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  1. Well I have yet to see it mentioned here or the FEU counterpart post but at least on chapter 1-F if you ever reset the game and not restart the map then all the talk commands load up again, including the recruitment conversations that give weapons , which also happen again.
  2. Nevrikx

    Sprites... kinda

    I've been working on some battle sprites for a project I'm working on, first of which being a female thief. I'd offer people to use it because it's just an adjusted version of the regular one but it isn't really complete (I'm new to this...)
  3. those who know me will know this one. for Me, Hector is the second worst Lord and having an axe doesn't save him from being a bad character. also seemingly That Amelia should be a Paladin is up there.
  4. Nevrikx

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    Thanks, that was the last piece in the randomising practically
  5. Nevrikx

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    do you know of how to edit passing down of skills? because Fury Azel and Sigurd aren't passing these skills down for me
  6. Hahahaha, I'm back!

  7. Yeah I don't write too much stuff here.....

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