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  1. I do want more Valentina representation, now these games have been around for quite a while, perhaps particularly focussing on Leon and Kamui (because of the funny support, it was never confirmed if Kamui was gay), Tatiana and Zeke, just for canon pairings, as well as Mathilda and Clive for the same reason. If they did take inspiration from elsewhere, perhaps Sumia from Awakening, Louise and Pent, Calill and Largo, as well as Marth and Caeda would be good.
  2. My best units so far (I'm on chapter 4) have definitely been: Mathilda - she basically just slaughters everyone, Genny - best and strongest Saint, Sonya, Saint Faye, Clair, Atlas (he's killing as a bow knight and he has so much speed he pretty much doubles anyone in my game), Forsyth - just a solid tank, and Mae Pretty much everyone else is good or average, the only ones which have been weak for me are: Python (a shame), Bow Knight Tobin (too slow and fragile), Nomah and Catria (she honestly just hasn't been doing much good for me and pretty much never crits even though she has the lucky ring- think I just got RNGscrewed a bit.)
  3. Yeah I love Forsyth's victory quote, I also like: Clair- "I know, I'm simply terrible!" (Victory) Silque- "Repent now!" (Crit) Mae - "Sure, I'm still hyper. Let's go!" (Selection, half-health) Just to name a few Edit: I remembered a few more that I liked Gray- "Lady luck smiles upon me. Thanks, Lady!" (Level with luck (I think)) Atlas- "Go big or go home, kids!" (Victory) Jesse- "Tie a bow on that one!" (Victory) Jesse- "Wait for me in hell, buddy! (Victory)
  4. I honestly have no characters that I dislike in this game, all have their own quirks and don't just have weird ones being the base of their whole personality, like in Fates. anyways my favourites: Leon: He is a great character, I love his hint of arrogance and he is a really decent unit in Celica's party. I also love the fact that he also just happens to be gay, and that it adds depth to his character and is not the only thing about his personality. Mathilda: I love her dialogue, she is war god on the battlefield, and is better than Clive in every way. Definitely one of my favourites. Forsyth: I was always intrigued by his design (as we never got a full portrait of him) and once I started using him I fell in love with his character, being so driven and silly too ("I'm a Forsyth to be reckoned with") but also having one of my favourite supports in the game (his B support with Python just cracks me up). He is essentially a better Lukas for me. Genny: surprisingly strong for me and has been the backbone of Celica's team. She seems adorable but is so shy too. I want to protect. Gray: Hands down best character writing for any Fire emblem character imo - pretty much everything he says makes me smile or laugh, and he is great on the battlefield too. Mae: Again, she is like a female Gray, hilarious and her relationships with Boey and Celica are really sweet and funny. Good fighter too Jesse: From what I've seen, he seems like a charming but really kind-hearted guy (I haven't got him yet) - his personality seems (oddly) the sweetest of all the Echoes characters and is almost always genuinely happy. My not-as-favourite characters: Faye: Battle-wise, she is probably the best healer in the game, but her personality, as everyone else has said, just is creepy and boring. It is a shame Kliff: He just comes across as quite stuck-up, cold and rude. Other than that he hasn't got much going on for him, in my opinion Clive: He's a very mediocre unit and he is yet another one-note character. i don't dislike these characters, I just don't really do much for me
  5. I've just unlocked the DLC menu and it said all of them are available from 19/5 (release), including the cipher one and the deliverance one - are they actually all playable now?
  6. Does anyone have links to all the playable (plus Berkut, Fernand, Rinea, etc.) character portraits with their emotions please?
  7. If I gave mine to Silque and made her a Priestess, would she still be a viable unit?
  8. I have to disagree with you here I'm afraid, I think that the localisation shown here is a lot better than in Fates, in my opinion, and is probably equal to Awakening - I particularly like the way they've managed to stay pretty truthful to the Japanese translation but also been liberal enough to have phrased everything to make smooth sense for an English speaker. My only little nitpick is how a lot of the supports had the same structure in them: C - one says hi, the other is rude and they fall out B - continuing to fall out A - rude character apologises and they make up I kinda wished that they might add a bit more variety with these supports, although I loved the acting and the delivery of each and every line (well, maybe not Deen's). Also, a few more supports would have been nice for some characters who sorely need them, I.e. Lukas, Genny, Silque, and Saber in particular. all in all, this game looks (and sounds) great, and I can't wait for my copy to come this Friday!
  9. Clive and Mathilda was hands down my favourite support - was mushy but also played to the fact that Mathilda is a war goddess in battle (and definitely one of the strongest characters imo) - just all-round adorable. And Clive has clearly met his match on the battlefield.
  10. all the voice acting in this game is really good! Jesse seems like a real swell guy and Forsyth making the whip noise cracked me up! I still cannot for the life of me recognise who is voicing Silque out of the actors listed - does anyone have a hunch?
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