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  1. Right, I meant faith, I just wasn't thinking when I typed. (also she joined me after I got to C+ support... alternatively, could that be the threshold for the drop from 20 to 15 in the stat and B to C in the rank?)
  2. Update on the Dorothea situation: She finally agreed to transfer after Byleth reached 20 charm. Now having a similar issue with Lysithea (15 mag, C Reason, C support, game says they're really interested) so judging by what I've read here it seems incredibly likely that recruitment is ultimately based on RNG, with the chances being improved by higher stats.
  3. Is Dorothea harder to recruit on Blue Lions? Byleth has a C support with her, Authority is C+, Byleth's charm is 18 (20 with the Blue Lions brooch), and Dorothea still doesn't want to join (though apparently she is very interested). I'm playing F!Byleth if that makes any difference.
  4. I'm having a strange problem right now, with FE8. Whenever I assemble my event script into a rom, the rom is rendered broken -- my emulator has an error when I try to load the file, and opening it in FEBuilder gives multiple errors, each of which says the rom is broken. The same thing happens when I assemble to a clean FE8 rom, as well as when I try it with a different copy of Event Assembler. I'm still new to eventing so I'm hoping that this is just some careless error on my part (since at this point the alternative is that EA is broken for me in some arcane way). Here's the script (spoiler for length). It's based on the Expanded FE8 Template included in the EA download. The #includes are basically just for definitions, and I'm using the REDA helpers linked here. My code is probably pretty sloppy, but as far as I can tell it's not so bad that it would break the rom in the way that I'm describing. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?
  5. All the links for free to use midis in this topic lead to 404s.
  6. Currently playing through Revelations (Lunatic, Classic). I just got through Chapter 6 (the one where you choose your path) and Azura got knocked down to zero in the course of the battle. She said she would retreat to help us later, but she isn't in the barracks at the end of the chapter. Do I ever get her back as a unit? I assume not, since it's classic mode, but I'm not too keen on replaying chapter 6 again, so I want to verify before I do that.
  7. Did the typical choice and picked Lyn as my free summon. Also, ended up with enough orbs for two whole summons. They were all red and blue, so I guess the game really doesn't want me getting Ike. It's Julia all over again... Two Brave Heroes down, two to go, I guess. I'll see how my hunt pans out from here.
  8. In my experience, the only time he can truly take the whole map on solo is with Vantage from Samurai and Nosferatu. However, I've also found that with that build, if you leave him behind for a chapter or two, the enemies catch up to his level advantage and he ends up being godawful again. I sent him back to swordmaster after that and, while he was never my best unit, he was able to get back on par pretty quickly that way. His personal with a forged Killing Edge was A+ for landing crits. tl;dr if you want to cheese the whole game, Mage->Samurai for Vantage->Mage->Sorc Odin and don't look back even for a second (though tbh Ophelia does this job better). If you want room to have fun with a speedy crit build, go Swordmaster.
  9. I'm excited for the free 5*. No idea which one I'll take yet, but I have time to decide. On the other hand, it should be fun to watch the top 4 waifus pummel each other for a few days.
  10. Got really nervous from hearing here how hard it was... and then proceeded to clear Lunatic second try without adjusting my team at all. (To be fair though I don't think Infernal's my cup of tea, I won't be doing that one unless I get bored or something.) Used a team of Setsuna/Azura/Reinhardt/Nino, all 5*. It's fairly SI-heavy (Setsuna especially - Brave Bow+, Life and Death, the works) and uses multiple s-tier units (though I think Azura could switch with Olivia), so I'm not going to post it right now. If anybody thinks it could help, though, let me know and I'll post a play-by-play of my strategy.
  11. @eclipse Thanks for the advice. I hadn't considered a raven tome unit, so I'll look into that. @XRayand @Astolfo!: Yeah, I get that Seliph isn't very good. And believe me, when I want to maximize my wins, I won't be using Seliph. I'll be using the more optimal things like Nino, Ursula, Reinhardt, Cecilia, etc. like you guys said and that I've been using this whole time (I'm on Tier 19 in the Arena). The Seliph team is just for my off-weeks when I let myself drop a tier and decide to just mess around instead of worrying about wins. I just don't really feel like doing the constant grinding to stay in Tier 20 if/when I get there. (To be fair, I should have been a bit more specific and mentioned this when I first posted.)
  12. I figured it might be fun to build an arena team around the Defiant Def+Ignis Seliph build. Yes, I know it's suboptimal, but I've made it as far as I want to in the arena for right now and just kinda want to mess around with unconventional stuff. What units would be best to support Seliph? I'm thinking a dedicated mage killer (Niles/Felicia/???) and a strong Brave Axe user to break through the blues that Seliph sometimes has trouble with, so maybe Cherche or Bartre? Any suggestions are appreciated.
  13. Just beat Infernal, essentially mimicking the Nino-Olivia-Camus-Eirika strat 2 pages back, but with Roy instead of Eirika and Azura instead of Olivia. Ultimately, I needed to manipulate the skills on most of the units. 4* Nino with Darting Blow 3 could be replicated by a 5* Nino with Fury 3, Hone Speed 3, and the Speed +1 Seal. Roy needed to learn Hone Spd 3, and Camus needed to inherit Atk +2 and Bonfire to be able to clinch the kill on the Brave Archer even with buffs (since the one in the video ran Death Blow). Also Azura needed to switch to her Steel Lance because with the Sapphire Lance+ Cecilia one-shots her. In any case the rest of the orbs are mine now.
  14. The problem you're having is unclear. Did you patch the file to a clean FE8 (U) Rom? If not, that would be a good idea.
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