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  1. One that comes to mind is when Jeralt tells Leonie, "By the time you`re forgetting your own age, you`re past the point of caring." I love that line. Sylvain hitting on Ingrid`s grandma is also an amusing thought.
  2. Not sure who I`ll go for on Golden Deer, maybe Hilda or Leonie. I might recruit Dorothea or Ingrid and just S-support them. On Blue Lions, as F!Byleth I`m planning on going with Dimitri, though I might end up with Sylvain. On Black Eagles, I`m going with either Dorothea or Petra. I could also end up going with Edelgard, though I`m noy sure. Might go with Rhea if I play the Church Route, though that won`t be anytime soon.
  3. BL: Dimitri or Felix (Female), Mercedes or Ingrid (Male) BE: Dorthea or Petra (Male), Ferdinand (Female) GD: Hilda (Male), Claude (Female) Facaulty: Catherine or Manuela (Male), None (Female) Not sure I will play as F!Byleth for all the Houses, but I`ve thought of options either way.
  4. As F!Byleth, I`m thinking of picking either Dimitri, Sylvain or Felix. As M!Byleth, I`m picking a different girl for all the houses. Black Eagles: Petra or Dorothea (maybe Edelgard, but I prefer her with Dimitri or Fredinand) Blue Lions: Mecedes Golden Deer: Hilda I might try to recruit Mercie and Hilda over to the Black Eagles, though I probably won`t succeed the first time. If teachers are avalible, my first choice is Cathrine. Manuela is a close second, though I`ll need to see her supports before making up my mind.
  5. I agree with your picks for who could be recruitable. Since I love Cathrine`s design and her character seems fun, I`d hate for her to die. However, I could see her becoming the Camus of this game, though I`d rather not that happen. Same with Rhea being evil, it feels too predictable. On the other hand, having a good looking character, especially a female one, being the main villian would be interesting. Seteth could be a simillar situation and we don`t know enough about Gilbert, Rodrigue or Shamir for me to make a call on that. Same with Thomas. As a side note, while I doubt this will happen, I would like for some of the teachers to have supports with the students. For example, Hanneman could talk with Linhardt about the crests, or Manuela could have a flirty chat with Sylvain. I just hope that, if they are recruitable, they won`t be the "Avatar sexual" characters of this game. That is very possible, though I doubt we will fight Jeralt, atleast pre timeskip.
  6. For me it`s a close tie between Grandmaster and Trickster. Grandmaster: I like the look of it and how it manages to be good at using both swords and spells. The skills are pretty broken though. Trickster; I LOVE the design of this class, feeling both fancy and practical. It also has the fewest differences between the male and female variants. The skills are rather meh and combat wise, Anna is good early game, especially with a Levin Sword, but falls of later on. Never used the other Trickster so I can`t comment.
  7. `For now, I`ve decided to just see what characters I want to support each other. Here`s a smal list: Edelgard x Petra Dorothea x Ferdinand Linhardt x Caspar Bernadetta x Caspar F!Byleth x Dimitri Ingrid x Felix Ashe x Annette Mercedes x Sylvain Claude x Hilda Ignatz x Marianne Lorenz x Lysethia Raphael x Leonie Leonie x M!Byleth Cathrine x M!Byleth
  8. Lonoto is the Lord of Gaspard Castle and Ashe`s adoptive father. I feel Dimitri won`t be the only character to get a drastic redesign after the timeskip, though who that is I have no clue.
  9. Yeah, one of my biggest worries for the game is that Byleth will be gratified to hell and back. They need to have flaws that actually matter and not have solutions to every problem Yes, I want this SO BAD. I`m almost tempted to commision someone to make this. Anyways, back on topic. I`ve been thinking of the possibility of Ashe looking more like Lonoto. I can also see Lysethia growing taller, but still being flat.
  10. I agree completly, Cathrine looks great. I`m probably choosing M!Byleth for Golden Deer. Also, I saw your post in the twitter profile thread, I`d love to see a comic where M!Byleth just walks into a wall accidently after seeing Cathrine. Or one where the students try to pair them together because he just crumbles in her company.
  11. I`m actually doing the opposite of what I`d normally do. I`m starting as F!Byleth teaching the Blue Lions, and choosing M!Byleth for the Black Eagles. Thinking of choosing either Petra or Dorothea, though Catherine and Manuela are looking great to.
  12. She seems pretty alright, though like always, I will reserve jugement until the game comes out. Also, I hope the don`t make her have unrequited feelings for, say, Dimitri. If they do it, I hope they won`t pull a Faye make that all her character is about. After learning she`s Felix`s childhood friend, it makes me want to see their supports.
  13. From what I`ve seen, they all chose the Blue Lions and, unless I missed something, the classes all seem to be the same.
  14. I agree, I don`t think the acting is bad, just a little meh. Which is a shame after Echoes and even Heroes gave us some fantastic voice acting. Though it could also be that I`m just not used to these voices yet.
  15. Glad to know others have taken a liking to Petra. I`m also looking forward to seeing what she looks like post-timeskip. Of those characters, I would like to see Felix, Ashe, Dorothea and Sylvain the most.
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