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  1. As other have no doubt suggested, a flying Lord, like Elincia, would be cool. However, I can also see how that would be difficult to balance the game around
  2. I like the cast a lot. Like Awakening, Echoes and Blazing Sword I feel like there is a nice balance between charcters I like a lot and ones I don`t really care for. The only characters I really dislike are Sylvain, Gilbert and Lysethia. It`s also one of the few games I`ve played where I understand a character, but completely dissagree with their methods. Would probably rank it as my favourite cast in the series, objectivly speaking.
  3. That is true, didn`t think about that. Guess I confused what I wanted with what would work best, my bad.
  4. Not if every magic class can use both types. It could technically work, but I don`t see it happening. If I could dream, then I would want the magic triangle back and then have a pair of Lords, one who uses light magic and one who uses dark magic. It could happen with current magic system, but I don`t think it will.
  5. Not sure how I forgot about those two, considering the amount of times I`ve played their games. Either way, I`d love if they gave it another shot with a non avatar Lord (even though I doubt those are going away anytime soon). I can definetaly agree with Lyn using bows, and Eliwood using lances would make him an even greater foil to Hector. Of course,I completly forgot about them, I guess cause they`re not really a Lord. A tyoe of Lord i`d be interested to see again would be a Mage Lord. In my dreams it would be one Lord using light magic and another using dark magic, but since they`ve shifted over to only two types of Magic I don`t see that happening anymore sadly.
  6. I meant it more as, I don`t mind the Lord primarly using swords. You do have a point though. I would like to see a Lord Class that could use magic alongside swords one day,. I know Celica technically does this already, but I feel they should give it another shot.
  7. Geneology: Finn/Tiltyu (1st gen), Blazing Sword: Eliwood/Fiora or Nino Sacred Stones: Garcia/Tana Mystery/New Mystery: Luke/Maria Awakening: Gregor/Lissa (1st gen), Morgan/Cynthia (2nd gen) I only slightly prefer M!Morgan over F!Morgan, but I like both of them Fates: Leo/Oboro (1st gen), Shiro/Ophelia (2nd gen) Echoes: Tobin/Celica Three Houses: Dimitri/Annette or Mercedes Heroes: Alfonse/Fjorm or Laegjarn
  8. I don`t hate sword Lords, but I would definetly like to see a axe Lord or lance Lord in a future game.
  9. Very true, though one could argue that it could risk them losing a large part of their army due to shock.
  10. Personally, I feel that Rhea should`ve been the "lord" character of Silver Snow. If not that, she should have been playable on this route. I will also agree that Nemesis would`ve been a cool antagonist, especially if Rhea had a central role. Seteth being a lord would`ve been neat, but I feel he has a big enough role on other paths as is. The Black Eagle students got a bit shafted, which a shame. Having Seteth and Flayn reveal their true identeties would`ve been awesome and is something I feel this route needed. As it stands, the only reveal this route has is Byleth`s connection to Rhea and Sothis. A reveal I feel they should`ve had on all routes in some fashion. Silver Snow needed something else to call it`s own. Nice to see that others on this forum who have ideas for how this route could`ve been to improved.
  11. Fair enough. I was only giving reasons why people would consider FE4 darker than Awakening. Yeah, there is little discussion regarding Gen 2 compared to Gen 1. Probably because of the reasons you mentioned. I somtimes wonder if FE4 would be remembered as fondly if there was a third act.
  12. It`s probably because those elements are more prevalent in FE4 than in Awakening. And the story is more tragic (at least what we play is). There could be other reasons though.
  13. A headcanon I have is that Another one is that Gilbert, if Annette has an A-support, tells her future husband to take care of her.
  14. Personally, I prefer lighthearted stories with dark elements. As others have said, dark stories don`t fit that well with FE. I do however agree with the thought that they shouldn`t keep using the same tropes over and over again like they`ve done in the past. Deconstructing the archetypes, like Three Houses did, is the way to go in my opinion.
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