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  1. Avatar/Kaden - I'd be more cautious with this one only because your children will always have beast and dragon weakness, but that isn't that prevalent of an issue within the game itself iirc. For a pairing like this, I probably would have gone +spd/-mag, but oh well. Laslow/Azura - Terrible defense on Shigure and Soleil, so just make sure they can avoid most hits since they'll pretty much have to, and Azura's speed mod shouldn't be too hindered by Laslow's Jakob/Nyx - Pretty good pairing from my experience; just make sure Dwyer is a physical and magic class to make the most of him Silas/Hinoka - Another pretty alright pairing from my experience, but Sophie might fair better as a Hero than a Paladin Kaze/Setsuna - Probably could have chosen a better pairing for this one, but I assume you want Midori to be ridiculously fast, so this works Ryoma/Camilla - Probably would have done another one with this since they're both good Takumi/Oboro - Another one where both parents are pretty good Saizo/Orochi - Pretty standard; just treat Asugi similar to Dwyer Hinata/Kagero - Probably could have chosen a better one for this; just make Hisame a physical, tanky class Azama/Rinkah - Another pretty meh pairing; Mitama will be fairly fast and tanky, but you might have to worry about her strength for a bit (I normally do Takumi/Rinkah and Azama/Oboro cause Mitama's class options are pretty poor for her) Subaki/Hana - Good pairing for Falcon Knight!Caeldori Hayato/Felicia - Not bad, but could be better (I normally do Hayato/Nyx and Jakob/Felicia) Xander/Charlotte - Also not bad, but could be better in regard to Siegbert's defenses Leo/Sakura - Good pairing for Strategist!Forrest Benny/Beruka - Good pairing for General!Ignatius Keaton/Effie - Pretty good for Velouria Arthur/Mozu - Could be better if you plan on making Percy a Wyvern Lord (I normally pick Kagero cause of her mods), but should work fine anyway Odin/Elise - Good pairing for a magic Ophelia Niles/Selena - Not really good; Nina will have poor strength and skill and less promotions, but she should be fine with the right skills as a Bow Knight or smth similar (I pair Niles with Peri typically, but that's only good if you plan on Nina being an Adventurer)
  2. No, I'm not like hannah montana :(
  3. Honestly, I never really cared for the concept of this mechanic. I'm against censorship and removal of additional content, but from what I've seen of it and how much it actually affects the gameplay is why I don't really care about it being removed either. The stripping mechanic of the brigand weapons and Sophie's personal skill also don't really matter. Of course, neither does stripping a character in the one part of My Castle, but that part doesn't really have to be taken out since the bathhouses have to be left in, where characters are wearing the same thing. In terms of skinship being removed by NoA, the argument of it being separated from the game to be prevented from being turned into a waifu sim or w/e is kinda ridiculous imo only because NoA's decision likely does not and will not affect IS's manner of creating a game (unless this whole thing was an experiment that will be isolated for this single game). I just hope that this will make the western voice actors more happy since they don't have to say the dialogue in those parts (unless they intended to alter the interpretation or perhaps the entirety of the statements that appear in the original version). Yea, the tone quality is pretty well-compromised with the addition of these sorts of options. I wouldn't admire or feel closer to my leader more for molesting me; if anything, I'd be somewhat afraid knowing I wouldn't be capable of stopping them due to the position I am in. Tbf, incest could be somewhat implied in previous games, but with Fates, it's almost promoting the idea of incest when I would imagine many people probably wouldn't feel comfortable with the idea. Not to mention the marriage factor, which makes people's expectations rather unrealistic since romance doesn't always work that way, but that's another thing entirely. The removal of something so insignificant shouldn't really cause this much of an uproar, but I do hope that IS will make the decision to leave it out of the game before releasing it just so then this won't happen again.
  4. You can't win against Jiac and Ever =u
  5. Happy birthday!

    1. Alphine


      late, but thank you! oyo

    2. Alphine


      as in I'm late responding lmao

  6. lmao why does this exist?? Regardless, I also know of a hilarious video that, for the most part, is unedited excluding the scenes that were skipped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3WFGaEeNSk
  7. You might want to check my name history

    1. Alphine
    2. Leona


      Speaking of Leona.....

  8. >Hinata gets more votes than Yukimura Hate you too, m8s oyo
  9. It isn't like one needs marriage to be happy anyway. Not to mention how there are so many possibilities.
  10. Pretty sure they wouldn't take away her main class. Songstress is a special class in the sense that it doesn't have a promotion. Classes such as Songstress should be able to be reclassed into regardless of promotion, otherwise, that would make Aqua potentially useless since her stats don't tend to go very high (not as Songstress, anyhow, but that's probably because a lot of people tend to not use her that much).
  11. [spoiler=Character name]Did you mean Sumeragi? Or Shigure/Siegre? The first is the Hoshidan siblings' dad, while the latter is the son of another character. I'm not entirely sure of which you are referring to, but if the latter is the case, then please tag it as a spoiler, as some could take it as info on the game that they didn't want to know. If it's the former, than please change the name so people understand who you are talking about.
  12. Bet you didn't expect a new twist finding in the board. It's beyond the twists possible ever thought up by any of us.

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    2. Alphine


      Do you mean when he dies? Comes back? Or when Kamui's dad takes over his vessel in the 3rd route?

    3. Fateborn


      The CG shown in Vincent's 3rd route thread.

    4. Fateborn
  13. Pretty sure that was revealed in the romance leak that was on the main site not too long ago.
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