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  1. The axe hit was unfortunate. Tripping on her own steps, Taiyute was struck and a chunk of her stomach was missing. Oh well, it would reform eventually... And then Nessraya arrived to heal her. Good. "I am very thankful, Nessraya much obligeded." She smiled to the succubus, then immediately went back to one of determined anger, arming her magic against her next foe. Taiyute to 19,18, Elwinds Brigand 3
  2. Marina grit her teeth and groaned in pain as she took the blast from the wind spell, the gales cutting into her skin. She was quick to react with the wind sword, and she was surprised at how it only took two swings to bring him down. A sigh, she checked what had. One of her legs, and... another rip in her coat. Admittedly, this had frustrated her, but she'd fix it again, she'd just continue fixing it until it wasn't fixable anymore. Warm blood trickling down her face almost stopped being a bother... In one direction, there was a cleric, away from the rest of the troop. She didn't know why at first, but she thought about it. She was taught about how some staves were used in ways to cripple enemies. Was that what he was doing? Placing the Wind Sword back, she oulled out her pistol, a quick twirl, and she rand forward, he needed to stay out of the way. Marina moves to 18,17, fires her gun at Priest 1!
  3. Marina to 21,16 Taiyute to Taiyute to 21,18, Elwind Bow Armor 2.
  4. It seemed they were pretty close to being surrounded... It was hard, getting a feel on where she'd be focusing. She took a deep breath, it'd be better to focus on one side, then turn right around to take care of their 'friends', right? She made her way back to the entrance, to offer support where she co-- She moved even quicker when she saw the felled fullblood on the ground. As Seilan used his magic to heal her, Marina approached and went to help the girl to her feet. "B-Bridgit! Are you alright?" Marina moves to 21,11
  5. Marina looked down at the arrow that had pierced her flesh. She guessed it didn't actually hit anywhere lethal since she was still up, but she didn't hesitate ripping it out and tossing it to the floor. She gave a sigh, it looked like the fight had already been taking a toll on her. Then the approach of Nessraya, delivering some healing magic. A sight of relief escaped the girl, "Thank you Nessraya, I'll try to be more careful." Marina to 22,15
  6. Marina to 21-18, wind sword Bow Armor #3 Yeet to 21-19, elwind Bow Armor #3
  7. Just as they approached the gates, they... opened on their own, with several monsters making their way through. Marina stood intimidated for a moment, how they were brave enough to open up their own front door and attacked... but then thought how they were just overestimating their own strength. This wasn't a time to be afraid, not now. Marina moves to 21,14, Wind Edge's Zombie 2!
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