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  1. I wasn't trying to say that it's wrong to like a character in part because they're attractive or anything like that, but I can see how I could have worded that better. What I meant is that it seems to me that while there are plenty of fans also appreciate a female character's personality and her looks there seem to be just as many, if not more, who really only care about looks and fanservice when picking favorites. Especially since some ladies with, er, controversial personalities like Camilla and Tharja are so popular. Not to hate on those two (I actually really like Camilla!) but while I know a lot of their fans can look past their troubling qualities and still like them for their personalities there's also a lot who just don't care. ....Does any of that make sense? I apologize, I'm not especially articulate.
  2. I voted for Leif yesterday, and the rest of my votes are going to Nanna, Finn, Glade, Eirika, Hector, and Marth. Glade is hardly one of my favorite characters, but I still like him well enough and there's other characters more deserving of last place. And to throw my two cents into the apparent debate going on, I find the suggestion that any female character, whatever her personality is, is massively popular for good and pure reasons to be laughable at best.
  3. Ike/Soren is one of my favorite ships for Fire Emblem in general, but I also like Ranulf with Ike. As much as I like Micaiah I don't really ship her anyone lol. Though I can definitely see Micaiah/Pelleas.
  4. Corrin(m) vs Corrin(f) (avatar) - FemCorrin Kana(m) vs Kana(f) (avatar child) - I haven't really read any of Kana's supports but I guess I end up with male Kana more often? Felicia vs Jakob vs Flora (maid/butler) - Flora Silas vs Sophie vs Xander vs Gunter vs Seigbert vs Peri (cavalier/great knight) - Xander Hinoka vs Shigure vs Caeldori vs Subaki vs Reina (pegasus/kinshii) - Hinoka Takumi vs Kiragi vs Setsuna (archer) - Takumi Niles vs Nina vs Shura (outlaw) Niles. Shura is a close second though. Forrest vs Elise vs Dwyver (trabadour) It's a tie between Elise and Forrest. Sakura vs Mitama vs Azama (cleric) - Sakura Saizo vs Kagero vs Kaze vs Asugi (ninja) - Saizo Midori vs Mozu vs Yukimura vs Azura (etc group) - Azura Fuga vs Ryoma vs Hinata vs Hana vs Hisame (swordmasters) - Ryoma Rhajat vs Hayato vs Orochi vs Izana (mages) - Orochi Odin vs Nyx vs Ophelia (dark mages) - Odin out of these three, but I like Leo more. Arthur vs Charlotte vs Rinkah (axe users) - Rinkah Percy vs Beruka vs Camilla vs Scarlet (wyverns) - Camilla, but I really like Scarlet too. Oboro vs Shiro (lancers) - Oboro Effie vs Benny vs Ignatius (knights) - Benny Soliel vs Lazlow vs Selena (mercenaries) - Selena Kaden vs Selkie vs Veloruia vs Keaton (shifters) - Keaton Marth vs Ike vs Lucina vs Robin vs Anna (amiibo/dlc) - Ike
  5. Good job! I bet I barely would have been able to manage this on hard mode, but you did it on lunatic!
  6. Hey, I think it's pretty impressive that you manage a daily update most of the time! There's nothing wrong with taking some time off. Happy birthday, by the way!
  7. I thought Shura's "Can we spend a little more time together? I don't want to go home alone." was pretty weird. Like, don't you live in this treehouse with me now? I'm a little confused.
  8. I've decided that I am going to put off recruiting him for a while so I can make him a Vanguard immediately. I might put him back in Swordmaster for a couple of levels later on so he can get Astra and Swordfaire, but that would use up two heart seals. We'll see.
  9. Err, had the wrong tab open. I think I need to get some sleep. Also, good luck training those two.
  10. Hello! It looks like I've finally caught up! This is really interesting, I like reading about avatars with different personalities than the one presented in canon.
  11. I ended up starting over on hard mode because I'm really bad at this game and couldn't even make it to the route split. Jumping straight from normal to lunatic was a terrible idea.
  12. I'm pretty sure I can't even get the shining bow in Birthright unless it's from the battle/vistor rewards, so Bolt Naginata it is. I'll probably just dump an arms scroll on her. Or use her as pair up fodder.
  13. Another healer? Alright. And that's everyone! Thank you to everyone who sent me a character, I'll get started soon!
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