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  1. "Hmm? I mean..." Marina paused for a second. "Well, sure, you're an... arachnea, right? And... well, a black widow, but even with a normal spider, you just... have to not freak out. Or be nice. You seem nice so, y'know, I don't have to be scared," And she ended with a smile. "Uh, just a top should be fine, I can look around for the rest. O-Oh, right!" She was reminded of the other reason she was supposed to be here, "Um, if possible, if you could make a nice dress too, something that'd... m-match my hair?" She hoped the owner caught it, but it still felt a lot to ask. Hopefully it'd be fine. Turning back to Gabriela, she had to think, "I think I did once. I was a lot younger, it was for a family wedding." Looking at the other wares aside from clothes, she noticed a particular item. But she turned around, "W-While we wait, do you wanna help me find some extra clothes too, maybe find a little something for you?" "Then we gotta help her!" And off went the maid, in the direction of what looked like a vendor. It had to work similarly to in Nanbu, right? Shizuka moves to 9,6, enters the shop
  2. "Don't get st-st... oh." Marina quickly recognized the markings on her abdomen. Black widow... Marina kept a calm demeanor however. The shopkeeper seemed nice, she didn't think she'd hurt her. Spiders were okay as long as they weren't provoked. Besides... it would take more than a newspaper to squash her if she really had to. "Not a problem." With a smile, Marina raised her hands up so the arachnea could measure her.
  3. "Actually... something custom, and soft sounds really nice. I may look around too, just for some extra clothes, but I need a little something better for... er, combat I guess." Gabi's comment on her special someone made Marina lightly blush. She wasn't the best at that part either. "I'm... Well, Gabi, maybe you could help me figure out something also... nice. For them." And she had a smile. Turning back to the owner, her smile turned more sheepish, "I'm actually, not the best at clothing. My friend is helping me make sure I don't make a fool out of myself," and she followed with a nervous laugh.
  4. Shizuka listened intently to all of the information being passed around. She was new to this sorta thing, used to cleaning a castle, not exploring a whole new place. Thankfully, she had Ren and the vampire lady to assist her. "A-Ahh!" She nodded along as she took in everything. "Thank you! I appreciate it." Turning to the duo, she gave a smile to Ren, then turned to Bridgit in particular, "A cloak? Do you get sick when you're in the sun? We gotta find you some then," She added to the suggestion of cloaking up, completely unaware of what the truth was. Shizuka moves to 7,11, hoping she's going in the right direction "Of course, let us go onto the armory, then," She replied, happily rolling along with the half-wraith. She made a quick turn to the guardsman before leaving, "Have care, sir," And she was off along with Nisha. Taiyute moves to 10,9, enters the armory Squeezing through into the armory, Taiyute began to surf around, taking a gander at the wares.
  5. "Oh um, well..." She seemed nervous. Was it because of her? "I heard that, you make clothing here. I was wondering if..." Gabi was gonna help her with something for Yukari, but maybe, "It's starting to get hot, I was hoping um..." She starts to take of her jacket, "If you had any warm weather clothes you think would... compliment me, I suppose?" It was hard figuring this out, she was no good at clothes business.
  6. Marina enters the Vendor "Good morning," Marina walked in with a greeting, hoping her being a human wouldn't stir any ire. Walking towards the front desk, she was taken aback by her four eyes. Arachnea, if she remembers correctly. Spiders weren't one of Marina's favorite things, but... this was a person. She shook away her anxiety and walked over with a smile. "I had a few questions ma'am, I was wondering if you could help me."
  7. A sigh, "Well, that went about as expected," Marina disappointedly replied after Xalrei Tenna had left. She shook her head, it wouldn't help to start up another one if her sad fits. Gabi was here. She saw Tenna wave, so Marina gave her a light wave back. "She's such a sweetheart. I hope she's okay." Turning back to Gabi, "Well, guess we can have our clothes hunt, right? Let's do it." And Marina took the lead. Marina moves to 4,9
  8. "Ah... mm," Shizuka had a modicum of fear in her eyes when she saw the lizardman. It reminded her of... She shook her head. He wasn't attacking her, she wasn't about to be locked away again... hopefully. "R-Right sorry, erm..." The poor maid did her best to latch some words together, "I am... N-New here. I was hoping I'd um, ah, could get some... information? Like, on what's here, or what's there to do? Mm... I'm sorry, I-- I don't normally ask for things l-like this..."
  9. A new town, new shenanigans, to be sure. Taiyute had to figure out something to do. She wasn't the best at it, so she'll just hang around. Nisha was heading off to do her own thing. Maybe she wouldn't mind a companion. She caught near the end of the conversation when she had finally reached where Nisha had gone. "A friend, yes?" Yeet to 7,12 Suddenly, Shizuka's hand was full of money. A gift from Ayane... Shizuka teared up some, but she cleared her eyes, and suddenly they were beaming with energy. "T-Thank you Princess! I'll... I'll figure out something to use it with! Promise!" And off she had gone, leaving the two to themselves. Shizuka moves to 12,16 "Hello?"
  10. Marina was got off guard by Gabi's sudden entrance. "Hey Gabi, I uh--" To her surprised, Tenna had cut off Marina in her nervous pause. In reality, she did tell Gabriela they'd find a clothing place for her to get her newly dressed up. But... This would be the real first Marina had hung out with Tenna outside of her room. That's when an idea came up. "H-Hey, actually, who said we all needed to just separate and do our own thing? What about like a... girl's day out or something?" This might be a perfect opportunity Marina to try and finally break the ice with Xalrei. Tenna and her seemed to be getting closer... maybe this was what they needed. Shizuka was giddy with joy. It had been so long since she'd been back with her Highness and now some time in town. She didn't know what to do, having basically no money, but being with Ayane made it all worth it. It was odd however, seeing Ayane so fond of someone like she was of Ariana. Poor Shizuka couldn't compete with that. With a small, sad whimper she spoke up, "I-If you'd like Your Highness, I can leave you two to scour the town by yourselves. I'll be okay," and she gave a smile.
  11. Shizuka shuffled backwards some. The vague threat she felt was thrown at her filled her with a modicum of fear. It was quickly overshadowed by admiration when Ayane immediately stepped in front of her. A small, relieving sigh, she moved slightly till she was almost completely behind the princess. It didn't seem to matter much, as after Ayane announcing her trust, she moved to remove this Mae from Taiyou. That was good, too. Cautiously, the knife went back in the girl's pouch. "Nono it is quite all fine, don't worry. I will see someone soon enough. I do not feel hurt, but when I start to heal, I begin to feel... fadig? The word you use to say... greatly tired?" She gave a smile as she pat the shoulder of her wraith companion. Taiyute gave a frown at Nisha's comment about her skills, "Hmm, well I believe all types of fighting should be okay. Sometimes l think, hiding and sneaking is much more good tactic than to ram one's head into a shield, yes?" "Yeah, it's... Mm..." Marina wasn't really sure how to explain Yukari to Ariana, even if vaguely. Let her taking her reaction. It didn't seem to matter as she had just as quickly shifted her attention on the Nanbians and the unknown oni. And she was already off. How much Marina wanted to just let it be, it seemed from her perspective Ayane had it handled but... she was already annoyed by withheld information, she may as well learn what she could. She hopped off of her seat and followed after Ariana.
  12. "How I feel?" Marina sighed, nibbling at her bread, starting to not feel hungry anymore, but she needed to eat. She pondered for a moment until her mind when back to Yukari. The closest she was to that... "Well, sorta... It's a weird story." Thinking about it, Marina sighed again, "I just... I'm not sure how to explain it. Maybe later, just... not right now. Maybe when my feelings on it, and I guess, in general, are better, okay? Is that alright?" "Okay M-Miss-- H-waah?!" Shizuka was caught by surprise in regards to the sudden oni that approached. It-- She, seemed largely interested in Taiyou, and Taiyou very much wasn't interested in her. Her knife was still in hand, ready to help Taiyou in a moment's notice, but she feared if she approached and this oni would harm her.
  13. "Hmm... oh, yes. I have been fine, yes. My body will do its heal over time." She gave a smile, patting the wraith on the back. "You are quite admuring I believe. I'd like to fight like you if I was possible." She wasn't gonna go away. That was right. Cause Shizuka wasn't going anywhere. Not until Ouka is defeated... until they've found Yukari... until she can help avenge Shin... She let go of Ayane, her crying calmed down as she wiped her face still sniffling. As much as she blushed on Ayane's comment to protect her, Shizuka was quick to whip out a dinky hunting knife from her back pouch. Not that'd help very much...
  14. It doesn't have to kill monsters. Marina understood that at least a tad thanks to the fortune teller, but she still wasn't positive as to what that meant. Or what was to he done. She knew there'd be things that she may have to draw against. It was only a matter if she could or not. "No, I understand your concern... Thank you for bringing it up to me." As much as she didn't like it, it made her feel closer to Ariana knowing her worries about her. "If push comes to shove, and I can't do it... I won't argue with you. But I'll... I-I'll want it back." She shook and held her head. She saw a nearby stump and took a seat. Either a stress or exhaustion headache... or stressaustion.
  15. Marina smiled at Ariana's first response. However, it was the next part that caught her off guard. The sword... that stupid sword. Marina took in what was explained to her. Very valid points all around. She knew that either Ithraxl wasn't the first to do something like that, or it wouldn't be the last. Then the last part. Give it to her. "Give me a moment, if that's alright. Let me process." She turned around, taking munch out of her bread. With a sigh, she turned back to Ariana. "To answer your first question, I loaned it to Jade. For a favor, and she wanted to see it." That was one, "And no, even if I wanted to, I don't think I would've been able to." A sigh, "I understand your concerns, but there are things about it that I have no understanding of either. I don't know why it doesn't work, and it started to hurt me too. So if we run into something like that, but perfect... I don't know." The final part. Giving the sword to Ariana. "...and lastly Ariana... No. Even as much as I want to. Especially since I don't know what is wrong with it. Regardless of the reasoning, it's my responsibility, and I don't want that on anyone else." Marina gave a tired huff, "If it'll help you feel any better, I have an idea... And I'm gonna see what I can do. But I know one day I'll have to use it again. Just... please understand."
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