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  1. I see, I wasn`t aware that Nyna`s loveless marriage was mandated by a curse. I would also discount the Edelgard example since the feelings are one-sided. For it to be a true star crossed lovers pair, the feelings need to be mutual. Prince Kurth and Cigyun are one such example, they can`t be together cause she is married to Duke Victor of Velthemor.
  2. That`s an interesting idea. FE hasn`t done the star crossed lovers trope much from what I can remember.
  3. Exactly, it worked really well in my opinion. Yeah, I doubt they would get rid of such a staple part of the franchise. The ensemble cast idea is interesting, but would probably be hard to make work with the type of story that FE likes to have.
  4. This isn`t really about the Lord, but I would love to see the Lord have a more personal relationship with the main antagonist. Something akin to the rivalry between Ike and the Black Knight, or even the antagonist liking the hero like how Arvis still loves Azel even when on the opposite side.
  5. Interesting, I was not aware of this. Sounds like it could`ve been an interesting plot. I would like to see something similar to this attempted again, just making past the beta stage. Who knows, it could very well happen someday, even if they don`t specifically take inspiration from this early version of Path of Radiance.
  6. I saw someone mention a fallen noble Lord and I really like that idea and came up with two suggesions for possible versions of this premise 1. Our Lord is framed for a crime they didn`t commit and has their noble title revoked. After being banished, they learn that they were framed, now they embark on a journey to catch the ones who framed them and gain their lands back, with help from some friends and loyal former servants/knights 2. A more pragmatic Lord joined a faction of nobles that tried to size power from the royal family, however the plot failed and those involved were stripped of their lands, titles and exiled. Now with nothing to their name, they plan to reclaim their lands
  7. I never meant that everyone should be able to use it, let me rephrase that. It`s a shame that, once Alm gets the Falchion, the Royal Sword just gets banished to the convoy, with no one else to use it. I remember someone on these forums wishing Berkut was playable so that we had someone else who could use the Royal Sword, a statement a find myself agreeing with.
  8. Fair point, I forgot how busted the Royal Sword really is. Shame only Alm can use it.
  9. Recently, I have been replaying FE Echoes. It reminded me of how Alm doesn`t get his legendary weapon until near the end of the game. In contrast, Byleth gets the Sword of the Creator in Chapter 4. And then I was reminded of how Chrom has the Falchion from the Prolouge. Now of course, their weapons are much weaker than Alm`s, SotC only having seven might and Chrom`s Falchion having five. However, to compensate, they later evolve into stronger version, Chrom gets the Exalted Falchion and Byleth gets the Sublime Creator Sword. This brings me to my question, which do you fine folks prefer? Would you rather get the weapon early and have it be upgraded over time, or get the weapon in its complete form near the end of the journey? Personally, I prefer the later myself. Getting the weapons later in the game feels like a much more special occasion, like when Eliwood obtains Durandal or Seliph gets the Tyrfing. But that is just my opinion, feel free to share yours.
  10. Yup, that`s what I was thinking. At first, the pair do not like each other, maybe have their families be sworn enemies and their marriage was done to secure an alliance, but over time, they grow to see the good in one another and eventually fall in love. The growth would be gradual and be equal for both parties, no "jealous woman/idiot man" type of dynamic. They could notice good points about each other early, but not properly acknowledge them until later. Ideally I would want them to avoid too many scenes of them arguing though, as it would just get repetitive and boring after a while. Pretty much yeah, a pair of Lords already married to each other from the beginning. As I said above, they could start not liking each other but grow into their feelings over time. Well, they did give Gilbert and Alois platonic S-supports in Three Houses, and never broke up their marriages for the sake of shipping. However, I do have the same concern now that you mention it.
  11. They become one at the end, yes. I was thinking more along the lines of a ruling couple already married and already ruling their kingdom.
  12. Now that you bring this up, I find myself agreeing. It`s kinda hard for an average joe to stand out in an army of nobles and kings. Fair enough, I forgot about that. Also a fair point. I wasn`t sure if it was just a gag or a real comparison, but yeah, that is the biggest difference.
  13. KInd of, but I was thinking more along the lines of a child of Chagall from FE4. Besides, IIRC, people opposed Emmeryn cause she was a pacifist, not because of her father. I want to see them take the idea of the Lord`s father being a tyrant and see how they learn to rise past that reputation while still possessing traits of that tyrant of a father. I think it could make for a good character arc. He wasn`t illegitimate though, just a child from a prior marriage. I wish they weren`t, but jokes never truly die on the internet.
  14. I concur with the Manakete Lord idea, would be cool to see. Same for the weaker second child idea. One idea would be to have the Lord be the daughter of a tyrant. Like, he was a warmonger who brought suffering to his own people. Now, it`s up to his daughter to make amends for his crimes and bring the royal family back into the good graces of everyone. I think it would be interesting to see a protagonist that has do deal with having to deal with the reputation of being the child of a tyrant and how that affects their journey and relationships. For example, a close friend of hers could break off their friendship after learning of who the lord`s father is. Maybe some allies even join the army because of said father. Another idea would be that the lord is the bastard son of the King, but he has no desire for the throne. However, as the heir proves to be a incompetent ruler, a strong desire to see the illegitemate son on the throne, as he is clearly more capable. Lastly, I think a duo of a royal couple would be interesting to see.
  15. Yes, please, I would love for dragons to be more than just a single god-like entity. I want them to go back to Archenea/Elibe/Tellius style dragons, you know, a race of creatures of different tribes that just do their own thing.
  16. 1. I also would like Griffon Riders to be a class to be included so that we complete the flying weapon triangle 2. Linear class progression again. This system of "anyone can be anything" just makes all the characters feel very same. 3. More varied map objectives, more stuff that isn`t just seize or defeat boss Bonus things I just though of 4. More varied country inspirations beyond just "Medieval Europe", something like Ancient Greece, Ancient Persia, Ancient Rome, Mesopotamia, the works. Fates` Hoshido was a nice attempt to showcase of what else they can do. 5. CG cutscenes like Awakening and Fates, they still look amazing and look much better than what Echoes and Three Houses gave us. Heck, even Radiant Dawn`s cutscenes look better than the Echoes/Three Houses ones.
  17. Absolutely, I would love to have another pure Mage Lord. Hell, maybe the next gave could have three, one who uses Anima, one who uses Dark and one that uses Light. Either way, more Mage Lords please, pure mage Lords would be best.
  18. Count me as one of those people, words cannot describe how much I hate this. It almost feels like something Kaga would do, almost.
  19. It`s fine, the same concept can have different ways of being executed. vanguard333 above me proves that nicely.
  20. I remember either Jotari or Etrurian Emperor brought up this idea in a different thread, so I wanted to give it a shot. There are several ways to have a pair go backwards during their support, though it would probably require some really good writing to work well. I like this idea, but I feel like there would be complaints that person A broke off their friendship because of something so minor. Now I am just imagening a support where they try to out-ham each other until they decide to call of the engagment after they realize they can`t stand each other. Or maybe Hilda is engaged to Sylvain, but calls off the match after she deicdes she doesn`t want him for a husband.
  21. C. The fiance tries to talk with his bride-to-be, but things get awkward quit B. To clear the air, the pair talk about their real feelings about the engagement A. Having talked about things, they decide to break off their engagement and remain friends instead Just a basic idea I had for how a support like this could go, though it can definetly be improved on.
  22. I feel like that comes down the small maps, making terrian matter more since you (usually) can`t just walk around it.
  23. I think it would be cool to see more enemies use effective weaponry. Many hacks have done it to great effect. Not sure how many enemies or how often though. Too many and they stop being unique weapons, too few and we go back to square one.
  24. Alright, this is more like it. Here we have an unpopular opinion Cannot disagree harder. Ambush spawns are never fun imo. They can easily blindside you and kill one of your units without warning. Sure, spawn camping is lame, but an enemy Wyvern Rider coming out of nowhere and smashing your Knight with their hammer is much worse if you ask me. Even with the best telegraphed ambush spawns, you have no way of knowing their equipment or what class they are, which means you can`t properly prepare. Also, saves and rewind mechanics isn`t a good excuse.
  25. After spending some time deliberating, I actually don`t hate the fact that the series had so few major character deaths. If anything, the fact that so few characters died made the ones who did die stand out more. While I don`t think all of them were handled great, most of them were done right. With that said however, there were moments I feel characters should have died. Guy using the Gate of Death and the Five Kage after the "fight" with Madara are the main examples that come to mind. Also, one more common opinion, Hashirama Cells are bullsh*** and became a solve all miracle cure by the end.
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