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  1. Fair enough. I was only giving reasons why people would consider FE4 darker than Awakening. Yeah, there is little discussion regarding Gen 2 compared to Gen 1. Probably because of the reasons you mentioned. I somtimes wonder if FE4 would be remembered as fondly if there was a third act.
  2. It`s probably because those elements are more prevalent in FE4 than in Awakening. And the story is more tragic (at least what we play is). There could be other reasons though.
  3. A headcanon I have is that Another one is that Gilbert, if Annette has an A-support, tells her future husband to take care of her.
  4. Personally, I prefer lighthearted stories with dark elements. As others have said, dark stories don`t fit that well with FE. I do however agree with the thought that they shouldn`t keep using the same tropes over and over again like they`ve done in the past. Deconstructing the archetypes, like Three Houses did, is the way to go in my opinion.
  5. My favourite pair in the game is probably Ingrid x Sylvain. While it comes mostly from fanart, I do really like their support. In many ways, it`s what I wished the Mae x Boey in Echoes was. They butt heads a lot, but clearly care about each other. Annette x Felix is also pretty cute, though I prefer Annette x Ashe personally. Dorothea x Ferdinand is another one I like. I`m also digging Lorenz x Marianne
  6. I like Sylvain as a character and the way he gives us insight on how the crests affect peoples lives. Even so, I find his cheating inexusable. I don`t care what your reasons are, cheating is never okay. At least he gets better in his paired endings, though it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. I also find the amount of B-supports to be a little stupid.
  7. Overall, I`d say I prefer Bylads design, though only slightly. I think Bylass is pretty, but so many things about her design bugs me. For instance, is the bellybutton window nessecary? And why is there a random gap of skin between her neck and chest? Not a big fan of Bylads hairstyle, but his outfit looks a lot better in my opinion. Not a big fan of the lighter hair for either though. i would almost agree with timon and want Bylass to be S-supportable, if Byleth had more of a character. I still think there only being one same sex S-support for Bylad is stupid.
  8. Of the ones we have, Gatekeeper as F!Byleth and Ladislava as M!Byleth. Granted, both characters would have to be made more intersting before I`d seriously consider picking either of them over the characters we already have.
  9. I`ve only played the Blue Lions/Azure Moon route so far, but there are a few pairs I like. Duedue and Mercedes: I really like how it discusses Duscurian culture, and the ending is very sweet. Annette and Felix: A support chain that I ended up finding rather cute. It`s also one of the few supports I find that Felix isn`t a total jerk. Sylvain and Ingrid: I already shipped them thanks to fan art, and I really liked their interactions and paired ending.
  10. One that comes to mind is when Jeralt tells Leonie, "By the time you`re forgetting your own age, you`re past the point of caring." I love that line. Sylvain hitting on Ingrid`s grandma is also an amusing thought.
  11. Not sure who I`ll go for on Golden Deer, maybe Hilda or Leonie. I might recruit Dorothea or Ingrid and just S-support them. On Blue Lions, as F!Byleth I`m planning on going with Dimitri, though I might end up with Sylvain. On Black Eagles, I`m going with either Dorothea or Petra. I could also end up going with Edelgard, though I`m noy sure. Might go with Rhea if I play the Church Route, though that won`t be anytime soon.
  12. BL: Dimitri or Felix (Female), Mercedes or Ingrid (Male) BE: Dorthea or Petra (Male), Ferdinand (Female) GD: Hilda (Male), Claude (Female) Facaulty: Catherine or Manuela (Male), None (Female) Not sure I will play as F!Byleth for all the Houses, but I`ve thought of options either way.
  13. As F!Byleth, I`m thinking of picking either Dimitri, Sylvain or Felix. As M!Byleth, I`m picking a different girl for all the houses. Black Eagles: Petra or Dorothea (maybe Edelgard, but I prefer her with Dimitri or Fredinand) Blue Lions: Mecedes Golden Deer: Hilda I might try to recruit Mercie and Hilda over to the Black Eagles, though I probably won`t succeed the first time. If teachers are avalible, my first choice is Cathrine. Manuela is a close second, though I`ll need to see her supports before making up my mind.
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