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  1. I'm just gonna play it safe and say two of Capcom, Namco, Bethesda, and Ubisoft are getting characters in. ...Honestly, it's a bit hard to make rational predictions at this point after Nintendo proved "bringing in new audiences" was meaningless PR and went for stroking nostalgia boners with Banjo.
  2. Thank you. Was just in a discussion over whether or not Hero was male exclusive and the 3rd tier healing class female exclusive, so was a bit worried. Brought this up elsewhere and it was pointed out to me the gender descriptor would only be one or two characters and very hard to spot.
  3. Can anybody look at this and try to decipher if Hero and Bishop or whatever are gender exclusive?
  4. http://jin115.com/archives/52259460.html From what people are saying (and from what garbled google translate results seem to corroborate), NIS had a massive stock sale and has quintupled the executive pay-cap. Seems like they're a sinking ship and the higher-ups just want to grab as much loot as they can before it's sunk.
  5. Everything that can be said about Steve can be fired Villager's way. Didn't stop the Villager from having a creative moveset.
  6. And Minecraft isn't the single most prolific game in existence... wait. It's an infinitely bigger and more relevant game than Banjo's entire series ever was, being an indie game that over a period of less than 15 years has become the single most prolific game ever made. I personally don't care for Banjo, but I'm not running around trying to rain on the parade of people who are excited for him. Yet it seems like instead of just being happy they got their character in, many Banjo fans have to go out of their way to bitch about a far more popular character relevant to gaming history and rife with moveset potential not getting in.
  7. There's a difference between saying "I personally don't like this" and "FUCK THIS, I'm glad it got screwed over".
  8. And this is why I personally can't stand a lot of Banjo fans. Their absolute hatred and mockery of other Microsoft IPs that are infinitely larger than the one they happened to grow up with.
  9. Mercedes is looking very much like an Askr unit here: the tip of her ponytail even appears to be pink like Sharena's hair
  10. ...Everyone of them keeps their main weapon and gains a Sword and Authority preference on promotion. Don't know what you're saying.
  11. All the protags seem to promote into "Lord" and gain Sword and Authority bonuses on top of their main weapons. Thieves can now use Bows and Archers can now use Swords, which PKs also can use now (and are back to being female only). Knights also pick up Axes by default. PKs have Canto and apparently Armored units don't learn class skills?
  12. They're hardly better, with throwaway motivations and still looking obviously evil. I don't see how a horned skull helmet is much more on the nose than giant evil grin and spikey shoulderpads. Besides, since NOE's facebook advertisement for the game already confirmed the Church is going to be our main villains, these guys are probably gonna end up with at least attempted sympathy and might actually be recruitable-- as they're stated to have a serious grudge against the church and the monastery. They're far more likely to be attempted anti-villains/anti-heroes in the end. (Also all the SF translation is calling him the "Reaper Knight"-- the "death god" bit probably comes from the Japanese text likely calling him a "Shinigami", which is literally "death god" but 95% of the time gets translated as "reaper")
  13. Gharnef is literally the first villain in the franchise and he has black skin and distorted facial features, Ashnard has the smug look of a crazed maniac by default and is wearing spiked armor, Nergal's got the evil Shaman look to a T and is named after a Mesopotamian god of pestilence, and Izuka is an ugly hunchback with emaciated skin. The series has had plenty of obviously evil looking antagonists from the start.
  14. Someone in the FEW Discord server's gut reaction was to call them SMT characters, as well.
  15. They're walking things back: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/204445-fire-emblem-three-houses/77736879 "Hey guys, I know I posted a lot of questionable/exciting stuff, but since I'm not 100% sure myself, I've decided to refrain from posting any further to avoid any misconceptions about the game. I wanted you guys to know that I'm still going to be active on this account, I just don't want to answer any questions or comments about the leak. I've been getting both positive and negative responses to the leak and I am very appreciative of those who have been kind to me and been cautiously skeptical but respectful of me... however the response has been overwhelming for me and I will no longer be discussing the leak in any way, shape, or form until the game's release. I will still be talking about official 3H news though! Thank you!"
  16. And we continue to be even more obvious than Pokemon was with the Aether Foundation.
  17. >Black Eagles: Basically everybody >Blue Lions: Got a couple >Golden Deer: if that 'aint a metaphor for popularity Nice to have all this consolidated in one place.
  18. Retail copies of Kingdom Hearts 3 got leaked nearly 2 months before release. So there's some sort of precedence this far out. Regardless, it seems like this instance is probably a listing error.
  19. I get the feeling Thieves will probably have Swords and Bows off the bat, by virtue of pretty much being Tier 2 classes (the same way Mercenary now has Axes from Hero). If I had to extrapolate a bit and mix in some of my own wants: > Myrmidon: Swords >> Mercenary: Swords and Axes >>>Swordmaster: Swords >>>Hero: Swords and Axes, Authority bonus >>Thief: Swords and Bows >>>Assassin: Swords and Bows >>>Horseman: Swords and Bows, mounted >>Griffon Rider: Swords, flying >>>Griffon Knight: Swords and Bows, flying >>>Griffon Lord: Swords, flying, Authority bonus >Fighter: Bows, Axes, Gauntlets >>Archer: Bows >>>Sniper: Bows, Authority bonus >>>Horseman: Swords and Bows, mounted >>Brigand: Axes and Gauntlets >>>Warrior: Axes and Bows >>>Berserker: Axes and Gauntlets >>Fistfighter: Gauntlets and Axes >>>"Pugilist": Gauntlets >>>Berserker: Axes and Gauntlets >>Wyvern Rider: Axes and Lances, flying >>>Wyvern Lord: Axes and Lances, flying, Authority bonus >>>Malig Knight: Axes and Anima magic, flying >Soldier: Lances >>Cavalier: Lances and Swords, mounted >>>Paladin: Lances and Swords, mounted, Authority bonus >>>Great Knight: Lances, Swords, and Axes >>Knight: Lances and Axes >>>General: Lances and Axes, Authority bonus >>>Great Knight: Lances, Swords, and Axes >>Pegasus Knight: Lances, flier >>>Falcoknight: Lances and Swords, flier >>>Dark Flier: Lances and Anima magic, flier >Monk: Anima/Light magic/Dark magic >>Mage: Anima magic >>>Sage: Anima and Light magic >>>Dark Knight: Anima and Swords, mounted >>Priest: Light Magic >>>Sage: Anima and Light magic >>>War Monk: Moderate proficiency in every melee weapon, Light magic >>>Strategist: Anima and Light magic, mounted, Authority bonus >>Dark Mage: Dark and Anima magic >>>Dark Knight: Anima and Swords, mounted (and since equippable weapon types aren't dependent on class they could still use Dark magic!) >>>Sorceror: Dark and Anima magic, Authority bonus
  20. The last Famitsu article talked about Skills, Crests, Battalions, and several classes as well as some backstory/worldbuilding. Most of the academy stuff is about managing your units' growth. Most of the focus is on the main gameplay and unit customization-- just because there's an academy skin over the latter, you're "the most apprehensive you've ever been about a game in the series"? Again, feels kinda shallow.
  21. I've seen claims of Edelgard being shown with a D-rank in Armor in one screen, but I can't seem to find it.
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