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  1. I think all four of the Hoshidan siblings are Sumeragi's and Ikona's children, so I think that Takumi was probably 1 or 2 years old and Sakura was either a couple of months old or 1 year old by the time Corrinmui was kidnapped by Garon, which would explain why Takumi and Sakura barely remembers Corrinmui when he/she reunite with the Hoshidan siblings. As for the Nohrian siblings, they're all the children of Garon, but Marxander mother is former queen Katerina, with Camilla's, Leo's, and Elise's mothers being individual concubines. So essentially they are all half-siblings.
  2. Petting is only in the Japanese version, the localization team removed it in the NOA version, and i'm pretty they removed it for the NOE version of the game (well besides petting your spouse when they're asleep. Edit: Ninja'd.
  3. Completely and utterly spoiled myself by playing the Japanese version, and I do not care.
  4. As muck as I hate to say this but I kinda call bullshit on the Bayo won the ballot thing, though even if she did we have no one to blame but ourselves.
  5. I'm not complaining about everyone in the fanbase, i'm just nitpicking about what some of them are saying. I also said it's ok to be disappointed, but being way to pissed off about this shit just seems like wtf to me. But I can understand what you're saying and probably should've thought about this more before making this topic.
  6. Beyonetta isn't for everyone, and can understand that. Even though her games did not sell well, the games themselves were praised by critics and gained a bunch of fans through her decent story telling and great gameplay. Cloud: While I think FFVII is a bit overrated, I liked that they included him in the game so that he can be the Square Enix rep and he looks like a character I will have fun using. Corrin: Unnecessary, but at least his movesets are unique compared to everyone else's movesets. Beyonetta: Did not expected her to be in the game, but let's say I squealed like a little school girl when they revealed her. So overal I thought it was good, even if Corrin is unnecessary.
  7. That would make sense in the grand scheme of things. Well if Corrin had to be in smash at least his moveset is unique. It is most likely the team just love the Fire Emblem series, so no argument there.
  8. I squealed like a school girl when Bayonetta appeared and I have to agree with some people that Azura would've been a better FE Fates representative, but there still should've been at least some other than a FE character to take up a spot.
  9. Really? Huh, I guess school work make you forget this kind of stuff.
  10. One more u in fuck would've been nice, but other than that sure.
  11. Well to be perfectly honest their just slightly butthurt this time compared to the rest, to me anyways.
  12. Don't get me wrong, I do know that people over-react on the internet, hell I have seen worse than this, but this has been the most butthurt the smash fanbase has ever been.
  13. Everyone and there great great great great great great great great great great great grandmothers knows that.
  14. Why were they complaining so much on the Smash direct, I mean being disappointed is one thing, but being pissed for not getting the character you wanted is just unnecessary. The chat was full of "i'm killing myself, #Fuck Nintendo, ANOTHER sword user, I wanted [insert character here]," these comments are just unnecessary if you don't want the character don't buy the character. Also do they seriously think boycotting Sakurai will make him make the characters they wanted?
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