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  1. Well, this thread seems fairly active. I've been trying to use MEMU without the google apps thing, and whenever I get to actually installing the game from the apk it just continues with that for like 10-15 minutes or so before resulting in failure. I seem to be able to open it, I just can't install. I've tried installing from a different APK source, and it seems to have the same results. Help? EDIT: Nevermind, it works now, somehow???
  2. first post on SF in ages, let me in on this (will Discord you)
  3. Well, thanks Joseph. I can't talk my way out of this anymore. Svanhild looked directly at Saber and spoke. "I hate to state the obvious, but you haven't attacked me yet. Does this mean that you and your Master are willing to negotiate?" Berserker was poking the unconscious elephant with his foot. It was quite astounding that no one had spotted the elephant up until now. Admittedly, it might be possible to confuse it with a car in the dark, and it didn't have any magical energy anymore which might have led to no one giving it a second glance. However, now that Berserker was right next to it, it seemed a fair bit more important. "Oh, was that what you meant when you asked about a zoo? No idea where they showed up from." Svanhild shrugged momentarily before removing her glasses to apparently polish some dirt off them. "Will your Master be joining us or are you here by yourself?"
  4. Svanhild's expression softened ever so slightly once the man switched over to English. While it wasn't her native language, she was at least able to use it to communicate. "Can't say that I do," she responded to his inquiry into her Japanese knowledge. "Hello Joseph, my name's Svanhild." She was much more comfortable now, but chose to ignore his remark about "playing the game", not fully getting the meaning. "My father. Work's driven him a bit mad so I'm taking him on vacation." She was so proud of this lie she'd prepared that she failed to notice Berserker wandering away. "I don't have a clue why he dresses like this, he doesn't talk about it and he doesn't let me pick proper clothes for him. I swear he's not always like this." She sighed slowly. "Something like that. I need to care for dear old dad, make sure he doesn't get himself in....." she said, trailing off as she realized Berserker had left. "...for faen!" she exclaimed, coincidentally as soon as she noticed something approaching. She noticed 'Joseph' tense up slightly, but was too distracted to make anything of it. Berserker, prepare to fight. Something's coming.
  5. Berserker, having never taken etiquette classes, grunted as he realized the stranger didn't seem willing to fight. He then walked off, looking for something else to do. Svanhild, however, just stood there, confused by the man's behavior. He seemed to be called Joseph. Deeply unsettled by his words (at least, the ones she could understand), and apparent advances, she repeatedly opened her mouth to say something, only to fail to find any words. She was detecting no magical energy from the man, and didn't recognize his appearance, so he probably wasn't a Master. She wanted to ask him how he had failed to notice any of the rampaging animals around the city, but felt like it was likely better if he didn't realize what was going on. Finally, she settled on something to say. "Uh.... hi." She then looked to Berserker for support, only to see him wander off. Turning back to "Joseph", she attempted to say something again, but her mind was still a blank. Just then, she felt an enormous surge of magical energy from Shinto, signifying that an incredibly powerful Noble Phantasm had been activated. Though, as she was already disoriented by "Joseph", her shock at this was easy to hide as further confusion. "Uh..." she repeated.
  6. I've got a bunch of them. Most of them from Fate/Stay Night. Gilgamesh, Archer, Lancer, Assassin. I'm also a huge Ephraim enthusiast, he's just <3
  7. Can I request for this icon to be festive'd? (it's not too much, is it?)
  8. January 19th, 2:28 AM Tohsaka Mansion Slowly, Svanhild woke up. As her mind cleared, she became more aware of Berserker trying to tell her something, which she assumed was the reason she'd woken up in the first place. "What is it, Berserker? Hungry?" Berserker was getting very annoyed now, to put it mildly, but Svanhild finally picked up on that something was very wrong. "Well, I've recovered, so let's go out and investigate. Stay in spirit form for now, Berserker." Immediately after she exited the house, Svanhild spotted a tiger prowling the street. Feeling that it wasn't normal, she began preparing runes for battle, but only had time for one before it noticed her and jumped at her. Utilizing the power of the Ansuz rune to enhance her Gandr shots, she fired three curses at the tiger, two of which managed to penetrate the feral beast's skull. Slightly out of breath, she muttered to herself: "Yeah, something is definitely not right." Slightly louder, she said: "Berserker, I'm gonna need you to defend me." Miyama was rather empty tonight, probably in part due to people staying indoors during the night, owing to the mass amnesia incident and the exploding church, although Svanhild wasn't aware of either and was just disturbed by the unsettling silence. Continuing their investigation, and continuing the fighting, Svanhild's Gandr shots claimed the lives of two warthogs and a penguin, and Berserker either knocked out or slew any other animals they encountered. She was interrupted from investigating a dead polar bear by a loud trumpeting. As she spun around, she spotted a large African elephant charging towards her. Berserker finished off a lion he was fighting and leapt to her side, right before she dashed for cover. But Berserker stood his ground with a subtle, unsettling smile on his face. As the elephant reached him, he grabbed one horn with each of his hands, took three steps back in speed with the elephant, planted one foot firmly into the ground, changed his posture to lower the center of his weight, and redirected the force of the elephant's charge upwards. As the elephant's legs left the ground, its eyes went from fury to panic, as it realized it was no longer in control of the situation. Merely a moment passed before it was slammed into the ground on the other side of Berserker, legs in the air. The impact left it unconscious. Wasting no time to be frozen in awe, Svanhild ran towards the elephant to investigate it, asking Berserker to keep it pinned to the ground in case it woke up. She could feel the magical energy in it slowly dissipating, and heard the heartbeat calm. "There's some sort of enchantment on these animals," she said, to no one in particular. Berserker released his grip on the downed elephant. He then looked up at something behind Svanhild, who turned around to see what he was looking at.
  9. Monitoring - At this time we believe the majority of service has recovered for users. That said, we'd like to provide a more in-depth update on the issues users have been experiencing over the past few days. We're currently working with Google on a priority 0 ticket for their Google Cloud Platform (which we use to bring you Discord) related to networking. Over the past day we've observed multiple major network partitions and issues on the nodes of our real time system responsible for keeping your Discord clients up to date. These networking "blips" are causing issues within various layers of our software, and many of the issues we've diagnosed will require development and testing to improve our resiliency (something we will be focusing on). Unfortunately despite the dialog we've had with Google throughout this process, they currently haven't narrowed it down to a clear root cause. We deem the quality of service our users are getting through this process unacceptable, and have communicated this to Google's support and SRE teams. We're working around the clock to ensure Google properly diagnoses and resolves the issues we're seeing, while also monitoring and supporting our infrastructure in the hopes we can quickly catch and prevent these issues from spreading. As always, apologies for the interruptions you've experienced and thanks for using Discord in your day to day, We hope you understand how much the performance and reliability of our service matters to us, and we hope you see improvements as we work through these issues with Google. Nov 18, 12:56 PST
  10. Time: 06:34 January 19th Location: Tohsaka Mansion, Master's Bedroom Svanhild stepped out of her bed, still slightly drowsy. Keeping Berserker under control was taking up a lot of energy, especially since she was worried that he'd go on a rampage if she let him leave the building. He wasn't exactly susceptible to orders, and Svanhild was finding herself needing to convince her insane companion that something was a good idea. Of course, sometimes she didn't feel like it so she just cast Suggestion on him. He was surprisingly susceptible to it. They hadn't started patrolling yet, despite having been in the city for several days. This was due to Svanhild trying to get used to Berserker's mana upkeep, and because shortly after summoning him, she'd attempted magic beyond her level. It had succeeded, at the cost of leaving her bedridden for an entire day, and having the unexpected side effect of causing her hair to darken, and her eyes and skin to gain a slight brown shade. It was a very minor difference, but still one she found offputting. Mostly she was concerned that she didn't know of a way to fix it, and she didn't think it would go away with time. The purpose of the ritual had been to connect Svanhild to the ley line, and to make it easier for her to pass through the boundary fields, which she had slowly raised back up while recovering. It was up for the most part now, but Svanhild doubted she'd be able to finish the job. It was a lot more complicated than it sounded. Heading downstairs for breakfast and tea, Svanhild noticed that most of her energy seemed to have returned. "Berserker, we're heading into the war tomorrow." She felt a vibe of approval emanating from her Servant, wherever he was. Insane as he was, it seemed like he could still understand what he was told, to a certain level. Or maybe he just understood her intent. It would have been annoying to have to spend a command spell just to keep him from going on a rampage, so this was rather convenient. "But for now, we will continue to recover our energy."
  11. As Svanhild opened her eyes, she raised her left hand. A command seal was clearly visible. It had appeared when she arrived in Fuyuki the previous day, and although she was disappointed by the simple pattern, she was still pleased to know she'd found success in coming to this country. She'd managed to get a relatively cheap hotel room. To her surprise, the room was well kept, and spacious enough for her and her belongings, at least temporarily. She'd paid for two nights, so she had to get another place to stay soon, since she doubted she had enough money to continue paying for it. In a worst case scenario, she'd have to charm some poor man into letting her stay with him. ... She decided to begin by exploring Shinto, since she was already there. She suppressed her mana, so any mage watching her would be unable to peg her as one. Of course, this would be ineffective against anyone who knew what she looked like, but since she'd only been in this country for a day and had kept her plans as much secret as possible, she doubted any of the Masters knew about her participation yet. It was only a matter of time, but she should be safe for now. The only people that knew were her brother and her sponsor at the Association. The city was quite lively in the middle of the day. Fuyuki wasn't exactly a big tourist destination, but there were a few of them here anyways, so Svanhild had no problem mixing in. Knowing no Japanese turned out not to be such a big issue due to that, but she'd brought a dictionary with her just to be safe. After checking a few stores in normal tourist fashion (and leaving with a new pair of earrings), she headed to her first destination, the Fuyuki City Church. ... Well, the church had seemed like a decent place to set up a base, but it seemed too public and just not comfortable enough. A Catholic church was a decent enough place to visit and pray at, but for a protestant it just wasn't suitable as a place to stay. Besides, the priest hadn't been a fluent English speaker, and communication between them had been slightly difficult, so that would have made things rough in the long run. She'd spent today and yesterday exploring Shinto, and had failed to spot any other place suitable as a base, so now it was off to Miyama. After wandering the town for a short while, she came across a mansion in the foreigners' district. There were no lights in the house, the garden was overgrown and several windows were broken. Yet Svanhild decided that this might be an ideal location to use as a base. The door was locked, but the lock was rusted and easily broken. There were remnants of a boundary field, but it had decayed and could no longer serve its function. The insides of the mansion were a mess. The floor was covered in dust, several furniture were broken, and glass shards from the windows seemed to lay around in occasional places. Seemed like someone had thrown rocks at the building. Yet Svanhild smiled. This place was perfect. The ley lines here were brimming with mana, and although it was unsuitable for her, she knew a way to bypass that issue. After spending the day cleaning part of the mansion and repairing some of the windows with magic, Svanhild headed back to the hotel, both to fetch the rest of her belongings and to stay there for her second night. ... It was the night of her third day in Fuyuki. She had yet to investigate the entirety of the mansion, but she was quite sure that it was not haunted, despite all appearances. She'd cleaned the bedroom she'd decided to use, and made sure the bed was safe. She'd gotten some supplies for the kitchen, and cleaned most of it. She'd also cleaned some other rooms, but those not as thoroughly. The vermin problem was way less serious than one would expect after years of neglect. Heading to the basement, she realized that this was the workshop of the mansion. A suitable place to summon a Servant. She drew the summoning sigil with her own blood. There was no hesitation when she cut her palm, but she was slightly hesitant when drawing the sigil. Trying to avoid wasting blood. As the sigil was complete, she spoke the incantation. "Silver and Steel shall be your essence. The foundation of the contract shall be stone of the archduke. The walls shall be the four winds. The gates shall be shut, and the threeforked kingdom road shall spin. Close. Close. Close. Close. Close. The sigils shall shatter at my behest. If you heed the call of the Holy Grail, hear this. I shall embody all good in the world. I shall eliminate all evil in the world. In three words, from seven heavens, tear your restraints and come forth!" She took a deep breath before continuing. "But, your eyes shall be shrouded in chaos, And your mind shall be caged in madness, I shall be the Lord that holds your chains!" At the final word, she let go a final drop of blood into the center of the sigil. There was a loud boom, and a figure appeared in the sigil. The man was about 190 centimeters tall, and heavily muscular. His skin was identifiable as Caucasian, despite being very tan. On his body, he wore chainmail armor covered in dirt, and on his head he wore an iron helmet. Long hair flowed from underneath the helmet, its color unidentifiable due to the dirt. The same could be said for the thick beard. The man's eyes could not be seen through the hair, but the glare could be felt. No weapons were visible. Svanhild smiled, but that smile quickly turned into a frown. "Why can't I see your name, Berserker?"
  12. Colette from Tales of Symphonia It goes well, thanks for asking ^.^ thesecondpart'sgoingwelltoo
  13. Pyrrha Nikos from RWBY There's games about it so it counts, OK? (Also hi, I'm Saber of Red)
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