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  1. Now that I`ve thought about it a bit more, they could even try and repurpose some of the map convos from the original game as supports convos. Like Sylvia`s talk with Alec after she joins or Azelle`s talk with Tiltyu in Chapter 4. Anyway, my prefered rank for the characters to get married would be B-rank, so that the characters can have atleast one interaction before jumping into marriage/becoming lovers.
  2. I think its an interesting idea. exploring the relationship after it has been formed is an interesting propositon. I do wonder if they would make different interactions for different pairs, or they would just make all the platonic interactions the same. My main concern lies with characters like Finn, Tiltyu and Brigid. The former leaves at the end of Chapter 3, so he has a limited amount of time to hook up with the female characters. Meanwhile, the other two join late in the third chapter of the first gen, which makes it hard to pair them up with someone.
  3. I was thinking of the Huns, since they forced Rome`s barbarian allies to go through. But now that I think about it, I don`t know why I thought they were related to China.
  4. I think both can work for different reasons. While Rome fought Parthia for longer, China was indirectly responsible for the fall of the western empire. Fair point, though whether that agnst is for better or for worse depends on how its handled.
  5. I would also like to see cultures other than medieval Europe represented in FE. The Arabs, Celts, Ancient Greeks and Romans are all good choices. Heck, if they wanna go a little more modern, I could see the Reniesance working. While it would be cool to see, my fear would be that they use this SES give the protag an excuse when they do bad thing. "Oh no, they only did this thing cause they were controled by their evil side", absolving them of any guilt.
  6. While Fodlan is the more developed continent, I still enjoy Elibe the most. The geography is nice, which helps make the maps more memorable to me. If it had been developed better, I actually think Fates-landia has a chance to be a pretty good world. Not nessecarily to the level of Fodlan or Tellius, but still pretty good.
  7. That is true, forgot she had dialouge with Ilyana. @Hasechi Pretty sure you copied mine, Edelgard.
  8. I could see that working, Fates did let you change some aspects of Corrin`s appearance throughout the game from what I recall.
  9. Aside from Nephenee, who does she even openly flirt with? I know she admires Elincia from a distance, but that`s about it.
  10. I think it`s a pretty good idea. However, I can also see it leading to a couple of issues. Either, a) They were the helmet or mask all the time, making customization options for the face, hair and eyes pointless or b) They only wear the accessory in said cutscenes, making it feel like a unneccesary inclusion Not to say it can`t work, heck I wouldn`t be opposed to the idea. Another thing about Kris I just remembered liking is how they can be customized even after starting the game. At certain points in the game, some characters will approach you, asking if you wanna change your look. Cecil offers you a headband, Xane-turned-Tiki offers you "her" tiara, and so on. And if you didn`t like it, you could change back in the next chapter. I liked that a lot and would love to see future games include options like this.
  11. I have a pair of headcanons for Faye because I believe she desreved better. 1. When she was young, she bugged Kilff to style her hair. Since she liked how it looked, she continued asking him to do it over the years. He is the one behind the hairstyle 2. Her awkward interactions with Silque come from her feeling nervous around outsiders. Having lived in Ram Village her entire life, she isn`t confident in talking with those from other parts of Zofia.
  12. For me, it`s between Kris and Robin. I like Kris the most in terms of gameplay, they don`t have a unique class and you can pick their class from the start. Their minor story role also helps. I also like the different portraits they can have and being able to choose their background somewhat. Meanwhile, I prefer Robin as a character. I feel Byleth would be better as an actual character, rather than beig a silent protagoist. They barely count as an Avatar/My Unit since all you can custimize about them is their name. Mark and Kiran are non-enteties so I have little else to say about them.
  13. Fair point, I`m just being cynical. I feel that this is one of those ideas that sounds good on paper, but highly depends on the excecution. If done well, it can give a satisfying resolution and give us something very rare in FE. However, if not handled gracefully, the decision can feel like it comes out of left field for no reason.
  14. Neither do I, but I feel that was just a temporary thing. Probably just me being pessemistic, but part of me believes that if Avatars are going to be a mainstay, they will let them marry anyone and everyone so as to not alienate fans who want S-supports to stay.
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