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  1. After getting a look at the portraits, my thoughts have changed slightly. While I still am not a big fan of Petra`s fishnet hairpiece, it looks a lot better upon a closer look. I did not notice Caspar has a scar now, and I actually like his hairstyle less looking at it again. Bernadetta`s animations perfectly reflect her character.
  2. My favourite is Caspar, love the wild hair. Least favourite is a tie between Petra`s hair net and Bernadetta`s top knot.
  3. Maybe Felix rejoins later than the rest of the cast, hence why he is an advanced class. I dunno, just a thought.
  4. Favourite is Mercedes, love how her hair compliments her dress. Least favourite is Ashe, the hair looks weird to me. Ingrid is a close second, not a fan of her new hairstyle.
  5. Right now, it`s between Mercedes, Annette and Sylvain. They have my favourite designs from this group. I could see the Church getting one, but the Wolves getting a trailer is very unlikely if you ask me.
  6. I mean, Rhea was supposed to be playable in Three Houses but was cut for unknown reasons. I wouldn`t put it past them to cut her once again. Plus, she has yet to show up in her human form in Three Hopes.
  7. Jeralt or Rhea would be nice to see, but I feel like the church will remain without a playable character (except maybe Flayn).
  8. I have zero hopes for next week, that way, I`ll be surprised if we actually get something.
  9. Sounds like a fun concept. I don`t even know what is considered "too anime" for FE at this point, I might have mentioned this earlier in this very thread, but I would like to see FE take inspiration from other parts of the world. Seeing plots inspired by the Grecco-Persian wars or Rome fighting the Gauls would be sweet in my opinion. Or even just countries inspired by, for example, Mespotemia, or India.
  10. So a month after the game comes out, gotcha. I almost wanna say they are doing this on purpose to mirror Three Houses marketing, but I highly doubt they thought that much about this.
  11. Wow, these twitter posts quickly devolved from "here`s a character with some basic info" to "ThIs Is A gAmE". I wanna say I am disaapointed, but the turn around was so quick I had no time to properly react to the change.
  12. I am expecting the Ashen Wolves, if they are added, to be DLC again. Then again, with how they seem to be altering things, they could be included in the base game. Faculty and/or knights that aren`t in the base game will probably also be added this way. Aside from history mode maps, I definetly think they will add costumes, like their original timeskip outfits. Not sure about classes. As for what I would like to see, some more characters from regions like Duscur, Sreng and Dagda would be cool. Also agree with kratoscar2008 , exotic brown women are great. I could see them adding a route from Byleth`s POV, even if it would be short.
  13. For girls: Crimson Flower: Dorothea, I thought she would just be a shallow gold digger, but she turned out to be a very sweet person. Her being so pretty and having a great voice were a nice bonus Azure Moon: Annette, Annie is adorable, a great voice and is just great fun to be around. For boys: Crimson Flower: Ferdinand, a very nice guy beneath all the talk of nobility, also got a great voice Verdant Wind: Rapheal, a big jolly fellow who is great to be around Honerable mentions: Petra, Mercedes, Seteth, Lorenz
  14. I think it`s saying that Three Hopes will be featured in the next issue of Nintendo Dream, but I can`t read japanese, so I could be wrong.
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