingly turning into the favor of the Riese crew, it was only a matter of time before they had this battle won. Not in an attempt to feel or act overly confident, Tycho had one simple move in mind. With no real order thrown his way, his best idea was to allow the rest of his allies a chance to wrap up their fight. Weaving, dodging the mechs in front of him, he brought his attention to the enemy battleship. A foolish, potentially suicidal plan, but he's been through worse. Time to teach the Sacarians the meaning of 'Annoying Little Shit'. Tycho Focuses, moves to 16,14, and engages Chaldene 1 with his toothpick!
  10. Watching Lavinia feed the nightmare reminded her, it was entirely Jade's efforts that got her the win. She gave a proud smile to the horse as well, "Deep Vermillion..." She had to repeat it to get a feel, she didn't know if she caught the name before, "You did great too. Thank you for keeping Jade safe," She went to give the creature a pet, but she wasn't sure how she would react to Marina's approach. Maybe late, Jade could help her get acquainted when they had the chance, as she backed up from her approach. Then, she was given the spot to go next in the arena. She gave a gulp as she looked at the entrance. With some positive encouragement from Agni and Jade, it rose her spirits. However, she had a thought. In the least, if she did poorly, she wouldn't be in danger of dying... At least that's what she assumed from watching Jade fight. Time to experiment. "Excuse me, Jade," she walked over to the zombie, with a small tap, "Could I... borrow your shield?" She humbly asked, with a light smile. Marina had never fought with a shield before, usually not wearing much armor protection either. But maybe, she could see how a shield could do protecting her.
  11. Marina's gaze was fixated on the field. She watched, not only Jade, but her opponents as well. She knew she'd need to study her opponents before she could go in. And it was good she had an idea, from the look of some of her future opponents. It was one, the one that was called 'Puff Trouble'. The way he handled his sword, he was tough, strong even. Marina trembled a bit just thinking about the thought of battling him. Regardless, she immensely enjoyed watching Jade fight. It was only a matter of time before Jade had succeeded in defeating the gauntlet. "WOOHOO! GO JADE!" She shouted with excitement as she clapped while Jade returned to the lobby. Lavinia had already left by the time Marina had calmed down, but she quickly followed along. It was warming to see Lavinia be so excited for Jade and her efforts. Marina still had her own proud look on her face as approached, hoping Lavinia's spinning would just catch and knock Marina over, "Congratulations, Jade. You did great!" Then, she eyed off to the entrance of the arena. She had her thought to go in, but she had an idea, and also didn't want to try stealing Jade's thunder.
  12. Marina regained her focus briefly, shaking her head as she returned to Earth... more of, the world she's on... whatever. She turned over to Lavinia with a nervous laugh, "Haha, I uh... Suppose so, yeah..." She felt her hand through her hood, scratching her head in embarrassment. She also quickly realized her next mistake as she reached into pouch, taking out her gloves and equipping herself. "Okay, um... I'm good to go," She announced as she gave a confident smile. And then she noticed Agni as well. Oh good, he was coming too. Oh no, did he see that? Her sight almost just darting away as the embarrassment kicked in again. And then they made it to the Arena. The redness in her face had gone away by the time they even reached the entrance. Stepping in, they were greeted by a seemingly nice zombie; definitely a lot more battletorn than Jade had looked. A moment where their disguised was seen through, but thankfully Lavinia came in and saved her and Agni. She didn't really say anything as she simply let Lavinia speak. Soon volunteering Jade to go first, Lavinia left for the stands. "Good luck, Jade," Marina spoke as she gave the zombie at the front desk a small bow, making her way over to the viewing area herself, quietly speaking the words Jezebel told her to recite, "Dye, die..." And almost like that, as if a sign of the spell working, a flock of hair fell into Marina's face, back to it's usual dark blue. Even though it was only for a few hours, she missed her hair. Catching up to Lavinia, she gave a smile as she turned to watch the arenagoers... go. "How do you think she'll do?"
  13. Marina was caught by a sudden grasp from Nessraya, "W-wha..." And suddenly, Nessraya kissed her, full-on, right on the lips. When Nessraya parted, all that could be seen was Marina as red as a tomato. Utterly bewildered and confused... "W-W-W-W-Whaaaaaaaa..." Marina's mind was rolling too fast for her to keep up. She couldn't make up words, embarrassed and not sure what exactly she was feeling. Her gaze, though initially seeming as if was directed at Nessraya, she had gone off to space again as her mind simply whisked away.
  14. Marina listened intently to Nessraya as she spoke. Admittedly, some of this was a lot of things she had learned before, if only different circumstances. She knew what her place was, for the most part. The church... Carlon, wouldn't have told her how people wouldn't agree with her feelings. Maybe that was what they wanted; they didn't want her to feel like monsters were people, didn't want her to feel guilty. Behind the small girl they wanted a shining start to glimmer brighter than the rest... Maybe, she could still be that. She still had that power to reshape the world how she wanted, it was a means of being strong enough to do so. Maybe then too, she didn't have to carry the burden of this mission on her own. These people chose to fight with her, and she knew she could rely on them. Along with Nessraya's advice was an intensely concentrated look and small nods in understanding. Her concentration being broken as she watch the bird that formed in the General's fingers flying into the night. Her face was in awe. Her attention soon returned to Nessraya, about to ask a question. She was about to begin, before hearing a callout from Lavinia. "W-Wah...!?" K-Kiss her?! No way...! She regathered her bearings as she checked herself. Right, always kept weapons in hand... her pouch, oh! She quickly threw her hood on, forgetting completely about her disguise. She looked up, thankfully a cover where they were standing. Convenient... She gave Nessraya a smile, "Thanks a lot. Really I'm grateful. I'll be sure to think on what you told me," Marina wasn't about to kiss Nessraya, but she pulled the succubus into a hug. "I don't care what anyone thinks, you're a great leader and I... I hope to not disappoint you." Letting her go, and giving a wave, before running over to Lavinia and Jade. "Uh... how much of that did you catch?"
  15. A sniffle escaped, as she still tried holding back crying in front of Nessraya, She said it was okay. It's okay, let it out. You know you want it... Soon, small weeps began to escape, "I-I can't. I need to be... the Hero. I have to be strong, I can't just... I can't just..." Soon enough, her feelings broke free, silently crying in front of her adviser. Maybe... this was her best way to cope with her issues. Maybe not the best idea, but just letting her feelings break out in such a way, felt relieving on it's own. Even then, she felt a sense of affirmation from Nessraya telling her she wasn't a tool. Marina could trust Nessraya, she knew she could. Someone who in a way, was in a very similar situation to her. A couple of minutes pass by, and soon her crying stopped. She rose her head up again, meeting Nessraya with a small smile, "T-Thank you Nessraya, I... I needed that. I'm sorry, I don't mean to lean on you, or Lavinia, or someone else so much just to... keep myself together." Then it occurred to her, remembering her advice. It might not be what I want, but... I'm sure I can handle it. I'd rather have it now than later. Soon, Marina removed her head from Nessraya's, trying to keep up that old spirit she built back up. It felt like the General was in her court. It helped her feel stronger. "What was your advice? I'd... rather have it, think on it now, than to not have it later when I may need it."
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