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  1. Aside from Lyn, cause she is my favourite, I have a couple of suggestions. For M!Mark: Farina/Florina, Ninian, Isadora, Rebecca For F!Mark: Guy, Erk, Nils, Lowen, Hawkeye If anyone is an option M!Mark: Louise F!Mark: Pent, Dorcas
  2. For a standard/fanservice banner, I would like to see Aversa or Nagi get a summer alt, Naga and Mila get bride alts and Chrom get a fallen alt. For a non-standard banner, seeing Gunivere, Iduun, Dieck and Wolt dressing up as the Eight Legends of Elibe would be cool. A summer camp banner would also be neat, though I have zero idea on who I would want on there.
  3. Then I would rather they either make previous NPCs playable (Randalph, Fleche, Ladislava, Judith, Rhea) or make entirely new characters akin to Echoes. I simply don`t why they should try and shove child units from a different game into this one. Didn`t make sense to me with Fates, and wouldn`t make sense to me with Three Houses. If you wish to champion this, the more power to you. We will simply agree to disagree.
  4. Question, how does ripping these characters from one game and inserting them into another unrelated game fix things in a way that simply having them not be child characters in Fates does? Cause I don`t see it. Adding these characters into Three Houses feels like it would be way too big of a chore for such little gain. Besides, Fodlan as a world is already pretty well defined and has plenty of nuance. Fates` world on the other hand, in my opinion, could really use the additional worldbuilding Just throwing my own two cents in here.
  5. As fun of an idea as Mark being a villain sounds, I can`t see them handling it all that well. Either they would be a botched attempt at a Camus, or they`re just on the villain side for "reasons". Besides, I can`t see them doing something as risky as making the avatar character an antagonist. While Lyn being playable in FE6 isn`t something I would hate, I can`t help but feel they would try to force her into an important role to capitalize on her popularity. In that case, I would rather they alter details from Blazing Sword to fit better with Binding Blade. Then again, maybe doing the reverse would be easier, I have little knowledge of what continuity between the two games is either shaky or just incorrect.
  6. Agreed 100%. Mark dying would be the best thing they could do for them. In a similar vein, if Lyn has to play a role in a FE6 remake, it should be to die during the Sacean massacare. She can put up a fight, but she should still end up dead. And I am saying this as someone who likes Lyn. What a FE6 remake needs is to expand on the characters exclusive to that game, not try to insert FE7 characters who don`t fit in there. I wouldn`t mind a few cameoes here or there, but only as NPCs. Maybe they could be playable in trial maps, but not in the main game.
  7. Based on her swimsuit alt, yes. One of her castle quotes has her ask, "Do I remind you of Loki in this?" While I do agree, I tend to find the Ishar "branch" of Camus more frusterating. I understand that their inability to let go of their loved ones is tragic, but with how evil these loved ones tend to be and how poorly they treat the "Ishtar", I find said loyalty questionable. But that is just my opinion.
  8. I can see that actually, though it would require some rewriting to make sense. Another opinion I have found recently is that, despite wanting Light and Dark magic back to their SNES/GBA days, I don`t care for the magic triangle itself. It just never seemed to make the same difference that the weapon triangle did.
  9. That is true, it`s less two seperate routes and more two parts of the same story. I feel like people have started to critique Three Houses more as time as passed and it`s "honeymoon phase" has passed. Though I have mostly seen this on Youtube and Reddit.
  10. With all the problems that I have noticed with the plots of Fates, Echoes and Three Houses over the years, it makes me wish for the next game, whatever that ends up being, to have a single route for the story. It feels like the plot of these games really suffer from having the focus split between multiple routes. I would rather have a single, well done storyline than 2-4 half-assed ones. Not sure if this sentiment is unpopular though.
  11. Could you please elaborate? In what ways do you want FE to take more inspiration from other fantasu works? I like the idea a lot, but also wonder what could be carried over without turning FE into a high fantasy series rather than the low fantasy it tends to be.
  12. Story: Ideally I would want them to have next-to-no involvment. Either just have them be generic nobody who joins the army or give them a role that keeps them out of influencing major plot events. The Lord can talk to them, but the plot should be able to move on without the avatar present. Gameplay: Pick their class, boon and bane. Appearance customisation would also be ideal. Character: Something more understated so as to avoid player and avatar ideals clashing as much as possible I would them not add an avatar to a remake, expect for an expanded Mark in FE7 maybe. But even then, you could easily remove them from said remake and I wouldn`t lose any sleep over it.
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